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January 31, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-31

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, C. e W.T't-pu money and plenty of influence. To LIKE FINDING MONEY.
0~ secur tese, ther must be a move-
ment toward centralization. TIhis By oing to WVar & Miller's and save from 25c, 5oc and 75c on ever
Put ahe Oah (undas ea~ettel drisa ocens oreandbettr ogania en.ai of Shoes as we must reduce our stock to
he ollteene va r 0111V tea alumni associations andmaero frSrigG ds
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION 1,000 alumtni'. What is needed is - -TZ , = Z Z
a lire, hustineg, enthusiastic, as- ieloierD aes
Lo hbeeeptetuunec ten O e t earbenvariablhy Sca nin es-ery ciney1inoltiearDealers
ata-saMan Sinf s3-pie ents. ttseto so attt iyintt tflO48 SOI'TH 111 MALT STREET.
S o n o a leafitl at eetu facefthe e D tt tat- , tathas alumn,, i enucgh for a presi-
atSuttt',teaa ti ttth ttte (te len.'Theanthere meust be a botttl-- EXA MINE THE
oatak1 kttaica a tistttto. ec hcb f llolbtenteassocations, NEWYSHIFTSBSTRECEIVED
heto I.M t ty ae toeapeae the net in ctrtier toi get co-operaion, andIl S
tay. Adrtessalutmatute intendted tfoe peae-
:cmato thtte Maenagitg Editr. Ati tetea secutre anytvaluabe results. Iow 7 = 1-c&-l C' i_
.aain eutttttt o ktti ' ett tote tlitat' this is to ite dtneis teirohlicto tt Tct .t 5( 't ?ttt$.2 O h M I t EE
THE U. o M. DAILY, le solved. Its solution aiias thee
A nn Ahor, Micth. opcniaggrap of a broal acetuae oti -..a4I R~ Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
wIOR.vaauabinftlu tence to the i ttt ccrstts r Michigan Railway.
1" i tat n aSrN I A it te t t angat.l. I ,',) P1>1 I). 11)1-
I l.c t Iot t7 t, 1 tat 4rtt111._t'tttattlE -t',tj ;tl a atet attat T pA a siaa
- I-a!t"ct \ttttt {tt time'Card to 'lit,, asltilt.1)7',?tti.
c-lot,,-altli rI-a(,s Ill ath \ttatls 6 1MillataJat nuary
laatt acti, tl t at ti(;\e11itj~ tll.. AlG co r.o'auas.Sa- t., t ' Deartue o c i s tot .
t\eV tctWeirs ttHi lae t ai to 1 cct ,e isotaci;trtuctucaoeao ' p~ -c ta~ica t n t-tia t l i-i
,A11 l n 1 A ,,t tAhna t It " a 1 N c ShcIhill b15ecaaaaeott gaiottCta gca
1141 t'0 1 t , t1,t' It olivia.I te 'a1,-c'e;. t n toHid allceheccataatactcaof LocakaLo -, a t i
S~itu t C HOOa~a aeLtaB SIE9thii adeaana * .iei t%('--c 72iiai
t ic t titii, t iii t toe ntc'al ii etra T It i-t ot o I i-t -t a aaaoaaaacitaoit~a a Sarn x . t t t oaaa .
