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May 13, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-13

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Medical Team Won. 'r~o onie the bllliercccy of lie1('t- S P-EQA L
9t 41 11+Afair rot til 0110sot) d i faeba..,tha b l4iI PLt. ,] (h,,ea
'0 il' d inei ~'talus iiol is a matter +
17'Pin a lislc o r ei a e 1110 ie10l)i a ~ I njU L
f'ubilihe leily (sooiday ecepted)l dana" ifield oo tl(it l' oy ft( non . 1 1 04v t oltit-al, lil off at'i.I.sal b !~d
the College ococ,111) in 1, 111,11'il l~ii ,'' bib '1flOPENING O0' TOLEDOBC CASI'\NO-41,
THE U1VER~sITY OF iil' l-Ii'h'l l ie cill.n tnoc'0se lit'ltd i Ltcie Palink ant i ' io ] l, idto,6l at~ M~i~ad1
Oilrc:Tmsbrdn ii 7ai oioie I a t'lr'ga ar N, h laa 4 i tllvitrlyic aIttllili' i"0'
ostdioffice. el'gtt li '(ci' i 3 1).,loo:t s ao,'t o ri I ic i ant opl e 011, '0ill, I,'jade' ("cot o Colno0Kid, St 11dbe
_______.... - j i t't. Thii' )tilllirt'ir1 (f iit)le rue (It be 1a 1 01 ittlO.'l03, May 17, ociit sceil( Te Ice Is 01.3).8
r~~ta.l(I et..~n.wee ol:i t inl foretin'1, of mll nei~ii i'1 unequii lled l it er'r'lay L'.rd ~ lacIe "dto 1.30. "yl:d,
J. 1.' rt esic,'117. IW, IV.t P AYE te L. 2;rCet ,Is t I,
F;E:.1, (ttti'titt, es K ". 11. Lton i 1 afuter Vi'l'3'2'i))la111 ' tlltheir ('Idt) '0 'lilt' cl elerated '0'tleing'I lte'sc ILdies' col, ('t t 00.3 tI,nw aceif''-
. 11IL o ). I1S. rm)1s 's- p'l Ioeie and i iiole, cu t d c 'o l. tho') u 0 dulcal- ii- , 811 dto3.
R.0. 1' . ooitnt s.ica;zic ,the aPut0wa'01 (' 10'iIs fail IL btt), c ole Viiid0,, fod o '.to t-
:tr, lthga dt J. Ie wlin l haveieito e n1)111 Gy remoo I ci7 i ,tteV'lcidPlot, Teitic t e,0,
As tro' ~u o ie in tt 113' ) (''1 t of Aieltil 11.11 futas luuet1f'1 2107 ahrgru t s been ai- 11 iv a t~t 10)1 110)10), Ihia
4501)01.Tcc'pe r ail t'. ('1to 01.3))
S. ,V. 4,7t8r1 W Ao l 5 .R1ce t\ i . i~eood:hi n 11
J. I. 011' 1 1 0 0 h ' 10 1i1\)'t):tO)) 0 ,1)3 0 laniii' ) LIcree t lilof ltte An Ai rI.c.lin(hs.;ae
U. 11. to s3)Louieo. l, ' I s~ ia ,11 . . lo t e .21): A) 1. Ii. e t i)lOiiil
11 .. 1!'_______ Ti''ti'l, e;: Oi Lilo e, lb '3 iiii i1 t1io)' i t'lA
Tte oi'i'"t1)'1' (1 '' it .In~i'o oolOlelioli 1' f. 10)13,St. Ie loo a liiithe iot )t'i'int7life Ie p
to,. l h i )tt.i.t m. tt PiotoOf 0311 o1Ie'eel01.yWbIttoare 1f.0
ofe 11)A0 1 3 e M t;.).s Ltta oo' . 1. A \t vt,'o(f Tb tli uin'v, Dittn, Ii
Unio ty ni tior with;I. O.lt, e.;1U1ofi-O1 -1' 111)1 so.; Atot~tr '(, iof'iti'.' It ' le t o 0 3dtfl
10lii t'lii rt ii'eecto (ihl ti 117. .; 1A1.1e, iv 1t, 21. loud 'riice 'rits, ortI-n'le nd1tt1o'10
day'o~canto1 at rho i liuil f thei' '11)d,l thelame f yl 1'nn s: 1113'; ltoti l tirvy'the11' 0t olr da' u vadv islay1 otill 0100e3p00s
sith ati1110 ninny;110., 1))1r1o (110 iino2r if 71'd 5 16 r 1SJ I u t l v1)1 0 ii i'ill, 00)1113'c0111)1)h11'gl e 1 a1n(3)0voie of Itle
ohtitc o ii' 0)11! ,'I ... ....2 1 10 . 0 1 :r ,liii bsit ' .1 e1)i l e, s') n'l)Itt),1 l rt;]10 na
111.011 slii ' t e a'1 noct t''lcm ta t'l i .1 aieaoer I1 t ' l 20 102h t 31' be tii il tif oot rtt p u (f e s
