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November 01, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-01

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34 lo~ ~gosudents and it would sem 00 The members of tCreik letter fra. 1. T. JA( '00. CIAS. I, ALLMANII
~i ofpal. P LW1tu. though they Wouldt have sese Of r- trnities in colleges n1umbe0r 77,01).
VJJpriery eugh to raise the' nam eof Cornell is to have a stuets tri
t's'heditlly (Sudays ecep'tetd(1during tils istitution rather 11h111 attempltt it bunal to pre tit frads inexn(al- JA O S& L M ND
Or e.College year, 0~ytegiadtttot. tions.
THEU. uOfaM IHEPENENI SOCIATION. _Yale andltPriceton aieo rhlgto DELER0I
Orietimes buildttng N. Matnst ., oposite It itailtter of regret that ttheiduee (ornell, Wsleyani and Lehigh 'G
oilir. Ittiot'teotylotsthi lol' tit tres to jolla the iterolle'giate football os
Sbsceiptionoperte*$2.0 1per',year, invorabldy ('il), lit '%2 thei'Univierity tha itso('tatiot. COME HANDI)S E IS . -
ii daior. Stogie otoe 3ee t, Sohoeri-
100 my ie el a ti' tt rot hebieorgantizationi oftthis sort it atnorislh- Two Hustlers can mce goo totay
iosayb.lfatteoleoftelnrvat tontfat State t. news oali, itlt ayilug conditioini. or a itt le greatill- solicitiug subscriptios for the LT. of The Washington Block.
of thetditors or auotoriedt ol.itc'sm.
t'ommanrioihoul tosd reach t heeofiterb tot11001 as15aken, totters were Ottd M. Daily. Call at the office it Timeo-
0octoc . m.if Cthey are to attiar t~ire ext 11101 distssed il 0111ouls jornalistic block.c y
lay. Addrteso alt matt oiei te eoi li-
catios to C'theianagiig tEditor. All bulsties stlItswo. 11111there wasot large' at-t
oommoaieaioisouldt biet enoit t thefhoo- enitlate ot(ry uuttte'tti. Bittaotfe'jC ~
Husanager. 01 tmtor iisometito soto i'itlit',literertIc ®
Ann Arbor, Mtic., 0wtled, te itt ol'idiue fellsft0111 n A T
EDITORS. tecu adi erdsrglet ul A .igtc(.iL ow Lt 5 Mngn Eio.the college eott'.at oyeartt
b'. Y. Scariit, ILit. liiiAsistooioi. aiteffort 00010otadit' to rettve i 011101 fl /fl I hLEDIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ad SOT
I. Coti iMAN, Lt. '),Assitantit. iti ot S HANS.Magificntbudn;etaca rar ge o
A. F.1. IoeaOW tiL, Lit. 06i, Asoitooio. gtutottue t n oro' fd it enot' .iat daace; god diacipine; suarimor woo . wil
J. A Lsoiio, lt. i. AtolticEditr. ~ ottt'roit ovti'i to' trto t'ti' nttt '~ "sppliedreadigom; daily Iectrestai ayo
7 A.Lmm, lit 9, Ahleic Eitos. atel'011 5vhn h wa her intheeeninogreepioa; opnatho ntreyserar. Loxce.
T.1 .PEser, Low'9, Bnss M anager. oolialitiifor plaiigstudniapo o.ooo
----- , Aststant. oIiritg ottIt teS. . A. corse, b.tilet iB u tmcs ito a-oard ad romB$2Iato $2.75pe weet topr al.
