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May 03, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-03

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THE U. 01? M. DAILY.

Time Taible (Revised) Nov 18 1894.
Ml ans~d Ex__ 3150 Mail _______8 4
N. Y. special---- 5i 15 N. Y. Special.-. 7 .0-
Easterna Ex------ 10 25 N. S. Limited.... 0 25
A. iit. Pacific Ex-IT __121
Atlantic Ex -7 47 a'. at
I).N. Expvess_... 5i 40 Wsteve Ex-_2 2
G.11. Eaxpvess _._11 05 Clii. Nt. Na_-__1 '?
G. P. & '1. Age., Chicago. Ag., Ain Abtor.
T., A. A. & N. M. RY.
Takiag effect Sanday, April 7,-191.
Trains leave Ass Arbar as Cventral Stand
ard lime.
7:0s a. m. 715 a. mn.
"22:25 P. il:i40 a. In.
4:15 p. m. :02 p.m.
'Trains van between Ass Arbor ad Toleda
All traina daily except Saeday.
14. S. GIIEENtVOODl, Acent
IN. 11. BENNETT G. P. A. Taledo O.
Time Table, October 7, 1894.
Leatve Ypalaetl feem Cengress t., 7:00,9:00
at:: 11:00 a.m.; 12:41, 2:15, 5:00, :45, 9:00 and
10:30P. m
Lceice Attn Arttar Jttnctittt, 7:30, 9:30 antd
11:80 a.tsm.; 1:15,2:4, 5:30, 7:15,:30andil:Owpa."
Leavce Ypsilatnt~i feam Cangressaat.,l:30, 3:30,
Lecave Attn Arboe Junction, 2:00, 4:00, 5:30,
7:0 an~d9:30lp. in.
an oal city time b's' c sieci trip 1
clnts, rouad trip tickets 2: cets.
AVM. I'.i RER Sot
Fore Eveerything and Everytbody.
H HM~S & NkALL floiti,2 T11 S.inhoiveete
UT. ®m =. AI'LO RS
Oar Sdpring' aind Saunimer Wooleins
tee 1n0w 011 sale. P-rices Low.
Call acid see us.
48 S. Rae et.. Secend l01iee, Aron arboie.
22 Years in the Business..--5itttBs
N1. . SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave.
Cleoaning, Preeming and Repairittg
done neatly ty
God W Iock Guaranteevd. Gotods calledl oe
ad delieeeo. A. F'. (:11tS'.T Vrop.
Ladiea' and Getoi' C.lothiitg tCleanedl
Mle:):hert at Gaantee Tick~et Brokeres' Asto-
ciatioss at U. S.
Coaby c& McKeon R. R. Ticket Agency
10 Adamttts et., Ciao, Redosed rstes to tll
Po:in:ts. Brachl The Isbitd o'totttet No. 2
N1. Matina t. Aiii Arbor Mihigian.
$255.00 for a 51 Days Euro-
pean Tour.
W~e tie organizing a seltece patrty toert sue-
ttee tovr toEturope leavittg Ntw Yoer, Jue
22ndl tor Lontdon, Antwerp,BrsIles t'tolocte,
PootltiniBades, l~rrs and Dieppte. ng
tttlittstem Lotsioti Asgust 2tt. Tte party
"ill be ectducted to and utndee te peesoaottl
Oltaege0of Mn. Ocno ENaWEnsio, at Citoloobs,
nelil konowen an one at thefiet taueiit-
slescenes ot America aned a genitol getlemn
if largce experenece in 'travel. Etieb pastron
will htave as berth is s laege peomenade deck
tateettom and Hie ships eleted avenw
'fltsn twin streew neemeen. povided witht
eletric lights snd steam heat. Cample'e
ieoleysd information mailed on receipt
tt selt-addensed stam ped envelope. .3255.00
ast every espensne oftsighen. tsvel atid
ai,1o c att sel-addrenned esevelope.
Gen. Tourist asd Steamship Agts.,
272 N. High St.,
Lo rates everywhere). -Columbus, Ohio.

