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February 18, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-18

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MJYGHIGAN EG TRI Textoin1thnte il
Time Table (Revised) Nos. 1, 189. jIHISTORY. le'1s suited nitth(le tulou tit ('t loo'X'I 'lil1s.. - JIl .ttipi'1 5W ;;Li<t 1(5
BA1ST. WEST. M. Dw's letts . Cur's(et 11111 (eptitig s fllowts: settis 1:and11II Contiest.
Sli 14Es I5 s s'givenT scdays 11nd11 Tl i tlyO. si i'iet's'toSAt. Ball inr '1 10 5. fedl., lcb.t. 2(. itn _1ni t ol
N. Y. Special -5 15 N. VY Spcil.. 7310and ini (out'rse M llays 51 ind '115(5 I n i,"tsly bal ; l "ein I " II so 11 hO'li: r et.tetieltl ('(1ts't.
Eastrs Es.. 10 2i N Iinited. . 025
A.. . Pacic E. -. -1215 tdaiys . M.Jolimtotn's tor tt1;l11I a t athley in roo 1, 'lTappatn lal. A 'Thurs., Feb. 2.- ar ndtl Srs. 'Mtts
Al ttic, Es -..7 r47fllo' : Corse"31011015 ofI:n5
17i N Epress...5 sO RWestern tiE..-1 'srs i lsie t'1' sdt s n ill ro ct' t'to Si. li:111 ech iHIeitnrict sotg reital 0at t isetsil
1v.1 Ep'ss .10 ltr. . . 5 et1051;5 Shod , s VAt c Its d 1y 'Xe' t 'trday t ii l l (o-kttthall.
0. W x1tirt't IisWss A E s... asls asniitFridays1. i.,iC 11)11 F.1 1 1:117. 1 lvsit5y shal. Frti.. Ilae . -11;shitraes 'BIithl
G.P.& .Agl.t(Cis.ca Ag . . tA A r. (1. (otrse ]4.history ott lts l s hiotteeW. . ELi .b . 1day'ex's's tses t's' Ii'r i st spit; :0i
31(' s'Ctourset' F. urte llis torti kled;for ist' woments'; t'tit n ofthIe'tho lt s.sdti~tl.
T.,' A. A. & N. M. :R'Y.(Cottse' 5,Th'l ist i:aitsl (of I I( tl" ' ot5 l s ltrer. "tb. 22.Fri., Feb. 22. Side' )l i lt ss (:51-
Ia 1 efetSuna dy A. lent . its rela'tion ts 0 he' Refomaion h I-houtr11 co3.1011' e'Ilts's''iItgittintls7 'Osr1l e rlal cnests.
eid s 11t''tit'(n-oO I s t 'l(( '(' 111'(st 5 ill ) gI . i t' (((1 1 n o e n to s1 l i' who (atc iaI Satl li..Iel. 2. 7-01 31' (11.5' tis (ll
NOT.OUt51 hotusslsai:'d its alluo filts('t tlt 511 Sttlis I,1 will Ib ' tffetred 1 i (lit'e ortali'nessl.
