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February 19, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-19

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tlrsBooREstore A Soid BackMOR & WETXORE G YM_ SUITS .
All Bristle nier of William St., have a
it. "-i (eore W hr, comiplete stock iof Aveo hae gotithe.
i n~tiottt. Headquarters for(
:, Ing a sudent needs in he< H air. Brush iiUS Y ITT 80OKS LEAST MONEY
i '.t egc-BoksStationery and
!0 tinonStock in general. New and Second Hand. - or ymaeotam
2A A1IN SCHATJR FOR TWENTY-FIVE CENTS nok4 friadeesttpit. re mde by On
IE ~ OWWTOWN BOOKSELLER, ine Sttiney, poting oods, .tc ,whihl 4 .I fYRMAN WHEEL C
r Bccla) and are
t9S.Washington st,one block -f clygarseced. A
ast of BMain st. IMU M IVE R 1 [XI 4tC allad see s before purchasiag. grelt many ,,oei;
. ]i~i t'}; -firtSlO 5. rgan iz d l3. teltto, 541),5010 Fnis.
1tO&NE ENRAVE D^ F Cpta, hufOp Slcnose and r hd Sn ookS E. ' M STA[H[UP'S IYCL[ [MPUIJAM
Foet50 Xi ne pgh n od 'u~h E .SERVISS, Manager,
leter;ofcredi 5 1 tl-is li, tStit.l l't)85TI1151-\t'-' II W ashington Rt.
-WM. ARNOLD'S, Jeweler. --
-- A OVELY INCaps and Gowns
I cins tar&cCresecnt tli~ol /, Ae reprepared to furnish Caps
articfiornde il allih; iaid (owns of the highest quality
ADIGajLLet 1LJESto tniersities, College. aind School
LEAINGCOLEC. ;TPPE througout te united States, at
z 7 ~ ~i!, 1 1 .u t ! ir,, 1stsirprisiiigly lowe prices. Self mnas-
i -' rtIrc t i t icst toot o ,rcnent forms, containing tall nee-
ii$ tc7; t i Dlii sar- instructions to secure ;i n 0 cc ro Dle7e1 ! ,per-
___V"_____"c,'e free P.ir"blt lute ii it tttf-ctors1 If I... fect-ly itting garments without
ANNIEond ityour e l ters,scnt to us ~ . visiting the store, will be fowardetd
MRS. A RD FOpSTE l ((l 3 mntionngcolegeandeuco tngpricec ponreq est
School of Dancing and Delsarte-- - - -- - - - RIBBONS IN ALL COLLEGE COLORS
S-ttrd.ay, ti a. a. Genteman begnnersi 1 toO i fe itwdhsatm ere
atsrlY p. n., 1L:d>)"beglenritos.AEts I~'RET NFOUNTAIN PNS ifrn ~rstteea,
'Honday.3p0s. Aittteed Iass i(LidtoA EY U TRSE ES
ad OttttFetes .
Toe.da i t::e p.. eg rttiit r. tts (T aitllt
andtte Strawbridge & Clothier
pici a Iones by tiie pptie PHILADELPHIA.
