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December 06, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-06

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Cof 'Mir. xaitu -
Pub lished tDaily (Sundas exrcepited) during
the College teartiy
Sutsriptio ric -ee $2.5per year, inartabPiy
iresaleanten Single copires3 enis. Subscip-
ttons may be left at the ofie of the DAtLt'
at Stoftee, with aspyaof the editors or
Cotmmuniations sholtsd react the ottier Pp
7 o'lock Psm. if ttheyaerto appear the next
day. Atddressenilmatter intentdett for publica-
ttton to the Manaing Editor. All busness

the system ot reserving seats, it be-
hooves everyone to see that his
opiniont is gives. The proptosetd
plan is the most practical niethsoidof
fncding oilStte islies of the st-
tdetits, anti a Ipoper co-operation ots
the pir of tmetmbers wsill effecttually
settlicthe qurestion.

Of ill kinds for Ladies anid Gentte-
tiseit, of Coturse.

The LectureAssociation Board $EIL$L. me .3
Gie ebr nOpruiyt Settle the Dispute. TQW-!.q TTT'TTNT-

tenmtaanioatiette tutor ittbe sent to te BUMn- The S. L. A. bsoard held atn impor- i
en51 eneere. tant mteeting last night in Alpha No A N R&C . alr n unses
THE U. of X. DAILT, hall. After a long and animated WA N R & O, Taor an Fu is rs
AnAbrHeS discussion, tile majority decidetd to ' ' Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
EITORS.( the memihers of the association on Y icignRalwy
P . J.)O -tire v. Lit. 'ii, Metttgiee haltes dihe different plans for reserving _r -",ADiNS. t9 sitn.0
iIx:asatr.S HAW, Li t. ' 1 , A ssnie n
L. G. se ititr;tivt . 9ttt, uins.szleaa eot by umost of tile students, although OI r 1 pat tro Trtunes.tt Atttt Pt <,r
W.15 v sta,tttv ;. lit. '94 Assistatt atvysnumbier of suggestions 11acc bein--
tistttre, iz. 1 S rAriut nade. 'l'ie three compllrise She 4B-t tie
',i. A.. It. pt 'c Cal I- ti platno ai the ticwv pluan Not.1. stuM i l nd trboue' . 7
l: .l we';. I.1. 1.Si tzr'3 .. 10 i tsv ttAn r reAcer<iti . Pxtuntot
i B. Gatniuina,:1. i1. W. 1 t r'i4,l tie S ud a tryyInhe'tectur o r o i iutandluaeeaeni...... .
tomn lw rs.'<t(. iIC utedg ie ecuIba I s e LEADING 80H00L OF BUSINESS. PIng- No.101.i'a .~rr't'vSunttt iii voti n 10l5a.in
.1 and She pula carrietd out ill the iascentbuoilitgiantier techers;larxge iattetndane;
lic lc'ol'.Si tt,. C N, Scrers arlgo tdicieline;', superior wrk; et ltl supplied reading OM SOT .
(' . t-att. . . i . , 91 ng rsoll anidl Rellnelli cutertais- auooi; daily e cturest;Saturdayeenitng recepttutioons;iatilrcta
Manic E. iil~arl-awl, seviaa ropenthe entireytear;ecommercialtgradatestigreatNo.2Milnd -un~ .....1 3'an.
reScaerirl tlentus. demand;rhrid ii~thd graduates all tecrepostios;t it Ma 91ittand Pie trees..... 4 >m
-~~~ 'Kr r -~gepene$2. ton$2.75pcreen proitieu -Nit.=Ii. 'iidtA'itiiiiiii
TH RU;PULSIGHoa. 0 etbet s if thie lecture lisoal rda-.F x cseentta uListof 5tndrn swhaNitor.Iesee titIi i t
_________________I wil1 he present at chapel, at .\loorc's, F.u R.i >LEART, Prs. entral sttdat-dtTiet.
PAPER CHASES. lain street, atid at Borwdish's, State "Dtasily exceptt Srtnart9.
'Ih uluileryiiue ui fstreet, tomsorrowv, for tihe pur poseof ~$2.00, $3.00, $.0$5 'Tains tit0tandti02ritir Pett~ie-ta litrti ar.s
ohaesdhons scl providing voting slips tornensbers. FMa$.0. isSanuti. dat'i'been.n ro m
ofhr n onsas wllas cross I First (Ilies latndlWarranlet 'oted i ali rt rtt'rt iiA r
'1he hoard wishes to get a complete !. lvery VaI irTledo eo, duil , r.3xeett Sittluupvd.
country rains is attractitng cn enu fthe lectulre ascain F Il.I1 E~ T , .GFNtC
sidlerable utlention atiotng the stun members. u+oliln Doty & reiner. St t Gen.Pssr. Agent. O1-hiccl Aet
aents of variouls colleges. IThe city Lusc-Ailladlits' avatclh tiltb iitiii-
