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October 05, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-05

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Ije ti. cof

VOL. V. NO. C6.



OUR PHYSICAL TRAINERS. Mlass., and he was a prominent sprin-
The Men Who Will Take Charge of ter and juniper in tie' east in the
the New Waterman Gymnasium. early 'S's. Since' 1886, he lois heeo
The Two Fitzes; trainsing athletes, handlinig profes-
The L'. of '\. unow has, for thirs iasa first .I 1)litrne
timle, a regularly organized physical T'ale's track team, which lost the
cultulre dlepartoient. When the re- caposi ybttoadoehl
gents decided last sprinighui liiut points. Unider him were Willhiaos.
a puhysical director to takerchaige of rcr ude;Serl.tefrau
spiner Rider, the pile-vauliter, slid


A Very Enjoyable Affair in which
the New Members of the Fac-
ulty Distinguish Them-
It oAN 1S 11delighted andienice Ithat

W H Y slo we carry the finest
line of
They are the cheapest
nrCn A1i10'C That iswhat o

Fitzgersild, then (if Worcester. llass..
win0 s'iey sti'oiigly ('ecomiiiiendedl to
thieim.lie «wasinilts'dltos sioms'to Am
Artior,11nd, after an iiite'rvts'w hadl
bcen lisit 'Withi iiii liihe osas sde'lare's
this chiie's'of tlihe sssrsd fssr physisll

is numbeir('i of othisi'willknlowni att-
les's. 'Tiie nlner (if '91hitle traltied
th isNOichiigan A. A., (liii in Itis' fsll
hail charge of Tale's fsostbssll teii i
wrhichi was is'vi'r scossisil o. roili
thl ithens' illIst .1uni' hei'was the
yeiar larounditwith teILis 5.A. A..,lust

I)r . Iitzgs'rsils is a nat iss' o sit Mas-
sit that clsib. Thelist t ((hile tpicked'
clissstts. At Itis' igs'of 123liseI uesisoct
(sit hers' was.Jackman, the' haslf-riii'r.
a rsesisetsitof RBostuon. -hiireiheliec's--
sit his ieduca'Itin. HIs'is a grasutlintsecnon
of 1110 Ilostsesu 'stll 'O' of 1'lirsic-tssIpion toss in ',)I.inthesntiysalsiIsi

aniid'Surgio.or,'lieli isswoithino a ti-o
yeairs lbsc'oiiis':Lipart of 'l'iiftstits11's'.
Ile is salsso iiii'iiit riof thes' Ilssas-
elliletto lMlsilS ochisesty ansIif thle
Btosn Meics-s Asssoctitiosn.
'll sr tsvelve yeasrs sigoDr.i'. ilz-
gersd joineds the Bosstoi Y. M. '. A.
giyliilisi11 drtiiiilsiOhs' list rlls-ioss of
R. J. lolis'rts, thelIi''srass gy11tiil
lonos. After -osrkiolg hire two sysirs.
lii concluidedstotis kesills)515the -orck of
a gyosoasitol inistrucstor'himnsilf Inst
M~r. Robierts sent hi ii to sirtfosrdl,
Conin. Sins's'thlinslii'hsshasist-hiargc
of Y. I. I'. A. gymnasiumss in St.
toshnslnsg anut Brsattleboroi'i, Vt., ansI
Fall Rivter, lMasss. Its' -as slso for
this's' yiars sissociatse sdiretir with
Rioherts iii the Bostosis Y. M. I'. A.
L~ast year lie tecidedshtos quit'C. Al.
C. A. gymnasisumiwoirk, mand-silt to
take chiarge' ofthe ph itysicll is'shrl-
moent at WCorcester Aaesmisy, frssii
wohich pla1cc lie cassie hers'.
Dr. tFitzge'raldt is rocoinssensddhy
comipetenlt judsge's as alea1n11thisrsough-
ly oersed in thelIn'lie his chsensias
a pirofession. He evincs a 1 seep in-
terest in the C. ot l.at.nidloill Idosill
iln his poower to huildt 5111our depsart-
mient of physical inistru~ctionl.
Wheni it hecaesi eknowo-lithat an
assistant islesic-al directior owoulid he
aippointed, all interiest in athletics
pushsled the namie ot Beene Filz. Pat-
rick for the piosition. lHe wsll then
trainer of the Michiigsan A. A., oit De-
troit, and hsaitfor tloerears given
all the time ie could spare to the C.
of M~. track teami, becoming very po01-
ular lier'. Dr. Fitlerlshconlcluded
that air. Fitz IPitriek--asslii'hs'bst
10110fior assistant ansd ri'ciilili'isd
him to the re'gents, wosappoiitedsthiiii
at tihsir last meetilig.
Mr. Fitz I'atrick's horne is alt Natick,