11101 till bltnn d 17'drl 'i' ',l2 .f t t,) Ii'y 97 1iti 7 ' oel> elsTri b't t 0 il(ii rs311)0 g itNediIi e e
oi~'i i te s tso onrcivedfiti' ylii i l lto' i his '111i 3. 'liii 111)1, %\'1110''; it ti.k 01,I ll a eni n Io a lie oiy Ia
ao be11 1 oul o h tttitii'5t. S Ilt'1100.fitaNeglig1ee0' lINSN
I t ? -Ir( , e r- el ' r ii e sAnnWIAr10r atli1 ta
u at run tteltto 0 1 radl uatsWcK 'It"rAlto ic i i' 11d 11tt i'Cc t1s I'i nn1
All c (i111roll of) itDa iiy M lch)eIr'
oolittt hiitd lt' tutct ' 'Ici Mi l S, byh c' tosttib' lof re , 71 11))0It.r'. i t titra io eves Tl d i -lo',1) . l. l
see i s '12 )01. then ae li) it, ihIe c l it ltf'1'ii i'is ')t l , A e''i'lt''aidtl h rle ' 'ivill it 1' "1( 1.h1urs 1i . r ll ityS h r
Lt'0t 0 out' il" to, uu rcuniotut 1(111 ' n t 07' ',Ii. a or Out lo e anIll I1),1)l1e 0 t, i i ii lii -'i'in
ofuy 1 itioItc'h il '11 'i 11 of> ~tti' to ''Iuli) t'10')ealitii"- -leARlieu"W e'io a'inc ofi ng2 liat od
-u gflR etuir e m e n ts, 'o1(3'r a d u ate1W1rki.t'.tl'oiAt'ni h t lit R .iI'.1'o .u't'p'.tit o ii11 l'k a $ 2
(tt)t 113I t it ' 11 Ofii i p b''tIt fd I tn"s lhiy@7'iiooti ielt'''i ouiiti. 1110 bi obtbie Xe Ile'6 hi s 1ligl ii GOt
.Xeltrirletrelt'i'ng0 folooyear;tofire,-ichrrle tiniftr, I ti'iIl 111th, 0 a ver
Uoihe liu"iuh"iic' i t lly lb et i at hid iiiattti'. 110n'ttii Iii hit ti' 13 1>1111 It
ed toiii ptaet~cl stuy oftui (rIf 01 '110 rd l'Ol t n e t r in s ci
l ;eiu'ei ui. ttun hlilitit itettoili'r.('orit'h a eliro leitit'tltf! I(i, elaintTle i' C.,3 N I 'ni AI GE .
antilyda i llit l thn' e liio n I it'd'., is lic liil' tcar ge 'ofti i"c
th ft teaid._1 4e ('1a1idlatsp iecodfIbntt it)t ',o] illsNu Be-I SELL >TH 'r l of re i
dof nothing' unti l c it ear ' buttif _cuii 3r't'rentdanillelb(t(,en(ooil''' hirei
isltr9o Ol e t'il'100 l on ave o1(1-itli e n i Th011 i t'actio rs 'otin reliy thI") t Ii'li iloto :ris r"L iveat. let(,lb oonn r LI" L0RR ri
NOTICE TOtbrll SENIOrRS.ng ncd Repairsi allon mad t t e kindsaes il bof$.:Gold on r Pins, s
110110 lInti'i':ly 1)oleu'ti'nI i 'seo silig the O (fuan tin o i. fhe si' o~l's ttlioix liĀ£ ' xl ra soit n .a j ps t. C lladse
thc i do lt o 111 a rrit 11111 ofth poi If 111 "l' b'liuit yua oneion o i rdnt 1 ( l ioae bl ictefor tlonla;et ei r e eo ~ l'r ,O l'52 p u d
tislo Inl - ieo totue to ul . t lco n'er dens i chiiiuc' t by he ov' rueit m cisfo helatI loes ve n r e f(E Y'
If ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oT uonesttlit loryhio lo luy te iIfeoive, oan 111 (1.be(a- bofre Talr( datighdthMy 3t hey so
methils btw'ie''lpl ii tan02 t iflhdiaieo 1 h aor netes all iricot en erinoftshallele. 2d Seniester
eth ll plate ier the spolitn ofr<e- reste,tol, us, to Spai ndal li.er ln niain Ci.U IVRIY SH O FD NI
ocee .tii'ircpuelin o n y t.he ,vst gdi ouni niits idt onilthe' bcoa o
ofic god n iet~l t i u otherlItIie t i Vici va tn t or Atet70 ;(YIicgoaesl t e O psie L W bulig
WO~dProa, 'inrorder fro uban et to ailyan offpic hatilsutalTERMHS $SELLRTHECLESTEFLTENYAR.

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