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December 05, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-05

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yti fP ijihet tDily (Sndas excepted) durig
the Colleege year, by
Probably the best playedl ted
most interestitng game of footbsall its
Ann Arbor thtis year seas playedi at
thte athtletic lieldi, Satutrtday after-
nloon. 'I'te greatest surprise of the
gamee is regardto tsittdividuaal playing
wsas the swork sfi Cottkling as htalf
lunch. 'litte anst again he brstke
tlsrourls the strottg rush linte of te
lawt s, t trie twottor thsree ttetn

lent course to the students. The
itlea of disturbitg te student bsodyj
with a foolisht sar on thse bosardl
oaght to be discountenanced by all
fair msindled studtents. The intard
tmadle a msistake such as any body of
mtes woutldl be liable to, ansd furtber
thantthlis tse I . st stnot one
wourdlof (tlislroval.
.\t.a3iOl\lt i instituted the sport
of te "hsare andtlhounds'' and
mtadleter first riot Saturday. Al.
A. A. didl likewcise. Both events
are reported to be nmarkedl successes.
The DAtLY has repeatedly called at-
tentiotn to the lack of interest in
that recreauiotn tere, and hsas stug-
gestedth lat steps be taken toward

Of ail ksnds for Ladies antd Gentle-
tout, of courtsxe.
$PECJAL $ALE.-Nov. 98--D)ee. fo
WAGNER & C0., Tailors and Furnishers.
x RY_-- Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
. MiciganRailway.

witih tlint for ,eott I in. itmnaking, at least, a trial of cthe sport. G1 imn Cardtt inteetbtiStny, N n. 6thti(+
gane astletsossttstsltlsI cas Matyof te westernt colleges and Itt tItnretntt.itSit
ted ated thattnt cleass...
Isi t i-'ssieiellslcthle sltort and its every case it Ihas ,No.t1.nMail tAeacndtxpes.. ."0 in.
rivati intierests refrainietdfrtotm utni-r.Sil lt Isl.'l. ethe LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.ttMag- No 1()lsngt 'ertSne"On).....1015ain
be last in lite? cistceetnttidig; nineteacers;arettenattentdance;, N.S ieie nsaet
necessary ttstse andttt( tierferenice _good______disci teepline;. supeioretork; etwellsptlied readineg ( M
ettetoomtdaiy lecturest; Satuerday evening reeptions;
wcitwit tlth asi 'le 'I1tt il ti-i :e \ ii . e clY ispuite is giisg th ee yenthettentteyear; centttttetetngraduates tn peens No. L 'Mai its t taESeit eec...... :a.I.
rtall. Iil( 1 I yte-cetnntiteshothandgraduatnstalltsecurenttostins; tstn~s~tete
titre seas thltence of a c ottn- roitntds tf tite college press int regartll .e oeoAcomdto s oivwAAOU ns Suetnteewho No 1.t. Ptnten;e(Sititttsstttt__
-knttpositn frotteekn t to week,natdreess ."tt"Pcetne"t t1ien
tne:ofc-d.It Is to be ItopedItte amntof reading ittatter ts- tP. R. CLEARY, Pres. lesCentalttaardtetTinie.
tttyttglsd stslstlI ot-suted per sweels. Ily tte teasitreent 'Danilyexesett st;tinay
that ounglady tudets wil Co1- . yc $f,00,$3.00, $4.00,1$5 sTrains Inn1ettrnnsnt Steel'oedn n.
tttue tt attettt gamtes at te atlsletic takets by the Citrntell Sutt, Ite U. otFeOwsso nlyt.ReudFa.
fieldl. smothser fact wcth lis (gatue *M. D Yandte Spincastkat tt.e IsFrtC~ adWratd iTledoonets, dailt, excettsundeil-.
csonspictuttusly demnissratedl is thaItuneldof the list."NI'- t5tY tts o tnetin dily(alit bSunday.
E Doty ene. .11tBENNETTi. S - REnt ACOti
class gamies shtoutlt e playedl earlier .\ceYON1 dcesirotus of joitting tlte *- y C Feiner. n. Pas.t Agernt. L.osstc l et
in te seasttn itttrtler tot tratwoutt
latnt atria tobedevelopetdfo ebber clttb mttray wt]antpirtismnttame to II. STUIDENTS, SAVE IIALF' YOUR iiIUiNLY i AM)BEUY
lie 'Varsity teamt.
Arnellnmedical; Towta r 1.. o seole, Q 1$ ~~
('tss eststi 5 tttres Ises een i st Shaw or Miss 'Tatnner, literary.
csatnifestetd amiong studienits regatrcl- lets's-A lies' seatcht fib wistth- Tl-
ite -the arrassgsirCilt iti .t sebtelie- tisnelestlit standl Kftg's lltglster's (ern5st ' EN S T T
Z'seceacedstnde 'lese Ie'nt O K TO E we h . tifAl. atitltsne of the S. Divisins. 45_6
weesterstulive rsitlies, as susggestesd its I" lt s E Rex .--Sittgle 1t l t i tslIadbth t eest Greck, I sht11, l ret'11lt. (I t''littt 1 ititl st11 (oll c ' IIcx.TCl :Ifol s t 't
Salisetlay's DI),sithi'lseeeslettttstf5-ttl S. Thomp~c~tt's-t. .ittil S'('tstIl tts.
exist a strioni'' i t i t iii ein"v r f51 'It 11( t 5i'sssla t(1(j 'ls iltls
eli s saslovertteiit. Is orider itelo tsittttli''s'ttii ets.link AND M "DIV.AE. BOOKS
Tleacselet' g't'ney,1115 Wabh st tsesste,
t'e issttler ini definsiiiteistritt'e sitioid(',sicasgo. 'isA WiOLSLE11(E.
i gge . t ltt thusehp1re sisi lI 1 si 11p.;ett ~i( f iTI -V II(,_ L S_,
te foiirliterary societies, Alilnt a- -""" =& O17 - S o -,: 1= S
Nui, Adelisii, Webister, asssli 'ter-- oa L_ _
soisin, btrisig thsestatler befo5re thicr .- . Huliday Rates. RENTSC.HLER,
Sisrly geat lcastageteotidNc lor (Cristmstatid etc eatr's lli-
forticuntos OLL GE IIENIIdatys, te Tttledo, Annt Arbor andt Nortlh g~t ra pher,
crise fromithCie intserest that wsoiullIIMichsfgatn railwaty still sell ecur'tsei ,
natisrallyv center 1st sucshnaedebate. Itickets betweent all sttfets ontits liste CRIRMI N 11vSS
Ii , I ~~~~~~~at wiieh tickets atre sold, stlso to pontss Its C tO II. tt 115t '

