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November 30, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-30

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'C~. of 3?(. T$cifu.
Pu blisbed Daily (Sundays excepted) durinS
the Colege year, by

ONE of the most striking inter-
collegiate items that has been going
the rounds of the college dailies
lately is to the effect that Leland
Stanford Jr. university has a cam-
pus-of the astounding size of 70,000

Of all kinds for Ladies and Gentle-
Men, of course.

acre~wih adriewa 17miles long. WAHR &. MILLER
OclaEDITORS.Xv~~uitr omke - ~V 'H 1LI
V. . BOs, Lit'5,Maningdtorleleeouslestmpetoae48 SOUTH MAIN ST.
(,. A. DFesxs Lit. '9[l, Assist. use of so ntewsy an item but after '
W. E. - - _ , t'9,Asisat' lgrn ite ntenc fsc
-Asitn. furnaliteothsieosuhL W Eccacn . its,. '4stnsalafagt. 'a ielid passed it bfor the time. $ L I LT4 - o , -D e
W. W. WE~catnsntcaE:, I itt.'4. Aeistant. ,1 Y$A/---,sita. NothDil:Po
v h al Palo ?alto, comes
h. A. Stnacy.'51. 55w ti~vns,.'t. out enquniring who started tine rumor
F. K. icicle, '118. 14. \V. Stettber, '94.
. B. Oales,i'94lc . siiAL. that their university was lost in such WA N R&,t~ Tior n unses
MaegaretneC 55cc-. '94. J. It. Arnetilt. (ti a vast immensity of space.T
Acitte Me arlacsd, Spl.. sONcc0 'strlCl.
Noma (clea t e s,'96lt. I'. K. ntewarn. 5);.
itist-Ar,-A. Biciey, 'li.____ ,o ~ ' Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
________ v meetng ofthose tnterestetd
no yornlism sviclxbanbeeocaled ~ IJ~ESS Michigan Railway.
for the ictrpose of disciussing the =U l--
BOARD MEETING. advisability of organlization, will be 11 imeCad i fe. ct SaytNo .tt,"
1)111 Vhoatrdllthis eenitg at 7:30. eighttotclttck Friday evening. ''Ti. is-d t 1115. 50 ItIt. il
I lisins Ito 3'i 111) 1111.111w ill Ite-'trait- Ntoe.iigivlI cg1et.] Ala~tplyc~ ti d Ees... i'0a.w
} No.d.toan ittontl s Mai.iltand lt'SeIILer l *_ tt 4'I .n
aC (d. to an informa l l5Vt-tssiot ttt the Is t'e LEADING SCHOOL tOFSNEittfa No'i. t101. Pa'-segei(cundcy ontly ...115ani
---- - - --- q estiont tf formn'c anud mainltain- godt istttlcitt~ elne etueriorw t ell c adi IatGINrSOT
Pc AcclfC OF (;OLL ESdNh , om di '; tlecturecturay veig c pteioans;tst 'I c
PU1IE OF1LE E O G . ng t society. It is11018.01 that all oethl~ectire yeari commerccial gcadcatintgrecat Si.). Mail aict tiea.'citr 1) i..
tidtemand; sot handcc grat aesaicil ll scure postionltls c No I4 lttil d xress..... ... ..ltp.in
s111'1 rstce ltt trc- ' iln lo itt-'newspsaper swork o'_es F' tCATLcsicttaxof'tdectci i
S lt lltt-lll tofolotv lbslirlesieek t eeaddcecs Not.t102. 'asseinge ISund olyl)i ___I1 p.-' n31
tce o cogsot gs1wit ll cottttence whointnx otfolcwtheprofssin, . R.CLEtARY, Presn. tented Slanaimec.
nex w~trlvitrttt .. I slt siliice lpresenlt at tis timle. 1c0it 1erec~itti
i)e htopetd that studenlts swill lake a __________ 2.(00, $ .® 9$4K 5 'trics 111ant1I t sc e riti v'ee To tI~ledo an
1a-a-j 'ryl ctic tidony . dult c edc rtt e.ta
it is certain tat of all university t ren .o t. tllctonIhtil N vr a.tihertr(aint daily excr j~ 4c Iy.
stetrlet ItatJ _of_. pulictionsIt'uld ast. BE ETT l .1 t-11t'ctN ecMi.
stdetstose sntheter. oftf a.k -nowv see tbound copy of their publi- E.S Doty & Fein er. j sen. p,BEnen~t. 1 L5.ocal Agentt-.t
least of college sotgs . 'hatast- cation in prepared for the U'. of :A's - _____________________________________
dent witht ay capabtility at 'nil for exhibit at the World's Fair. I T121)ENTS, SAVE TIALF FOUR _-MONEY iN)) 1l-Y

sain ocal sottixds shtoutld sitencd
four years ill thte Iniversity and~ go
away withloult eing aile to sing at
least ''ITe \ellosv anti Blute,''sonutd
seemttinacretilte to axn ttttsicler. Vet
we are probcably safe inl sayintg tat
not oltenout of tent stttdeitts coulti

