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January 29, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-01-29

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;1 ~ : tiisbailiag N. Main sI. ojposite'
post, office.Sal- Nti.

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Cold Weather'!

iii ads'asct. is gl coi'esitcnt eis. ' Ss) lIi
it Stofltet'l., at State .st. nstandiith auy
te''ick 1. . if theiyti're toeeppeathet)nest
lay. Adidr'es litlimattier'intendedifofepubli-
ncill ttiatl'l.
AAbXI, Mi hit.
CO t')LE'MAN1, Ii t.'9;, 31140g I"e dto
Gi. B.I. lIIstee, I,)))' ). Ae.ittes
A. 9W. SMITH, Ilit. Spel., Assistaut.
J. A. Titor, Lit. 96, Atltic Edit))).
.. S. Peltm, Law '955Busnstss Mul))gI't'.
Associate Editors.
E. L. Erase.5 Law '0tS. .I.Sund1'ttanct.Lit'9ti.
C'arrie V.SeitttL.itt.'tt . I. IlasbtinLwI6


tp i1 lie the floi pl'utt'eP t i 1ide a 'Vit or 4 A.COI3S & CkALi\L \ NI
I'o'. F'. 7I:. Scitt illt e tltttt ttottt Is. anti you will experiecie the great- i4111)1'IDEALERS,11
9)9 e plant ini tihei'.orl, the \itoitit ONE NIGHT ONLY
ittcilti' aId al'tusec lilt) tnd ti drill"('ro-;'' WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, '91
t 11Iitltti Pt. The King of iBicycles. 'Fto I Ill) t t IFuny Comedy
Iiinssit ft slo i ttllto llltil; ( tir lunii'ins. c '.ail g SIDI┬▒ TRACKED~I
to)1 p ol 1 1 1pol11"l(l't. PRIC ES, - 3 c, Dc 7
te'it~ 1)1 ttgilt~. 'il'itsitlIII.11 PESON L PROPERTY Ls. OAN EVRT 01IKi O


