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November 10, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-10

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4 w o __,Ptfu
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during
the College year, by
OF icn Times building N. Adlin st., opiposite
post office.
Subscrilition pr1ce $2.50peer year, invariaiily
in advance. Singe coiises 3 ernie. Subscrip-
tions may be left at the office of the DILYu,
sit Stoflirt's, at State st. new stund, with any
of the editors oi' iutiiorized solicitors.
Communicationts should reach iiie offici' by
7 oclock p. ni. if they are to apipear the next
lay. A ddress ill matter intended for publii-
ration to the Mtanaging Editor. All bosiness
conmnunications should be gcot to thei' Busi-
tess Miattager.
Anti Arbor, Atutu.
J. L. LoIEitt, Lit. 9J5, Mlanaging Editor.

to wear the 'varsity letter, us (lie
representatives of t(li' niversity. It
is simal satisfactioii tso anyotieeiina
's'arsity traim. howcever, ho finid that
tleItter ite has workedi so hacrd U)
sectire is worvoi'meiscuoutsiy by Uni-
ve'rsity sttudehits, atidieven by higih
scihool studetits andtioIrnl boys. It, is
tile inittetinofh'eii'Athiietic tisocsia-
lition 11111t a sopltosthe ipractic, and
lhcy itie'r'foreo isos'e a r'equest t oha
studsints that tihey ihenct'f'orthititiier
removetthelii'varsityleitter'from theu.
cas.S(ifs.. otice'so ise s'triiill lctie.
Tflit rctie'a' utstdoustbltedliy stiseti
amiongtheii'sttudents imis'through
tioutlessiness tuaun anytinig ese,hand
wve believe tttoting fuerecwili
be tseestdedlii put a top11to it tuh ills'

Attention '95.
All wshoehavt' not voedion tih' salt
aind goswniqutestion are requtestedi io
seed in their catrds to the citron secre-
tary at slice. AbotteI,15) otes ihns's
aireasdy beentisit, if-wiiicii.11toarsin i
favor of (t' pliii, bt aiill xpessioni
froevser-y mii'mberof (t'eclass is sit"
sired. If it is descidtiiiiadiospt tiieir,
as cap adintlsvisoeiuii sviiils'be e ina
F~resiimaun tittottig ;cluttbs'vesite
fornedi stYails' ainudiHsrvardt.
Theii' esvners if liii' Slantillaitiliebi

f SHOE.7
The Washington Block.

