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November 01, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-01

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,'-Zi'.of 'M H te died not rely upon red fire nor
.~i.J t L.stage nmechanisn). Plot surprises
___only onice. It is a kiino of cunnling, New Firm, New Goods, and Low Prices.
PiiishesIt Ihsily i(Sndays nseeisellis anew and cannfing idoes not belong to the
thecoseaen y eIi ighest nature. I-le bad little need There is t]otliitiE like a SLIM FIGURE to puit it in imiotioni.
ofif lltisiiid they sink into i nsig-
THlE U. OF M INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION nis1ance in hiis works. I le belongs 'e\ he l laIild in a very Liege Stock if Seasnitilie (oods. We
tos all lands. HIis 1Tihnson of Atl- Boitghlt (lieap. We Sell Clsenp. Fine Footwear, .oots aci Shoes.
THQ__ ARU__ PUBL__ HI__ G_ HOUE____________ieciian,.his " elius Cesar
The names of all peraons whose is mini se ipai s more Egiyptiansi 'ili1!S-.ntn ad7'epar, SA I M I TEET 6 I 1L
satrptoear o pi rio e i Ioari 4 ~h'I MI TEET, - A;kNN ARIII, AII('I.
subcritio s ae nt p id n o be ; i i. .i' a d rie~s i .st"is Itali.s
fore November 5th will be stricken 'e 1 1 c le~tit. 11 elemental' A . . l~~~(b~'t W crl
feem our list. fcs I (i ;nt' l f vii rtetuciiie $ jCIXi A L)VL. -1'J1.OnJ1ce XVS-iY
SuATURDAYS iDAI otehe f ns s inkcthe
i' gsile sitA .\l s n ew rnof ('ge of 'iiambitio.ui
Ii.. 0 iii iii October 22-29. WAGNER & CO., TailotS.
ill1) tlr lst 1l"ci oil euiu(:sc In c--- _ jToledo. Ann Arbor and North
thiirilif t111° aeS' Ile nave oii s - S e, ES= 5Michigan Railway.
A l ai r' co s p ri o i i t io citi "(I il '11t h(' .. ( IL '{a7', o P T. i
sus'iii i.lI ' u o i ssi i n t nilelt(siaiI >>iJdeffecst ( ii a i
lc' I l a rei ysl(.t i lii eiiiiie./.fiR '/''!A ia. 'nsttniltf [aisenset i Arbor
helb i ll reusorteds is iieIlie n I c iat I ic aine orksis itnec iss....... t
goo 1ain uIsi th liiisifatoi Alas agei- Isesisass ndo stheosne t e a on es- , t i .tss i 1 0ins As. Y5. '0/ l nn . tinsi Aciseins]illtlocrni.
11 iid os is a s t l ies. iserr t o e. iiiii ]uiisisii nilioi lCu Cisnuu s.i. hireili li nPssne .... 45 f.t .ii
test iwiiliidoutele eslw tcu t heco p leae se of te s 'kssi aito the c. us555i siciusssa elesan Nii o. Jl. i'T ioidoand sisi Ta s ai. lay
>tisiltssoliss I ie IiI its ai reuta tei siorli esll- icn mtiig i e . a ch s ag en dan e ; oniy I'i )ssuu:>)sp
dettem nigitheseri s s' 1/ /s h.. sc i~ tsitnethe true ood We Avip i s ror SononsiesuppoedSeang 5 l thu .s
I s s i auho sa ve tk n oe h nieya;cmnrlgautese iincegreat i iNi.. T iieiiiil xrs (.....1>'. ni.
lean _or _heimp _tnt___ h llionidean so rtagaut esal crepsi~ 1 tions; ilC.ll'Tled i l r s ......
the___thoughts___of__oth es t iisi re us . vcJ's 2.t$2.5peills..ivte ills 1p. l
No .. Tleo c.nL .cltoi .. U Iil
I' e,~I(laelr ll(wJ 11 trs IlenwtoIadts to the 001.P tA N F'soe' 1'TI'fi0/ i~of tetswo I 0 i.ssel
p iake positions fro' ' ctkato seik, address
P.5'' I . 1' . ' ~'~- NlS S.kCL ARY 1 Oh l }.01I'._ rNtIIll

