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November 17, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-17

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The Waterman Gymnasium.


'ubtlnhFe Dally (Sundays. excepted) during
lie' Colleg;e year, iby
OFIrrCE: ''iesn luil'ling N. stain'st., opposite
post effice.

C'ONT1IN'ED(FRO3M FIRST PAGEI. To 1the rEditor of t1'. (of Al.tail :
Just keep yotur eye upon otir line, I noticed hi II(!tDaily' columns JACOflRS 9,AIIMAID'fl
Its men are trietd and true; soniUting UUof<ILLIIsiflI 1bou
There's Smith aind Carr and lien- lilIii'(01sgiili hit
nlger, prloperly ohsccviii'g i oeililiof the 114.5LtIS IN
They'll goartd Yellowv and Blute. \'"lt'iliZi'iGii o-nilllh2. ,N'ill'i' lain I
Cornell oiice said, in bioaster's role, 1have heard l lthing . qud a in' e imec + * ..I ) A .+ +

Susrpinprice $2.51) eincec. ,ini.'oiaily I 501Y11'liiever -galost its score"; ofoe, "'""'s' e.1111p, w i COMAN:.4R
inaldvan'e'. ing le cc~eis Scciitis. Snincrip - l Dinir oes that ball behind her goal nell'itliii'i iAND1cc. SllK1
liens mayeiY lc 1a1 itle elli c ofel i)AIINe, jShell never say so 1more. ___________
ot Stofllct's, lt slate t. iinestn6, eliliany (noel',s. Ithin,, soon11if lllytliligis lo Iilo.
f the editorsnorie inliez(11 nliilciors. AiOiuorelrhendnu' o wie )lr 451111i1111i i ne )1'of*lihe'finsist The 'Washington Block.
c'ommnaionsiiishoiuiild rea'.l ch ellihci-eSby(Ant Iorelsht nerritoryice inith cout],Iry)lliloughtito ii In'the _
7 o'clocki p.Ma. if lhey icr' to iippciiiasicthelxtShae'ell iq iu ickly lose thtrire hall o Iit(low its;
clati. tiolctheil _ltaail itor Aleluinc sslli And silfer for her foray. litii'ii iVi'5 sofli ii ii
lien Nonac.Alw hele'sto Captain JimlnnBaird, i'5f1111y i-lledii 11 s111 llioyl
THE U. OF M. DAILY., IHern's to oar Michigan ; li-l' 'ILL'lii liSi.V(l.(cilil
Ann Arbor, llc. 'We shoot defiance to ('rerll, thlan
-"Diefeat is if ynu can!' lliindit'elllilillgcefforltsl ofilicIs
EDITORS. (unitt';s. of te l mnl~i wilil-will 1111ive 1111one-
J. L. Lollu", Lit.'95 Mianalging Itditoc. Nuweo 'lii 7
I.11.LMAN,. LillY9, AssFiist. . "IA Ni[ 1(l'r O(tOLG,. steLEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS and SHIRT-
A. 14. ILOcxv~a ell..Il. 'l9iAssitanl.. .'seeII "'I~l ~ol inlg hl wiii 1 of111 i (' li' 1 in AND. Magnificen1bildin; ten Iachrse; 0lr
Colon yell for good old Michigan, atnic;gnod disnipline;sep eirwokm wl
.1. A. Leilir, Ill. li6, Athlilc Editiic. The Yellow and the ]Blee this lineli,'nllllhe,'suplenld reading conom; daily letenls, S nn day
S. lon. Lil ii Oninin Ilanaec. ~ e'e here ton play Cornell tody, ll Ihlll i 151111' 1-shold i i~ Ii"e'elns ps11nln
1'fto ayiin,, facoilities Inr planing studens in poiions-
Asiti. Anld we will heat (lhenmtooBoard nd oomd 8n 2 toIn$2.y5 pni meken pr ivatn
-Assistaint. IW lieniSlltiait ,Hn ybreak their Ii Ie'. l'ill he shown55,1. ie iithe aihlelt, famiolie'..'These ralesrenduned InoR$i.51 y .el-
LITnERARY. LA.45(5blineing Fnn Catalogue addres
S. BI. Shleyp, 't5. ' . Iliamilli, :'. And Ferbert rulshes thirough, l'sliiiillli li hy i '15 .CER.P1
It. A. VCanner, '0 . G .F . aI,. Evnsni'(,- .>
Carrie V. Smih il i.I.a cnlo,. Jimnmy alFtHE(lie teanm forever. orgaiztii' n in thll111'UnIin-esity take a 'FHE GR AND OPERA11019HOSE
Mi nne Tlinnpcii,'ll7 _ellilcAl..C'P11 IlS.r. l Maki'eithe (lilip e nil lf' iie 40111n
C'. Frrll,L'98. - t1. IB. Gammoen,'98'-('orlnell, Cornell, wxv'.llse you here Iiaiina (Iiiii'iiirali'(cent;iito all.iONE NIGHT ONLY
DlENnAL.. 51111t01A'clIl'. today. llnpin" 11hat,1theiproeri ''poais nl
__________________________________Cornlell, Corniell, bcfore youllget ilake lctionliilililhiletteI, sii5y((111TUESDAY_ VEN ING, NOV, 20
In. cipy he b tth fiebeoe83 aIIWell showvto you a ting orItwo rcspect'flly,- A STID I'DENT. Oc nd 110I)clill'.'nl'oni'dy (rama,
day lnllicalnn.Of how our men can play;
'The eiditocs do lnt holii tiemelves reca- ;jimmny and (lie team forever.Th R
sibe forl' the' opinioli 'nsatcAnciisiilcocci's-
________a__arinil__hee ________Oulirebackstre ooles rs ooc iieC a iy B l
Our acksare ooles to, CDirection of Gustave Frohman. '
Edition 2,500 today. Anld whlen (lie play is under way___
A-''ul~l'l''nll~~ ((IIl- Yu'll wintinssin the ootball him. L-LiI Complete Production, Special Seen-
A lre ndienesol et(,1 nhat Jimomy IBaird cant do. c o eyadClimEfts
I (clrldlil in the'. L.. A. course'li'tonlighit.Jimmylnyddthe tnam forever.-Chlo. cyad acuEfcs
lb is know5n aliane ofih linonlt.Iii-' ll .l.bN Ft 131 SGC((E. OOP S PRICES, - 35C, 50C, 75C AND $1,00,
ilet f souternlllcl iIin,(1and Smouhrni The Philosophical Society. *%* I- V4