are m d n te m s i ctoaoftc- Ifa iliese. Te s olats rdaced 1 lto .o by el-
Asistantt. ilttilltit toos V"sotild tilot'baliqut ti got badn.oor rCatagoe addesia
LITERaARY'. LA C.toris ohonuiitfailitis. Victor P R. CFAY. Pes
MisnieTo lomoooo,'lO F'. tHamil, '0. ( 10fuieor Ithnteil i t~ihitinno t-tl ls~l nt rnsGos
tarreo'v. Oitto.'50b . i1. Eeooooo. BaseballtandoTnnis Goods,1FooVlstrC)1i1
I. A. IDacer.')3 G.. toifiia. 'so'6. mtte . This V 'leIiite.lit bteani oobal uplisynaithelak TH, G iA I)O A V lH>L
. i. Stiey, 'r. Oic~ii5O.. ofnduteooitballttSuppooiter, tiltniasiumit
IC .Nhat,'of. C antlc Iteoh mn 1- RDA VEIGNV. 9
E.S ttak'i prtngndSparring Shos, Boxn RDYEEIG O
Hio~' 1.S.tOOiPATHa Wi. gt'hilotrt t hrGoroloholt~'lovs, Intian Clubs, lDumb Bllcs adt
hi'at totoiineefoe~oh 0 ptut'litiots Iain ttt'i ogther'froimh nrsrn teni att.iR2 9
hiil~iethtttoroh t'tltgotts' fhtttExercising Viatnti' arc latcrs. W
'The editors rot not ho ltoslos eontttii' __d___ 0tootr bty Serlrqeta T '~cF
sitoe for C'theoiiios or toti'ii'tsot oreis -l at'011' sitig" ht t iveta he :h;t (-11tub ito Stit'sp e ts,
tooooteit, appettaing iio thorDILYsi. hi yeat" Whili' it ho tru1e theot'liy OVERMAN WHEEL CO. I MUCH ADO ABOUT N1OTHING."
.- latrviVito Picci .Snrottedb i el ento I sol] itt'00 t0 . i-
'htiiglt thefot' tball teettitleaves'ors ot 000fotms 1 stot otndezous0'ttr y100elleto. ioooo MR. W. S. H ART.
ihstiitoiiiatul ne sapr nntn. paacphiho. Detritii ____
It iteat end theiD ilt' oi ns otttot hto' 'to'ti ti l ihtOttohht''N-sOYort. Chicgo. evr
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~i hhOttSi'otIo't nosn'it lot 0itItr'oio tott ohoir Ot iotsottttgtoo loht ' tOtt te te rite hi-n re:
diverity tt lare in s'suring tem lork, here ere mny otSrs ol tieIngetl tiuet ho', qetiiooe, Cool-l
tat ooieotit'all oitht themrin iiotut" Univiesil'tyhmag'ainesoo ildI onoth a taeii o imc.hrt. ty tr
itot"s gamue WlloorinetOtth'l ii' -ttl.W manoitot stie aohtherhti'evenitobty'sightO oitt
woi; in fatte 00-nt say'th, in thie woo toftnfett''tthenttd otttheo'h1lh)
cripopledtittttcond h i tton'ofoour t, so-' oho'ich nonthisti(,oter papers ouo(lt
fulhl teetto soi. YWei'ahe i-ofit't t ent n oltI gldl'extndttoIthemtt'ttit
hoot-noer, and t1hatitha1111 twin r ost, Daoilbhlievet-nhati p1rsseluto sar-a
or bosoil ro tioeir best. Morn thant id inthetto'righit00 1thwy ndrtttnoltil t' Ii iem miaa
this We0-notott.t a ilod wtititthis we irigt lues rotolihoetottohloenhjoalblt'. g i
shallhoestsiet. I,ty ioing thteir titod lrofitableoanttotht 'v-elptoiet'
ibes, thel'stioceetdtitottnig Cornell.otitd itagazineo'iniheUnoiveirsity would "I frqucntly consists
ii' in plaing otathemtt hegoooh. lose gamiet, b tt er'tn'foor'its existnce. Inhtheitsp.irin not knoiin05g
00- standt i ireatdy 'uoo'to'eiethm1111y- toaceo, t hihiubshtotldhavehooot' t tisi- , lhrt/o ic
/buy a high priced
thtig. I 01111' tetit, ohrliolto'wilo th tao'.om tthof its on. hitO'1'ott illere instunt,orory
