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December 12, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-12

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' c Of T a tu The Junior Partner.
_________ "The I sisi' Partiner," one of the
mlost proountlcedl coniedy successe's of
Publshed Doi13 (Sundaysecepted) luring \New Y ork's past season, wher' i t ws
th se len eer, tby receivedl for INS nights by enieolls
aud~iences, Nvill b)e seen in the city for
TiHE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION the first time this evening. The east
_ is ofi tititisuafexcelleine,incluinig the
susrpinpic er;:s icp'year, invaribly liaiaes ol suictminenit comsedians as
inSacei SeS''cc'e ii cents. Scitscrip- Ienry Isiller, lMay trisi, Mrs. MlcKee
Litles may be itllat 'iietolfc of the 1 r~ ' %ilkill, If ii o''ltaid, litilyB inaoker.
att Stotiet's, Nvith any of ii'tinecitcrs ori ']wct'iii't iwill lie irecedledlby
a5iitirse isoitrsc. 'I'i''Ft'i'ick Li'iscotrc, ('ytfe 1itcli's
titllti' tilte.

That we sill ceaper than the cheaphest in MEN'S SHOES, HUll-
$PECJAL ,AII4--Ocernber 6-139,

'icy. Addrlesstillitite intendrefortic eca-
tintolthe Managing Edti tic. OAlibusinesse

Ninety-Five's Oracle.

EU" tIl~ . ColleT ige fut willfbe thiecharacteristic WAGNER & C. ailors and Fulrnishers.
THE . ofM. D ILY, feature if tt' book.t, .1I tltilliolts verseCO
Ann Arbo , ch , dgrindus will bfit' erusl adio
- -the best ualiity. Eerybuody is "il it," Toledo, Ann Arbor and North,
all cfasses, tiff deparftments. 'The filer- Rliwa
EDTSN ictilartiticital tes ar lis for
EDil I~hT. OR, 1111 S I i'iii I il ti.fttciii' l r o ior:..t1t,5t1ri 11rnii ~at otnlmee. The t'ovcr ifesigit is 1sI ES
i'tAs11.1tis, ii ': l ii. .5-cos t fc'fci ictirtited If I ftItatttr. 1Five-t -
ii'. ii. 11 _ i a it i . i 5 ASS i tt h lif- t o i'isiof cli a ior li', 15i1iti
!iiitsi', 'Carltiiil'"tisilice. If. fiet', i
+ . iI tut 'ci. i. i iilla pe r ii Ni i n~'al.r(to t s. ,fliii' L u r',1 d F 1l1EAD NG n no w n ec ec n , 1I l -'t' i aSc tit tt ict l 1 rC'.
lits Sil. N 5 i t'it icesltctitsielccclts'ti(tcLIcE/c
'. ts.i,tu'.iti S .1 riO iil iS e O AL . tittttiylt 1't.';i, Sicilcstttt---ep
1.tsi;it lc1, ti t, ti, s ist a'cci tii isict'stee Costctssinswordtte l It)t siccs, i ... It
13IiY ~ i t~l itu. I m t e liill ff -T hesi'U i''as , c, fi ecfctc lot1ice t'cc lttlcissi,' c6.5 i'i'itttiiii~t.. '
1 r E esc11t ce r l11' Ise thatiti he du l Nf url b pel oil ale
ci y1.ttt"lett'fsillc ".1.;. ' \l'- 11L.AE Y e N. . l . iii rod , di a,. :E .
1..ii. titc 1-s11'tt ti r'';r;,11cr isti l , r'hut' ttr" ii ki III _rt c ~s ..isicc
Ni . tOT MICH11. IAN . ALONGr, '.#. 11' C11 A t " 'Cietiret,$2.0, 00 $40 $ I itic l il ii' it Etic l ... ....'i ?:list,
'city t'icsfl eg,'.ing-)I if till,----p js M -- t, iia' elt1,3(111 ; iri tech r; are titheaco
fi N.stsi, s. god dliii'n (siisi r s fuly atif ; itwells st ilo', I'tcsread, inig tttt tlt, tut,', t' r 1 S .
iii if1 c i lid I cii em nd hotau r iutsas ecure ost iolels;
lit ricl ' i ft' 5li ISlt 11115 <tle I t fill tt'r t 2i slt' eposs o^2. er 'y'- pr at; a i i ts tSl, i .Ce ' 15itii
fil ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o Nxwftlt'i gll ~aal31s gas ct' iti ih &( , D(etwlo (ndst of tudell whoer 1. i oA(<>m diit 't' ii isca s t1i.o
rise a a tre s, ii PUit IS H iNliG 'te ls HOUS .ty fina t etotly is 1 4 ii. $,.i, i' 1 L ak stosriwelttekdresN .Ii. -i^E;i¢'"~ llit cll'_
.t ' el iisi t3te Ilv itSlt'ssi
lets's isissiltis'raill ci ilucirs stillrfi it slt if 3 iti1l3lis 111,11lct" gttttfc Sit i tti'i'i
aisy ~ ~ ~ ~ ds tcitr iS aCoi 0 iarti i ~ Sltte t t .-s2. Sli3.® tilsit
feii1no stk eplSwo are10 acct sos'fvc 10,itishmi if i in~ A d ra e f" h al i1ss odil.ly inve to ttnd
Allyihatocostini $4i00,cr'i',iuoorI"cr1,0 aIIithis, flitoli 1(e"w1 li j~jn \
toy aIsak u pnthecali stt ionalfllpettfytet' 'si ticNT
Ififtrcret.c','cit'thif Twt ' sititt, 'ifitesaW i't lisi andliii rau t ed il( i ole too ly, d i st II it +it's',v
tfce~~~~~~~ liltcls'Ktl missiccct__-TheUeierstyuBrkslleso- StaesSree
Ithrouighc lli ilymaifyting gclas tJ itowih&C.'.Dt en Ite1 )a: gcl. ~clAgn
Kofaps, fc left sel tc n fits the mst :nyhatcotin $.11. o
nes osIssiceleso frscwhtc ito tt I '1.8daY RatesVRENTSCHLER.,
anothsieal cty ui'~fld ft wariraInr(fu'atti.5sufN't Vt 's huh D ',oostis e, , . _L
at f -glrte of ofJ" . Rf ~ ii ll Iplssltteation;uuinowt Atave uttthet tf rorL O a(a'o.
tuit Sto mer knowy of themlg s elvdo ' ForVfirt-classiiciiigcutt t'goiiothe A d re ser f " ellextaily" sttu dilluin ite t aten
soett fotatl i Ift ala s rottthn iclsels etiveen ll statotss &tCts MPtNY
oliisteftt the t'ircarntswthcc'tiheeseivitfhueogod gnitigcec tit ItGLAloOwERNishn
filly ifftstr xpes sisof fe ferideta c to adr"geiiit t0h 3 g lt jexvei, dtflh ctc t tal ltt s nt.N Xft
make 01 Iftet'c isti icinsa ofin atcos, iEsti itt 'ctrttgtitftt si IOE551 Nx
1;hltitfreafltold lncer tfea1Ti1er- beri't15ci.tEitteuisice. 4 Itit iii M nday De ember 12t
siyab e e tttoi la n P li ' 't'topiIa iilltneuu tarl' tssii S. ,',a,