:18 a. et)'71 .m
to i p. r .,(:311a.coeIl2l. sln.esl = elog nd;e se 'teste1 t' it etis llt's11'ilg2 to S r 'Oi lel. .. S ilt Il ('"'tie Ill
1.1I5(. :000 i. OII iste tel't( Il ay be 'Ite(td1by tr- ikp h oll eused1( ~t'~ (' ''~ to 51.1(1lI ('5 (011 al
"re lsd((ntt'tewho. hn .s~n-sclb no1t l ((1'(11tkt'tiCit'(l(("t1.' u tie k' ith it(the u d rltl''tt ? -- I-I
All t r il sy except .5.G Snday. iISRA l5( R S I .1 tIle ) 1i oi kr'c 5s ;
55 i,i 11 ET.0 T'G . A. Tlsdo (" 1 stt li.ss ouetrse 2. forthe sI 15 it'' (ti l - .3tt 15 ;1.1. I115)1'TR.ANI. (ltItl itI ls ls ls.til. 's'
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. RY. dffct' otrt'ats'ietio 5(11 Nv 1 lobeb s tolfolllos'ts: t e frI tet i't't' '(1 (1 "5 0(111asdSt. se; tsls. it -
__________ of 1 psilutti
Time Table, October r, 894. 5l-iM N N)lE E'''1. Ssisir'(fIi'11115 (.1t'tl __
luass'Ypilnt las Css'uss0. 700 hc o ''l)'ourse'(' ii in esian lrits 'inl i le('111(l(5.'' Essays sad (':t' itl L'OI.'lIi' .15 5(1ly' flsrsists'l i5'(153
'ud.00't' .Atttt .Art.er 1Js 1't 45,l 9:00 and11: al ldsite t-llitted1111i5lllie ] l af('''I ( . S'f in i l 5~l b ts'in ll 1'd i511.' I 'll i Sl lR alt~e o,1o~ isgl ts lAaw l I. . 'ce
Ann Arbor t Junction (17:309:1 ad nu. wi l b i(('(' 5e1(of)[ . e Swil teto illbg R o110 I. aste ot resisto el fsa
113: ) :5;;4a5:30 7:1J3.57 1 1:0 1)n" .ltss still 1 I S, t otitlats andtlWedle relaion Isetv' 111 irs el liter Itt'(? tr l l-(yo oofito 'tl - .1 oal-
SUNDAY TIME. Iays st 31 o'dlI. i 'eil l 1. 1 :Ric :'") F rtnc is..l t 1s01 'Ph« "" r i ii'tlitl strielsts t s 3s
least'c Y17iastitifrom ('twiteas'. 'tI fos 11((1 tthlan 'i51 t''e;t Dal't'y-.
Lea'svt1Atts Ardor Jasst'titt1:10, 4:1H ,3:0, 15 'bi7 N 'Ii .. lis l'Il. r:aiy 1(11 tItt 10''IttlS lt'11l-
5) n 3 .tftmt;110 1(11 lhtords. ,A,7 VU"1 tidl ndwoht oe prles A COLLEGE TOWN PULPIT.
FLOWERS, FLW ERSax (sellos humtrs otr st'ttio'tl, ol. F insure'torlt(. SERMONS OF REV. J. 1I. 'NERLANO..
tat Evwsythsnand se r 5ybo01 0 Istoro ta500 isortds e(' aleg a l'!' .1 lIN 1U. IEl'lINER. .111.Series of 189495.
COUISINS &HALL [l0Ilhil 21 >1 n sot Itt Iett 1it)t'ttsIl BUSINESS LOCALS. SEPT-The SoltCyfrGd
le1sg0li. dsiguss for ('((Sri'and t1ltlct _____--utsC'llrGe
pae(, typepage tolbeltoufri'by setets Ntcets i(ttd -initsthis :oti t iht (li OCT.-Jsue ' sHutmanity's Ideal.
Theme ((ilatndts ): 1 eestls lit''s iit'e -l-sby1 I ~rNOV.-SecteriaetistaatIls Evils, Casae
(, -illustratilg let~ al lto is. Ueisbes (ff1t t'RAL] so' tlicet'.1and Cure.
ClIov~~erdI..IaI lite serstrlists,(lass illy cot'lril((l'- (;RA.NDI) Sl\Ct t'EI N\( DEC-"TineTrueCsosso' Crist."
1(o1 com(1(itiot l s i('5'lay eor thsis tnutI f-f t'nrtttoit'is. 'lTsay\,It7, (1JAN'-'"Was Jess od?"
R ou ecedig ,50 ors it'lur-h i 1 (5 'Itiik hon'e . Ilteof lb ' (110-
(h~ I..1110(5'. 'n~s sill(15(0 tttihsRigi'.1 rriil sllsios sl il' -FEB.-''Loyalty to Conviction."
a'sll e gl t os'pi. Tst' wholeal I ss's irt',rt' .d e t F us1 t oit t 1- 01tlShwliall e ts'c nn
w ,f kep n 1 td lst'3a 1100 compe~t'( ts f itted)isglii('s'yIa' , e-' ]tt a lrsnd tr icesto ddsire tdale l pqetdt adilternm u pig Aei o r tIl y in.:15UtA YEAR. 50. A NUMBER
(gi- laek~a nm n h loe0 o hieir' topics, iefre I' l'lrhllrt . ieti t isect his f1)lie0 fhIobby1(0(1 Fot ale at Sleea('s asell Osoties.
