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November 01, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-01

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Time Table (Rlevisesd) July 1, 1894.
NlailuandEx----4 0l Mluau- 5--8431
N. Y. Special--.. 5 10 N. Y. special__- 7105
Eastern Ex------10525 N. S. Limie.---925
A. 34. Pacific Ex----12 15
Atlautic Eu.---7 47 P. M
0 N.Expres----..5 40 Western 1-5I
Gi. R. Expiesscc-_11 05 ("hl. Nt. Ps ---10 25
Gi. R.E -------55
O.. W IV isoocs, 11. IV. hAYES,
G. P~. & T. AgE.. Chicago. Ant., Aun Arbor.
T., A. A. & N. lI1. RY.
loiiakfg effect Suday, ,Aug. 1, 18.14.
lris. leave Asia Ar-lureon Centrsal Staissl-
,ed tlice.
7:18a. nta.. 17:15a. in:.
12:25p. so 11:30 a. in:.
4:15 p. m. 9:00 pis.
'Trainssruu beluses AnnstArbssr-:iis 4Pocdso
A11 trains da:ilyy xcept Sundsaiy.
R1. S. GIREENWOOD~l, Anentl.
W. II11 .NNET I ATisledo, (.
Latst adlest styles o orebign 4ndDo-
mstils.IViol-es i lost lssanrs lae ss
sorki usa uatee ltEaiE;,prestsi sn
ispairiniii.e lly dons.
4.81S. Staest.. cond-o-siilu,.A.iuiAriir.

-UNIVERSITY NOTES. and aucertain what preacribesdwuork, if rmontlis $8; is:lylble in asdvan.-e. Pri-
any, is still lacking [orlhe tdcgreI-ate lessons by aippoinltmlent. Wllii
Phy-siceixmiaionsil i5inislit- 7511(5sougill, glverates tItholse swishling Iss form
nasitim will Us-giill tsday at p. isl. t'. It. del"O NI. Iprivateclasscs. iOttice it school, 4)C
The senior laws will lie quizzaed neti l7.ItiiiAJI. S. Shtat st., oppsit~ie lasstuiilliing.
week by lInstruictoe Dwysersothe The class football gamses wsill he If yousiiiok, Cigars, boy tis heal.
played early Ibis year. Managers anti iOSCOn, CONIJG is the bsraind.
secondslfour lectures sin Wills. fThe-captains arceaurged to get their 1111e helolwaita "od igr, t
ssctions -will bs-qizzedi at . o'clsock. out at once. fiWhenlyouSws)12 a.CodK i;-aras.
.1. . Icook anosiis-e ha Ii se IIAILE BAID Sge. The Daily has alrcatdy isore asts-
cenit will ise allows-s fore sal oissf Milo. Rhea. scribers aniong the co-eds than -ee
S. I. A. li-k-Is. Those delsiini to before init is history. Co-isis, sub-
canviass shosuildlapsply ast Newtbsery Wilt-liBess Wals (questn" is a rails-c scribe, you are re-presenteti on the
elip tyand catehy tite fore a.11:il bord
hlsl, tFrida~y, at 2:2)0is. m.Whit-li sill 111151-itsinitial r151515.tt1a iebs i-seyhlg lsy ie
The senior law football team are Th~~~lic geliestineryhnalasivaetooiaysagatootoc t'heraet satisfaction. The ItOSCO. i
practiclig daily 5115dsiill lialke al;rcnt:lnettilmolith. Theliew Iplaty 5isith CONKiLING Cigars are the best ansd
effort io caturie theilsahe -ss n. lpropssety of Mlle. lhlac.and111its lauistho ost no nisre than iinferior Ut-andss.
Ha~rt, D ,gcst, iBarte-ll,, Mitceland11(1is Mr. l-2styllA. lBarrowise. Ii s- il- l-Try tIhell.
(2iliu se-liilslgIls 511. s-llticiitic of IlshIei5NCh icalattlis-lil..
Griffintt-are11111 glihes Msnt w ls- Don't fsrget to suscsribe foe the
slre-tLi-ghlills-heli lstea 1matily. ttsoigses s ii-ltis- 11Daily.
C. 01?-Al. CALENDAR. ltat 15a10agreis ponssbitiRlheaiifter MRS. ANNIE WARD FOSTER'S
_______spendlsing sesel s leiples iiiliis,
2-.. 11. 2 Cea-I- lssiel 11.I- aimi 111 ciii 1h1er ililtmindtat thseinaiitwas School of Dancing and Delsarte.
rssomslJ5lt -1 ot-lock. 55 l-soysi 111 15t sllcsilI Sal'lsrlday, -ill. ill., LPlsy tl2inis ls s
il. Nsos. 2.lIeti gssf te s-Xe-tItIletttie 1 ti ass lhs attentionllof lbseltMonday, 7:;31)p. 5m., Asds-ssscesdClass I ilsdia
lis- Usari st Ile illillt-s-il i~o~~.~~pubilics. Thoesosse sit- islrllilitlitss Inssi1s.,7:11 . e. I iimss Cl-ss :.sstaies
lioll,1room111-1. 4 1.-111. eIlllgit, hi. 111t Upon thei lls- Iis Prsi-sate 1Issosby aitmenasit.
