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October 05, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-10-05

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'Z C.of 2- R. I~ti'~o. the publication department of that o xE 7 7 I =
~JC. '~( '4I~. university. Isl mecliatnical construc-
Pulihe Dil (udas xcptd)dui tion it is' certainly well gotten tip, New Firm, New Goods, and Low Prices.
Cours yea. 55 being printed on goodi paper and
THE U.OFM.NePENyeNaSSCITON maybibllsraisso There is nothinig like a SLIM FIGURE to pttt it in mo1tion.
_____ tne sivrsir, embrs f tse Wo have Ilaid in a very Lar-ge Stock of Seasonal)bie Goods. 'We
tSttSenpftias prnce s ee y'nr, invariably faculity, etc. It conmbines literary Bought (Chuis.'We Sell Cheap. Finie Footwear, boots and Shoos.
iads-amce hingrls's'spies a cnts. Salseip - and scicistilic articles of interest to _WJ- -:-=Ltr T. L_ R
tisas may be lefts at the otee of' the (DILY.
ast Stsdtest's, with any ofth~e Lditosnor the students, with ordiniary college 48 SOUTH. MAIN STREET, ANN ARBORC, ICIi.
authorized solicitorn. tiews. WNe welcome the Weekly ON OTE ATACI SWE REStW G
Cotmunications shouldrecach thtbefites by,.AON TE TRCI-SW R TO I
7se'lcs r. a. if they see to aupime she seastuto the field of college journalism,
tiay. Address all msatte'r isnteaded foe pablica- aind extend our best wishes for its E-:egaya* Fall Shiji~gs,
ionto itste SManaging FEditoe. Allblsoutest k__ <
concains s ouse be seat to the tss-fitutre sutccess. and N~ew' Thirjgs fil Neck'iiiar.
teas Manager.__ ______
TH Anno H Arbor. Hish. %VE asic our subscribers to be pa- 7'A -~ER
tl n uil ui CteIOnoreiv 21 South Main Street. Tailors and Furnishers.
EDITORS. teni h u, i he otrcev
F. E. tAss;'revs.t. '9i, MasalgittgE santoe. tei paper rcgularly. Our carriers
GtiETUE e tien, t. 'es, zsistazt are nesw men, ansI our subscription G oldAn rbrad ot
E.0J. Ottattre, titl. ,A.stnt. lists are not, as yet, complete. Con- 45ihga aiwy
t2.jO'5.5,.5s't~i.'l4,A~intttt 7 Tate Castdit effect Sundtay, Astt 1151 q
1,. G. WsetT s1Asu, tt'1 tiiteaSatss Ifission naturally results anti no one ...... D en1ure lTas t Ann iArbor.
A. se. jiesettis, sits 2, ts5it smore thas the editors. In idn . v '
A5. . . Jus aw s 4, t 1Anneat reeH OD~~ i.j is ttu
J. Rt. AisNtit. MtiCt'9'42course of a wneek we itope to be aisle L-C.5()5ItItaGtNet)Sit tttt1, 11. sl . s
t7. W.tRsCKESs, lit. 'iito get everything its workinig order. d o. 5 t e .ttnAel t eie sttt...t'2 lilt0tittit
is. i~~.No.:"). C' a SttMil 4.2nssn . 't5I1i. in.
I.A AN, t 1. 1f our stibscribers wvil kindly rin-o. 101. Toldtottnd0%ttttSuntdaty
r.nly. ....a.-,..it............ 9
C. N. Sotttsi, Nledic'tMt. port any irregularities it delivery, Is t'" 5. Dnts5 ' OOL Ott'BUSINESS. MAit- No. 1lit. Tleds,11 Oos Zitdl
lu i cit t o .', jthe 1matter will lie tdj nstesl. gold 5 1* ;S I m..i-k- l u it pltt'ttt'tttt N '.'itliti19 ()It N 10 T- . 1 2 .it
C . instnK . T R , - ' 1. 1'3 lotil rd it 551allsetirettt. plitints:' 4 T le oMiil lpens.......81 .Iu
$2. to -...-.pv.. .-ek-..ateome ofTothe AAntitmodtirbor..s7se a.ics

THE________________________HOUS-E. snhosweint tos ('iicago to coniplete
FOOTBALL PROSPECTS, their medical course, have repented

Aftet- carefsil observation we are
convinaced that Mlichigain is to have
a football teans,not sisiply in nane
Lot in reality. Football traisninsg in
ireviouis yeats has bien sonieting
of a passive relaxation but tieneisasi-
agemnest of this year's teanm has
changedl it to a continitoits atid esner-
getic campaigin of hard wvork. This
is as it should be. Contisnued Irac-
t.lce cosmbisned wish the cieterinina-
tiot to win must ptroduce the proper
Regularity in practice, careful at-
tention to signals, rapidity of nose-
meat, quickness in lisninsgtup anti
obedience to orders froni coa'ch atid
captains will give us a winning teaii.
Tlhough the number of morn tiling
for the team is large, yet there are
niany strosig and active usen who
shiould be out. No ont wino is able
to play should svait to be asked, but
sisould go out at once and receive
the experience and practice to be
had while tine leans is under tine
present efficient mianagenient.
Those who do not play should be
exceedingly careful nost to crowd osn
tint grounds during practice sours.
'rhey should be as muchs interested
in the teamns welfare as all those
who are taksing ass active part its the
ToE intial number of the Univer-
sity of Chicago Weekly comues to us
fresh from the press. It is a six-
teen-page weekly devoted to the in-
terests of the students of the Uni-
ve rsity of Ci icago, an d form s part of

of thneir nasty action and have re-
turned to hT. of AT.
I'ip-o-tip, tineZuits prince whio,
it will be resmenibered, lectured mere
last May, is in jail in Oilo, accused
of being a mnember osf a famous gaing
of counterfeiters.