moon units's- hisi, K1e's-Is os-il hhur101-
ls's sithels'centirsil chaionlilshipls sassd
secssiidin this'aiossall; 'Tuooilsss'st-%vas
sconid in the is' iists'1' st this'nsatioa
Mit"I1151ais'hiisr ossis thiris in this
leli-vaullt. Thlis yearll, sitthis'miissi oshi
haistbeen'lunis hsrIis oars', Kesep 0-sil
tisth hisrdles in this' cenltrl c hsamioni-
shipus 111d1Sisittli 00011this'hislftaninil iii."
air. 1illtzPaticik, hissids beusiungas-
sistanlt in thie gyiilsitiiii -ill atos
tsik ireIli'ofsoiitsoor atleltiss. Hes'is
it piresenit triinil this'otbaihsll tieiam,
aniid willhlso b is s's'the trsick seen at
wosrk in a few daisys. Ilei is very en-
thusistsic' 00(1rIlhs'latter hisossi-I, and0
iheclare's thalt lie oilliavc iii liss thaii
2050 mell training for the tmrakt: team
niewt sprinig. lHe is iliteily l iter-
e'stesd ill thi' success of all bsranes
of athletics Isire', said.oitI hthe popi51-
lsirity lie alreasty' enjoiys tslnd is surie
tos osiwill ion:gthe ettidsntslie s'sannout
fail to ito much towasrsd )ssliiilg us
to the front.
Sections in Elackstono.
The' juniiorisaws'clsiss lts s eildo-
videds into se'ction, as fisliss: Sec. 1i,
nas e oginning oIih A , 1', I;h; Soc.