atletic clubs are also insttuting tile ttqlteoiti ttndlKintg'sIDatighiters cross ST'I)ENTS, SAYEVI ALls TIOU :Iuu)NET ' 1 ) Ih I
papr cas wih gea suces.ittatehed. Fider please tetutrnrtor 2'
pprclesutgrasucS. ~Divsion~. 45-lit I-- ,
Mlichiga n hsxhad but little of either 1'Ott REN'.-Dittgrle thirstsithi Heait 13 "I
ofthsesprt. ast sprring a paper aitla lttl. ' .5 .lisnipsoit streit.
ofthseshrt.t t CESSPtl.EAr tlElls tavailble____T1tillii--
cliuse wvas given by otre of thceStrats at shiort notifee santredturw. Fisk
Tecer'Agny 11 laaliivnein wshatl ejyd h ,S U E T BOOKSTORE, STATE ST.
corese lay over tile bouleuardl and 5 ic G to C. A . Mutvttad,tlie Stale atte'S
fite limieidiately adljacent. A bet- ocoer, for oill, esoat, fruts, eli'. Stur- '
devits siill hufil itinthirst ace G Creek, Isht, Iret ll, (-erman anstd till (tolltie InNS tflis, e u ano ehdanweeNerssatn. rcri tvl edSeodla
She oppourtuntities of goodtuns sort Stat Stle bi'gitns trill lrtiitcat '
cruts are ahiosr s ithioitisnuber. t't«t 'Ushipn. illIt 1.L A ND M EDICAL ...JL.I.1
$IS-5 stilt Saile begils tiomorrowl ivatI
Otiher gooil couirses, liturever, canTshlie lTiioSuins. :iiu It AT WIIOLESAT.E 1I ('ES
he arran~gedl in othuerirerctions. -____-___'___.
'T'he haeeicial effects oirt eand c~ o ,
haundnecehasesluarve ftets beelnI ~ ~ - ~ I-
praisedh, and sothing msore neted lbe- Holiday Rates. NT C L ,
saird along thtat lise. It iwoaulid seemo, ___
howeer tat ith ~licina's dysCOLLEG E E N 'siI, CI-r eistmais 0-teTl arid ieis rearsit l 5t g a he ,
numerouts distatlce rutnners, a vecy ___ uieligall urailayscill sellPxct-tcesbewe l t tioso tlinte
interesting atsa exciting chase (coul attwiithl tickets ace sold, lso to plintts i i5I t N t hNsn
he arcatiged. Itt stetig 'oulr society oittseveral cetcteting litnes, at ointe atnt
bade r tttlitg lljesclt', ottSirtdtfuare fur the touttttrip1t. GILITP OLLRA HO'JSE
bathe or anthing in ekels-v Tcestwill he gtood goitig Dec. 24th,
'lrre trick wvhichtsh~e usen of one 25th,t.h tndtrI31st, a:attl.t1st andrlFriday DcNember9th.
Ann Arbor feat rlayead rpon another w'oeswatsyosuho boertts iti 2nd,,rtnd goudrdeletnintgutil Jai. th Dcme, 9
last Saturday night, is receiving tiid. (Out'It'reputationlis She it-lt ie, -i htt ii ti-T't'tOSAcN
merited cotitemnation. A gonod New Route to the Northuwest. f)If~ P t f.
joke is applropsriate atidletijoyed, hit llgl o lt okItd90 Ott anttl after Motndays, Noventhetr
wlte th ttensersof brt cn ciiioflt' 0ItI le mst iuolo- 25th, ls5112.this Toledor, AntiArhoruttid VANNERSON & MCDONALD,
whe th mebes o a ra ca wil ofe yo th mst ode Nrtht Michigan railwvay's ntwcar fliPthtirnebeaatifutliver teipt'lenr, tht'
stoop loss enough to take atdvantage feity,"AittaArbor No. I," iwill tmake ornry gentlrtete- itti can teen sitngie ltl
rate ptices itt Michilgati fot' t(ills tips hetwveeni Frartkfort, huiel., tAI; G AS On e nni tte Pdaew .in
ofaohrwhlnnedinn uss tl' esiauee, Wis. Melville and Nutsbaum. r
especially guests fromn othser cities, it thsen best wvortk. This bottwaill eatery freightt carstin six Gsyt'rovitttetrsttineranne ted ort
seems to hue time to call a halt. A a crossnasJrke Miehigati, 1nakitthie trtip i ipcited s GadsretPrdea
th cse-in 6i horurs. so thaat all fretghtt sitippeid Prtces, - - - 35, 50c and 75c.
correspsondent ablstsates t F.caseby tis rutewillbecrriethough_______sletP.O._Nwssand
ix another column, itshii 5 (7 sv ithuttbreakin bulikasas nncesr ertfr ifishet G B O
No5ht h 'mesofte ititinned Ave., atnd Stale SI., liatndled accrosthte lake. G ~ O
Nius tiat he eniersof hueAx tlix is tite shortest toute tns the
Letue sscition aeoprotlhwtest it should lie well patirontzedP1'I'IP PU P
Letr uoito aeouo- Di 'eeot'c - - 1i~li2ItlAN. by Michtigan shtippers.
tunity to express an opinion as to -- _45-Jats 1,193. NO. 2 W. HURON 5T

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