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November 29, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-29

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ESDAX OX 4 MD 1129, 159f2. I'r ics Tea. im iNTS.


UP TO THE MARK. nlmelited conmcendationi last mionth,j BASEBALL PROSPECTS,
________and his echings in the cooming ntars-
The November Inlander Will Con- tier are as b~righttas usual. Many Old Players Remnain.-"Phe- -
taln a Fine Array of Timely and I n01 S" Are Expected-A Win-
Interesting Articles. AlL rep ml ta ig T-mF ihgn
- very f2ineitic iism ni 1tiletioenis aindt ____
The Nos-eiitr nnitier of the Ini- altegories rif Aila lsaacs Aterk-en, a I Tiie procspeicts for a twiniiing teami
tanider itill tie issiieittomorrow aindinoteciaiticessi liii appeared ith tithe ronniing-'seasoii are unuslstly CO
placeit oiiisale in ttie iiaiiihnilcling grcit succitsitiotit tr-eitly-fire byears tsbirit. liiiearkinowledtgetl e r~e aisii-
durng ti psel time. -lThe niailage- agoil th iiis cnrisiliandabiriiail.-Ifer (tiles atretPearisoitandiSiitzer, trimo
setruwtiulies tis offer cii -apology for i fetins iiarlkeitbiy-sorroii, aiiil ter ilay~eithtliridlise aniilshiort stp~
tlue late atipiaransce of thIntulandeit, wirtinigstrere tiiiged wvitli a suetan- respiediuirirng; the seasoiis if
which n-as rauseit by iinior sieiinhb- elicitthat gace thlemlclmarnu, indc r ainsisit ; J efiferis, first base;
stacles. AMautagig Editoir tHall wh ichl Atr. hGarisett endtearor'stoSituiriseysecoisit tisel Craiwford,
states that it will tbe the ceiteaioriiofiianalyze. ciet fieldt Sthieluts, renter fietl.
the boarti hereafter tIi av tie aAtpemeiititleit "iKifttyFihser"'T'htucs nnilildssutenititwrcrk last
ptalper friomi the psress laboiut teiidsui istprobuabily riie of the niost clererly year sisnd ticy tiill nick-c riral raisii-.
dIle of earls nionts. writen that tite Inlaisder has ever dtdes pierform01 woinierfutl feats oniifV),$
'Thte tahle of coistensts o f the foirtli- lsphbishied. It is a starreid article, Itedianiondl to oust thieii froiii their Anni Ar
continigiiiimher promsises titat it ttill sail tile samne gentlemian also wities pstaces. As usual, tieie are a nunsi- f
isrove as interestinsg anid attrartive as01! nts'owiGoethteand Ca rlisle regarded hei of "pIhenlomsenal"' ncwv plnyensin
eeastrlcoe lefcicuIthe psrohlems of Chiristianty antd ins- the University thsis year, hut as there i
tianshivel eisoiigh to t. tisfyailI read-l nortality of the Soul. Thie triter has heeis little opplortunity tius farl ET

youi wntthie Latest Oletriipsilss tiMles
ii r $ii Shoes at tile to $1 a li less than
1-li prices, said Stir Cataloue to
HeF Y FE & CO0
01,18-185 WiosirsceAvg.,
hmond 5trtiht Qat.
t No. 1
'Cigarette 5Sinokersnwh
a5renwililigtotiti l ittis
it t ttieuri oopiiit ir i ,ii llu-ri bit
- llotiiers.ii
itnys TheiRichmondii Straight

ers. 4
'The inst irticleis -a "Bilographty
ofi DntM'it Dickinsois, en-t'ost-
clatter Gcncra] iif the hUniiteid States."
It inns isritten bh a geintleisan into
is iintimatelI issociateulitihiAIr.
Diickinisoiii sodiappeairinig 5sioni

hatis sliestntiuci time aidsctudyi on
the siihject, anrd Iis article stiots
great rdetpth of thioiighst and atioroughs
concepstions of the qutesticti.
Blesides the sisecial articles absoste
referreid to, the Inulaisder tins the
usual editorials, revieir ofiieiw

for the disiplay of their abilities,
thirt real merits Swill lnt he kinowni
iiitil sping.l-lowevcr, dringtithe
tiractice hefore ill D. A. C.tanse
this fail a studeint by thces nime if
lacks cliiisonic veutb-cvr pitct-
iisg aisdlgteatithints-ire cuiserted ofj
hiiiiinext spiringt Mnge leie-
latcidtittill o iteooot-
imtcitter iihoiMade a Itrilialtuirec-ord ini

Cczt No.
G o-M f. mut 0z-;j
tuia wa-
i ¬ęk' WZ1 I
I firth rich
'Flip d

aftier the successfuil ternsi init i io i lsiiandl iaiiisiumary ofcfurrent
lie catt; paigin iwliichtir.l i tick inslont'rcollege ev-ents.
mlanlaged in.patcantiltt fail to at- ----
traci the atteriitin if all interesirid CLASS FOOTBALL,
in poilitics. ---j