All altiropriate joke, andi one atit c5 M-0, '.A 'It
preciatetd by all thte junior lassn, van . 'J
played oct Prof. Griffin, yesterilay,-A 'Tl -
w~el c vgasel oret tefo TUDENTS' BCOOKSTOR.E, STATE ST.
ilwinb notice to thte class:'"tnas-j
mutchxas your lesson today was lotte iGek ~tr.FecGra n l olg etBos e
bie.f (zoo oe.-,ccTc i l cc Gtot-'k, Etti-, lrcil , 7ctlt td nl(oltg cthtoc ~

I niversity son1 w(ithouttt a nilsilce. ttr your next lesson, te first fottr U f 1YI'4A ' IIy'T r
'l'tat this outtt1111ot ste, got-s vctluimes of the. xeiafn'yl~J.. AND 1Vi. ii.LiAj BOOK
witihtout sar~intg. "powtht' elt sttutettts cia.''A IOiS TE P IE
ha~ve a chtasnce toc reitedy thtis state ITW O EA E P :C S
of affairs. iPrti. Statnleylhts takenti .D f- TC)C)_ L, '
ax ls-ely interestIlinistituting tthis ~~-
practit'e;antd totdotubt Itt-sriire-- I BUSNES LO ALS
ceiveiroiper eincouragemett .i F -'l'iFC.A titidtleSat'sre
onie that can sinc at all sholdmae( OL E E IllI t i)toft t, 'e 81
grtce-r,.f tt il, trp, ollis, ec. t o o 'a h
01 mele aIcommtteeoone t deiitnswil lfint)d 11 lnl t ot acem
sethaet se is accilltt. ttthetre.__ tiocatilig grtceer ilntoxt-i
seLOttST-s hre Lv c tttyc S ate) ad1han, 5 tNI% 5-. 55 N tt Iitis cl
____________Iti s5lelctttlr.f r 7Yott , 1°ou ietl~s ty F i l~r l. ,tila ve a 6 C huels.(

PROF. - tGtIFIN stools occasion to
give a prolper reicrimndls to a sntall
ituittbtr oly,cif the jttlior lawcs
"yestertlay, svho Ihatd forgotteti the
resptect Ittenairofessor froc thxe
students. \\hilie his remtarkcs app~ly
tto aisery titall nutnter the Ilamle cf
slut-liactionlttotsartdotne wotrthty tci
better treatnteilt falls til the whtole
class alike. 'T'here is a time svheic for-
beara-nicc ceases ttc be a virtue, and
-that time Itas arrisetd. Let the svhole
clans arise in their mtight andl see
nixat every ntan whlo mtoutn tthe
lecturer's latfornmslhal receive te
respect due one in his position.

badge or ainythng in jowelrv,
(w0 Wvantt ytcu to be-ar tts in
tntd. Ot1ir tctutatiott is the
htighiest ftcr thlin work taid (wt-
will sfferic yoiuthe mont itotdo-
rttt Irices i li Miigat ftor
lt'e best svork.
F., G.SITH, 50ONS a 00.,
!'ow'ctt vett.., at-a State St,

tis officee4.-3 t (Ta7\TDl OELA H = E,
]."lttjt1-rNl.--Sigle roocin uwitht heatt ANN ABut-n
45-(6t .) S. Thomotn ~street
Sn5t C ctk-t-J', '11151 It 15 .S italalcle Thursday, December 1.
tt shtort nticer aIittilI1111. PFikectits itt-Ic xc Io
'Teaebers* Ageincy, 11th 'Wa bash1 15entue,
I eewl ei ridoigo loidtay (titics at-the store of MA'S.(tithI ill hitite pi c l(4-I iltcltompany o
Poll0,1il . Mte-vstre'et, 1111 Thuirsdlas'. 31artissll and
i~i5.t11nie War l a st-I Itas aIlleel-Bob sMUIvin anS i O0lBu
C l~tss ibeginis l'riday evenintg, Dee. 2i, at Exqu1i1'it nel~itctt.ttilhattiit"_ewitsonlgs,
c-'oh olt t'clock. (Class fl e g c~iiners llltlditencot L ll e c 111t. I-Rihlyiirteni-'.l or
'xldiy tl afternooit'nsat 2zIo'tlock. ette inhi l''' iell
Dalicinig assemb~llt ieslaturIday ater- I. riceS: - 3.5C. 5Oc. 1111(1t75c.
11111, if treon 4 to(;. Nlt kel s 1hall, 41
S. State street. .)-G y.IBSO, )
NINxE'T-FtVE Oz c ~.- Spet-ial M VM
busnes eeioight at 7 shtaric, ri 'f9GPL f ERL
Newbrry all T1 AA3 NO. 12 W. HURON STh.
,t sAI ', 1tl 1 115 C.1 .



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