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October 13, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-13

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Ije U. of

, 1 1ai l'j.

VOL. V. No. 1 3.



LtlisALBION TODAY. Interesting to Laws. Dates of College Foundation. NO GOOD STUDENT
LtlisKnown of Them This Year. A case was deciided Tuesilay by Thiere is given below seine statistics
-improvement in Practice Judge Denevan ill the circulit court of whli lire of iuterest to all corn go Tre's tti learn withou~t b,
Yesterday.Dtotwihiofitrettltit. Tueil(siiWihi i Sonie petiple tliouigli try t
Titfobj li~ii yst~lfunior la c so neett tem .Ih usin ~iihi h.po - ws, as it is directly Inlineia'oldest c(eieior uiveintiy'?is lon imusicllinstruments with
shlowed flit beot plying yet, in suit withi Prof. Autellfs lectures oiithie idiscussed, aiid almost as freiquieitly
of the falling raiii and midldy ground. rights of mlinlors to imake contracis. is, in liii'minds of the dfisputaniits, a We Sq Bq t hose Which llave
The reserves west stroug in ftelire, Charles Wf. Powcll 1(o0k a courst iii matttr (if iioipleftnucertlunty.
aiid thie ' \aroit fouiii it 01 rdi t gil tolcglraiiiiy inii88i alt Ashley, icli., )"iii otto. sAit. STUDENaS. LOCTIO~N. W elta id
1?--An FttCl_39-- nhrtMs.through flthi. 'ihe lfineiltrlilli iiidertrheitnistruc'tioni of 'i. ft. Wei t i- 33--otonla -(37i. isa Aoi ass Mi..
1)94---lfiiisiiti('ti 9r-_. sa t j,iii I fAle.51 South Ma
was too1((iiiiieli foir fhi reserive s totimii. iSuit was afteruanril oIniiiiinecl _p 7T- 3o atn a> _.'oiec~L
breaiksip, and was feottiteof ive i a justicecoeurt by 'ifeirii k andIle hi 17---tCol.i. ofN N_1t3i N y i oi 0 : ity. S'JTT:JJ7 l Z
ii _olm irtn _53 N N wf r. it.toucido~llis. iclarils lid. soiiitfirst wiis iwarded ci l fg'iiii ttagains o m ''~ll 1t848 i'-- sonlii: i-_6t--iih ,a N . ity
cliss ouchatirighit half. Hi is shioe- for a 011111of riouneyfortclollln. it'll_ Dfin losal Ilj 'ii441)lIHoniiiiiiii l. - -FIN:
ig uii well. is a gutu dodger anid rtii- Tiitei'aset"is aaledItithfliricui u it 182i---- i 1' trv._55 -loriton'1i (
ncr anilbgtso info initrfertieeinigod tu tr. It '1500 ilai itil ifylii'ilefeist lii___Lehli 'i _ 6--gSieil1Cn'
shiapi.. ittatral uniwiiiiiiwere tilt andiithat lowell Was exeillf f'rau i e lii _I' as Sf1 I lo.ll5?_ ~ao loCa.AT
showed liii will iiin ftereserves. teroio of lihi'alliged -l a il ii,.im 18>5---Noitilii 'noI i iI l iiiii-231__E rsoI ll. I
The line tup ini tidays 1gaile it siiliiiiit, as lie was a.e oiiiiti s fbithi i);18:-- 1istie lii a i iii iiiii u0011iio
Albion willi be as follows: tift eiii, ifftoo l:lc. 1fall---'"ft~''lf''li 11I
Greenleaif; left fanhb' iarker; lift lililgi' iliiisaiiidShiniihis iiislii as ili
g'uard, Carr; cciitei', Smufi; right tiios tliii' jury thatl aiiiminr i'iiuld7if -1 I i etouliii liii 111111 a n .JBE.AiL'S OE STC
right end, Pilet:iquartiiilaird; left and1r1piiatili thieiiion'tracit iffter Ia-lii' 0 1'. C'o . ii't h N i liii8___ItTO "ft yO~TT OCAN
ha~lf, thlttlliiitii; rit half, Oh iri 5iiiify, tielausei''55llievi i ir atitheliii' ia iii i'sluchuiuuii1 I30liii lilvaSi I Ill. S A.VEH
aids; full bath.tfygcrl. timeli'liii contlracit was0 imarik. rvfit lat._iiifuel ai lt )--AiiiiAibo.ify Ililyilig yiiiun
St litlic e 111lairnedl 110yi'et stii Slilgi'cited a decisoin iif theii' oil i bs ii l ii ii1 t I iii tiI'. " COO A.ID 0
i7'_ ofl it lt --iiii *i4f --i lilllli ____ ___
liii Albionnlemthalt it is useliss so court of this stale directly inIi 'itt.te1--tsa Clge43__1'u IkEpne
laid_-_. it. 1i5 -t I mii 7rV.G. K.KELLY, 33 E. Huron I
speulae bou te guw Ou tarsA erdct asretrnd gvii Wirck ;5___.0'ls .7251l e,11 i iletriltk ~rsntc il

to use
ain st.

