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December 10, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-10

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- - - -- - - - - - - .T h e J u n i o r P a r t n e r . " - I- - - - - - -- --W E B L L . T t t " W E B L Y A N N O U N C E
________The comipanlyunuder the direction of
Mr. (Charlss frehiteat, whicti-w-i11 a That we sell cheaper than the cheapest in MEN'S SHOES, RUTB-
Pubtihel Daily (Sundays excepted) during pear at the Grand opera house, Moni- HERS, PIj RPS, ETrC.: LADIES' SHOES, RU BBERS,
he Collneetear, by day, D~ec. 12?. ill the pn'sentaitioncit i the IPREC
latest comuetly success, "The Juinior SIPREr
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION lPartner," is sniversally coliceded to OF COURSE.
on__ e of the ostrongest, organheizatiotis
toeiesee~'5i te ses, nsatatiyever ga.ther.1ed together for the llaUstra-- -
ineadatte s igle copies 3tcents. holseete- tiottotf the fa ric atsidee f.'tifie, ittettid- 4 O ' [ I1C T E,
'tens may be leftiat te otict ot the nAILs', 11ig SUCKt (tisittit tirtists its Mr. letiry 4 O ''I M I T E T
at Stsliaes's, with any ofthtse oltsorsMiller, MsM irwin, Ms.Mc~ee
aothseaeei tsiirtst's tltgtt 'estsml, Miss Pliyllis ILatikin,
<i atndsisesds ttea ottotteb t F 3 ~tti uthtlers, "The SPECIAL SAJLL.~-Decerber 6=43.
o'clock P. t. it they, are to apitear the aext ' itteParte'is ifaca csted
oay Address alnl mattseitstendtedt tsr public- itslltree stits, by the emsinienttretielt! SI B S 1 1 t1G
eis as sh MnagtteEsito. Al soteet play svrilos, Itissotiantitti('rre, atitte- { S IE S SJ~'11OS
co nisiatteans hldsesst ecent so the Ii. it) i' ~ ik st
Stossoco. .tttl otirt n~Widoss.,'D r.,
ItsMaaer ill, adote successful tplays. it WAGNER & CO., Tailors and Fur<nishers.
THE U. af M. DAILY, is descrittesd as beitng origitial in cstit-__________________________________________
Ann Arbar, Mich. ceptitti, novsel itt cotistrutctioit, rapid ill
ac__tion, briinig over wvith life attel K.'' Ry I.Tleo nnl Arbor and North
si-atylttughttet'.Presvits to theToe,
comedy 1Michigan Railway.
E.J. DITORS. angngldcr, exsistey sill lbe tresetited Clysde Fitels's -
ti ;.1<> ittttts , t t.',itoAsniebsi tisit ttt-tct hye- "ed tTmad (fc inay,'O.6l
1: (I ets, I i ts.SHW,'~ts. .'f si itct h o iln(h l'ce.1; D prueo lan tA nA br
L. s(T . I tiettues, t. '10,ibt'.uiststs.'sil e se'tl(sler a~r. Itt - , i et * istees, .st ri
11 ssite te ttstts-itAtt 1
II.5 W. 'set ys'rl~a ts. 7,it '94, Asstsni N inety-five's Oracle. " V
t 3 t, lsJ~ t '4,Ais tat.() IN (ii-stsI
0. ,I Y . i t 4w'. t'le ss sut-will bete l Isslsr teiisli o vaiill a'.I~9.' ~Sser .Seee a.eIt
ifea .It 51,ttursel ofthe ook llulo 5 5else ' tI tticstt-I<>C'.
It 11. tteeees, 'lii. II. It. W55 r,'i(tA.s attti g'iimis w5ill lee nitiiitrttou i'f st.ite LEADING aenOOL OFneBUSnNEaS. i48-ne 1 . . s- trr-i~s etttebe°e It ....1 laIi
'o ni sesette 't testesIs, te . n5 ~ti'iti tiiltet t itsne t ee e; laresatteetetnitee,
lis'bst quell t' i 'e Ft us'ybses 1 11 tt t,'' g dis s ies uereiorse rele l s upiteiteedredisig tlt: i\ I T.
1, tw r.tt'. (. . It. .1 onil l 9I. tlclaisses, all dsltaertiiettiis. n ite liter- 'is t il itetues;at urdattiy evteningeepeetios;
tie' rSte i ai , . risi fetto'piceee n i- t h~te entiesreer; ceseet iatltraeuatees in geaet et. ;_. St.tiit ane ai setti't....l .a i.
J~al r, T;. Ie rlad, pecal. .tr anl ,hisle eat res are no fo (emttsttie ishorbthandgraduattesntlsseehespsitos; N .4
. - _gtttetihoeer i. T cit e t r tesegoi is i -,gexesynses a.tsei.lsyereneekiseyisste ts. - Nt I 5i itl ne E s .t ) . n....' o .I,'ee.Io x ea.cu n Ls fSuet h <.E. T ld oie ni . t n
The T~ditos do not hld themseves resiou .e'its ttesemns..nedsa aatedtfnes'ttFieicake poations fNet.eekitoiwekiaddiese\o. Iii;. itttstntier(Sonda
sil crteit iisorsatit s ofe cores- Ifiel-tssgt'elf-totll tse essof etss si~al.- F . R.CLEARY, Pres. I est trI S~ttttt'Tiittl'
pon tetee'etrtos t inte DILY.t(tro ssuiilhppeart, bietiitig till recoitds. + '-SC -MiDaily excetsStttite.
A laiss song, ssct'ls ;tit([I ueus'in, is S $2.00, $3.00, $4.0, $5 'T'rains 101standtJ()2stiltsbie retn '~leoa
TH Ru ULSIGMus. anthler'feattite.'Theprinters ttonl- VHwolssotonyi. 5 e bttttAte iart.
ise that the Oraclecn esitItlt ottilae rI"tFirs is t stind W.,oittestn t ai ad i rs'twihteeAn As n
BOti BT Vedttesdayi, Dee. it. Pice, is usuatel, 0t.vs 'iy 'Iv.tseie ttstetsssts5sss
'l tere ssiilI be asimsportanststeelt-~s& Fie. tt.lasiltsI eeiAsi
tug of the I)vteelitiboardI this eveteitng. BUiNESL_ L.D t
Espeeciall 1y ipotntiIbuesoess. \All iTo IENT.-1'iatt, ley the hltr foir
must lie pirsent. 't ti' Millitiets'Pirloirs,-7 S. Maint
stei. ')2-ts