tSCHOOL '46 S. STATE ST. 5 'e havetsoetig iowatd speitorithiisIie Dop ius a pstal bforbyitg sltics )liei largest exclusively TDry (oods
tIAu~Inr~, i E~~itiug AT ENTON!PLE SE. GRANGER 'S
Arecon Sm~ser i te ou itha I st , yur o rd ,-. thui-tif uiticlrt clort liiitgSCOL FDA IN
S con h$emster i kceititg snuol esi tisd tni - a l it lii- ofut tf te un Ih
noon sw lieitseenth troughl aismtoktedlgli-.-- I ott. rior- i l Star i Ln I it
I'- __ thus trotubles still vanii-1t It gire5aist s rt doit.les it ci t et i lt t t1 O-D
nsi~io odor.tintdlwill tllun ot titof te istinp. Ieu d Sttu- Oil Se p'1i al ;it ii t tttt tii tpronattinttittit
o F - dj(T XX titf t trOil, c pttr ga.. 74 smnoelSstttitit- S~oin ipe ga. tt ttoR i ttd 's. Ritoss(rotir.l iii tt
I DEJAIN & OI4PANyott classle'egint ott at ditnctttfmet
44 South MaiStreet. ""mtet d.tstI Ofl ice t theAeimt tgron
Nl\ aso- tiud ecollid tC~ot ' UNIVERSITY NOTES. t/ P50.1itt Fttttuesttanditotis
0 n. t tt oRtEUBEN H1. XEmPF,
A llD epar'tit en' its s i t til Iittt It diim itt. tie tetl t - s ttitu bwt-o tltt- ilOt O i een"e l-lit rTeac he r ylonsvtod ra
satresfrot te 1"911I ! gnzz Teche ofPiano, Organ adMac
ofthe U1JiaiverSty f (it ltast itit P ike tt nb of itlth rti~lu Comtposition; also the Art of
lat-an-i-eet t ltcti-inis Aot.t vissito itr _ StuioSils . ivisi-o St. Anti Artorttef, i
Q Intii t y titi b it. tto i tt tit li
hi smsitistlawso tretb-ncqizzedt -t-tt - alti-eti tteti
Bot70Sore, Statie St. I% ta nd ~ytIstte-a. I teInsItslit lot tngos swil l lt INTERCOLLEGIATE
Iuio IantItt.yt. Ill. as fu
Thierisoill bus a iiet'igiof te C: tossSWEATER
BEST NOTE BtOii e itt llit 'et oilniontrs, "iideltii
BEST OTE OOKS talia botrel X't'dit-slay r 4 tth e ihi i l ot t eit e tiiis %li!t- trill It istote ittst oetetr ade nidis uptrior
il m . itnqizo h ottuy oter on the saret, blade fros tthe
inteciy o 2 c rof.in s-rittii teciureiiitluthetiotwi-ghi lt'etutirt-> hustand softet Austrailawootlind knit
in te cty fr 2c. Pof.'Phtnloiilet-oris tothulasoienlb sl sujetttof 1-its nd iiI-i'- e d wastemd eclsieirast year Iy uerriy
toda an Prf. echin Fetnrslayallthe bilge football re-u-es. In white.
TIL MARCH 1ST oa ndPo.,e-e-nW ito-sdav thteusuelittnitiro its n! ieodbok
an udayh. sb tSPRICE. $7.00.
i htsbet r m' Iogel lihirItt', Ihas--r--- - (Spaidngo Iase uait and Tennislo Sn le.
SHOES y trim~~~~od ochiotl after o.te r-is illue ssj Hon H.D Estebrook May Spe (.for ethe games. dlaesEvrtigeAlufe
SALE of over twoonths.. palditg's Trade Merk nit what ys pa -
Te owittiet-onitpirogait for c~ase oi urnataerthtitthe getd arntIe
Theii' (tle nd atn sjot-cluso osill fll,- b eas.
1ESS THAN 'WHOLESALE PRICES. il ioti frlii xrisso ash-uhtitotis Itrtlidtayhaing fuie A. G. SPALDING & BRos.
ington's n sfrBirthdayh xecs",o-.'nr 110 scure Judgei' nlgfori Iis dy New Yoas PsAILADAuPNA. CICAO.
+A1.1,OUR 4;his extsenidedl Itt ivtiatiotn.to Hon.
+Thet junior laws aret going to havesa id, d
$6.0 ad$5.50 meetingDthin week to maoe Ori-aug -Neb.ymtxcbrook. ofis weeki;t'smakeWild, WildWild.
me~nts for terouing baseball sra soseo
Winter, Rtasiaand Patent Tc.IofadIadt r iig~ Publiin luh tttnYinqfiiIttroit on0j STUDENTS, TAKE NOTIEI
Enatmel 'H1and Made, Cal uire ~ vt n~'igthe tvnigof tho, .22d. In iew of
ained Shoes reduced to d ost hn n euaig tscsths fat it is highy poable that sitOURWIIAlFILCiS
deoutttinner rguatng dvi Ps E tbrook till accettiiit. tto
ical ork I Ililoleg ho D. 3 r Ftebrook is . forcitte atd telo- W 5.1o dtcai
~.85. thedalnworenisll oD.Itre tetspeker tind te tasill be1Stngadirse.
at 2 p. in. this afternoon In theII ..Fac Sfin5an r~l~e5 l
(I / o speed 9S tologial lbrtry in thi Idlt) otuaesiIhy eue ln fanc
Culodlgg 'i et ________ys-ot in o The goods natast go.: Please cll and
J2 .S. MAXM .'g.. Instructor hughe ssIll give asp-tee I 5$th e or the Dlly. 2-30Wt WOashnou.Stt.-

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