tal_ ))tlst''5tandtf- 111 atttis i's l-t' *sol. AO tott-lt lendtJeweltysI lice y p FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES
pon1dents1, aptlll'illg ill theI LY. tlo ed.1 1tttt(s 1 til le.-.ttl Itl ks il1 1 P . 9.... . ..T . Chicago, Itt., 355 Wabash Ave.,
tw((1it' J.tlt C.t _______________________________TTS.t.I.i',Xit.)e
so (c sil~W MIt. . FAYIl.D 1C. ___ r
I'ttie M'ttv. ll ll. 1011tJfStts lllXltlt.s se. lst u3II I'tg's 'ahlgtsl1)1'
I''.1111 1")'))the 'Ser (its. I'nd1'stt'-iulI )IU 2t ttIg. rat. nit);1111))- tuets Rpecr ,eainvy H;eadlt-c
il'h' al- 1ciro te C litla .ltil .es'e i 10i-us ,1tt lilty' I t." t ''"O e 0) oiin ilt l [j1
i)t' It ust oifli 11t 1yu sitnti ts '1111tttutt t7tt'ri~aaltt I. D(
f1c fltrit) IIt-i-tttt i-i i It 'Memol i al has lt'l tI) Atititt Eitd y LBRTSHV
profeso . tit)11 1tii 'tiI of tle ('111ri-)eiti-.II;itttsut.- IWim.e ntaceEVIEWS I, 70. t~t~ct oono
'tt-iIts lti-i o 'ttt-iit Eilt-tt Frtiin.. t.e. Af'. ttiretitr l'tciity TW Sm Api,19 ~ tIh is ei
11119' tt s 1)11 o i ir tit- 1tti l 1it i i si l tt -tal.oit oseactiehl.. i urt, o ferley taRei ew of D = R eviewuR seas
Still _Fob. Goo._._ Dawon C it ). N K prisnBtd ,Tnewsetsidaogvngltbslttu-ts
na'l-u 1las' tl 'uitofrih(tI. SS'ers-theets-is i is- it build-ing.tsr 'i-te oier Bnaaz tu adenot tos ecti tutorig -
'h'itt5'i ti tiitttt I it')t'i'ii~ei5 t 11. I..tcurch t t 12i j to 1 11 )) ion, et5] " als ad a ticles ookAf ia b lrsa ttd lk
ttf~~~~~~ tht feet''titt. t lll ul t tttt5 r'' A fl teate. 9a.d fit o 5::i9) stgai qsefuatentrsal.
sifs ot i s t uutintptitii ng;111 ' t le rljtain o a s. P.Il.O rpcoedSt rda tofIst."glsh di \o . 3 N. d a n S reyt.it
;oveReview of Review-atisIaln].nat ly, timely;attn., tisiralh;. addmlest,
I~l~~t it il' lisstamsPthtiot iiu -s'J. 1lJ isPsoN l l w1.1 S IC . aid instantly alit-c to hit netti s top . ens of thda, 0 gre nt-cr"
wt-e s houldtitIt- rttus t ( app t I t 'in ' Steforedramcd1of. Tltousats of.reaera.wltootocF thir commedatioits
ls t sit-o f v-i l hi l-S.11 s tli q'1 'l hIt p eft i 1 a tli E ot rte. D a't e ll i tt tt Sito e ec n m s a td o i l r gss. T e i to t nt icu l ue nd t-o e
col bteri' e tuittr l e.fr ptlitl I illt seakleat Sty'. ihculeasis' m s-tclf l red tda)pate bt gicd htusfmlyctafodtols is
tle lotii1th(tt a1 - eiattt11)(11 iS i It s 1tiige.Hev Pa e,7 c nt. t duaoatvlwiefrpoen
tiieitF1tl)151 u it)I~i COLLEGE. SO-NS. eItcstonat ud busiess 195,Elitampy ABRTSA
condutedob ctrful sec.sstsrnt TlE REULARDEPARMiNT
thd -atteeti(itnt.tof state tll -Sitlise. s st-ead EVE ofiee t-('eidttespce itcealdcte
tttFI ( ) 1 i - e 'a n ] f rea h'll ts iithe g vt o f eii i l ct tittw h ichi 1It-re 1 005 int . tL . . c uea 1 ' nia p e r , s i s r- i Ter A i n Ap ilte 91th t the i stli n er e
stiogxsttus-iiicens~ Coth.Gil. $1 0.s'~e scors o ittediielyitloefing heF A meineth Review of Reviewsa
theyt de h it t lt i Itheir I tritsrasdtpicures re1is aioitusthr. h1101.1e11e01ae deaetetetit
--- ┬░""tlll utli. s ittit i) ~" 'C LE E SO G GRS"Al hse p rin vyteRTeiew ide fPivig elthe W -est t tutasei-
El-lls itt isili' t I -sf E)'hierii- isty 111i ft i l it-ti itbt'tiv foorReviws-b t homeIsaerohaaies o d tdi nlttion eot enlnt orig
110111tatito it(I n listi ti istheiit' s tutftlt +I ~ uttgl te~ 's nrcdetdscesin latelestook Aeibs tormie ettee n sn
mt11s111stthee.1si sd asled i dt akin etn11N.igsO rl h i t ot 5 !
ofye ,Iof tslaisenc.1Fos181si"L aseetMeel thi rtti at t-a
it ti t (titl-e frth e ttrC V A ecel aztee 'tanie p eslso Weth e Egls, d tion; t es mot lardgeyewit
Eighty-lou taittettistettesflir e ,ireAmeecanttfats, rseed.eitedllihlpetecttnd penence ein thseon elfice
ttitec t'u nell t io s i l; t~iy ttii eb se's pedd itieta u-ge L, e ti e v nemieof. Seedtoiewes. onhltimely. in illus~ttidoeneand to)t
nal t th le itro 1.Si' ir,1trk0tt adintnty ie - h nwCtioe -ceetof ttedy to aCegeenee l
solceme heresatI.Il50ollcentsx-I , beoredramdto, ~e Thuadofrdesw ooertnlt hetityomet ndthiens.
(00111 tamonggthem tt-e--tell lttname illth eorld an tit et e t e e of
Acluttivelyt s)otibid oll ssLllEiufl(litadvicetedeofoeelte(,ieseeettyteey
dluenc l~mittoday. Io-t-ttti-a llyiFis4nkR E. )Jae~yerW5bTranslattiioned tdftSie
notiuu11 Ioatl t, sltut Iir soundtat', t OLLVE R sionaN Cnd businessinn, itewsYoimply

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