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May 27, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-27

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the tt. of

WeM s D v . t onos r f-----4 2 1 0 0 0__
We ┬▒vus~ uOVC o01(, 211 -4----2------
1 The store we now occupy bos 11 Final Game Played Off in2 Inter- Ktot k ve. ------ 1 1 5ts Tickets on Sale for Saturday's
1INI been sold. We most seek new I islhop. 3b------- 4 0 0 3:01
quoarters. Class Series. lloyd, lb_________40 S Game at D~etroit.
_Totals - 71714 15__
We Must l os out1 1 204 2(17 56 1, 1s
1 o lc f sc st'1 - 0105 N Thise yeartos issler-class loso-Ioli 's9M ---------o0 1 2 0 0 2 4 is--1ilAt l' the '1'littofthes'Atllsetic-
' Bicycles.o eVresO whch f10tltctampi~onshlli hstos 0111'o1)the fro'slt Earned runs-'9905. 2. T'b1' hsselits-('ossIBoadj lst n ight filial arnelet
will sell toods if low prices ~ot o'l(i iss ots eus s-don, Ap"1te1tc'oli c Esar st .01leo blo~s- {
fl moan anything to buyers 1111 edcl ls, 1 W ea e selE.-3, 1l1olsy 2, ooley 2,. (ierh '?2, (twn. iWeretmladeiSfor the Deltroil: -.sine tet
I toubsle play-Abt-e ,ecn and 1NI lsoss.Ba-csoos f
g~f lUES 10 faed te fr'eshmllens oftsf1he l iterary2 balls-O] i [ 1 , ottil i'sIet s tr ls-iss . By 'S trday2.
i EN NApe nv ;se ells 2 inse 2:',0. sAttensdance o Xll50 I-isol10
IS EASBUINS tjde'ptmntbltyesterdaoyfby at score'of -1300. Umpire-t roes. roseilecrintan ilb
If you Iwantl.t in i nsls" tese111oertle f('ian(elta, ev
mscliteicesouroseprices this il 101to7. 'fts'eltlterrboh oltst- 96 Ctass Day Committees. ltoe ie2i-,gll0'l~-d et'
p lase~ fsy'e 211 sslsled hy theis' pollt- - l ~ 2)i.11. 2 1 0sIIsley.
THE ANN ARBOR ORGAN CO, t esl.otisfl iedrsvefoIstI The sola cl a 1 115sslmet eslesohl- tllrsrtsl2fsltesitt7111
i S. MAIN ST'. game d11 tidi sot (c110' until ftler lt-e11111 ratified 1111' ac-tio51 1f tillco10-11-'2. 11.m'fie roun(d t'llp inludsintg
BUBN-HUR BICYCLES. f tsevenlf t itlg. tite 11 11'l it t ril~iltt' llIiO o t he abI le~~t, sifw eill 51:J).
Bu! ~Theite ltffreshment aesI the lirtcontrattfot' a portaitof Prtof.Kntoow--Thte'lwain gras-5 ltdsi 1110e)ll5 re-
Sdlotlo tess-ey- Ies, of Dt'roit. Prolf. srots lt he Ies fts' lli
Jon_________________________f_ irotsst untitillesec~ltiondiwhenWehle'reladthl'ces ae e
relached fBltotnOttltt trror, 00111ntItllilhidKnIow-lt ovwettto Dtros-it i'SaturdayI p)5'lacdottnss'e aII Wrig-Il, Kay ' o'2.
flte at o asel blo ndcosed Ite p to ilfss lt 1i-tll'1111 vlioi soi's y'OIf' tole. T'f ii eil'forl' these