?l.COEMA, it.'9, Asitan. ubicaio or th tt~t 't 1etlc't.ask $6,000(519foerislist' duritigft'e Yale-. Is itie LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS and SHORT-
A. F. tlCKEcotr.t. Lit. '9il Assistaint. 10140 Magnificent building; ten trehers; large
J. A. LEOYs, Lit. to, Athletic Editor. Atitetig sittil'Ssi ittmyb l~e ' P icelto minedit. attenidance; good discipline; superior work; well
.f.. PEnAitt, Law '95, Btisiness Mansager. tos 'so4 on inortets' erlius iis' st~''. ~ li O Itit at. 1 i i supplitedreading roots; doily lectuses;Saturday
Assistsant. li il'isi i ite'ttii~~iiiiitiionci f anilities tar planing studrnts ini positions
Assistant I lyeot hr 1 -dtr iain iii ('ssiiiei -,t hre inNs' 01h: i oard ond rtou t $2.75 per weeb isnprusat.'
LITEARY.LAW to toll th cil'toii ol th faiiets. These rrates reduedto$i.5o by serf-
i~ssttv.ls. iishiiIlt tlr ti tl it al ii ii' uOtti' iitIelitti. t. O it", For Catalogute addresst
S . . B. Hhiily , ' 95 .i. snlS. ~~ ~ ~~~ P R4. CIFAIIY Pins.
Hi. A.I~tincer. '153. . iL. Evans, '. ahei t~iirad te D iy Iii -1 (I:iatt's Xii'l istha sstoedsi2814
CMine V. Smith. 'ti7i.ME.DIsoCALo. A)t Usttlt uigeitat allhloyal stidetss to itss itt ppnetis !); iline tint'ets 'I'HE RAD)OPERA HOUSE
E. S. BartettLittilss n rwli- tdwl
C. Ferrell, Lit 'IS. ' 1' . B. Gaimmon ,'((S. sHarvar'tssting iftivt. 272 it 15 1( (;
Fresh. - i Lietig ii5i ' poIitt' 'intslttii.1)titilits SATURDAY EVENING, NOV. ID
All copsyniust ire it the otuier before 8:30au.ii tolppntsih -1.t
to. of the dsuyotIpublticatiotn. '>t'f''si-t'i lsil a iu^i--uls----______________-_ -- _ --__________-ft'I~setNs ici tiOti
The edittsrs dosntitould thucoscile's resixu- chltch-u( 4). tut. t's t'ctsy. 'uss The Police Inspector.
sible for thuroios orstcstatments oflese'A sTrue atudtRealists'icturetof 'itiute Lifo
_ Exe'cuiveis''t'tuuuit~t' 111lyti, Ihht' ifuuu, Sstcnr utan 'ties htattitlfetis.
iti- iis T e a tte 'andtrritlthe et'.tsstustitt.
susuytoret-subuuuy.Wit u'ut-td iaiusiu. aru- ltes. h Butttful ttf tintedy.
tut's u itttlsttui't. iulSiteSt (1-1'et'iTutt. Coloticn~ttuuuui 'M Sisse-s PRICES, - 35c, 50o, and 75c.
'het-Daily hatssssstaay rce'ivuid ott'-ClreBackIdu Yllom
era h sc nu li but uitt's-liehsses. ''utsuslrit' ''Lowr 1 I nttsblshaly. Four Rou
befre'l'u i)utlu9'zits i(t it-sit-tis of 'Ifliotuss.IBastbluli mauhaguer--MrIt'. B g1 hi.o Dtot ll1a1ero rc THE VICTOR TRADE MARK WETLIET
lill:; us iuusuitr'ah"ptossibttstgt tti't'er f r -autn ihtiett isisgti u it- is an5abtoiute gaatee f uaityil. U E 5
(lutusuuttst'ttftouuittt'ssou. ttlltics-M1u. Its-suhis. Temuporai-ury Ilt intvec.fountttti allysuity tot es ttt INDIA.NAPOLIS,
cap___________ 5-tttitai'ofsasebl tain'tt-Mru'Rtler-i. goosds. LOUISVILLE,
Victor A titlet'ticGsri tu th
'ht' itmovemenui uOtoi it:tIt 'tos'ouue't' A cs-ttuttits tf ( tt'ee its apptiteudt VictotrBictyties. stnsi sre bsititiutand CINCINNATI.
baust otf isusi e o'o'i ley forte i'm-sttit- ttotstlicit cotiu'io tiosfotu'thu' siutipsrt mttre popuuareery iauy.
ullitte ofBasebiall,Tettnts, hoist-IE(LEGANT
uusuu-uesou ldtttbiett iushetid t a sutt- oitth(le foottbltslta. A mut-inug itf itlli, tyitsuitsandithltictSup- Through Sleeping Cars-
cn iae fo th re111n xl a d pe.r ft't'55f051 ssi t iiout. .1tut's- C 'olsy i i uuisslstSendfot' (lit- urt'fluVictoriAsiltsisuitTpies
liaio atoa eut n i (ol ilj 11) a edafeShec-lr Gost f11 tPottetos'kis stttutIe, tYFEN 1@an


