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October 18, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-18

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~IIE U.of A.Wiu

Is enough for one person to
Splay on at one time. One
guitar is not 'enough, how-
ever, to supply 3,000 Stu-
S dents. That's why we have
S constantly in stock several
dozens of guitars of various
makes and prices.
It's good as its name.

Practice Games Getting More In-
teresting Every Day-Our Scrubs'
Line Probably Heaviest In the
Country-Interference Better.
Manager Baird deoerv'es crcdit or
Isis efforts to sirengtheis andtlad1(1to
the .interest of the homse schedule by
changing the name scheduled willh
Case School to cue with Adeihert.
Whens the game' was fir'st airrangedl
wrillsCase it was cxpectedl to he ai
hard one, but it has since app~eariedl
hat the Case School teami is muoch
inferior hils year to the oite whieft

other at center an(]tsome1.5-very hard
play resulted. H1oopcr aid Hall also
gave a liretty exhibtitioin at giard
Ball doing renmarkably well consider-
ing his lark of training and practice.
M1orley matte some good tackles and
Dean at full back punitetdrensarkably
well. Itichiardls did gorod work at half
until an Injury to his wrist watteimn
give way Is Gates. Eddie Shields was
also out for practice. Hall was taken
tt the training table last night.
S.C.A Dues Now $1 Instead of$2
Per Year.
Thse isusisess iseetig at Newterry
11x11 tWssisday iighst imet iii old-

