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November 17, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-17

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AL. ~

N, 7'. V. o. 41".



'96 VS. '97.
The Juniors Defeat the Soho-
mores by a Score of 4-0.-Good
Playing on Both Sides.
Y'tierdaysootall gaieiie l'slei
le tliiiai' lulihi opliltioiiici'5 sll
ien by teli e'lriiby' va scireof 1-0.
Nineiy-six iekth le ball off at le
line. Tlieibtll chinged lihindcs veali
ime s Oiliwnss ad ladulcli ruiseil
oi 11o, sphomiiiore's li e-yrd lice(. A
lace siii by Lisa lad rughtit ibak
lo th1 ice'r aiaii. \1iieee0'6iiregied
the ball oni iowsie. 'hly buced te i
lie ainidlusedil ii - 'evlvietg' .edie
for sesle gin iiiitil Leltiy Ase
alte 1;ilmiutiesofiply. ilirilig liii
letii ii' five i utMe oiiteeiril-
haftetallewasiikept iliethy-centreiofi
the fiiid uis. e'liireldi
is liii siiliii-secnhl ic~e yadic-un-lu
sliiw c teis.ntiliry. eineurenlo
tiiithlulsoiiomoris iivertited bii
yarids. Niely-six caredhtlheii'bll
ark toithlu' lice-yri liie, hit aginei
lst it cic dwns. A llgli-d riii by
Fieldl brugh-lt liii'bll ak to the cee-
er. Time was caledl with tiii ball
onii the sodhomore's 40-yardl liiiu. i
Thorpe--------lft esd--.--Boulanad
Whit~man------left Ilikie.- luthinsson
Thmips...-left gard - dies
Lewis- - ---eter.--- Wmbacer
Pies.--'.. rght gari-----Swaiiiei
Ossiser--.-right tactic -----Fanham
Bradield ---..-ight ed -G......aes
Bryant --- li---s--urte.. .--ioielbceuilk
LeRy------left hal.-----e.---- l
Palmr-'---rgit half---------- Field
Menesie --- -full bak----------- Spicer
ceferee, Parker. Uspire, Nrist. Lines-
maini, Mayes, fit half; McCauley, seond
Glee Club Prizes.
The Gluei'lrichalsa fferd twaprirzes
of $5 each for tiha best humooros s-
letios or gags; fr the best ieaf a
drill, r for aoythinog of merit which
will serve as an encore. All -sogs or
verse leust e handed ii before
Thanksgiving and the Glee elub re-
serves the right of retainig sd usig
all mausripts reeived. Articles may
he haoded te 'Mr. Briscoe or ay other
memier of the Glee c.
The Kansas jonir laws el a heet-
log yesterday aod took steps preli--
ioary to the organization of a cltb

TeMarshal Ney of the Southern "Sweet Marie," 'Solomon Levi,',

Confederacy Will Speek Be-
fore the S. C. A. Tonight j
filli'li'ur' l . iii ' s. of i.1 hi -' l'iiiiif
acty' -sill arir'iiii' -thiciy liiy Iseli--

"Yankee Doodle," "Marching
Through Gorgia," for
Cornell Game.
sollgs 'rioa A'liiciIi irel-Iwol 111wsill
1wi si'ii-i'ii'ilfor tliii'li'iiT'w
souilig )h' -i.. Iliis(.o'11,,ie '. lu ic ebb-il

Trys lto learnliwithoutiitkooks.
Sollle' Pepl' thouilglitry tto uste
We Say Buy those Which Have lone,
We sell that kiinl.