at ta t- iiota-o ali'tttt t he "nt a nnttitsh s tti . cc A T i,,; t atAn,, at iA ni sno 7 a
at° araa i ee i t o, th i ll t ic s.l t ut lc tl 450 ltd\'Slya F"etaelta<,,iftiNut au
tin ilt.att;.4,miasi -N ialaB ure s' -, Iteat taa-taaa-aea ,A-ijetan
taaaelint1 1. i ~r' l }, a rrtccit ,5 WLO . ?.att, iill , tlar-, ter[1F. .otat's
,aaoaai' tlroiroi lt (~ f t1Ir" b 7ls tilhle tin ittol tlale Itycaatatnca 1reaP. R. CLEAUY es. ' (ten I. lteao, cc-te. u t eta-.. fu :tree
pnnt rts ils Eas n tler( llslgetal btrn prsiodled one-tar- 1ticir cto ShEi' L1 hAN1l
t ,t _ sataic ate'.a. s laili. Ilt t- , ie I c i ullitts lats as n d-e tCu t, al xEt 1n
atnivLisits'cllthuattloriairsl ye laeyL . iz SEs IONDH nn1cuDlTE t ]BOOKS0 r,< ;e'
woitttileslthela, iLhoeiltc US NS LO CAhbei llS. Ci
cttgtteatretei ttenaaleenb eatil atalch feat ofeamtat aE',-y eate.i ean~.. gnt ~e get,
an uloaoialcnetfrM rc 11"Wl ea thet e a t Ca e a-art,ac tai hteu a as a' ec ae 44c tiI cis
tritii, e a Itat it I a hN' t thistata nd (Mto-,se a tiianendi s E Fiebi,&e- LO. ele itlit tcc-. XSa-IcE-c, aN ''tt
i. twilbeoseriavecdathat e tsi sgolaelt advt ,iset Ce n hi ets ' 1 'a tt1GeratatI iia aies -'Aaeaeacoa eGU lttli-, 'X,
theW tandteicat whtich' ttthe- tettier--aeiwela tl it-es the' it- -- --
univer si ebatec-s t lihtttiltaig a-alttEiaC'O NDli laa-a- lete cttlai ctles iet'Ilte oitt t i -
comite sio~ sillif pcostible)407 FOR THc HECHDESEHAN & 00MEPASTR l
aieite echatl, I styacat \t) einsertaihi ,s tir n tltoftheae ats}Uni er
metltae, eatatet'fltheirtacon.est. ty B o kse lers'- ta e tr t. i
able at lic ga atDAhtrst-stthac a-ti) biv of-ls W'art-)- lrceiinic n ,gn.lciO
'iaai a ('ticag t waSitEEN 'unStilIAN &GO SEaAN&JO
f~gewtek eoefedCa obgnIbolhs felttha grotuepsts ,0' - STElKI (cn-htdatshp-wrnY!oJlge het Boks romphe,
ar Dtolvt antdg.94aiseasactwrrasanglie it, L? 23SThic F lo rT A. o rcs ekT)teDec
training but ill facttsho ld nottellhtt 'at. a) (cutsateeh. "1-4
ssert itPnotfor thatofacctldaEaallroeI - F. y teRVIbs n h a oeosil - MiAGE
Nut untyllnwtolax-ectboa do aatyahine cents,_arttie_____________Barber_____________
inthe larg lass h avdbedoingrauaeg tr.ma-ln hwteStigHaEE(ea-- AN a 'aP NY
ascitltinotkte w.as t is yer.Ay a- tee sanaducaselntl N ~ O E -Th L IP P O
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ablrsthor-at te f i c ae aniversity eis ERALDS L~lryasc at tat eute t I tIta t a'C. at ttS loe alt a CO II ~ IA - o
her"e twceacoay sHavadsthQUI ES eaIOSIINTSONr" AN . State hNTSCeot
C)Crrof 174Itt cho I Eve cET.C., ETC. Et.lo , u .T S
ae swlatvin.Tasiats5is. alerprs f-f OT UNCHS TE COJI TY' AIR
stem 'nt is ch ayht htb ouMihign, t 23 SOUTH FOURTHaa SAVEt.atala
beei otfrte fctthn lnt evc Attatanleaoefate a .t An thv ery choicet Cnls an atr NwSant Iutatte't
tot Ietniesti it ttctd i- wadodaten rn.Sges t naetll the * * T I"f1.(} Bn ut oo 0 aet n taatntact
th lrg case h vebengrdutd jeeya 5 weal, u rn varitet isl ric'artttlaauo acte01th ade tacte ft
Iunecudb seue. s M r a ore nnoeelr in,s.and Peat-a' 4Q ST 1SCtE St t. Sl l I .N RIE"-SS 1can 1V 00J
Sitoutin t natf'w yea rls.u Ac ar canns e an hwuv u rpsetaaeaat n7Dot t entalad ci. Do ' ed ot f o nfr - eaJUSTa ONEeas NsInH T.y ar
teti ite loyaltyhic ofgoursaditnal DA ODiCny isyucngt utsgoda .E
orto watingtmeisattteOP If LusW dntltcha.rGg~ST e3LErStyl,. GIBSON~ad '3
aloutn areioebeio servce to heandRthatSITH onalf o n
nivrstyilate h nloyalty is EBERAD cSOunhscaNS 1 Of h ayad(lgt lta RaiticOebst RAPL 3!hGER
beRL arose.Ele.icditOsletyof& CO, N" 8 o. u th NO.-12pWre UBnti ST

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