SaNt., lsst. .-.Iieetlg if Ahia Ni une ssf When hies W'as Quetss." SCHOOL. 46 S. ST.ATE ST.
lite1r113 society, r1o1 17:,))0is. tis. il- Islepats baseliseli gil-s-lid111eais-It DROP IN AND LOOK AT
tel os- 2.Fesstllilsl Mles1 ails-onbenofilrlea.s 1Istig theilpailst
iroger A~llltit. ~ ~ ~ iseisglii- lstTHE WHITELY EXERCISER,
lisssesss. tots-m. wek is-llleslls ostie itiledtti1111 t it;i ss-Il)Iilha ss n ul usidelof a cole-lste I - ys-
h1. Nov. 2.-Allilia s. Resssesssrsvse-sl~ 5 s~ss 017:sllcss.
it Olln Ii -st Adri1. ti~tit.cls.. I ni s15cetle .ss -.ssself-adsli t ingrc
(11 M llseRhea-li s-illa~lStyinligllglltltl1s isc i-s of sfromsto: i5 Its.InsdiosdIby 11w
_Nov5. 2.--Polliticl Elqusility club leainsg sats-les osstheIICdily. All Islets swas-
met t ebrr ul,3p s11 fItwtessighVlts ill the 1Operaissoise, rastssis-si tsse eyars. (t:ll1tos-s-lsltlsosls-s.
lilt'id sasnds-so-iybl,-iI l Otisdy'o-. ' tt( sFrse by c 1R. L. BLOUNT.14 N.
Sit.,Nsss. :l. VWtsity vs. o. rnsst t -isJ-1111Si sel , Ns. Jil 1.iatilt. Assss tlbIsl.
Shalkespeare's csomedsy. "MtustiAlido

3"M .-:;:, .5Sa1., Nsov., ta. Ssiiisselass letofi bouisot Notiiii& ssill I-b Ilsh ill h-ri- ~ u ru rL~ 3 Oi Mv i l
lis is seture rossiilass huuilling. dasIss light cussi hilsiiisies it CStiss::," lauhijiv tL
Ns 2 Jliill Isos tl atsh) one511- sac st ois-sie. iyh111,1-Bl i :111--
Ibig For .IRoute St.,lois.sooo. hase lsuilto :1
cer, ecur rom lw b ilin;,7:1) 5 l:itset osill h es- hi Dhilissi SatllSr- FlIst- m l--coiltains officilNotices
IiEST TiNE IS shdrsy niglh. il. a111oWill 111115 lis- younigfi-omi thicFaeuilty, aiidlnotices fioii
Sisl.ESst- l-lsseNii'ls-o1 Itosisalate his-t-f, :snd s-iill al-so bss-the lathletic ea-cis iian ulterstttdent
INDINAPLIS,- holly Cl),1'11( Isru-pul .0 ois--r- scsn as the luainiaedistaitise illIT. s. orgaizations.
LOUISVILLE, ssis:ilsteto s iiiint il3-ibahoot-is-l fables. It conhains compillete relsorhtsofsall
and CINCINNATI. -Tilic m~aam -isill preses-illhe p~lls- CUnisersity events osf intherest.
NOTICES. gelraph to Ieey 11lay llillg 1ac-r e-sct ikeeps youi posted on yourti ownl
ELEGANT SoSalsturdsasytiiglihtiand s-veryothietdepartmeint.
h--vs-ri- memober-of Ilhe- Oral-ls oar(il.
Through Sleeping Cars is irit-)-l sU-Iss- iti-ilI BUSINESS LOCALS SBSRENOADKEPAFL
OE.TIVEEN ileies-,liog. bets-hetld li-idayu-a fternoniosi I st ices isoelriesillis:111.:slc sn: -8t thes Is
P'etoskeyLouisville and c -rsshssof i ii5i i.tsen i:itsesi li~e Seiloidatssppryu:' $r2.50 IN ADVANCE.
Cincinnati. .A. 1-. Ii ihll NSt)N. atithle sAiY soffice.] __________
I. wr ittnsexaintion sifileriadviuil 11- IIRSATC2\Nl-ht. Subscriptiohnioreeivetd at theo
ASKIFOtR TICKE'TS VIA tcrstit ini astroomy swill lie hie-dISIat-1.lwt-ginninstiliItusitrof ltohs )1, It ~soffice, lines butilding, Stout-
FQTEnextNsosembe :1at2 11 1:etksp.ilisieIls-hisf.,sslolets aiid by all auithotrizetdsolicitors.-
BIG + FO R+ROUTE.si-sinsd"histt Iii-stsiciiig at tie Acaies-.