Its a [eI~Iael5 ~I~lllfOr i ls'Ieck os- tilttihe11'po~rtrait i5 lilt- s'atoswill bI'10 cet-s. 'hillnslt e
1 1111 htts- to'tl fis s'' isileli. 5r1a1d oStnlI 51 la 1u s sat , 1111tthe
ilt'l'51'firsttitlo 151Itlssierr'or.llill 1-i-Illthostis-bills'-oslitetsrrtree
in the season, but we fSolts erets'retired It irst. Jsos 'h rsnaino 11 otat orgt adsd ilb re
to first, latd the I:) '. C.ssred iselorele bIlls'
ball''ttg fifssscosrs-ffedlllf'l lbeforsifeo ll tithleIs is'irsliti
a111ffng00f isereaslswlllbecll1d5 slgllS Iil be tllltlttolfh
I ohs 511nisis' rtnl frt1 o' het'. llii'n iO sssssn to sciooses' , I tl'ttl ft hf clls ad1 sss i tllnd lithe 1' oo'y iflise $2 fsot',I sinle
~ ~ 11 ilili ot ahos OB to llmike thfis' enl't'tionilt. busggy still$2 io'anhttfintg over.
a Ipsosedi hff stll si so.i l hrssow. T eVefoll owffling fhav'e'be's'n cihssen ss s o thol ti amsiwilslrhf sop latthil 11155'f
fite ithLles' aisors''s. comtlftes'sfor class tbayad otisi - hiouse, the ('lsirosse1a51 irriv'ing
W i"0leicll'lte sxe'riss:IfosIte ast Iridasy e'einsgso-fills
Alh f ter secetiitg a isase listbillfs s'
1111111 fijI ~~~('sssss'srsleslet InvihltItion01111rot'ts-hss Xas'siy soilgo foownsioill'teaffy
IIIFI~ stofe seconds, reatched thsirsd sinVs'sll- .gitl-t'ave'rt, Watit, Rolsentbaumll
He'JU~iJ s shnlefcandsc tt1'ioi 0 fiiO'i sry511 1 Dr'ot.waistSaturd-lay itisriig.Th'Illihi--
baltl. Vseiii'l stosle seond and 11011ored Arrangementl'ltto andfil ilnteamtilill oulgsto the gros'sliin ta
-on hand and. most respect' oil I~trEosn's hit. soln, linig, I{,ggleston, Siriialoil,hsuss secorsited ovihlti'y'llowv11111 ilfie
fully solicit your patron- 'fite mlediclin tte secnresd fouor ll'e Shos . lohti lg andi Caopaiedl iys ts-eir mascsott
p Reitcieep-'11,ilonyliiOt. N .dtit ttion A.J.fI'ti, gat, itthlliI I f st i ag oakietlep s si ' e st winy-h
'Se I'e47 \jJ.Smit, Ham lenMartidale fo'f i glfesandsiio ohtaltwoi a ger. Decoritf i ns --ool'' , J.inge . -is isg gita spe' iaiil excrhis'ion mayg-tbe
E. HuronStreet. tissinnintg, . ,('ondontsoring. Msiirtssst, Stater', V'ert, twood- Centasif flr thss'benefit of tull Ci-sago
E.________Huron______________Stretet.soer issedt '52 s'nworths,tBlock. sitets, 11011it ho exiles-ti-fdithat1
Ift'ttihlI-ttlol1lt'hltl' W. If1. Ass- lis t 210 "rooters"'soill take titloan-
IDP R A TN TC .score itt the eightth,. Kieth ibeing touch- ssrot-isttts ittsC~soa -1lg fttsosoet
ed up~ for six singfl's ansi tootwo- Iasdes'.