litstenedi to thi' first concert g un1i51- DL1JR y soant ainl
dec thle auspice's of the fssciity of the WE WANT YOUR TRADE.
school of miuss'icslst i'o-eiiii.'T'hei'
ente'rtaliiimenltowass oseli attended. and,
this fsact thast this'n1000c(0111 of aitists 51 S. Main st.
sssieredsio' hseaisoni malde theirfis t --3-
iiheiiai'iisi nthhe' sity, ht it dihionasih
interest his the hrog aland shsuredsit-isNE-
isirir asts'siulii's' hi s 1to 11,11sil on
similr ocasios. ,FOOTWEAR !
Thle tirst-,semostisi-, is solss aill(, I' 'A
mnor, hb- B'ethiov'en, ovwmssendereid'bhis .
altos Jsiffs' a11d5All%-.Zuita. 'Ihie stter
ishsysu iin his ossl leasoismg styli',
owhile'this'foirmershrohswedihers-hf hsi his
a msts'r osdfitcult ilterpetathison.BEAL'iS SHOE S'TOR~E
Mri. Lsliohsonl's iittsii'.pearace-i' 00,10 Ohs. tourt Hoiuse, Mi t.si i
lectisuns oowe' re shellrece'sived by ho SA-\ .fli
aiuiii'cetandihe gailledltheinr'allir'-Ihy busyinsg your
cisiono by his richo-icesi -'and ulpribs'i i O D A-INIID COA.Tj
olumiis'of tile'. Mr.Altberho hJonaso
a1100 demossnehstated hihs ailuitty tbysape'r- G. RI. KELLY, 33 E. Huron Street.
Ihoe'iure sasdlt(ke thl iss ieswithiyes.
feto'ct X'Otisuii of Liszt's "I h1paOil Iii
woithi subttles'in ite~rpuretatiosi ii is
abvereroch 1ll furhnolur Boarding House,
by air. esitz wassgreetedt withi ill-
lause'. air. tLsaisuon followedwhiothi11 Maynard St. (newt to School
Schliisiiiiis'e1"'lse'lose Grienaslire," of muic).
wohiichirei's'idihsiich Itscorialusreepq- $2-50 O ; . 'IAT"F +'K
Lieu thuat hOs' O b ligedh hi'repeat theo' Fill'Lasies 111101Gontlemon.
sslecttin. r.tJonscs edshIie e'nter- ZE3IT T -_JjUN'QpHES
suiinent hi)-ll111 udeiby i'hi''loshoossi.FS LINE of
'The schoofesimiulsic lies beeil ex- LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
s's'oiniig-hy tortstislie in s'cuinilg fill'this' ii55i5 RECIsED A
yoar this'sersvics ofuthies Jafeo'mlsh+iTUTTLE'S,
Messrs. Lamuseon land Jonasss. 'l'iii'y'arsis 48 5. STATE ST.
all artits in thseir respuechius'fortes, a 4FU qN C E P.
,iind soil addil 115105toiithi'elolarity
of this'institustioun wiuhs wohichte r .6 1h . G5entee excluaivey)
Sudymori s1o'lcI Thrdyevn
c' ioli'o'hi'sl ing ' lo ckts . Ladsieos eci isis-i'y), Saturasssy
Cood Vouces Needed. mssh 'Oi-ris~oiso evteis 8 'lckladuens-
_______ lcs, bSissuroussy asttcrasseus 2 o'chsih o.E stairs
to smsont. sufie e ssdlDhusluich alo ntthos(i
'liii'exsilination of aplliicaiits for aresis usi. loor,6sMynasts.s, sue Olocd isct of
the "Cam-ily thee ('lohbovhilItskeceat
sus sasinocedt ii ys'stsl-'i'o y Da)iy
nsext Wes'io'usy fnight, O(I. lb,'ut T::b 'NMIBS BOOKSTORE!

'C, Sec. 4, -al, It, '1', Si-c. 5, S AV, I'. All iii roohmi28, OUiversity tHsll. 'Coics
recuittsuhis ill 1Blacsone-is' 0011 iniitime ar' needtedhfur aslha srts, espcisally
forcinooin as followss: Sec. atm.9:30usfirst tenosr, ansi rehmeasrsals osill bssgis
,andi Weod. 10:30hi; Se'o. 2, aMis. li):3 an soilson. A good clb is expectedthlids
years. 9:30hitter.t3sliulast,9:s0a coma
'tlssis. :8; S-c.hh,'is'shi:ooisu leitehy licos iuruogrslli hils hceispris-
Thusrs. 1(0:30; Sec'. 4, 'i'rs 10:30landiiiit idhlandolnews Methioctsuse to he elms-
1-ri. 9:'10; Se. J. Mcii. li-b0uant Iri. uploet isi traininglihe clumh andss-voice's.
tsc-;;b. Frsisik Briscoes, thse leader for tis
__________________yeasr, imsas sipent cosidetorsahle tiimse stoi-
A. 11. Do-mirico, '94 eectuch<is-i sugd li te 1pst Oiilills'r imicollectingmgahte-
usc, is ems Ohs' s'ty ele'strisplaitt iml im1. Is onnecs'tion isothisthis'aoimlo
Detroit. C'lnb, aMichigais concesrtos-ill tue g o-si
Owoinsg to uressure' of sliser sWoecho, inl the esarlya'ilrt sit the seasonii solihs'
the itimerary fur thi spsringsacation
mand tile inceilvc'Isi'isce ou tII 1 o'cluos includso'st'iesgo, atiinno'ihs, Kansas
hsour, P'soft. Heumoplhsdecis 'iitouhmseet ('ity', Dliver's, St. Lousissassd sthier
thse chase h iiEsng. 7 int 4 orhuso. iplsscss.

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