Juge Clauiuts Ii. Cratiioftiechediunlelitios-theo Ciu-sisionsiDteEs atsao ayetrteuiatiua s-il-iilSichoii li i iua
Class Caneos.J
Siupreilie Coturt of AMichintauwl-ites -_,__tUsniver-silythis tit ec. l Woil
til L1,titor andh Politics,"afavotinte- Beginnusing ithi Tuesiay-, Nov. 29, undoubtetdly muake aii i lca cu- Uuquestionably
theise if his. it iillsanlswer tos art -the clissit-inetstrill he tplayedh an- sitiousto the icn51e. i i i rliii
airticletiy lBishoip D oaiiettwliiiha-fcorinig to the fitllou-lug schedule. Mrii Clcvecinsui s corkcsuuuilit. FRATERNITY JEWELRYidi n ftercn ubr ih h aealxheettvso l
lueuei's li ftlcIciiii'iihsi5iIf thic iweathuci is illsfit for a pnaie mtsheoaenireits i u so
r' eastersn andh wester it colleges, and I Awiiliii- I ii tot Atim-sttiilcto
of the No01thu Amiericii Revie. 1thuechuledchltiy' it wiill he. post- sonic attractive gamles Potts at homune
"A D isptetAbihout ITusticsmthucitunneluitil thecflust Ifavorabicday aisdiabhoadh arc alreadly'assuredu. It ]iJ E' iJS
title if -iiiiiariic by Prof.iII N. ansdthe ucseqsuncit it-liies iip-ed is cuteiprohabilethat Yale muay hue aFUD Y(
Scotit.IThueartuuic wis uchi tis sincI thseureaftcr us their orer.secuirethfor a gamue lit Detirlilt.Pos- i.
ben eodlldwa oiinll c dsiistv core thansonseganecwilli icRbeiE N7IJ
hces enusueltiliis-iugttnsi - r. I 95 hut is. '6 iut, 'liiisiiy,'Nov.arrnugedlwitllsCornuell, andhthere 1 isrn-c - - 'i tu.
hy tirof. Scott hcforc his class iii 9, Athletic fcldi some talk of the Uiisersity - of Pennit~ x ,- - -______ ~ av
iiiriiriilcs oh Stylec isuhf oh ii s 5' nt3isaw v s i t I, uecsy, Sylvania nencding tier teamutsoa aitcst- cut-lie lte ititi ii i'ts' II ttot 1
iwill he of unulsiualinsterect ausdibhnei Nov. 29, camspuis.ernstrip; if so, it is quite likely' that
fit lnt ciily to that classlint also to '3, '3 it vs. '94hut, Wednitsday, a glis tl ehntdwt tct- P. J.,
all stucents in 3Prof. Scott s classes. Novc. to rampius. gafin. Sanely, if thue present iisdica-,
'Ite 'iras ot' naerycevr hih> Sil v.Inuler o hoiusregardnoilatyehin-candssganses
Th OgnLf"i ir lvr 4- nincoo s.wnnrofmterialize,thue seasoun of i893 ;
an ttltractiie little sketch iwrittcn ,Tfhurstday-, Dec. r, rcamplsus. wilt he one of the Pest us thuc sistals MER..i I..CHANT
bsy William A. MlcAndrewr. f5. Winner of i1i-s. winner of 3,ofteUOfA
lirof. A. C. Atcahalinendeai-- lriday, her. ,amanpus. I How 0 TAILOR.
urn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 6 tofnW ooin o h ak ~ Iinner of 4 vs. innuer sif 5,' HowOur -Teasn Stands.
of college and class spirit in Iis Saturday, Tier. 3, Athlectic fieldl. 'The record of oar foothall team
article, "Collegc Siriit," handling ----- .-.---th- . is season is appended and out of ANDIi l tlltiih t'i
the subject in a masterly stay'. The S. C. A. is arranging a ner- the twelve games playedi Se have
AMr. H. H. Porter, whso wrote in ies of lectures hy George RT. lWend- won seven as followst
U. an M.174.M.A. A. i0;1.n.ofan M. 6s, . .A. A. -=NE - =OOJ71-TS,
the Octoher number under the nom hang on "Thne Man of Galilee,' and o; C. ef M. lit. U. sic W. 6ciUC. at .6, Ccii- of
de plume of "Amir Nath" again lass hy Prof. Stagg on "The Modern nntiae>>; U. atfit. s, Northweitarn 10; U. at bii
sonse of his clever etchings. 1Mr. Athlete.'' IHon. Johan Wanamaker 60, Alions8; v. ofM.0, Cornell 44;CUatof M.518 5 5 W_ FOIR'TST_,
J Un~Cii. an Chicago10;U. CatM.2t, Obelin 2'; Li
Porter's "Piastels in Prose' received myalso he secured. at M. il0. Cornell:3o; U. on i, , iDeOpaw 0;U"
mayotf5M.0, Perdue 24. Detroit, Michigan.

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