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December 17, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-17

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PublishedIailly (Sundays excepte)drn
theCollege year-, by
O1551(5.l'imes lbuildinlg \. Main'5t:.,nopponsite
Susrpin rie $250per Iyear, inr -nia bly
ill advncens. ingi ssojliCSslicer. .rrscr
inn- may bIn-lsf1 nt tie otlieesOfth )lY
nt Stlletl, at Slate st. newn:stand, nub ny
of the ditors or authorized s-nlirios
Comnctosshold readIthenonibe by
o'clbloc . .lf they are toIappear thenext -
day. A ddresss ail natti 5ntelndedfor publi-
ca ion bbth l annnigbEdior. Allbusns
Ann Arborn\ilIr.
.1. L. Iloiof Lit. '915, Managing Eitor
F. I'. S~rLE, Llit.l'96, Assistnt.
11. CLEMAllN, Lii. '917, Assitnt
A. 1b. RCiinaansa,,Lit. 19, Asitnt.
.1. A. Lianos, Lit.. lii, AtletliciEd~ior.
.1. S. PE'An., Law '5, f loinrss Mlnlsla.
- Assistant.
Si. I. Shiley, 9b). F. Bi. l m l,' .
It. ..(noses . lbS. 4F. L. PFsnns, .
Cal-rin V. Smith, '9"i. . . Ilari ,'
Mfinnie Thonmlson,'llf onnoinL.

old Ile died not holed111 hisii liciVIly. 'iii
111' I (nlt l a s e hal o Msid. 1 ini0i1-all"
th letlilile l itse lf.w ib'11 .11i sot ii
xpca NvSeetionsi a h ll\(r.''l
poor Irll. SIoil 111 pIltform1 il\\',IIn
11bt 11 i-;e liii i lls i Il M ill th ill
iaMet111.11 111and11reIll b'llslhim11
11.1( aI i Ill ill Iltl 1511libut ill 1\\-11
1111 tlllwillll s l i oll writ Wl
ill licillii- lsoi (~tIncf Mbbiilll- lii

'wa 1rete ilA11i sili inexora~lble and i i-
1111ofthegnalli tol il Nil i 11155
3llthat llheNaim 1111 ly111 lu111author111orlfan
esoterII ic raise olil but 11.",oii
and of a 1111 ll ohol II III V III1 ill,
Adnis I olIIcglaliIand thes IIito o
the nSfa l t h bllb rii l fl ac i n-lii
asI'lly enoe rtielwiif

in11o111 st1111 tis Iweek 1un11
Jacobs & A11nmand,
'0 5 aificlbent buildlin;te e ers larg
I rcgo d disipline; lslper(ior work; nw6
reain roomlllnn; dilylecturn1 5...l110
ic tes rpaning studnsIo poitin :,
FIV and room1182Stoin2.75 P1net ee1illPr1v11e
M ; z ln s T es rt s reued tIo Sn V1by el

