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October 01, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-10-01

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ji ally

U N.'\IVEI'%SITY OF MICII[G-AXN. _.IN) OCTOIIEEf 1. htS92. i'cItt: tt.

i rlet n ldrialCo-nll oceat THE UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE,
Itaa ad aan at i etroit, ont____
Tithks'It0Z'7, t ',tI I (I at CS i A Newsy Periodical for College Men
have beau averancail aanl Managoer and Women-The U. of M. Wilt be
I viffintis to hte coitratilated 00 the in it
ev-ilettt listit liessiee cit. Th ie
Changes of the Summer and the lltltioL is f1e ts BTe Seittettibee ietiher of the
Years Prospects. i si shiiita't IltheItt0st iit/o eslet e
ttS, at ihomeprotltilly teitlt (thatlintt cc e. 1,1;i Is periodtcal is putthlt etd
-- oer I tveiits i I lxiOttat 70 South sttreat, N ae'Yorkcite,
Foot Ball-Practice on the Campus-( IlctI Iim atid is lev oted to Mittsvelsity caes
PlaingDaes-ropecs fr he vreic f ifnnttesotaitslitite-
PlyingTheS-Prolo Msct-frThe attolis; (lCetlir 2,DepetiseUnitt-andaictthe Univ ersity life tof the ewhole
GymTh Shol f usc Ihesity.,it Iuh solan'tolis; Octobe'r 22r counttry. It is pr intedl onihtavy
Students' Chriatian Association- ~ ~ i f ~e(itfc aenlrdpie ~oisl hs
News of the Various Departments- 29,Northiwesterni it C li ii tO;tae ttitUisufltoorcrs
ceniltetdwiit hatdomecphptoohahlrey
woithIlteoc5,aN omeici robabnll It is ate artistic and lit li class
For ther pastttwit seelksICalit.it Ithacta; Noveimibet 12,I elsigl tperiodical its eery, repectand ito
lDygert antI his mnt have been get- either at Toletdo 01 .ttin Arhot; college matn eho astittes to kert ilit
clog" ill shape foe thee fall contests. N o eniber r19,at lionec Nouseniber touch witthscollegelitfecatnsell tie
The11 practice teas hern hard acid 4. ACotrnell at D~etrt.wittiotit it.


Wtliea yeuattbe Latest Metreoislitan Stylts
ii Shites at 5tie s$1 a fair less titan Ain Artior
pries, sand tsr Catalogutoi

fa__Itflanitemessoster- At pereenit there are twceuty-.six
faithull nd th me fatow the ntrtentrying for ther teatee aticlall are
stilts of their trainineg. So i hg good ssork. Nex~t hIonel y
wtork has beeti conefinedt nostly to the t rainitsg tabile at tirettvtitan's
falliteg ottthe ball, tsasslimthe ball, witt hr spread andtei e mecncitsill
trainitig on signtals, tacklinegtatt settle doswn to a hasticesote swsork.
ther details of the gamec. o Ztyngfr7) ~ tilS ie i
Turle Athletic 0Associatiotn tas tlits: Croaler, Nta'soti, Viart ss
beenmostforunat in ecuing he astmnat, O'Dlrl, Iru~perhlecke,
bea ttot frtnae it ecirn' Tho'tmteas, jeseccI, Iroxi liSoth-l
services of I.'. E'. iBarbourc Ylt ' , oth, McAllister, t-eiititerI-lolt,
as folthall coach. Mr.IsBrbour Wtraey, Neill, 'Mitcliell, Alexander,
WVoodweorthe, Mi~ituttatu, Iygert,
Sandtersons, Iayes, Birt, II aetlteg
Mac lierreati.
Work on tlse gyltenasiune, prople
haretlvetedi to he told, teas practi-
ti y ~ comee to a lealt. Mateial
for ther oiteglehave liertidelayed
osting, as thersuerrintenttiaotif cote-
struections extplainsed, to tte Honme-
~ 'ge. steadt strike. The Carnegie pseople
huave the contract for turtling islt the'
i rots trusesand girclare, attctthe
Htonesteadt labotr comeplications
I leave delayrid the shipenit. The
iron inea arrive at any titter, how-
everatnd a ftull force of tne will he
at once puit to work. It is believed
tlhat tlte bitiliders will he ahle to get
.y the builditig eticlosed, as tper con-
tract, by Derc. i. 'Tlee$7,000 paidl
W . F. GRIlOIN, isy ther differett tucletit organiza-
Mianafebest Bait Teat. tions wil be clevotrd to theehpurchtase
teas played with Yale for tier past of futrttishitngs.
threr years as quarter hack and is, ~uET'CRSINASCA1N
as apt Dyertexpesss i, ias Newbherry Hall is fairly alive wtithe
as apt Dger epresesit i ~5old atd etnw stetdents. Roont ocr
godaZe_ cudlargohe e is turierd into a directory in swhicht
had our pick." He is indefatigabule refrretes to ateout se'vein hutedred
in his stork stith the elevrn, anthter rootues ated seventy-five boarding
uifn are fast comngc into nipepa ces are to be found. Conmnit-
shapee~rs are at all tise traites tos selcouse
uder his skilled discipline. An ther freshmtane, atnd about tewo thou-
heour and a half on ther campus, and sand hand books htave beets distri.
a run of five miles into 'tier country huted.
each afternoon is hardetning ther At tier Stesward's office ther asso-
playrs sondefull.ceation is taking, a religious census,
Satuday Ocobe 8,is he atefrontwich lists are lieing nsade,
safrtrdayrstohae,8,hichewidate and also a general register, which is
slaet fothe rsogme, whichnwiltpr accessihir to all at Newberry IHall.
plaed n ter om grund, po-Thil gives ther nanees, withe house
liably swith Oherlin. We shahl twice leestisuec oneS pae.)