P.4W j. 5L5AI- U.Pen.. k,5, .... i V"t. i
______________________from _____________________ Nit. 111. Owotss ns It '0101l0t~ttt
We Advise Studsnts to See Ccn 5151.. 211.111.m
it to ffydilv,(xet ~ itsita
Dost&Fei er T sins-nit.t1i2,'10,ntts 1()el itI"e.
e'op e=eaonS Othsetruis hlls exeti sittlt
NV'. 55. ttNN'l'"i', R.iS.GREt-ENWOODIt.
Feolt-Ilsl uand Tetssis Slices in Studs. lGen. Cuss. Ag' t. 10(aIA gett
___ iT3"me.

'Tos Deltauw Record comes to us
as an eight-page weekly. It covers STUDENTS' BOOKSTORE, STATE ST.
boths a literary asnd news field.

Grand Opera House Tontght.
This, frons the ('hiceago Evening
Neas:"HndsAeroisa the Sea," that
popsular melodramau,Iwise presetited at
tine Ottera IHouse last ntiglit, befsre a
very large saudiencee. Tisers are many
nsovel scenic feattres-soiue of tsetsn
beinig qusits stasrtlinsg.T'eisp tery is tot
absorbinsg olith lrousghouit, arnd hpictures
as plet in which povterty tatnd wetltii
virtute assi depravity, tirtlesatiess atid
scheming villtsny are strikitigly ititer-
wnovetn. inaner W. S. Reeves has
givets the platy a nnagtificeett stage
setting. Mr. Hlenry Pierson. as the
villaitt, wats an realistic itthis work,
that wh~ent lie appeatred blefore tht
ettrtaits, the audiiettee complinmentesi
him ly soetsvigosrisus Ihissing.
[Notices tiasrrted insthis cotumnuat tir rate
of1 ctosa ier lise. tipesiuI ratsuforelsagerI
tme. arid extra sunes furnishted bty apptyinig at
the DAILY utttse.2
Suit of rootiss to renit, No. 8I5 Southt
Fouirtis avettus. 4-It
Ness single roons. ttll moderinim-
provemenits, hot tatis colsd waster, etc.,
at 22 North Itngalls street. 4-2t
Type writing dotie tt 48 E. Cathe-
rnisstrest. 3-10
Frotit suits of rooms, f urnace hteat-
ed, 19 Chttrch street. I-It
A. E. Rose, for the Goldetn Eagle
Clotlhittg Co., will be at tite Cook
itotts every Ttuesdasy during the college

Gmook, Latin, FrtuciGermtamtantd all College Ioxt-Isokti. News
atnd Seoetd-lHatns.
ICsYCLE tet SAt I-Cetitury Usisus- t RE NTSCHIILEE.,
for selling. App~ly to F. 1). Gteet. 21
S. 1,2tin street. 1--7 h t g a h
If yott tre going ts ortier a suitt,
overcoat, or ptair of troutsers, be stirs to COtRNER MdAtN AND ov-toix- STS.
casll ott Mr. Rlose at the Cools Ilosos
Tusessday, Octhober 4th, amid see the ele- ~
gartt lists of cloheithe Goldens Eagle GLAiTE UFdJA 110 U3E
are showingc this seasont. Tisfirlmn TO NIGHTS.
htv mnthergslr'iis oAtsAhor A Genuine Melodranmatic Sensation!I
every Tuesdmay for the past fottryeass G0etatd Prioductti n fto rtilon
ansiav lt'htie reputtationef tssrmimscout Romassnce.
the mobbiest sty lee. tunist perfect fit. tH N SA R S H E
the mtostresosnabtlesprices, sm and HA DS C OcaT E
furnshlhsusressof refsresceaaninmgSt A Car Load oftte -Menoistteeit Sits-is
this iboys. lie stirs to pay Iint a nisit stud Esfetees. Witsiessed by spisaid sif
wiseither yost wish to order ormiot, it FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND
will pssy yost. OTiE EITEsAMICtaANi FAMtLIES
t12And Acctaimed she G, naudest Romtautic Pro-
iTo ri-nt, a ntice ltall amidlroonnasst12distiaon fthe kge.
E. Wasingtomn. Rooms suitablie for Prices, - - - 35c, 5co, and 75c.
society purposes. Formterly occtupied Seats sit sale atste Possotlite newsu stand.
by the N. S. N. Medictal society. I-6it__________________
WANTExO-Am entergetic youtngstats
of large acqusaintarmce and some bissi- GIBSON ,
nesa ability, to take charge of brsrmnci
office for lesading etroit hoarse. Mumst AP I
furmisht referentces aridStond. Cttlsin AAA.0T.OG A PL HER4A
C. Bartont Smith, Cook Rhouse. 4.lt NO. 12 W. 11URON ST.

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