111101i= s. 11 1nl'55511 ll bls. llWl couldsbis-or 1(1111110 111115 MONDAY DEC 17th.
_____________________ of____ acr l egllls iu i hi smV 1111lon-115their III
HOMOPAHIC fAsbsIaunI~~hoiaamnlIevenlt,- nll theli fi111111Il Ii II 111 111 (p1 11
---l-ldslli.artIVloll" \\,i11 01111,1IdImiiIlrll'.
At oym n ea;teofcebfr :01 u h c1 11iu I\' le ll 1t 111d(1 11,I-
m.1f1he(1y1f5ublcaio. mpor r illry of ti r 5 i ra1l te 111(11111bII Sib Aa SI lInI.in
M ciu lty s Iheleitlolrlsdonthld thI se111 lvesl11i1(1- 11111511111 Inllil f1111 01011ill l11,I1- anV isit.ltprifceteglcn
sib11f(11 h( l ol l nI' l1111 1ili111111 15111 (olittls 111 nlsn 1117 io11 ll I i' II Illen not 11111 ebt pleasure i oe 1leriveul C1 PRICES,1, 35e, e n de
pondents, appeIaring inril.tlhelegILY.lIbyltatNetihlhe laristiant finsts
Misontrutei_--ourril Rout1ealo
wiiereli. fa1 n 'i 1 llllwa l ot lillits i llAtyplantiI51the uorid, te \iuln
1.ilili 11 d 1111111 lllliill llibcgll 111w -il1ha]. Goo.Cil 11.te ttle IIIl(I l , 11F Ilolnl tcht
lllb irly111 Snlsly ( ltrth anll d i i rI illiilIS. 11111(ThelKngEof iyynle.,IrankAPOLI, Aa 1 oe1 a
ti f5IV t111111 ' 111 111 ilil iing Sjlllt,11 ]15111i. f11ili 11-Tr11Simbululhdose 185 -aalglOEI SieLBllLE t, ,Illhr
sshe ali r51 I c prici ng Idii i llil-Il 5.1111 Soll f tlhhrillllllii s s i e ailt feVi oDretiebI an CI CIN ATI
ronte~~~~tants ' leg111- 111 s lixh l edII I _111- at ucks of rll-liilbtellla nen o eo .W sn r
Ill rll I illislf isill exel ent:1leI ( i 111dlhl ra h(1 1,i t- a dy uwl x ein etege t
iandi Illoli 0111-IIIVb iilel l dub t if flllllsslll 1111ed ther 710 ad s p l i nre toybelIdiiid iniP IC S I3 e,5e.- 7 c
lesrcienosde~bebnttF o frnderedtheironce iocun ii5I7 as mheel nug. t n0 h ou h ~e pi gu r
Inim11ml~lliiSuuisllllS11 lnuoles 1 lacardil il111(1 in ii 11111- Sritl argest nd B i.g IIFTte
laltripartite11colp.actii 55115 sos u lit ll- ln n te wolte Vco
lemptilllui 111 f-Il -ll -~liedl id s muchllil 1 II lland cll- hA jsty1ared hetilet B SLItNE T
wlls retrif11. bseba~iulliilail- llii ~ .-suffdith alIli~slngeialiwillubsale reupnrqes.dIgutn CINSIAg
the -ns~. re of J theeae Sreluredtofurish(up Iininl UObi
itliud Iwill is,,iol. elioIoIulefngfllow1111 thhc~ d 000115Makrs oftoBicyles andAthetcqualis.T r u h S e p n a s
a.t yea~r.dl tiynig S hsild-il i ti 1111os f a ie. 1uill 11(C)15 t- on i erite Cork.sge ca god.eiTWoin
hell together thusii IiVI t s clisItlll ii poitcthereoll( rnot the1 AIFnICeCOA ST ate PeC h rs tmL U1~ as d
nan lii(1 I 1111115 lliliil i 1 ll ~ Oi ege~ O l ~ Snrncisco.Los prees. PSelndShea
ntirenlellt forms, eatrtnizinggbuallonee
it thelieeing. 1ilI1iI5111had1 lsilught H ra.-rd Solizng ntbookloonrea lsta d S BI O R R U E
l~i~if(55i1111 - (ilzl10 with ei se xengs(Ify1 ( ()i ) fl-i
iThen Ilec uelfle..ilI li Ii Viiiournl-all Heavy Paper, $100 l' T.A~t
is -urt lastad bfoe he:; LdiffO O \ e erntpsvidtofatniserap sdiiiy ivted t taOeoursoe. hi
A. Sad ayr7 (nihtlwil l idi COLLEGEtP UnatvelineiofCColieegetltndnScSweat
iii ieStil iisll IrIblb<1 iSnii bill- IC oIlIiegeI 11 (ist Ilongl I fs trroug dg t e & Clo Stths ir eFatalGosSaei pr
dcns. il~ly 115 SI fll 11i11155 d~, sins sms nlisisi iyi- 001.0 pi l low pies . edHone, CaeraIs , ol lus ec
hisare ssrly. I-Strolclos s 1nulou i s urur"CLLEE ONGfFO.mGRLS'con1ta19iWbanlgve.aClienec-i
Isiil ITh1e i l llltls 1'1 it lays i s hemostnly 11111of lie (1)b11in ,ii is~iI essary instructions to ,secureI' per
an unil ill hist Insi luclnrfectVyifiHeavy Papert$100ithoutudetectinHad
its1l1 oni- a ______of_____________visitngthstor0 wilquartersrde
in 11c1 i ll luinglii so 111'"l Theii NeI HarvofrTL Song55B1ok. upone.raqN.Main tree
Alulo theul 15nneilwIHarvardifa ol IOSosofmte s four 1AN ABO
prosiot , butl.Mr mullsticonfes liiStin O LV rlE DfaoITSON=£3C.,RBON 0 LCLEGECOO SStueAMs d YEngvaWtorKS.or
oft dle liry. IGret lIll ionatio oflls n ll h0eadurterandlGn 'tninsegtou ele-
a Ie n ty1hfllll fteirlu COLL-EGE3 S OWahNGrS t., linpriAes.IK U F rll n
line ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ gn strisieCodesi5511f, lt .ColnlegInN.e-- . U O ut.,sANN ARB -


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