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April 25, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-04-25

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C. lvr 5nhaoving Unews itemsfshould SPR NG QTYLES,4893
gise the same to souse of the cdi-
Pattished Dily (Sundays excepted)lldurng srso -s hns it ts - il.i u ;Viiile-irti isia n u ic HOPI. LIN Itm san tI~ui,'as , a andItew
i 1-£,Calls ~ a r ,y rso r opthmant heDU iv ethiii
b)oxcs tolie founds in the maini hall,-
THE U. OF M, INDEPENDENT ASSOIAT N (lilirasy <lii(1 Iwhbuildinsg. III this
! T1St555 i ii 5' gre-atly ici 'stc C scs-

P . A iIn!
S'%, (-Tal F'5IM M W IS llMW
5 ilil
'9 1A , .is>
A is sts i 15i.s-sc
aili-s I r iiis5 1us issDIuCA scs.

a i is dl i n a l< c 'ii c tio

555sus 15O Vist O Wl. 455)48 S 17Tl 5IAIN.' U~

21 S. Main Street. WAG NER& CO.
131is. Es-si Ti 1Ti I i .t -(eslsii''illic, ! 7-4 ..RYE-TOL9 DO
! Ho'sf ord'sAcid PIhosphate. _ i x,' L ti E5
I'v u5 -sedi-itl I Se i vral y(5-555' not
' uhi only i' I i'sitii(e, hut is insy o n( l l - .1 III
siviu i eisesici, sindlcisideirsi'it iunders' slt
sii'culistsn~ti i-es o us e ssfli t 51e55e
Imu tlssorto sic ol iti is 1 "P5iiSl 0 1etin-i' (I i iiepr ~ fIgins at nzi'i lii i
s-iel'ti- isil 5 I- ii (1 o h tiiis-se '5V5- Is-theLEADING GSCHOOL OF BUSINESS. Msg-
tills .'} iisi iibuiling; ninesteachers; lrg(s nans e;sits ( i 0
goddisi ii',supi-aiaas'sk; wlsuiipplie i ii~ig No.5 1. sl su a d i'xp r s is-* .. .;2 .rz
riss sel-s ssi i' esis Iss e -nthsian tn- yessar{ iassisI gras ii is great N . .Ii as i's' Ansi .Aboriii' Si-sins 0noo
((slid appetiz-er'. I It l'iliis ssdil s-Ps us' isi; 'Iishothndgasduatsiall sepositions Ni.) . MialasandiPissengeri'......-- cp
ii g siexp '-se ls iS nsess-aa$.~ rwekiii ivt ai G T(SO T .
sorates thes-tiredt i'ssii ssl hsh-, isis- aar -Nywan 'ass sasEad List ofSitsdens a- a'di'iii
asks sj slana-sa. eeki-sa si- , adssiss No.i. Mial m a sasa"-s il .. I535 i1 ni
sait lsedsieeri y aniiilI itysaissiP.'R. CLEARY,Psass Nos.54. iiMaisl dExss'si.....- . 1.r1
eiliselsithie funcitiiis. 2 0,'300,5$400 $5 'i :i-taStsiia-d Tit.
55c,2as09osiaisils i-i-- excIetSusnday-.
Tras1 ad 6 runs Betsaen A isain"Arbriasl-
Rumxford Cheical Works, P rov- t Frst (iss asistwarranteill I oledo anly, daililx t-Sassiuda.
dense, R I. ___ sF Esvery Wa.iY ii ss iiysr e
Dot z & EZrler. iIi Gin.sPass i55 . Local AgC.55 (Ii

Wisc is ass il it orn s i siii -s-usr b c
accu stiomed sto thceir isorit.- IIc isope
to Iha-v ci' i-eytings-i- goodlas ni-ssi "ii
i-iter ini a vecry~ shiort i siss.
wil hisassortbutipor--
slit siecitisi-ci If ich (liii.5 aad ito-I
smocrcows ( I c-s'S) i) i-ic iii ast
(0;;oat h , h~ fi-i-. Is-crY
membrc o thl ordii (51tsousili e

prseniasi workiu- will tic airangesIci aT-KA-std--
1()rsth 515- scsi ifiiiii i u e 'ar. j l-4j -sQl 17f Iv~I it} T -
ioitsusi-st coi C. Mi. I(h a s -hleicsI iSuaiisc U,- for st-eI --of1AM. ISA I1iY.
sditor of thes lass" . MrI - lt s i} -shscilis - " l- 17.i Of \- . . Otil.
a sial) huia-S ;l l c I>>c,;<<-i iiofithe - Ciii -iies)-rithe '.5osalIi. DtItIA
ssict s 1 r s i i i ( ii-c I.t ; ,1) rie l "-he o A.I} ,Y
atlic'sis- s llI- I T ,mlhE N 1Y -1 A -icy
properi --': i i ssi 5( i'- -ii --
C i-si sisi oC a 5"(- -
is ' .5
I-sissslsi''s-- o-t~'ts-a i-. .sst
i-li seems-i - ---
5's)- 5 i itr ip d p cv'i i tl-s I ill it a -ii - .i - -' a

1iislsl. I nIII sp~ite- iiia icislbi-
siauioniii sillorisuaec cirrsshsuiasrci,
our ieami has swous fresh laursals.
Thsey shice salosly gainei-d a snamai
as good haslt playerist absovc all
oar i-i lsasian- profuse in prais-
iag thsema as genitlemsianardsshstars,
whlicha snfortssnately i-ass sot he said
of all colt-ge hail tcauss.
t, isis this iisse the DAIsiYtasces
tnto) the hasnds of a nesw hoard of
editors. It is use desire of the
present hoard isi folloswing out the
precedents estahished hy ourwsiorthy
predecessors to siake the Dstsss'
thsoroughaly represenutatie of ti-
vemsity affairs. To this earl due
apace will he given to altlnmatters of
interest to the student hody and
faculty. To nialse our efforts moat
effective w u-msst ask thse searty co-

" ~ {190'

iiY silfft
0),- ()i0/
(t cill.
I>i ti-i

i 1E 1 AllS il li.ii(' C Ol AN
'-1' 11$Dil. ill,
ususs! Ji''i- ' I}t >)'1',1J C -Co ,
Czrix LAFTPKT CO, hoto rapher,
' 23 <-00tTH FOURTH AV. iiON _IsAIN AsN.51.)UOuN i-'N -_
ass- Citiizs. hDon't sind uSsi)t f towns fis- U\F" NIGSHT iNLI'_
CaPs,vsii-s3s-asa-jsas fsosodiat 'I*-WEDNESDAY EVE., APRIL 26.
aoiS.t Cs.'s.- Nveisrasi a rgesisi for iistye tt W E
g-ieit to you, an tais one ii-hsaf.Hta nd iiii.----------ssisaidisiis--iusc
sR. E.JOLLY &CO., No.26 Sout herstlsisssai -pookandsreaue
State Streeli- ihisblis's The mr a cmdy ra th 0Gr
_________________ den__ TheSater, NeYok
,Isnthre-'ats. Prsenissstd iiy' ani ecellent
And thse very choicest Candies comas nys Wmihsoiiual psiu',iiis-si-,appropsiais
--T-sceneray 5 ia adsincostumes.
* TUTTLE'S, *- ---
48 SoUT1assSTATE SassEEc. Prices; - 35, 50 and 75c.
____ aecreaeatsissat SWatts' JsetrsIsaace.
t Ca stl[adseetemtt'
Cycls Emporiam, 11 W. Washisgton SIt N.12, JOO T

Woodwiardvand'St asi.aes hsi-Streat,



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