I U~ I~ pliyd ichigsin lastyealr. ~550
IF YOU WANT . The team wvhich, represensts, Alelsert dit.Tettisirlsifei h
College this year is the bsest it lists Stiudent's' Chsristians Associatioin is nowy
B arg in ' ov had alhoug lat yar heywonone ticihir.While the two dolar fee'
evei hails.lnevertillowed to bar anytoey fvoi
0the chamisponshlip of Ohio, defeain ig wt sse ilwdtsta isos r
i~~l-..~. tberlins. In conssequticnce oftiscthsey tisc prhvilstges of teassociations, yet
1 cl~~aisiedth le "chamiishipsi oflte'"antity save ite ltstesi irsascepst thsese'
B ooks West" jointily wthlsMiclsigtsis, a nitrivileges for whsichs.lthey'feltltsey
tlseiiri ts sictir(=st yie gar lte srd,;sisel o t p a sying. 'it'hs-iis' retnainss
CALL AT TEC Clhai iltitisof itse W'sst" wire iprisst-snow as iuefore'.M'sltnerslsiisfee'Bkepis
STUDENTS' BOOK STO Edtl litnsltheotll he'lity lt'ecataiiin. no onse cut, but, a.greast nuinsste'r-of
asitiSrdasy Adlelbertinset ('soriell studenit,,st' andssslasse'rltiithat cison
at Istihaissandwere desfeastedl only 12
tTLaw and Medical Bisoks, Greek to 4. A report of lt'e gamettit'ays: dollari'fees'itill let thisn i. whesresa
Latin. Mathematical and all Cot- "Cornsell scored tirwo tuchdoiwns in the live uolairti's'k1t.thlesisist u. It is
loge Text Books at r'edulced i'ates Oirst haslf, whtile Adelbsert otitplasyedil i~lsosgithle'refore, thast by si sieges' 1(1
to stusdents. Drawing Instruments fisti in thest'cs''ndss, scorinig onsui chsiI- tens ttsisf inicreasedltimembessrshtipi15y-
antd Engineei's' Stspplies. stuns, lint failinsgts kick lt'e gsoalhig titis'eldollari, the nece(ssairy sissiig
WE SELL THE BEST AND The two teassitsiesre' aibouit evenly epsetss'oitft th st'itlsistcan lie isset.
C HEAPEST FOUNTAIN PEN'is-tatclhedlins ws'itlt. Ade'lslbetcoisiitI
MADE.,Its's'efforteslussively tos busckinsg the I mstlie re'mie'msbere'd, howeve'r,
lane. maskitng lsarge is' hlsrscglsleft sthatl t'e expen'ses s'rssssss'cloiwith Nest--
SFLE HBI[A $L CO., '~'guasidtsandsileft:,.tasckle.Ussr xAdellwert, Detrry Hail sirs' iot light. It is,
STATIE STREET. MI. isises WNickhlssssasid Mt'stt'ltstuts ies'rlssbelievedtiIy thseiuoatrsd
hilidte bIt -work'' if dli'r'ctoirs tandl smembesrs hb'-
- ~iL.1iE, - Yesterday's Practice. sidlsesittialarger numbsste'r of studsesnts
T H m Li r YTA L O e s e r t l ' s ' p r sa c t i c e t e s b y 3 - f s r tt s s ' t i l l r s ' p o n ds s t it' e s s i e r i n g o f it'e
uraniiin curpet cf tut.of aniy seen so faist'litss atat te iexpenise callshe es-
AND IMPORTER. Ii et.holta u is et u
at right gnuard 0ci the scruib. ssr n-sic Sensor Law Election Tomorrow.
The latest and most Fashionable asoesit. sagssaisindat ce'nter. TThis h'le sesiorIsiw clsasss.FrinFbisfrMns er lt a eyitrsingfo satyster'dasy,
Fo Lregneabist fork n'We r . llytssvr nsrsis ron ir ias ehcllets orr by's'ty iii'fre'sidet't,
The Lagest tock n thecity. to fiis. fliescrusptlayingslissost ii igsulsss h.orĀ° s ohscisi
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST., NEAR MAIN. gooda gamseasstele 'V'arsity. Thse ii i-sty for psresisdeint. calledt-Miss Bhate,
terereceof he'Vasit ws anis-t sond tie resisleit, tCe ls'hlait'.
perfect astheir blockinsg asdl tsck-
hing wais 'xce'llenst. A issotisuiscarried'l proidting for alt-
WE AV W A IUVisTe Rteervessbuickedt sntdlchusrge'llspoininens'it of aicredt'eils sonIssiittt'e to
I Chic 'Varsity's hune with gosodleffect, fuir'nish thire' lists sit those e'ntitle'd to
We can meet your needs in the andsihssel h losse his'st till tlistss. 'fT' vot', psciinig for bsallostinig in lit-c
'way of text-hooks, supplies, etc., no ive ceniter men of the line ai-cragedst si's-lssis with fourftles fortsi'isi-l,
matter what your class or depart- 200 pons, somiewhiat msore Cth lste
ment, at either of our stores, and we 'ss'iy ns hsaiialds istysll apolititedyt he s'chasiroastidsp'o-
have the right kind at the right Viyan, tifact 'Ils~ ;ets o'i uttiuho vsis.'~t
-price. Bring around a list of your electonswisebe eldis't Saurdy.
wants; a trial porchase is the best teamsslhued ull)as followis: silsi tilb siiieiSiurh~
indicator as to where you should ''s'ss'sily. Rtesere's. Oist. 1tt,sit 1101a.. iii., in the laIeese.trdsilteyere1011 lecture
We buy, sell and exchange second- eiter.....-I. e.-......siarstss ________
hand books in large quantities, and Villa- .I.I--------Eilkes No Field Day Today.
can offer you special bargains in blooper-...I. g. .. 1..ohnsons-
this line. We are sole agents for (Carc------------..c - D....Iesitt The fall fieldti 55c set tel' this iftser-
the celebrated Waterman fountain-
pen-everyone guaranteed. You'll Henninger.... - -- g .Hall isoon has beets postpsoned' owing 10o05'-
also dund the best University Station- Font...........-r.C-.'. .I ohnsotOilioni taken tby the Bsoard of Ctol
ery, Note Books, Drafting Supplies, Painter -,. .. . .e-t...Hutchsinsonilo sgi.'hy etsdt loei
Sweaters, etc., at special rates at Baird-..... ..q.is. . - Morley ilt Te eue t lo.i
R P ' HIt iehsords-., .I. h.-...Drstshselis'cto tbc helsd, ecsanse thei' consent isads
W A HHolmes.. Is....r -h----coron isoltbenisobtaiedtfor a iweek sissy
lJ Ts s Downs Town. Dutfy...f.... ts - sl....et'out isseet. It witltprcbably btielsd somie
"Us oersu Booksooe, Oppses Court tHouse
155S. fate St. 4 N. M1ain St. Cart and Denhy agiili faced each, day next week.