Advice to the Laws. At the Grand 0perm Houso.
Jud~ge J. INDonor-li, 1li1 15 1 10101 htd Alt t'e Grtiitt topetil liolls:tit'wxI tl.
ltr~ge 1tr11iaptilt antitbilistod tour dayt ('reiilg 'A Night tzilto' I icciuss
it ;al wsor'ks thtttlite soldl ttyondtiAsill Itoltdsway. 1lto' Dt Osthat tll
the 40,000 lO itt, lltadds ist- "dots tio'latilt hadlthol lititorltto tof : tIt)n
to his mantiy totool hintsto lou111 ilt~ ltte o lokIel i:'l'--tlyi,
yo'1s. H-Ieithteoy tre: s':ri~'ti ttyii.iltll:clt
1. Don'ttdelay 5you11'ooitliilgsta0: lctn ti lyIl,,iiia ii
itt: st utillthe jnlty 1112re:'t'in t Itoi it Ito nlitlt:ll. Tliii'Itly-is :1 f:1ce
0)01, 10 the. lilllit Ib:totii 11152i00 o' oiutcy, btit i is ati, clol lo ticlsnfo
wihideniotce. Lot lteittkitos t tkre olteodl''yrno htcaso
lo atit 2 sle tliiltonyIply,. -Milos .N:ll'ie clIcxtic, a fttsoot-
2. Doi't0worry lt'e cout. a111)2Coltin- itt' wilti 1e tiii 'otcccstiltgpblie, 11110
oil liy 1m1ny7'obltihes titd teachi111;_ou'lt:'elrio'It i olricull talr oft Sls-
jur ll~s 201 o'i' 011titerttlr~ s.)'burys '.Tootrolbtidtls is itl ile ('ast, lto,
tilt t I, illand1just aofllii Itof 'r to tWile. ill
3. Dol'thilll yout cae b olt~eocosstOto n ,11"i" hmra eei
o'xauitii~i~iit t.'.whre'by you oiootl l ithalt fivsherii trtty opporuniity
ss'ili t':tsslt~r 11:) ti. til for lt:'e:displaOy itfliei' iioarl.abltetew'-
210011101 01 111100 111 'h10 0 1 i Ote i r

Clover Leaf
AWPlease keels ini miund the 'toedo5
S~t. Loulis & Kanas City I. .
The Clotver Letlt ItRol', 'Fast
Linle" for St. Lostis, tle., and, the.
'Pest and Southw est leaaves To-
ledo Union D~epot at 5i . m.
daily, arrives New Uniocn -tatio
(the largest ins the world.), St.
Louis early next suoruaitig.
antIMichigan Central lhues aoh
Buffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats Fromr
and Vestibuled Sleepers with-
01ut clanote.

'w oul(l 1J<' tin<Il)l(" t0 ,5,1N-C III l:' ttMoll .
4. Don't tally for time, or to Ina.tcli
a lon--wilicU tl brother. Tw orl inal
, 'Id ten"o ill - 1""Ill iclit; direct <,iu l
lilIcT with Your proof, culling fewer