St. Louis & Kansas (icy 1t. R., Ci "ie ottioltie SltlandIt 5)-ttt s pring115101515 t1cis. 5Tott(eau
The Clover Leaf Route, "Fast : 'tit-Rot-iti t'sha( telt .0105 ic 1
lut adSuhetihne ihafiusuu oP e" for St. Louis, So., a11ndte or iststladts'yousrslsliso ((lit 1stb1s Ktlat
West and Soulliw~~~~~~~~~~eeves To- ' Lyonis Illlaln mtg'ediltor lI i t' S r311'I~'115t i t
Ledo Utionl Depot at 5 p. in. ---tl, y rt-37-- -- -lt I--s-oy-ai-t51 -i1tI _____
daily,> arrives New U'nion1 Satittn THE .(fh' s (ttsEllt'(111[ti.\1G71 1[ils Il
IDurisn'lt' st't'tts"itues('l i ll4rtitt. rt r5 MI
(1110 largest ill tileword), 4t. ltlssst'ltill offrItors(!35: 1ill osudy O 'fi NT. PH0'?0 G RAPHlY
Loisisealit'next1001rnitg. f r'cs is IIt roitiyl. 13 to 1il iicethe is.' .0 satt'l5~5. lrg' sie 01f 10ooms Is
CONNECTION WITH ANN ARBOR nturll 1,11 elltl of'tltt'ittsor s erI tof (I(th e hlli' - lit l iglil t idti h.111 151
Mliroscoe; p ire'para'tintIofthelsi xet" '. ii St tl t -'.
11110 Mieligala Centrsal liteat itolilsirosoileal studyofly itiier ts j STASVII (5.11'1IONS B E RR M VIAN'S
Toledo. IA'ndilroks; eharaterioies of iisnisg 1'uS'sIsca ll to buy satp olersionsss
Buffet Reclining Chair Cas Seats Free etsls;dng (f 5p(i111 tiiooiglls, 1adsill1pa' asht for the alaonOil G E. Huron St.
1100d'Vestibueid leepers twiths- ti. (Thisis irelemsetary'corsiits reeipttlif plinge ased is satisfatory.I
(ut change. ltoeyas stI~It iein- ts oleilsssti s etb '.gs SPECIAL RATES TO SENORS.
1115e tets Geology 31,Sandl isreriry lttg eed uail or expess sA tislettro Ili-i
Q.C . 17E K Tq 'K or 7 .le-,ltxtbto, l, runltileyss(ing pri'e unde1r1'Spatrte tttr.11s
(ievleral Passen~ger Agt,Toledo 0.Study itt Rocks. li tollol lt o.). sudtlsperiraroa~l 5islits Ito St
Con ertlcsn aes1t1b11'lor a trlsaklIotsibli' parties.K Q A
DIETAS & SCHALNZ, jITuedys and 'ilibrsda3 to10-2; ereild S«. .. -WR11k's co., 51ODbE YXOR11CoOF (I
i, ' iSllAEt5 C. 121SSEI.5. alanazoo Msehi 2M.'ST.AEEL a.
'. OF M2. T..ZLORS 05315:11 W.V' 'ntsht~ss'PlsaeeN.)
m ts t ; a d b s ' y f o e g n o s;t l' t R , I h a o . 3.15 s t I a r a s . l s st 'ts sst l s t c l s s E DE,_ _ __FO R_ __A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
wrk gaaraeted. 5Cleanin, pressing asd rp f'1natydoe
48 S. Statest., SeedFloor, Ann Arbor. _ __~ ~ A D L T P W IE
22 Yesars in the$uBinessDLLTYEW ITR
li. . SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th av. IIT ,-.. N I w II X
leasning Pessigad iRepaiing
de oneatly by
AISISIIEEWSIt i1It asigts will be delivered at the your room the relansderlf 0±SJR.+,IA:NR
EXCESIOR+. -4UTRY!the college year for only $1.25.
Useld Wrh Guarneed. Goods aled fr I! 5
and delivered. A. F. COtVETiProp ''y ' ~~'" y ~'~, 'T I TIe only -NigS(rads M1achis. o 05*
ANS uBORS C.. ~2R .I E3 a jjN QVXJea ket sad at a Reasonable Prime
Lades'an dent o RKS.leaed A t Daily Office, Times Block, at Stoffet's. News Stand, PeImsnsiatAhguent Pntal5y~t
or13d W.H3Q TANA3Ror at Paul Myers. State st., Newsstand . PEARL, Agent.,

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