Gicrdonc iss 'poktin of by'thevl'ieii- wOli-ifnd iiIll. t'iiii lith yonxliii the
iu'llel-sllllllll5 ifthillimass inc1. ti I nexiw- t. 51 South Main st.
coutya -n on ly tliiihost iiai'tiiieiiialit I Al il-Si'i-;.;'i'M1 I. Sm I i'.r
oii liii li-cr' plaiform.iu. iias '. iiThere's a joy ccitln Imiy heart, J imi- STUDZ~ENTS!-B
- iii in-lly Ba~ird,
iliiiici rlialelil ii uhcliy i file' A joyItia t youiis part,Jilcly IBaird, BUY FINE
ovent i-olfi soleiillo''iHisiiiry. l11e Every gaii that Ilygirt makces,
Every rush luiat Villa breaks,
l1ies be'come' a ihliaciIl ill '"liii' (l -T10 ives these C'orinell chaps the shakes,
irst hisf il 'oneli'c'yis i ii il ~ m i Jim y O JairdA
th~e's 'When they try iitirlhuelvi borc,
qualiiliedi' ictuili-re toi the'precult gen They show lass cause, thiaiiplurk,
Jiiimy Ilaird, --j --
eralioli liii'tirillinigreve1115of tliii'-sil 1cr they can't get past 0ou1'Smiithi,
lvi ar. Akhiiiiu h cill".iill iiL1e-'s :11-ilyl'they've 11011ma1nbtoliiit ivithi, E L HO ST R
-Aiidltheiir victory's a m~yth, BE LS S O ST R
duriag lithi'li'llionii1ie'is noiws'tlhi-Jimimy IBairdi.
most irdenti:suprer I the i tili ii ir11.-Youi'v'e cot 'einscried, Jimamyi i -a51ii 1
1nd5aw 'ysees Iaii 'irly srili - lllo Balirdi, It yiitiwvant to get a tine list of
111111 iss.Jimmiy IBaird, you'si'e got 'e
siiuu' -eusu' i''i's. itiii'1riti i' n te Ii sea' red,
heir lhcy see their fttus pri'- C O O A E B N B
Michigan vs. Oberlin. Jimiiiy Baird. Cheap; Hot or Cold Lunches Either
____F1or whlen IFertrt gets thec bell, Night or Day go to
lejsgosright through
'flie etueiiuiuiu SIli-high i11ieliiie'jut'gis rthen) all, R. E. JOLLY & CO., Statte St.
Oberi'iiliioi liitheiuui11 ieulduhfor liii' Howy it must their herts lip- R U E .K I[
ist tiiii' i i uiin' yas, iaidiilii'al! JmyBid R U E .K M F
Jie'iiey Ililel Frorn the ioyali toincervaitory,
li-i-est:liiic ti'c in'ui the ii-n eilwinsi-liu''e . TV. S. 197. Stilgt, e Crsiaiy,
a guucui crocsdi. I a- 'LMO EI Teacher of Piano, Organ and Musical
A ii.~S~usiuixLisi." Composition; also the Art of
'li el''iisin wi arriNvdi- l ill~is'Wse uare the Die from Stichigac uand Teaching.
lnring heiir pahrty, icu-iuiuiiig .12 wa'comeOiiOdown today
iiiiiiii..To yell for ev'ry Michigami who's in Studio 22 Sivlisios St., Ainn Arbor, thu-li.
plalyers. Toda'Is gilme is 11ne1 theuy the football play. MERCHANT TAILORING!
hial' couniied onlall Liii '.i'sohiand Thcere's lerhert, Scmithi acndBloom- GennPesn n earn
ilestoliswill cmake uour foelene ti donsg eeagtsliey rn
ihiey' lhte gotteni it hire lst Irihl) scared, AUG. SCHOE'NEWAL.D, 26i E. Washington
for ii. Acd Dye 'wcay behind the line, acd _________________
also Jimmy Baird. =oT-r JZU OIH FES
'Varsity' praie'y ~esterdayiws sdi- We're boulnd to heat them, houctd to FRSFNc ieri
voted enitirely' tousignails. 'apt. heat Corcell! O N Y'IH COA E
W~e're hounid to heat thleme, hound toL WN YS C O LAE
Blairdl'stiiee is sill iiisuhhapiile thait heat GCorcell, Cornell! IUSTRECE .1IViD AT
it is thougiit beto-s iave- iii nuiiufur AntI when our boys line ulp to play + TUTTLE'S,
'eNk yell like all possessed
thie Corinelgi,,ai'. T'eL-line IIIi li theii To show theeh theat we're hacking + 48 5. STATE ST.
tic- tesnlies-ill thu-rufa're' as followsc: thiem, anid make them play theii
uBi NsIt' iOsiTIO S Iiifii.5Ahibetd erhert, Smith and Bloomeing- "R -~~
tole -------- left end--.------enter' stoc will make our f oemneecscared OFflii
Fancer leaiu.--..left take..--.---- Vila And anyway, we'll yell today: Hur- SCHOOVL OF DANCNG~
liogrand..----- left guardi----------Carr rah, for Jimmoy Baird!1 C'lasses nsa opein. Pupis receivedl at any
Mcleurray r----- enter--------------- Smithi time, the siem stairtingsith late of admiis-
Streater ------right guaird ---i-cnniiiger Oh there's the team from Ithaca hiss sin.' All classes. ar-ender the persoiial ini-
Fitchi--------right tackle -------l dd h eat as oft before, structioii ef Mhr. and Mrs. htoes Granger. No
thlereluimstairstohmumnst.Otficie ind DancuingiHal as
'era ------rght end...........__Prilce And yoc can bet we'll never let themo tiii grouiid fhoeru Maynairdl t.
Randolph __---qearter------Ferhert do it soy more. _________________
- ioethmn -------- left half..---.----..Rchards We've got the 'heven scoops 'em all,
Cowey ---ig ---rih half... ------Dgr however once we fared, Y AV 'S B O T RE
1onge --w--'y ---ullbak.-.-Cicominstomi No mutier how thle game mayg.W H BO K T R I
Oheiii ab.~ oohies Chir wuoiae. hurrah for Jimmy Baird-Chio,
torsett and, Millier. So tear 'em up, you Michigan boys;
Tue officials will he:-A. A. Stagg, of L'hi- and buck the line like sin, We offer discouot on all
rage, empire; Gage. ef Harvard, re'fere'e; And if you keep a steady pace, why University Text-Books,
Cook, C. of P. linesman, sure, we're bound to wio.y'
You know that all your joy and woe, Law, Medical, Pharmaceutical
Senior Law Meeting. by all of us is shared- mmd Scientific Books.
To whoop it op for Michigan and fol- W u n elscn-adbos
'The seniour laws held ailass libetling low Jimnmy Baird!-Cho. H.R. K. Waemy ansel Isconhand os

yesterday. A cocmmittee' of ice wss
appointed to learn the cost if athbronze
bast woith the slab, on whichi shallI ho
inscribed the names of the ')")ilass
as recommoended by P'rof. Griffla. Also
soother committee of 10 was selected
to canvass thme class by sectione to
learn how mooch money camiho ruised
by individual subscriptionm.

Well, Michigan, we've come to town,
To see you beat Cornell;
And while you play, we're going to
You on by soog and yell.
Cuti-Michigan, Our Michigao,
Michigan, we yell;
For- we've come down from
Arbor town,
To see you do Cornell.

rates. We offer
Best Linen Paper at 20c Per Lb.
'2W O S.TroI?,ES.
Caiversity Bookstore, Dews Tows,
on Stale mst. Opp. Geart Cease.

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