The Daily Has Arranged for a
Weekly Exchange of Letters--
Harvard Students Satisfied Over
the Break With Yale.
Catsmbtrige, Mass., Oct. 14.-lTme
msost itterest ini lililetis is ntualldy
sttacctel iae pres'ntlto the iok of
thse footbssl suade. Hasrvared begatt
thet'ye'sri' ithtthre'ptlcssto il, usstise-
ly hose of left emii, lft gusrssndt
quatisrer back, which tiers' left esiarti
ely lt'h e itlsds'si'sl front cllg' it
C'sut. Emmontttis, Msckie' antl"Boubl"
Wre'n"s. Left situ is tbeig fitest vry
acc'e'ttasbly by C'slvt, it-io suutstit'st
for tEmmutons i)ilasst yar's Yale' gmeis;
lsitrssy, si big fireshttiai, is plying
guaired just st prsentui; andi Borsesi
sesrusalt'h iost likely c'andlhidt' for
shusrleu. Bt utheis'ehis o sisuri weaker-t
this yea'sti'nila sts,aso fasiisdefinsite
platy is c'once'rned's;hit'otiesiecwokI
ci thus'elieun iill, howuev'e-','bit'strong.
snt'etisrevirdl lissprobasbly thCli'grest-
'stCnumberlui'of isst class bacsutkof i
'this'cllegs i is t' coun~tiy, ue list
incuduing Chasrlie' Brew-ei, l'iichilu,
Uthiiirussu, Hasyes, D111the01) suani
wuigttisto, sllitt thomsshatet' ss
sale' ele'vsenssit this'griidirosn. Andu
issi's'art's'ele issues'acsit-ilstlii
'varisity siiisuu juis t Iprsen't,so hast
Hasrivsidslmusiit'estrong tehindsshthus
is' this ye'ar.
'flue gauset'whichsthis'elev'nh'iplaily-
ed iltoCt ida it s ases'i sfaot'ry to s
sll,i'xc'i'pt.pehapittis, ihuthe suuthwithh
Dasritmuouithuof us wek cirisoe go, Iii
itiich Harsru waisusaslet, Ccoeutis
suite'. 'Theu'wauy h in lishlss'trva'dhmetu
this'w'est oint bucssoasst Saturasy
lias bee'ua ssurupris'tssll, sint'e' al-
mstse'i-ry ('sasmbridge' uasnoexpsected
this'at'ss'to scri' sfsser tlist'larg'
sore tiithiitwhichi theyuetfe'std'Trin-
ity, sagaistiwhuomusTasls bsi eshtIs
scoer'buut tice'.
A genseral fe'elinsg of stisfats'ion f is-
i-thls ir- ti' ~t'ntissifthCli' trak
witil lsinitsthuels'i. Silt'unts itt's-
ftels'htisseHlarv-ardt cudt sot afftori ts
accsept si gamess'itilsYl'asithit'eut
pea'se 'oh' malthig itvictuasl spoogy to
thus'Ncts-IHaven'u ctllg, andutheiuy
sancst-ion,tiithlscsarscely slutexeeios,
Clii'actionu of trot. Amiiss, Cle clusur-
msausof Cle aitletiricmmuittee.
Dr. Fitzgerald a Junior Professor.
hutIn ucommone t hhelii'etroit satnd
c ter lclst-it ershit het'Dsily susuuouuum-
'iie3-ceterdasy Ithat Dr,.t.itFitzgeraldu
ha bsus eenurasisdtot hit'raukof full
prumofessor., 'fhis shosulud have beeti
stated "junior hprfessor."

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