it'hcouldt iheiptcollertet. ht th itlhtleo- otitiJ(to otan a good in
o'noiioitungtptaired.ttigt'sentsy process
Ilhs'btoter thlss i iofgtgazins ah tplate w 'oi slecion among
'l1eion ttmatsnnrnohiltIoi O iotsothteti Soilhallowooit', to-rI' -, ,chatgoods. Nose
00-is oo'htlrlteet ero is('xt'o'ttnt' _____________ i regard io the
t'n wa eebae er sexrml eoning oduritg theoneeo-ind101thro o.-
go'otit'iitg. Iln fotmeir yi'ot's thoro' htas fourt'tthours iridtayand atretoi eveti- _____
biieen shoossI aoesire' on thin paort otf itg,8 Here thor litear e~t1ltlers'coldho "
studtenths toommtitthit os muctht disturb-' go<o.otosioot tol' ttto ohr~U Q~
tncen a150015 possitl, andtheOtir oils telinig ho' gIelnetd hatn 1100exists. a L oM[n ,hAft
11010 ttuihtttoo J itt h iltiClihe h0 Wiintt'i''tiot Ii''higso fiei~ f
papertorrtliestonnts aoh o i oe ersot- otteI'tl i't o n0i' e.hi' w olibtoo' lidto 101 A
rottoitol etorts. Ott. o' sitt t uatti olly o'c ho'o-betca 's toohe ottooe thio') tio'Ihtttg,
susefont'oit hetntlurnet iisr il ld-0 be 1tortortooetttoh01101socialaot ll"ohs roothq
whitchlt htt'0e'evt wsotstttteed host oeve- as lietry andoitstrcies'Ptsott- BEST IN THlE WOLDb1 YY
ig thaot iio hancet wioutldhbe'give0.1 tolntotjoitnaliss cototidtatso ho'secured'o
yo may pay as motel as 1011 plas lea anoehr aks
false' istatnhts. Ttooot''o'r, thin latck- fiomtinetseo tootimtos addrtesote hil'bit, and yonowill 1101 obansas htghsqealtyt or yon may
of-Hewrosepetrseutahtis ot t ereitp100'atittlotlhogter aotlub-mihtts "* searh a liete among cheapr gods wthlot flating
anythitg that at ol approahe them When you're
pt toavei takn ooolootc' otlt the owthhitCIometli'otsoot-tnotiottoot tot itt ready to all: oer an istrumet ispct ths smagnifit
ohenuloth titol oititsttnnss.cool productions ofo the largest muinosli factory in he
itroiih ild 1ther snwc1ie cr ithoes' he110000orold.ey.'110rde old hby leading deaesher iywhebre
iag tllhuhootitthu t'111.li tgittim_____________
whic Wil lavla tndecy t agin o gve te "eston Erth istheBeatiful Souvenir Catalogueconain~g potrats at 0 lading
totteltos-ll oao othontote ~ toagotit To ivethe"Bet o Eatha isOurairtis, free, uon aplitpinothanufl acurersi
creaotto'aoh veoocIlmhpreson ofItthin slt- motto of 54itters' talace tlaundryel, ___________
which leaves nothing undone tat ten -----
(let od. s on a tes cme be done to give perfect swor. lWe col- FACTORY SALESROOMS
Stlnerlts pesist in sptplyingi their ect Mondays and deliver Thursdays. Opposite Unin Park Wabash Avenue and
pa vrs ithounded rprsjs so Leave orders at Fuldes Tailor Sho, hiag.. Adams Street
long oill tinUniversity be vinve-finil c. of Stat and Wiliamltssf., or ad- -hicago...
th10 wrong light. Thte corrspondents dress card to L. D. Car, 21 N. State st.
of out of towon papters 0110' 100.ty ol- Subscribe for the Daily.

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