Te Septenmber issue otirts the ~ H NP '
eighth installmntt in a eerie sotRi. . Y E & C s
articles ots thee University of Penen- DEITROlITMb. II.
sylvania. 'Tle Utiversity batnjo
clb, lte foot ball teaut aud sixteeti P. J. KINNUCAN,
lpromnenett atinielaffiordlpictorial
utateril for tis tparticvular itsetall-
ment. Sotme of the otheer shjects
treateit are; "'TheAthletic Ouit-INM ER.CH-ANT
look,'' "College 1itecorils,'"College
MNorality,'' "College Secret FIter-
cities,'' "The IHigher Educattous of
Wonmen,'' ated a bsudget of Ulier- TAI LOR(
sity biographiles.
A series of articles on wstern
colleges and universities is sootn to AND I Itt ii I ii iO
atplear. Mlr. 14. I). ilaht, lit 'g-,
of ther University of Michigan, willI
reperesent the stestern field. Hie is T 0 T 1
now at wiork ott a series of articles
on tier U. of M., tier first of wihiche
still appear in the terar feture.55-' -o s.

What They Think About the Univer-
sity of Michigan.
'The Mthtotdist clergymen of
Michigaun, recently assembhled 'in
state convention, ipaid tierir respects
to the U. of M. as follows:
"Wile cleerishiteg Alhion College
as our own we are not to foreTet tlsat
as citizens we have an interest andI
a responsibility intter State Univer-
sity. We believe it incumhent upon
tie, antI all good citizens of the
state, tos guard stall its interests and
lrontote its prosperity. It teas a
strongy attraction for somte Method-
let fanmilies. Anong its professors
and sttideints are utany umembhers of
oiur church. We coumnend thee
efforts of tihe local chorchs in bsehlaf
of Christian truth and Christiau
student. 'These efforts are nianifest
in tier procurenment of some of the
leading neen in methodisne to lecture
in Ann Arbor on religious subjects,
and in the systematic inquiry for
and visitation upon students who
are menihers of thee church."

9,tzhmond Straight Qcff.
Ns. I
Cigarette Smskers wrho
are witing is ear alittle
more iliac the price
rharged fsr the yri ttii-y
C trade Ctgarettes, will fiad
Tnts BRAND aspectsr is
alt others.
The irhmisnd Straight
Cut Ns. I Cigarettes are miade fromn the bright-
est. mnsat deicately tlavored and highest east
Gold Leaf grsown in %rirginia. Thts is the Old
and OriginatlIBrand if Straight Cut Cigarettes,
and was brsught out by us ins the year 1875.
Beware sf imitactis, and observe that tbe
trmn same as below is an every pathage.
Tbe ALLEN & GINTERt Branch
Of the Amserican Tobacco Cs..
Manufacturers. -R'ichmbond.Tirginia.
11 W. W ashington St.
W W _,. T10 ) ,-T = I

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