('''i litl I iC) i'S:. I .1'o . a c's'v tesi. isueiiithe lk. - i lisit
pe's ".I ys alitsdo miosleaidithe IS1TUD i~ENTS' 130 K
A4 GRANDciLECTURE. hs. e li iilll otiii
>tsusinth e wet. Nolthimns its
totinie101fromi-il ' itie saetiic.tsssli t liies Oe-I, Jtitisi 1s'ii'.Germanlilla
D.sC iou. isis l)' the aliece o ' si- elidst icIreate an!perfect flail. sisilSt-cc
51. Ce ~isiesp sc i i i i~ek e ttaer. hutlie cireated
pefctiwoene Isabllia, Juliet, Cor- LA
P'vo exeptions sic n ithln'Int Is
delia, I ilsigesie, Ne-11 Criesd 'Vlint is IE ly bu lscrtnprl. TAg)i ob as" n )seoa
nsthl ig osatervanisiii uluens, ie 1i Slitakespesare didilmssore for w~oen
n o, GalilleosUsanelo, eelile.' i sthainal oil.er sdramasits wheviDeer
'srasit, Ull icie. AU.lric i ve..'Mr. Inigesill smile a great
ci isa. Isis sleSci I iussoisit(i)cns pinst if wis i sii conistanicy to mallis fellows stutdents. N Ci ili' ain
llli..aietli lm itans" cliited g ireait in fasce-of eeil reposrt. Shlakesp~eare tet lssn srih'i ht5fms
al)Ilatlne. sits h alie.rsionality coul I ieaeuse Cgreatest ofi the ''iinise-esal 1trigtntalmosinasirirch s- ea s the
siot lossve inspiresd use of Isis s)es. " lie sash eses that saiwasish tg -it t' i A. e.tea s h
lines. Il~e smile great iespl e i rs thaut heard. IlI e livedsithe hivs c - .
thsink great thsouights.- IlI e sir-if ill smcn ini sll ages.IC ws a m BUSINESS LOCALS.
tray-edherhess isle thouighit they sintellertusal ocean.
shiould hare arteed. Shiakesp~eare M.1r. I egersoll's descriptivre iuisers wN'.SidstotiCasre far fices
camne in isisa fhessd-tihe.I lie din- anidrenmarhkablesocsibulary swere fs sssi i-i.Initi-st8)iS Fut
cosvert' of -Amnerica, the trnsitionsafinelty brousghit out in hIis 'hoss. ttin . R fteGle alo
from ist dedle agensestosoerna life, aentencs, andas lie turnsed the a ir. late. filibe atteCooki isihiof
the rise of trite Etuglisis "reastnespae of hismtanatuscript aitdhbowetdleeTuit ilesd ssfan till(Tbe lse t
bac himsltstheir effect.\I r.Iger- an conrctusionlain auidietace leftIthse Isee the bets.
solildwvelt fittinugly oil the impoisrt- hiall swith a atainglesh sense sif regret Iint elegstinhimof nouvslties intssd
ance of a maii's envsironmenst.Not for the elose of the sp~eechis and if aidtiuiishing gouodsc mntivsll hi
eavery wearrior fights the great biattles, grsatittiee to thselectutrer. nsowti st the GookIhotuse, from No'.
1st tuo the tlI, bt' C. I. 1 ltots, the
not evert- poet isrites the great It seas noticed thhat Ingersoll msade ss'ell hastter tail labastisaer of Tolieuo,
sontgs.-ahbsolutely no mtision of the Shakes- 0>. Exchtsisetienn of nosvelties ndti
Thse greatest dranmatist nacser ad- Ipeatre-Macon cotntroveersy-. It is miuiersstios of prices urnens! to he usa-
cordled to tian the right to edsi wrong. hpossible that liedeeed it enseath lorhtat chasracteristicsl of binlin.
lHe was hoett rh ore. leddhsntc.Pleasnt suite itf fronit roiims to renst
haciest st ~se ~ e cieflainstotce.at 4 7>. D Iivisioni. $2.25 iier scei.
riot weork according to rules. Smtaller Eery 1ecso0 inisslas ightl's auchi- ott
risen have since niade rules froms ence msts feel certain that thse S. 1.. Studets will fitid a fine litie if cast-
wehat lite wrote. lie di not rely sin A. course for 1592-'g" has bess. dies, especisilly chocolates, at C. A.
the stage carpeter. lie puat Isis most auspiciousnly opened. The of-Mysi'steSaetrtgoc.
scenery ialolhin owen lines, asid ficero of the association deserve thelicketor t n ai ngle's ewAsoasdatmce
caret! little for lplot or stuspense. highest cssndttationa from tiketir t ((rangofer. e neiy

aid sill (sills-uege stlsuh~. i
Anin Asbo.ues e ekon e gi nn.uings
AmiasYung Vtile'tStar, 5
Supposusteds by a stron- cpn y sutsandiii Ulsu r.t-
smm Dns rue s susen usictl e.
Admission, 15, 25, and 35 Cents.
PI hoto jrap her,
COsiR.- Ett Diti NAD ticRtOiN s

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