lll(All illV 110ted -1'ol- illeir (Jog11P11Le.
A sel'le'ti of, IE'c'itTl'('s, or i)ilpE'i's, ;,1vcll

Bid Four Route

treals i 5(11' (i ii 55111on 1cn hosii'.iib
'Ilio ai lyf es is fril ca((((I'S' Seiio
'oniilonfersnelthilarI 1111urse \' i001
themi eyhioh out(lside' (f AnniAirdoir. I1'
y'ouIarm'un1(0(1'er(If muic y'ou eu(lllll((
afford tol liis liii'trctiills'iifer'ie'i.
Conisidering liii' high (clais(If e('i',
luihllli('as, liiielprid'cf(I. t in-lot is al-
liolit noinaillhi nd1111 'eeystulndent
nshould M11e1o".1'
'Till'ilyi1p'r(1n1s 1(11d1y'for Cfr.1s1din-
tributlionlIli i'tioni of , 0)) so1t11111
thie footblmlI songn,. O very' imanl51Ishoul
generl mailss meectinig (ti e hld abotinl
theio ddihlei' (f ne(xt weelL ill ichi
Prof. Stanley 1a111 hmembiers of Illhe
Gthee clb wnill leads in She siiiging.,
anhotherI select'ionh will tn'eImadel'of till
folur songs hresls'te. If you 11IreI
the ols. S ii. heai'extra ntip' to 5(our1
nleighborrand if you dollt gct 111y'inI
(lie gene'ral distriblution call atlit'
o110-e anld hi' supplied
The riepairs 1111 the clock illthle liib-
racy buhildinig were comleed yester-
slay afternoon,