LO~N FRAD le (rtiMttSilottisTdtetus n reader of "The Daily" is cordially invited to attend
Since tetfootbal seaso closed y, (tonly $t1is5.
Sitr'teieoilysisest hti ostitig SL es.:;ec .otsr5S H E EH A N & COMAY' S
the atheletict'eet ofl e tie r'eti s fot $1.85, at the '1ts'esSamtts", 'Ttestt 1
uenisversetiesless tuirntetd its tiid Isto lldy.letest~o 4ss.See) s I8ss
thee suebjeecI eel basebsalI. Thle pros- tt Wesdnesesday,theMiti sey isf the sale,1.101 1 F. ( "D A IY + ("B(OOK 4+ .9S 1.
tuede til bty'tite halters, iii stits 'testsSails. "el-St
hetse evet r om'eeieiii'ere s slemisici" t 51 'SS I"5I,-'T1EACHiiRSil avasilales 'X ' it seli' irItie isfe-is'l'es 21sis.
't shorst 1 tiie Celiti iinows. Fisk ; lv h C'tEto sfrtl'La t1 nY
pracitic e sdtraetei te On. i t e of t ' T eacer'ts' .Aee'te', liii; Wetiussli elsetiee
torteell's last leamt i ll eli ituitniithis lticetss. Jtoe
year, beutleerlilslttftileroniutels.is -The University Booksellers, - MSate Street.

set sufiitillesngthltsva rrant e«;oetd
nilie. 211ichigane's rospetlvswere
sumelet tultp by thy DIi sive a less'days
stare. Prartice souldlbegitn as
rarly as piossible itt erier to g.et te
teen it shape for early spring work.
WE save alsways beets prottd ol
our ta iversity Glee and Bianjo Clubs
and fromn preseunt prospectssweare to
have event better clubn this year thanI
before. Itlls a satisfactioun to feel
thsat ottr clubs win golden opinions
swherever they sisit, both by teir
miusical ability and gooed cotiduct.
Th'le very bent nmaterial fron thte etn-
tire stodent bsody ban been chosen,
and as a result see cats be sore of
fine entertainnmentn.
NOl NSP51APERt man orewotnan
nhould nmiss the neeting ofthtle press
club this afternootn, at five oclock,
at Neweberry 11al1.

JQE :7 Vf
Ini selechtig youtr society
badge or antythinog itt jewelry,
we scant you to bear us in
tild. Ouir retputationi is the
highest fori'tltis worek atid we
weill offes'-youtshle mtost modsre-
tate prices ini Michigan fotr
the best work.
F. G. 1ITII, SONS & CO,,.
W5oodwartud Ave., anti State St.,

HolidayRates. RENTSCHLER,
Morelsigat tulrts de-ill ellresehsoi-f to rapher,
dauys, the Tolsedoc, Annt Arbor andt Notth
tickcehs betweeni sultstatioius sitits lutue
at which tickets sre sol,also to poits CORNED AItNXisiANHUROsrs
osi sesveral cotnnectitig lutes, at cut' utnd
one-third fare Cfr the teoundtre ip. 7 J} E
Tickets seill tue gsoud going Dec. 294th,, GLAIT PR i'S
2.5tH, 26ithuinch 31st, eandelJhn. 1st a;nd ANN ARBfORt, ONE NIGHT' ssNt.Y,
2nde, ands gosdeduintg iutil Juts St -
inclusive. 42 .lJius.1,'ll. Monday, December 12th,
't ie'Falshionabtlsaoedytl±uro sire sntedtr
- ' - in New or 50aignuhts,
New Route to the Northwest. m~lIIMn A)ITI~
28th, 155Is2, thue Tosledou, AnsntArbor sund
Nosrth Michtigant railway's usesw'elseIllstrated iby' slestfthe susosa'est Cosmedy raiainso hscutys rcdn h
ferr, "nn AborNo.I,"°wil maestomedy swill he preentted Cirsde IFitch's Oise-
dasily trips betwveens Franikfort, Michi., Act Play, entitled. F5IEOEROS a.EMAIt'RiE,
satnd Kewvautnee, Wnis. with Sir. Hensy Siller in the Titcular Role..
This boat sillcatrry Cteight cat-s 'rueperformanceunuder the direction itt Ste.acosLkMihgn kntetrpCrlsFhm.
iittI hosuurs, so that all freight shlippedh Prices. - - - 50c, 700 and $t.00.
by this rotute will be carried thirosugh Seat nale commnaes Ftiday a. atDe. p
swithiot breaking hbulk, as hass beeul
nlecessairy heretofore svithe freightt 1 I S lT
htandled ascross the lake.LI .
As this is the shortest i-cute thC~e 1 T G A
ntorthwest it should be well patroniszed
by Michigean shippers.P L TO R P E
45--Jsus. 1,'93. NO. 12 W. HURMON ST

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