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October 29, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-29

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W hy Not Noble's Star Clothing House, S. Mai. GENTLE1\N T
y ----- ___ __ _________________- ---- ou haeeebeen w 'aing p1 o and ombe
haeo fetehe il e elTinfll nre
have your Clothes loade in JUST A TOUCH OF WHAT YOU MUST SOON EXPECT thimpliain, wile the sore enthusiiciedeem
Anli Arbor? es will adopt the new ole. The good
Jos T \Y~j7 T 11ma' ,Pay Mat OverTcot slo, it miht tsave you large d'CIC ffd ooe-in pain ad S0. liesYou
K A I 1} , r will liedt c biiu diplay of these fabjiesa
J~i ~torsebill You see we are at allo tilnes looking after alo ae ine n£o erwewa,n o ciI'eye
The Practical Tailor, ti lcltlr. cilas a
will ginveiou perfect satisfattioin. Ilehant Tiloing Soe, NodE. Huron St
Prices are reasonable. Remember IS ompijlete in all liles. Prices extremely low, but the Getlemenowiciine 1tolbe ifomied 011 Ili
proerl and00oeeet thing in dessae iiei
Kollauf, The Talor, sirts 're good ait(t long. to t-aload see nme.
f > ____________________________________ lle anleillyofdrescs Gamets and
10 E. IV ligeln ,t. , p Sanes Steetiot, resfo Ldie.
- "":,TU of A. C. McGraw, of NEW MIACHINE SHOP ,
l Employ, of Detroit, force a settlement ANRE HN EIFIicil=y 5'
of the estate. Shoes had to go. Bicycles Rep111011or Reti.
i oung We bought 3,000 pairs for tliemntlpel
IC y1G Men S O S 50c on, the $1. Have opened Dental__________________red
to0 boleut the greatest slaughter known
4o o +o f44 + our a dee 11©in Tlflfla "ATE1
atsiien arepaienthfraIihogiaiieoAiiiiithe history oAinn errb. TiuurVG _________7 _ f
Fe & GO., e en temo m povl
cee nilteicyclel rriv0mudprovesIf will pay you to investigate.
oli ol tll on t1m fo
Youing Lai~e ee elh ' ~ e Fine Lunches,
Ihbyse orgil-csle rlast e Whwell reom- ~Fine Chocolaten,
Mended. Wilkel leepaclie be. j I O and Bked Gods
ELHRID A G. SPALOING & BROS. Try our "Red Star" Oil. L W B O S
Bhy nl you can aifeici for
~~ Feetball Supplies ~ Noi smoktly No offesie odr. Will not char thew wick, prsn Idiitliaetoa
Specialty Perfetly safii igit gavity, Ia' 110 equal illthis LOWiESTPP I E
E eey eqislete foree le111 e.Iele d llllyt iypl ftl 3il We shall be ihere for a few
o ega iacehm , alIe. je- iiiier('111.Price 111w per illon. days only1.
ee Sey st s Sil hoies, (ee,
1 . iwc110,itesivee'uelt,- ]DEAN S& COMPAN Y. Callaghan & Co
ieeeShilln(u iieladiicii445Suth BMain Street. 6f
Inlhroi1l5llll te Football LAW PUBLISHERS, CIAO
1r111s1 le uedsin li Match
Gmiii'es I ilrpieliiiil5 i li00ls(ieC ubND R.I I I Xsl iIIAt 1 Iaii hAl ' AT SCLEEDE'S, 50 S. STATE ST,,Abor
of l t h e110 eadng'lateec. iilh'1ihiiil eclhulltilspreadli. AVii 1ut ii ii1111f111111i)iintendolse iii n l of lhnioii iGR N E'nAAE Y OF DNIG
w- Ireie, 10 t, ianisoielyaGRNE S ACDM OF- ACI .
Illustrated ottal tatigoeseiit Fieee. 11, iliili 1 iilih 1111111' i li 111h' Selve ilars f Iteaing1 n An Ao
New ii. hiit5 luc gi, I'Ilit114 iiitiIh iliAlo.. N ot'. -1, S ip, ii.Il_ I11e1 ,1 'IO l ii l i iihe Arm iAnie Itoieoaiih cc ii iihi a r ill f lit-i ilsplc lst leasoil ieee'a
i iuiii a il arl~eest (' Il.eeeailiy th eatcih
1111 111 \i idci1- ee the p ee il laiinstr iiiiiion ie.11% ad lie.
a i .11TN TI N L BA K dora in i ty (111111 i(iiii50. 111r3ie .il l ., oh lesiii0. 1,0-1 loe 1Grage. M1enibes of lthe Aineeeian
FIR T AT ON L lA K.'"al., Nov. S i,Luiihig. Ias. -Iiieft iiiii: Iaiii leaes f'lue. liioht 1a3.uatnl o eooatin of hlloesf Daieiii.