____________________ roons 22, I lieroily halsl. 'lssiiisn- Ys"u csi ;joiiithi s svessthliosst-kc, A SADN ns
E. Q. lIsCOIIMICKE 15). .SAIIiN. iahs regardinug advanue - wek shldl A.ti tsosc-tPueLtDillNGii & liiRtOS.
Pu-ege TaiucOle.GiiP 1Ah~ hi~ ll i lt iii lii-ilttoIsyouselfl. i1050 52 el', FOOTBALL SUPPLIES.
ST fNT YOTT CAi12IIA.1Si li. I I._ iiiiah ohs sfIu SslcO
Bly suyiag yosur lhsre soill tiss iillsoeSanlt i511)iil - 'I.l ils' OlIOffiial lls
V OD A IDO AIofhehit'es-ts il- ivboarud oh tll(, 5)1 Stlt )tisssi lsits 0 1:Intercollegiate,
____ ____I cal SAssciionsI Iisbai sIl SINtoW.hosist at I 0sFootball.
G. R. KELLY, 33 E. Huron Street. -1I)islis., inirssmsss>i21 All osnbei s ohfi yP Adopssd 1s4 b Iy Ithe
lie sure ad take theis Illcstithi - this'bossdcish tsts )Icct ts Ilihll to 111 1(51 Nt). bolil, n t be u A sd
I T .. l illtJ all1 I.5) Slli is. Satch- gshl stulssiii -csiii
cshhl-r.ter l)oo51111f Phikat d l t. a). lul ilti] ave.Isis Is h s ssco pl IseIFo Itb ll slcaus-
FIRST CLASS CUSTOM TAILORING i Ille st~-si'ile ssf hut-c :i - ftistth ill s-oifer call hesamllel y ca lptilig f11Il snt free. is--.t:sdingss Ilal cl:-s i t Gl-
-ig11is5.etal Itlits c is l ollowes: Ii ssris~~l. il tI t: -5ion, bly mis: , pri::c t cts . I psldimssg
.N'1 ,ov- ~ ~ 5--'1.71 'litvso. 5 iili.it)u8ts 7. lliti-.: 0. Ii tyle ilnI
Students Recreation Head- Nese..N 1)71 151W Si NewlYork.sC.icigo.iiehi. ( iee Ii i 0
quarters. ANov. :1-Wiilerof ov.8 s.-iIlIl It-,says tossraelisis- SI 'is ihss hisscF.ON RS .OJR
Ess IN.lAlainuS treet. - csdisly Boosk Stsore. Lamiest Stssck tsf ieIss1iiss.sniL ey sd
THE ANN ARBOR SAVIINGS BANK o ' CiOssc: Ni -oe-hsso (yiuloiI5 u lis ld iUSINS & HALLs Florists fllil,
Anns:Aurbor, Is:ois. Capital Stossl:,-)0000. winnietC sstNoo. 12. iln S11ti's hls Iithes city. 'Its: right.__________elephone________ 115.___
iSrplus,$5,0Os). rIII ill )11.s-ssiytilig E C L I R -. A N. ~
Ougmssictsi suuideu ie Gene asi l :ustlg Ils Nso. its'JAiIusussof .NsV. 1"I \s ilLSO LUDY
IS tissStaste. IRecessves depso-sisbuay-i I use sf Nsss.1l. 521-2111752 RIV O1Il I..0 1IAsI l i I Y
ellsecishage os tile prinlcipal.tes e oh tise
lusited Slates. Drafs ases usonIilprople Ally otlier classso isiili--to1orsra-il'() iUo10D.sGod ork . IsIaslts 14 lsGssds Iclissdfor
idsetificaltion~. Safety deposit bscs es us rent. 1 icead to-ee. .F.Ltt"K , rp
t)[ErI1u: tCshritin lsicPrs. . ).izo e usto compels: 101 ichampion- Ssigof iissiiey, SaI1toeliy. s 02 1 11 1sii-esl A .C) 1 ,'rii
IHarrimanss vice-hiuso Chss.. E. -hlcoc., shipu ss-ndissord as so spo ssssibi- tSt. -- It ssililuce ctturns-st so-i-his-c b
(!ishss iJ'isitastsse. 11ANARBOR
ie;U. . FitA2RstntCaher Nntl -laslits u schesdulill sii b e shig- addrsessin~g",iharc, 12 .8 5 lulesitl TA D EyOR S
gb.r-A e orthen). isil-lllUutI STE M D E Tltsss.d
STEAM ILA.UNDRY CO. (a1A.tItgS il.I1711I:. St-s. Aole Wsrdeul tissscelsss Ldes ndGns'i ityi 'la
hi1gh (liss and Domueatie FinIslh. REQUIEMENTS lOR (Ii11AAiIONs-sstiiuis-su-:- iniDaninsg andsl ISLesrt-. 3 W. HURON ST., ANN ARBOR.
All students expeeting to gradoiate in Satusrday, Nov. I. Spieciul inuce-
E.S. SERVISS, Manager, any given year muost repsort to tlue 'Mots t5 foriier pupils. Teriis--1.) The Daily only $2.50 for the college
-32 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE. registrar at lbs openingo the year I seees, tirleiessonsu a wseek, 471; six year.

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