thriut1111stut-ithii ttsu'su-tts is l tih it-s The University Rococd Stsibeisof 'uiettorcycles.______________
111t1 suit't-tss. Esu'a t'e\-fitlr itlts' asitt1ittd __Bolston. I' itch ihiihi.erit, aSK IFORTICKETS VIA
t't(''.sip\' titttsut IisDiuti. 'het'issiasitieitit. SartOI Ini sto, Iios~igei s ortlandihnO~et
it-'atsl"'isus 'isulies." is as ('nt-uut-c~t is r uih hito. li E.. OKtCOtI)IIICK , 1. I3.IIAtTIN,
'stsii'ttttttlt t'55i's ti sittt Ir'tCithetiuuut~t Academi Mu icA. Gl. SPALDING &BROS.
1'6r' flst sttis 555 5 ti ttt w w, Ina (tCv. sir-ll ;ssl~o. 'I"'ll' Li1)riui'stus's l _____________FOOTBALL SUPPLIES.
Evey Rqusittir tii
a555e5the' (itsMott'he its' leitiitu~-toCOLEGi Wilt's onut'- 'iutssucialsl lis iiotfus-- CLLGESONG7S N Spauliaag'n
histihy. ti-s-s lss tuhe l(i-l l tt it iuis ts-1 i h 'a IIsissl'' hi st-ic' I'ls- sit St tstu.o c:s pop lar soll sssiu ci. He av ePapubnt-cO ie t
reust ha 'oilthstiie; el h Ii1 Shol"".ueitl ~ OPcents; Cloth. Gilt. $1.00.Fotal
ht titttitti st' t'tsit 'u stis t -uii sit ll(,l tu I 't1iti 's iiss." 11)1- issi- N ewss H arvardS 01< A ape sy894 1 te
tit tI. s-t-' si- og-Book s. ic? llgreAsociss-
sill st-is su- isi ts-sci slit's a-s 5 (\' -.ots '5 (('suits lssee tushI a .ss ( stssiis. Heavy Paper', $1.00. 511tI ,itis uuinflatr,-.
teamsti. sussiti-lis t ' t his 5( s'titit'tI( ts- ''itt- tiittisist-'-lois is t ''''tI)tlis (1))Sosiiss" - t oosists I'ususali C slsisgs
C LE E S N S FOR GIRLS. s(sitfrus- Spt-i is-' s tith it it-stbaii tisids
letol-ts irst t oIt- illtssuis. T e'l'sstitusis is W 1' s1 o s o' tu1shts'utu'ti -u s for 1894,"N . ises d eisted isy '5 t s 5iusteC mp t iiis
itr\ )1ct'tui( i~ il st'he Ilii 's'sii\ ) t i-' 555t>>ss7 tsan'sutistsissi-:tottu sets('. is l- fo W A ( loue, isy tstsii, (uie iiictut5. t-psiiditss'-
IitIsi isi ils t~ ~ t:(1Heavy Paper, $1.00. trsade-nsarks otnihtyouisbuy ts tisu'gstuuiat-s
t1'at'llr1)llevisr ohstt'th Yelo1' - 11 itstheit os'ss ire ccthuobs-.
1710u'tt thss(os itss-si 1)'i ut- (t'tai,-i i(-i' l T:- . ls ri-eis' "Boot's Albumll.of Songs.'' NewTorlu. ('chieaige. I'lliisdetpht.
l ol ho. (ls ilnie i al iis11 1Is ellne witil itsssl sis - ih '\'iu'sy s1l''uc i ( f its' (yet-s1 i s-" by K = _LTcs=) F G T N
itlesi ((lust i of* hes-is a shoutO of,('s'lli,"$ )liuis i iucitttici. $1.00. Students Recreation Head-
"Iist-osiin (st t'tsii u ~ )~1 its-si ( 'i'ssi ts1 Anty boosselst sitspsaii ostu te -itu it pi-s--.quarters.
wtoliuld is-es.plowedtI (tii i o ts ' ilt c -Ii' 'it i e S en oru itus is tiis ofush itemsuss s''.t tsi P sa.ndu itct
s,1y.i1i'lthy itu onsalyt-of this'ls-u -its-itso., N. )till'Sttiet
ssitit1itishi'iste sss1., ( '('s't' tics sssss~w i lNN ARBOR
."uiucitugsi t tstd it: c s t it'sallwedIssrutye
thu s otisisush (silt ft this' t- llihsie'0-111 lul Stuhs-t'ihss fo'it 1 ) iily. i. E. ilitst& 'ai'l iil 3 W.HURON ST., .ANlN ARBOR.

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