Oh' ANN ARMiORI teioi i. IhV, a li lhillI ii e infoai on rile agien"h ciisis(,1 wd oh
a Itl 1,00. Suirpins and P dits, lasso0 Sat.. Nv. 1Ii, Sip. il.. uaisi 11 h l illl msio 111leiinldee I , r',I5itt 7..c Lie ea el tti iIan
Traniiacte n geieea lninlg husiness. h s. 1.A. couree ilandci . Iowvus tiiiih41. I in'itls e all orin mrR H U E
Ilonrige 'shaiige biigtaid sed. hurnit ih i ti eohlaltii. 4ci 01101 11it iill beruiilfi s I MlII:s
P. BlAC lH Pres. S.iW. CLhARKtSON, Canhier. 1 1Thi s ieNov. '19,iiip, m.,11111 h"A'A 1I entnf XV Li to Tialilyliid
OeehleshsNoofltitod epi huof Whuh Selshin
THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK orhsrao hieliili._byodPn insadSetce
___ _ _-I IELl A DIEiS 3WI .Lt)DACl.. 1 ciii' laty .1s1 paid fiiriol .ii0l3 .iid
ph 15oe 5 OeiiO,53000 tIII\(I I I 1 1 lii! I 111(1 'icccrt hlai ' sX~le i lve
Ogansized otiet thie Oesee ei ianing Lawn
of thie State. hRecevesep oiiits, hiuyeanil Covers5 1100re iileethanau 1113 :15h'cc, ais and iii I
sells exe h Inge oithe phinll ietien of thee ihe imarket. Ti1i'eihon3l ook goodutuh il s l and Ittht3- le eilgO S"-r Y our ~Pesoription
United States. Drats cas'hiid 0up011ppope
denia 1111 ul. sfetyideoisit bosnto reit. 111o i n iet B. &c LI.sytemil vest O aiii ', ( ellent eelSil 'p w' - m ypte '* it 11 eie oi ur lainkis, ut
Oeiceas: hrthiall Mak,'oh, s'.; W. DIe(lie lilugitfor yii, ndiiitill it ailhi" niliit
HC'rim11110 Vce-iase.:Cthe. E. Iiseooo, Iitsbiugh. 11 lso oiehiiees te I ii i'doy evlusl Suraii y e lleil ilfi wn' cst youoyfaiiiiy pluse, t ill pay
1 ah le A.. hrit Assistant Cashie. 4 5sysiw. Get it andilhlie ani' v1r11 cii' 11lc. i iii he i. Mr s r. ug yu51111n yurpesrAsl t o
I1NIV'ERSI'O Pri'c $t)10; good oilne e. Apply s I iii IIpuils11. hOtice liiiiit 11ademy, p.,x..lv\~o')N .'"'C
SC0 CIOLFOR DANCING to Oiihiiiitral, 1..A.t, eo do, II tOINI' FAILat
____________ 0ero y iiiiione f Holishiii art n id
.,_}-Ii N 135.if1A'S 7. TSTATlAE ST.il Sllohe'oSilyii5 2 Cii hnusC I a r ifloe. Y111111rin
HALT. 11101CH'. Toisie Sablerhs 'w cindowis. 235S. 111 c.HOLM(ES LIVERY.
. iI. Aes~, 3115. Nisito~ L. 71m, ___________ _______________ --_____
- Thlompson nt. 1.0t. B0100. 11111u11th ve. R tG.IgsolsecusgidSE AL
Pleaant____________________it and 5snl. ro s Stn iks11iT'hu hOF t i A1.lh'l hSitAVING: lPAhLORian irht-
I ~ Ielislhit sills 1511 lillile' 101110 fil ofili .. . itacuw. gliltieor 1C. 0. ar- lI. rweS. All "poiitilii i i r hs cls.
11501 It lucI. tairtihhais or-I iiir sel n iiidante'i'~idr l o . J. I t.i sls
53 ~eit odr ~~boouadfr lli. : Intci rn1deiiogled Ic sarIhillies. .1. i.
10n 1115'sre lt car tle. iBoardeii ul- liiieiia s111i'ihi foede tr ~iu 51ANrfyoe cleoes oeaiuid,
ric cendcisfraternfeiti liltseshliittes t e iaresid, 305. Ste ebondt. ~ s
sired. .102 5 State ,it. st-"s otuhieiul.t'Pric'e ery looaln, h'iui ver 1 S1heiehan'i s loo toe. Lab-
Want to knosv (most of At 4 A. tiftihi ir,,very niely fir- AIAIRiSIN IAltIhFliS
the boys alreatly knios) 11i51e1feout sutls'roos, furenace balii'lii k aks see irof
yt}F r SlelofIRetl. -A 10ll01 sur in . 1F0un1ai Pe i t ie Boiis
Wllere you can get the 1i oih.Assheilbels~l (Ieeke)il11 guisi ldithhiilln h crms 0t s Oeste eeeada s
best j r2.0 a:f seksfun a lihmitedl nlu e'. reilsonleu. Ihquiecat'Au.14 A. In
bes V . Rosei, sitthe t=odhdui a l galls nt.-
GYMNASIUM SUITS AND SHOES lhlnhg(i. r11hen he(uotPieSlueits Ptenttll n siiotok
lilulls' Tuesday,1Oc1.2. ueases, test ilales ne n olilp11atiils
I for the least money. It WANED-Prola twcleuIso fifeen Lowice ns'sat3MARTN iA1t I 115 P
iststhientCtoworDonTmi io.Ca Elegant Suite-baih, heatig iul ~
s [ p um at 6. Iteron st.ighiing-ret ansiablu' P01000 01111
11s. Wahington St., Ann Aro. 1T11see Stable's ss intow, 235. WahiIOdcT Oleand0111singe 111010.liv
_________________ 1"etlrh iiare. '1171.. Leavewosrdl ht Daly siie 27 TRADE /ifARK

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