1iil' i, ~lll' i 11 lloi arcelmathc inth ie ilmmSense ctor Pa- IEST LINE To
hliicallStoc.iety, is thilliune'.(i for tile tories of unlimited facilities. Victor IN'DI.ANAPOLIS,
prcesent snenester. Thieinoes is ho eheBascbahl and Tennis Goods, Footballs LOUISVILLE,
ichdin raoaioml 21. lailersily 1151,allo anfd Football Supplies, Gymnasium, and CINCINNATI.
date11s, in lart :ie el lowhi but ((it n Sprinting and Sparring Shoes, IBoxing
80li'ians1110 asst c pultihehereafter. Glovecs, Indhian Clabs, Duinb Bclls and ELEGANT
All who care to comelireIlS inied to Exercising Waods arc leacdcrs. We Through Sleeping Cars
ill prelsent.. also restring 'Tennis Ra'j'ets. BETWEEN
Theifirsthiaper o f (lie course 5"551 ____Petoskey, Louisville and
r lvnl last week'i by hcof. Is. _. nlis- Cincinnati.
dale,1.5w11(1splokelilhlolil"Soe l' Sicil OVERMAN WHEEL CO.
Makersof V ictr,.Bicycles. ( iSKFOR TICKETS VIA
Falctoris iniPoulri lali -t-loii . - li-c-f. Bosnaa Philndelphi. Penni. y
Siiisdlaloe swas follow-cotlhit '.v.eninlg New Ynrk. Chicaign. Denver. flIG +fFOUR + ROUTE.
bys Dr'. Bilmhgim. 1w11(1spokli'o'nlii '0'- SaanPFranisco. Lna Aneles. Pnrtland. E.0.IMCCORMSICK, I. B.YMARTIN,
illl'~lliili ls,-iohgy" ii ii. 11- - assnnerTraffic DB,, OGn. P. & T. Ari.
I iina 'selly ",~hrl A ... ......... Kfl 0 ati, 1Ohio.

lOOTs a10.
"'NStitccialt'ililohl'i1(as a Basis iof
Spiial Po~ssiblility." Dtr. Lioyud. Non'.
2TI. 'TeIlls' stleli's olitotoi,,' DSi.
Wiiikler, tecs. :13; ''Tlio-'ennis, Sut-
jincI. Object landOOSelf"Sta. letbec,
Dece. 20; "lie' Siatlcniticiah's 'si'("-f
the Ininhite," Assitanit Professor %i-
snet, Jul1. SIS; "tDirect~inImuages," A --
sistau~t Prhofessor coit.sire ho 1 ir ll-
Dr. Sunlaclnd, of this ciy, hnd
Dr. Wi'ulker, rce'ontly fronm the U'ii-
versity ed' Strassbshlg, wsill alsoo lectu"e
oil slhlleccls to be announced,
If you wnht muse and1(1lots sif it
mlinutes eachl day. it also has a wuay
of gin-hu one at good appetite anid cc-
freshing sleep. Costs yen bult $5 ard
will last you fine-:ears. It likes to lie
looked at. tall and see it.
1R. 1. 'BLOlUN, 14 N. In~gal~ls ait.

Acauemic Iiusic
Most pnpulareiollege collectinn nvne pub-
lishued. Ove 300,000snld. Heavy Paper,
SO cents; Cloth. Gilt, $1.00.
"New Harvard Song-Books."
Ingludiing miiitile ienwest lHarvad sns
Heavy Paper, $1.00.
its sunug in time leadling colleges fnr wmn.
Heavy Paper, $1.00.
"Boot's Album of Songs."
A new collection onffSne lyrical eogs, bly
time authaor nf "Here's a Healtha to Dinug
Charles," whichliIs included. $1.00.
Any bnnk snt pnstpaid onnceceipt af price.
Sand fnr bulletins nf the new vocal and
instrumiental muisic.
453-468 WNahingtn aN., Boston.
C. 11. DtsoanCoN. Y
T. M Ditson & Co.nPhla.

Evnry lRequisite for lime
o S panlding's
f=,3Fb fFootball.
Adopted 1190 by the
J ninni-nilegimite Assncia-
1 ( inn, aid must bn uned
in all match gaines.
PRICE, withi inflatnr, SO.
Spalding's nnnupete Fnotball Cntalngne
sent frece. "Spalding's Officimal Fnntball Guide
foir 15014," edited by Walter Camp, containing
the nenw rules aiud ther valuabh- infnrma-
tinn, tiy mall, price 10 cents. Spalding's
trade-imark on what ynu buy in the guarantee
that (Ian gnods mien (le bent.
New rkc. Chicago. Philadelphia.
K= I 1S0 SE EQ-A E' TB) IT
Students Recreation Head-
Nn. 3IN. Slain Street.
Ladies' and bests' Cinthing Cleaned
nr Dyed.

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