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March 20, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-20

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Published Duily (Sunday excepted) during
the College year, by
OrelcE: Times buIling N. Main St., opposite
. post ofce.
11, COLEMNua, Lit. '17, Managing Editor.
G. B. iloais, Lan '6, Assistant.
A. W. SusTH, Lit. Spel., Assistant.
IV. A. SPILL, Law ', Assistant.
J. A. Lokoyv, idt. 'SO. Athleic Editor.
J. S. PEAnL, Law '1, Business Manager.
ILIV . Lvy, Lose'0, Assistant.
Asociato Eitor.
S. B. Shiley, lit. '5. i. A. Dancer, Li.'.
E. L. Evans, Law '9. E.t.Sunderland,Lit'6..
Carre V.Smith.Lit'l. LR. Hamblen,Law'5(.
C.A.HoughtonjDent'96. . 11. i.Parrell, Lit. '9.
M Gilbert, Engr.'7. t.B.Gansmon,Medic'1.
'Minnie 9. Thompson, Lit. '7.
11. A. Seth, Plarmic '9.
Subscription price 20 per year, inarably
In advance. Single copies 3 cents. Subscrip-
tions may be left at the office of the tAIY,
at Stoit's, at State St. nese stand, sith any
of the editors or authorized solicitor.
Communications should reach (le office by
7 ocioch p. m. if they are to appear the net
day. A ddress all matter itendd for publi-
cation tn the Managig Editor. All busiss
communicationseoud le'ene to the ua-
ness Maiager.
'the sinior fils ae fioally tabai-
toiiei ll ideas of halvig the 11n.1)ad
giown "swinig-outi" in tie gyli. 'Ths
is one 11101'eillstrltion of t(ele nti-
abio fait that the i'oil'liuimi rali'ni-
ties havei aI prctialimonoply on'011911
social doings inthlie' isilig, Ils hey
ailone '1111 affotd to ipay' (le exorbitant
TP1he1n11ma'terof alowin fraeritiy
mine ionlliheDily 5staff1 las benicalid
1o oisr iiotit'o by a comunl~ictlini
pinltedl in anioter clmnil. According
to the t'ostitutili ioof(ilh' Isitepeililnt
rssoctioii it wonldtibtie ii'csooy for
somne chanlgesto be mlate befirsshel
on art'ailgeillnl cosidbe )1crriid out.
The preseint oai'iha11no0a110 ri~'ty 10
mt unless sanctioiiedl by tieasoia
tion. However. frlier dscssions of
the quetion is isired ani if enogi
inerest is shown by (le fraternity-
mn tiles'ewili beoGd ifficuniy in
amlendinlg Ite constitutioni 0o 115to aii-
nit liieiiitoiemlbeiship.
On tlwi occasion of holidays and sie
cilien-its there is usaly congre-
gated in Lniversiy hal a mnajority of
theo studntlfes froni all deparmetts.
The bet of order prevails becase tie
varions classes are not allotted speci-
fied places in whichl to be seaed, On
the oier halnd imnchitogtessness
conducive to general wantones has
bieen manifested when in previos
years any event has aled the st-
dents together specially classified ac-
cording to he class and department
which they represent. This was trey
especially at the ilac of the last visit
of the leislature during tlie year '93.
Class spirit and lsndenoninm was
carried to such a degree that the state
representatives who are unused to
such _ scenes imagined themselves
rather in the midst ofa fierce miob
than a crowd of knowledge sking
people Sch disturbances are. liable
t create a, wrong impressiona of col-

lege life especially amooeng those s ho
tli not lhuse iie oppiortuityl in, youith
to partako of studeiit priv ileges. A
pe rson coming to. this city for the first
time anii-vwitneissiiig ouch a sseneas
took pilace i to soyear'oagoosoultd
surly 'calr' away 'witiihhman iiea
which t'iilid 11011possibly dthie isii-
tition 1111y'justice and oni tile 'otracy
would likely' tinit irrepiara~bie-eharml.
It is necessary thiiefore 111a1.tiletisuial
,,oosi tondnct be mlaintitled by- esell
-In11 every stueint 1who10wishes to