D~ oilou wahnt boatdes:?o)It 0)1, ad-


1 hi10s1':' to) a, seal"1 f1a111So 001:1t11111it'erto' yourtlooaro lisstile Daily. (,7 s. .~N k.IN.~3
v. DolotO 1:r'; 01g11'le or1i.'h sotlol- Subscribe hoc the D1)i1y. General P'asseiger Aft., T osi do, 0,
tito' stiiots oe ilIalO ekaticoo) toou7'TltE'.TWABASH.pU C I,5~
Th~e ol" rIo iofto)' 0 lof l t lii 0 """-1
for the '"00StOraclo' asill telilacit 0 iiXl A HUSiTLINGAETSever "Ctest ITEXAS,
Saoturoayot 1 c o''olokillisl cli O I0.1LOAS.tliN5NEL1E11
So'otisliio bltoii'so, CI'ttltZ', toY ote aive, bowoothoe"Soo':oltY'' Io' L S NG LE
tit 11 It.1il)1)" et ), ool 'to'lO ott lri oil tthe o'toys andoooh ti a, to.ltast l
tot ito, lii 100010) .1, s"titwn foolkso,:oaodison'tit loovely,l- nisl t
1). 1.lY'e oiol:tooioooeotoe1sce SAN FRAN IS CO'.
('t)MIl-lNt'I2SE1N'i INVI'I'I,i'l N,. Proces's500001100i olytootill' ooo0:ott's of tho 'Neosy liwTexas atdti litornia Seepin
lii .010.otO : 00 t't 00:1 lo 4toosilcr." to o OlO"of; 0000to the new meoth' o dootI(11'Li
oof t. 2 td1, t e t ''st IotoC o te :01-I ne s 0000 0o
tpightit otilitallio(rits 1 tt cili~c't'lt t tlt It to d to o :o'too 00 rootanooolteles 0to tot tot'.THE WABASH ANDU [RCN IAOU'TAIN RYS.
wtill sendtol ii 010 111bo'osth l t ll '1 ot th 1)otilototto to'tt, 00tooot)orl:crw=ard tum Ot0 0 i t t o~ttei 5 ol'ItO hti
r. or lioy lo t is . ttd ti i Ot I 00cr0n0100 t,'o'.:oe, Wr ol JeHaveo) . in h tate a e I " I. Leot
beoe1' i. 0 totcs tolo.tttf' 000 ioA11ooo1ootLTO tToA
th,"mlley" Otoy: c e0s10:0 totli111it 00. CHCAGO TO LAREDL TXAS
'l~t' s'il ba tt'.)' 1"ott't~ co 0 too:.), lot 01Icotto to''e'r W), ~tLoO~ tsol. 1-ttr. 7 oarkt, P('0
tototitlo)tsvtoO'ttloond-thte t'o '1101 0,0 i 1.11) t'o21 ep'o oo lelot e'~ts. otti2t1 ttol o: t tonotot. soetr
a~' tlt:S Hardritoe Ctompantoy, .:tLaoteCty, L0 :::o. footr- t: [ olot s oosaetonoly tone losoof t arn
lin t'r'sto'dlill t e11 ak0 t leic'r-s t 1)' o :: lotI oerto,0:r52ia. to. teat dasy,;,r vi
'ets of Ohi'ebl s li ills.o4 o's filtoatt It :, peitots ot.11:1:0to.r .o, t 3looses ,tile
gntoo)'ootttit tns, ;fooioooo< aoe lot t =t-t tnete
t)'y S lt'ti~a :C)I' i0li,., _.1y 1l1 0i10 AN AS'Y SELLER, t ho:ot oto-.l hlecerlo. Aloe ol tsHl,,lofs
ittboth lii )'oooit 10 51 5.21 0ou'it~'st Slt'tpItts, lIt-ti eog i es notle e
o'co'e il roin t). AlA N ( I. raino, tto::-h ttn saitoeI so oi.'.t Ia tan
h fa st' :y .1..~J e F, ' or eaops, tickesooandhfalli botar.a lisn,
.A11 eatoldaito's foor tihe''v oilo tt o pply to
1c :11lil l t app ar: i l 11: 1) iii ' o 3lo l e 011:1-"- - J. H. GREEN J. AIl) GMNI
f:or c't't''t 'i'leery boy 10:10 0at otl fli i ^ n -Go pf Ilotai',:to itles. AIt. T 17 ':xS'. A
ti %'". la.11. o i'tl ltigout'Ithr1ott t I LBrY[ b ayI I LL W i lUR 0-)5-
T1' ' t is lc. I t o . :' Ii lo T 11C c ''OhO h<ltC Sil 'J i eC~ t at., 11 ttl )~f
ti 'to'sert 111at caoiils ap01100. PLYastIUTI , I 20. F. H. Tristramt, P. E5. Dumb nug,.
overy cltoy 6oot11 11V000' 1i. tC:n. Pass. .00:. t al-,-tE 'cI Ict Agt.,
J...1. p.11)1'. C.tll. " ,"i W flchld et. 'iottoe'i's; . '1lt:I , 0.
AtAil'101 .tli -i:111:R ot.011ali'6 0 ta nSt
tAll~ il tlog ot'i eti ll ool: to altuittX16 E, William St.:' i.
11" t ito O:: is or 1110Iho t.l, ioooioo oI ,t0ll.-
il t tll llI ll, 0:110 tooot' t,:l 1:1)1'-
eiS ( l oh i : ' o o tl '
"ic ,rr.""eo-o'scl::to"a :"o a)" tel
toa t nr7(n aly ltc.tt a . iisdii
WHll)WIN THEIR CASES, t',' Lo. adoj $2to $i75 Pe e:gt).it pvis
redtb e~s uhshy J. IW. F..or C ialogue ate eT re
100lbansi Ohtlol. 5.0 orh ALBANY,59110YORKE, RETAIL PRICE, ONLY $2.01~
"SiL~ RAS. ~ ht o Cp ltof tis l hlet'tsettyA . vie for Accurately Rgister
Lat: Sheen, S75 panes, $1100 New V. 2IUFSELL, Local Agent, ithe Ditaute Ira ol -d
asndsveyiDramatic.411Willam st.Anti trbot, Mich. on a Ble <,Is.
"MODERNsJURY TRIALS AND ADVOCATES" Iitsas pise ineits ypeaioelasnipc3
700 p.geea.w'Shse p. 'Fourthi 0 t -trCouncs;nin dttst proof, water proas sr oi
Iditiont, $4.50.S, Csmbined Triolsnot II CIlJJ~t VU6- s lesns;it'swhite e's'mel dial,-mre ass isc;:
15 ear. ak' regnstet's 1,000miles and reeal;,se- asiiys
25__years. ___ quicklhy applied: tdjustable to read from any
The latent thing in PIIOTOORAPIIY positron Is the sadde; msdTe forIS2.28 sand
Address, at .0 incht wheeis; and Is aitlutely eguaraiteed
Willamson Law Book Co., B BR R~ M A N -repaired withoutecharge.
Rtocheste-, New Yorko.6SE. Huron nst. SpeiliRaten to Seniors. For Sale by ali Retaili Bicycle DtsaSw.a

~.. .
kq r.f
; .

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