'Ts'r '96 lit hsas taken tets to
fstrnm a freshsissaIlanjo ansd Glee
club, spteaks swell for tine enterprise
of thai classand also augurs swell for
use success of future 'Varsity dlubs.
Wh'lse '95 hsas the hotnor of institust-
itng thse freshmsascliub, it ought to
be a matter of pride antd obligationt
itn eachs succeesdieg freshsman class
to itreserve use systems.
APAs''EnTLYrth ie fate ofth ie nesw
S.. T,. A. projectujo sett ed. All talk
of b'dtihyal of trust ansd dfeposintg of
thse commtsitee is arranst nonnense.
T1he boartd has sowed itself to be
capable, antI ins submsitted an excel-

badge or 'antythting its jewselryI
we0 wat youtt(ttto bearus 5inl
tminsd. 0111' retlutationt is te
highsest foth iis tsotrk an~d ice
trill (1f1e1'yosthEle miost mtocle-
rate ptrices i Michigan for
thte best tw'tr'k.
Woodwarettd Ace., ista ttte St,

111 several connlectitng lines, sa to'e andt
on~e-tirdefare fotr te roud~ltrfp.
''ickets tr-ill be gotod gointg lc. 24tht,
25tht, 20th tantdi31st,and1t n. 1stand51
2ndf, santdignttod r etringtfi ~l Jant. 8th
New Route to the Northwest.
Ott anld after MondtSay, November
28th, il92, teTledoiS.Ann lArbor tand
NorthtisMichigan rafisway's sets'car
ferrey, 'Ann Arbor Ne. ,' , still makle
elsils trips buttseels Franlkfotrt, IMict.,
atnslKewaunsttee, Win.
'hisbobasE twill early freighst ears
actssnc Lake Michtigant,nmakinthie trilp
itt ( hotturs, so that all freightt siilpedi
by Eliseroute still lie carried Ethrough
.withoutt brealcilsebtulk, as hats beett
ntecesary iherettfore stti freighst
htandled;acroIssS te lake.
As thsis is te shortest rtotte toElse
nsorthwtest it shiouldl be is-elpatroedt
by Michtiganltshtippers.
4- 51. 1,'93.

Friday, December, 9th-
Wtith teie beaitiu sletrile Siare, the
onely gentleemenwcn t~eeIteen single, doule
sand trile soersaetis fentomtea.
MOtNtOtIANS. One Lun~g and TeeoILunt.
Melillsie end Nusbaums.
Te SitxCity Brothteesie beand nete end eel-
gnal spsecilties. GrneStitrSeete Paeade at 1i'
Pricese - - - 35, 50c andI 75c.
Sealenson seP .O.Sews eSed



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