'l'its: Vntiversity titagacice for
Novemtbcr pays thte Laiversity oh
Michigan (tce followitng complimnt:
"'rise pheiaonmenal growth of Cornell
University and thae University of
Michigan has not yet ceaseti, and
there is nso prospecet thtat it will in
thse imnmediate fututre. 'Te former
institution is said to have nearly or
quite efino students anti is hot
thinly years oid. 'The fatter is
psrobably now the largest University
in America and is conducted on the
broadest peossible principles.''

incf. Oar refuitationt is fte
hightest fia thiis wotrk atnd ice
wvill1offerut'ht ie itostittt0dt'-
rate prices it Aticitigan foar
theo best eworik.
F. I. SMdITH, SONS & 00,,
'toodward A t eandttle St.
EI 'RtOITi, - MtCtiiess

New Route to the Northwest.IT
2I .tlt, i ...f, the ''Toledot, Annttarboshut ci
Niurllt Mieltigaitnailwz ty's tew a' r Illustratted byit e rth S trontgie cst ('uelt
ferey Anti hArborNtI ," will in the c'eatet~rticct c.PcclgOt
tfii ttiu stei 'utkuritc comledy krill huefpreseteed Clhydetit tch's OOne-
acl iip bew tee W rnkfs t, ih, Act Play, entitled, 5'IEOERiC LEMIil'tE,
an Kwanee Ws.r~thSSiDlrHery''Hiller is thte TlitularctRotec
Thisbfast will early tireighut cars ' 'rie peefrceundthttcIe udiectiotnif Sit',
tacriss Lake Mihigan, nmakiingtte trip are olmn
int I6 tours, so thatt all freight shtihppeth Prices, - - - 50c, 75c and $l.,O.-
by tis roitte will be carrietd thrutgfu scat sale commttenes Friday a .,, Dec. i.
withouttbraeakfing bulfk, as hais been
itecessary iseretofore witthfright ( "p I 'T
htandled across thee lake. I S L
As this is thte shortest routte to te PGOTORAPHE
northwest it shtouid be well patruanizetdP I I ~ A U~
by Michtigain shippers. - A LA L4k
45--Jants,'93. NO, 12 W. HIURON Sal

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