hose left tuponl tile 'islltltc, *whio 1971

to visit 1110. Univirsity Thiursiday a1nd1
idaihy, the imprt~esslin of ordir which
svithosut xceptioii iiarks college life
at Ann Arbor.
A Communication.
Editor I-. of M. Daily:
I se 119-y10y11' paperthat lii's date
of yout' lannulal electlion is approa(lechi-
ilig 11111 111 vewvof the('bro'ad polic1y of
your1' paper durilng (tepatitye9111 wo0uld
suiggest t11t17 0(1111sep be takenIll
this eletions to 011 1110ndltheliio'tooi-
ttion of the 11Ind'ep enet Association
11 to ailliit fi'ateriiity io'lltexelilltises
11115I14b lieve, endea':vor'edito retire-
sentlt iiclasses, wit1 h ti tioit fair-
111s9, yet nmany ifsthti fratersity n111
b leliesi'thao t a ''erswhiei elilis to
swithoitittregarcd to Tily so. called idi-
you11'patpet open to all iiiin ill (helie i1-
sersil9- that youi can iMa~ke it in lrl
broadliest sense atuly un1ie'rsity 147-
'aii. Iswrite this, ihopinig it still iletd
to t fair aei mparlialditisculsst'ion 1y
tothlindllependtenlts aind fr'aterniity tWrel.
'111119'y 'ours,
Rules for the Indoor Meet.
'Thi teamils foi' tha rilay races ini (le
indoor m111cr)ae teraininig 'eglly in9-1
tii Ii g9'llienarmi ows,'9S lit anid the las
shoiineg sup especially- ts"ll. 'fie dis-
tance to tie run by- each.1111a1 sill be
twso insteald of thriee lapsla 10sellr at
first intenided.
Btoxinig111111 wr'slihtg eatri' s for the
meet tdoco oit Saturday inext,Iad uni-
less itiore are receiveid at one'! somte of
the classes swill be tdropped alid othier'
oeents substitutedt. Entries.i-Aliall
othler events close Tuesday, Mtarchi 26.
Thlere shotdd be a greatt 1an119'More
entries in the sprints anad rulniing, high
The rules governing the. boxing ant1
wyrestlinlg ssill be the A. A. U. rules.
A copy of these miay be found at anly
time in Dr. itzgeralds otfice. For
tile all-around contest for tile senate
trophy, April 6, the gymnastic rules of
the A. A. U. will be followed. The(se
rules allow each contestatit three trials
at every event. In the rope climlbing
each contestant must take his start
sitting en time floor aiid nusmt not
touch the floor with aiiy part of his
person after 'the pistol shot. Anyone
in, doubt shout the rules should Siply
to Dr. Fitzgerald.


We want 10 buy stamp collections
and will pay cash for the same n A 00 ~ VF.TO
receipt if price 'asked i' satisfactory.
Collections should he sent by regis-~ t h In S o
tee alor express swithi hetter naisG ns ln a
lug price under separate coveri. We P n SPn N :
scnd suiperior approvali sheets to re.
sponsible pantics.
hlav e you r001ms to rent' ar so, ad- Washingtonm Block, Ann Arbor.
vertise them in the Daily. P.S.-See our Show Window.
----------------'- This space is reserve
... iecdtt z.:..tr. for the G and
mre daily demosstratinglteirmsuperi-
omity. It ha s1beenmlo00 sim to mate
St hbst, anid weillse suceeedl-,o
we are assured by a eriticalh public-i
ets, Nets, Box~ing Cloves, IFootballsy p
etc'., the leaders in qulaity. -
Mhakers. ofVit'riclstes. e gE. Huron st1Speci al Prstesto Snioes.
Bostomn. 'imi~lr~pipIha, i~eront,
Nen' vice, Cicargo. Denmver. Miembe'rs of Gsarantee Ticket nrokers' Asso-
PACIFIC COAST. elation of 07. 5.
~smnri5'ceo, L.oAngeles, Portamm Coshy & Mc~eon R. R. Ticket Agency
____________________________ 50 Adams St., ('hicaeoe. Rednced rates to all
,.. w.,,.- ..,.~points. Bahle 'l i he Kidlegarten Ne. a
N. 9Main st. An ArbsreMihigan.
Frcm the Royal Conservatory,
"SixLov Sons,"Stuttgart, Germany,
"SixLov Sons,"Teacher of Piano, Organ and Musics
By Frankl E. Sawyer. Teanslations ef Sis Composition; also the Art of
ofill rise's finest lyrics inl exSltemsia Tahig
s t i g . H a y P p r 7 5 c nsf C O L L E G E S O N G S , ! S t u d i o 2 2 . D i v i s i o n S t . , A n n A r b o r , M i1 cb
Thle standard collectisn of College Son"s. THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK
Ose 309,000sod Heavy Paper. 96
cents; Cloth, Gilt. $1.00. Ann Arbor, Mih. Capital Stock, O0.
Sumplum, $150,t00.
"COLLEGE SONGS FOR GIRLS." Organized under the General BlanhlngLane
of this Stale. Receives deposits, buyo and
Onlyhoo: o th kin pulised.Thesells exchasge on the principal citirs 'of the
Onlybsstof he hnd pblihed.The ted States. Drafts cashed upon proper
somngs of the heading colleges for women. identihication. Safety deposit to.xes to rent.
Heavy Paper. $1.00. 0 mICE115: Christian Mclk, Pres.; W. D
lOYiUDU COLL[CTIONUINSTRUMENTA[ GUITAR MUSIC: Cshrier:,9.3J. eFritozAsrsCasistant. Cashier.
Eigilty-two pieces fer the guitsr from the
heat sources. A splendid collechion. hand-
soeCover. 50 cents. eto iau C f
Any boot sent postpaid on receipt of price. Lunch and Dining Room. No. IS N.
OL VE l 7 l co., Fourth Ave., between Arlington Betel
0 L.f.Lm.J.LIJ. and City Ofice Building. Open all
45i-4e1MasnlmgtonSt., Boston. hours.
C. B. lDitson & Co. N Y. Mr. and Msrs. Edward Lewis, Props.


IT'S HARD TO DO WIT 1 HOUTr cong e wndrflTubuktFe-hepri7t
Tour deler imlikmly tohaethmmif nehamahtywrite u andwie'll mend ynonethe iformatmion you w0 15and
or handsoellsrat9edncatlogue fe1mm PARKC E NR PL NY , Joomevle, Who"


IN 1894.
Q Send for Agency'
Boston New York
Chicago Lo Angeles-
Toronto Washlagtlor

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