A IN u i l V, Vii t,:t 1. A", i,..z . .
Dieu 11.110 cannot pla- until they l a e

lilt adc1111ls foler t151il tiiOly.


prove'mein'lt. Albion11110 beth coachedll'i
for a iionthi by;tG'age, the HiarairdI
quallrte'rflack, 1and11is repsortedl tlibe a
stronig tiam hisu yeair. IBeytnddtfis
sistiilg can bleliarniidiiabout ftem.
Pros. Angell at Madison.
President Aigecl is atttniniiig itie
mneetinig offteAiAmerican Bt'oard of
Mlissions, which is beinlg held at Mutd-
ison, W is., this week. Iii ani addrless
iiadfe yesterdtay,lie refered toiilt
coiminimiistake which is madeItIIi
flunking that flit brightest hun must
be retlainedi for city chiirciies, wilie
cranks aiid dulluads mighittie setlt11
missionaries. IIt also spoke of flit
imlportance of coimbiniig the labiirs of
skidsind explerieniceuimeiiit1(thoiise
of youth antd vigor.
Junior Law Meeting.
The junior law's held another meet.
lug yesterday afternoon. Very lithle
business was transacteuc awith the cx-
ception of fteadoptio of a yell.
Bloomn ;sgton, capitainilof the footbusl
teens, iae iii aipieal to the('110as s
isport and strengthein ftelevein.
Very little has been accomlihediirIin
this lutelis yet, bilt it is exiecedtilhilt
stint gooud ,vork wilhlibedoninlet
Brown iiade a.tiiishiiohwn on i ar-
Tenrd on Thursday. The score wvit:
Rairvaard, 15; Brewni, 4.

Lecture Association 5chectuie.

liedaesofth tfif'erenlltieneinl' .Sigllilics 1that1 liltsehiooi is cit 'n' Boarding House,
ill~t i g-eu b'ylt Sltlh 'eisa. 11 M~~aynard St. (niewt to School
settleif. liie'folliasing is thei'sceu'ble': Har'adilciimies first, OWiliamaund11
Hfon. Thio. It. heid,fOct. 1it. Mary aa'ondl, Yulethfirdn, trinetfon
71. B. Gorduon. Nut, 16. foutnhPennlvanh5lia ithf. Fon Ladlies 1an111Gehitlemesh.
Robert J. Ihllnitti. lDeu' . Ii 619uhe) litirginll iiam nin = OT 'SIZJI 0I3]n
:Murat Haulstead, Die'. 15. IEngland voteud t0t(t)b acres uf hundl fun Fiii w-LINO
Ex-Gov. Will. I:. Russetll, Jan. .1. a semliary'f't learnimn i riginiat, LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
P~res. Talniage, tFeb. S. hut ltefulfillmenit ofthei'projhe t at JSTlCIVEDii) iAT
1'. of 'l.orecftoricl'lCotetif'Marlilong; delayed. + TUTTLE'S,
17111. ~~~Stanford University. 48SST ES.
Lotus tilde t'hubh, sifli irsf. lurk __
hIperonlatr, March 22. Mrs. Leland Siinlord is i ilig ;an- ---
Johnis'r. faniel, Aprilt. rnglt'l'lts Ito crry' otthfl' prtvis- SCHOOL OF DANCING,
Exi-t1residicut Hauision, topeniiidate'. iinsoftfhit ailof helahtfe ihusband~li, i'lassenow operal. tiupils rneivedos)at any
Senautoir Sanford, bequeathing $3,h00,- 011111.All elassc 'rcua aler ttepe'rsoinuii-
Freshman Football. si tilct fioliflr anid firs.. RsimGranger'. No
Sf10 hioflitStanufordI nisenoily. Some'stairls homsuit. 0111's 11111 Dancingf[hal on
About 70 fresh lit fooutball 'slimus' Ift hitbiliiigsto fb1teeilced ure ia iitiauiii~~iis uliht
fastst muet yesterday toital~sk suneriih'library bilidiiig, u ldingfortchtll
siuto.Capt. Olsonogivesre in- aturalHistrillsiind bora- WAHl hS BOOKSIOIRE!
hiliti' ilhOltii suith fgaei Md qiiti a tot', a11fIt nr'aliicapellalill's Ac-
Heal fo poitins n te eeve. cinmoatin wll e povied or -, We offer discount on all
fttsi fr suif1010111 tis ihia''i. eollllillf~ii til 15'hiililti fr ,.University Text-Books,
praciceas-ll b hililIlilr tle yuli uti O (li elft.Law, Medical, Pharmaceutical
ftday ifter flit close of flit Varsity Reserves vs. Normal Today; and Scientific Books.
game itAsilAbion. A gaeiwsill 1mob''We buy anti sell second-hand books.
ably hi' arranhged awith the ighii 'Teneservs, or seconidtelevei, still Mafthlematical I nstruments arid
1515)'afteNolulalo atY'silantfi this lDrafling Supplies of special
Schutol eleven fornilet tFridayi. R rates. We offer
Amleetingg sill beiltd Tuesidaiy'afte'nnil. '11he.followinilg 1111 nwill Bs ~ ae 0 e b
afternoon to elect permnesineo tirn gt( BEfuSTl NgOTEe:BOOKtf, cFORr 25c. a
andi comlluiete oganizaifion. 5Swaninelil, ihiuii'i, htuikesand 1111 111 ES OEBOKFR2c

Tlit senlior luawsswill beiquized on
the first four lecturets ini Wills anil
flit three cases in iReesvess n o nti
by tIonsctor Dwvyer.


quaritein;iKeeler, L'ettoy, (Gati'smidu
Baurtletf, hauif-bun'ks; Spicer und iiu- OlOWIRI Tt'17:Ftms
Olon f11-l'lsUivesitly Booksituore, IDoan Towns
}hui llhtlce.os State St. Opp. t'urt house.

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