G. H. WIL,
The Leading Tailor,
,and only direct Importer in the city,
"has just received his entire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Summer '96, at
leafS Dress (Suits a Specialty.
Special Sale.
Baseball Supplies, Lawn
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis
Supplies, Sporting Goods of
revery description.
Wm AH R'S.
Up Town, Dews Tows,
tUnIversIty Bookstors, Opposite Courtlinue
205S. State St. 4N. Main St.

flosfilts, The tmetdicaliine owaivssd
thseir psant of thte nisithlininig anid
Ape-f pitchted toositiningn oithtositti
rest. Tis snahled te literary fresil-
imeit to ohtain fiv'e rtsns.
'4'he "rooteirs" of the freshmanslltlit-
erary class rafliedi arounssd a yellowo
sn loth hie'91) hannler tduring teiii'glet'
As soon astoeIllslst mnan ovos ot this
itieshi-al stutdents shorts-siacross ths
dhinosid to cap~tur'sthtsbanner anti .a
genes-al scrimmiage iesolted. Tsesban-
tier ovas tsrn dowin hy aitmsdical fri-sit-
man, hot was recovered hy '1)11i. It
ovas finally recaplturedi hy 91) 12, itow-
ever, asid loris op ilosmtall fliees
owhichl oere dsteribmnted sfo uveenirs
aitong te freshmn of the medical

Memorial Day Exercises.
1s'nsorial Dafy exerciososill heefield
itt Uivoersity Itoh, hSaiturdiay sevening.
'flhe folloswintg programlt soill he tat-
ried otit:
Coluaesn Organs------Ps-of. A. A. Stanley
Ciolumbiaste Gem of the Oests,.,.......-
MishLuey IK. Cats,, isd ChildrensCthorus
Scripture anid Prayer_,-er. J. 55. Bradshaw
Corer thna oveseith BeautifulFlowssers-
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - iss Cletsand thildren's Chorus
Address-----------e. J. H. Ktdd, Ioeta
Aaerica,-__-iss Cole and C'il~dre's Chorus
in which te Congregation will join.
Oeeedictio,..---.----- Be., J. .Bradshtawl
Spring Tennis Tournament.
Yesterday aftenoonothis spring tso-
nsis torntament svas opeined Isy two
natehes, bsotht in the flrst noons. Dali-
fsrth won from Wtrrlnnr 6-0, 7-5, ansi
Alexander heat Hlarvey ft-, 7-5. The
coorts ars iii good condition ansi tile
games will he continoed every day,
Field Day Postponed.
The 'Varsity field day will not he
held tomorrow as announced, hot has
been pi tponed till Thursday, June 4.

'fiicets hily 1be seuresi ftroms1112
fztflisrs of lt'eAthlticihBsordatsitell
Daily office, of Sitd VW. Millard,. ash at
thf ischiiigani Central depsot.
Chicago.l15; Penn 10,
Chticagowosn Mondtiy's ganstes'ftIhe-ir
easteris trill, defeating Petnnssylva'iea
25 to 10.'They outbhatted thir op.-
pon~fent s anldlhsd no trosuhle in ftidsiing
The score:
1 2 3i4 5 0 7 StI9i
Ciciago-..0 02 1 1 34 5)0 6--15
Pennsylvania ..~0 0 1 0 3 0 0 2 4-10)
Ilits--Chircago, 24; Pennsylvantia, 21.
E~rrors-Chticago, G; Pennsylvanisa, 7r,
E~arned ross-Cicasgo, 6; 'snnsyl-
vaioa, 2. Three-haso 'Itits-Grey,
Jones, Winston, Ahells. Hoime rons-
Wilhelnm, iNiefioso
Wise Unsiversity of Wl'isconsin hall
team hsave returned frein their East-
ern trip in good sfhape, hut withi their
spirits cosnsiderably hort. They only
ovon two games o01 of seven, hot say
that hard lock was, responsible for at
least three of the defeats.

The score:
'99 M.
ARB e on PO A
A pe , p----------------6 1 03 1 0
Lakey,Ib---------------23 4 5 6 5
lMehisp, lb -,,.-.,,-.___ 1 2 2ho3
Wehrle, c--------5 .4.0 1 22
M cE ran ,ff-------5 2 a 1. 15
Kely, c f--------------4 0 0 0 5
Cnava,s....,......d I4 0 1 1 3
eynolds, r f-----5 i1 2 0 0
Wilson, 3hb--- --- ------5 2 1 1 3i 1
Totfals---- ..--.402 16 Id14 7 t5
Jones, if.-------- -5 1 0 I3 5


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