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May 13, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-13

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VOL. VI. NO. 162.



lN JIN G OOD) CONITION. Dr. Angell on Arbitration. FIRST AS 011)E'R.Y'IJC SINGERP.
1111 We aMust Move oIrc Sidoon ~Fli ell recentlyiflcyil 0loio
p The store we nota tcupy hts iN eegram From )Coac S onon als iti is on tsh lr r 1aixfSIj ) sjs111 1OS
MI be sl.Wems seknw0414 auitrs M A ichig-an's IProspects. of tietitleitsalilt accountt to.t hitroed-
liracai- at May Festival.
ef We Iast Close Out it"o00i'rtiiihisi ot tn-____
il i The woollier tIo lotega tad aIlt Tel trtnic on abilrat in oatSrisintongli, Tihe'May Ir'stital lperformanesa will
IN onttsto kittimsic good.,tidWci solo 0 to toe Dlltty asoI,"r and
nu acl gaae-, 1 1 ri rs O I o. 'lite o e trll be ralled at D. ' ( a t tthi ite'))as sli' oitalct gie ian slplottuilty i Ito ear i t ttob is
aittnE~ anaytitigto bayttaris tl \siait- t l '.T eflo igrpr f1i vh m teei aeenb o
N M ASTills hcao 1 MEANS BUSINESS hu- o h c~s v"prpre oro eaTulicln~iiy n 5tn
N1 If yatu r)ttlent tytiac ite 'iistt1ca orr iving18t 1:30111 i. ttand 5] yi t'itttrtt:sit'sani trtt ttt ~itpriiiesin
m - linea ctostr prices this Ntln h or : fis nlu e
IITHE AN N ARBOR ORGAN CO. I li ('iitagsBaalt litti ti. ttts it de t A 'lta'iii'iiitsit is tntfWtitsota sItygtot
BU BN-UB BIYCES tititin: nt a-t's istn s ~tltcg i tttt's if i iti ,metl al t hattt t L i i lt f 1tt rlssirl fn
l1" ____ S.______________ST._____ 1________ shioiltl tit'it plyersldtnitdtit'i irs lilt ' fit' eanstitotit chittg5 is utel i n- theatt i si l es a h. nvr
i BY iN HU B LE S.on b t "ep illig s-uktrtiig sdci li il u i ctir,-i' eesar ~d Ciy=tibtrtnie itteiporant
itlt k~~li-w liii'l.ner by t-utotii' t he flt'.i.tt .it-t iii titfillu nlts iii i itoh nol ic'1the It d ic f ern hr i e
t'_ss si-il'x J iun itn tielentlt rf aiiil it't l d1 iitfo itr hst Ei 3t u-tliig ci itt
tl~~~~gi ying a illpla s-nayrtu itie torlansiti'iin ttdtei-niIttila t utiiit-t' itf ))(3ornil Iuns
btgen prati ce. farriil t ll t heiiili5aetoi'a i)isina- tieseit lt18; - irnt ) r
LhIllfIIUIoL i h its dvoed tot- ofi rcfrnat an bitaon.Itn leak-terfte ni henie. u
s illle - ha eafet f h ri)t 'Mdsn iee tistrhtle tulintl'itiou fhowa tte tco irt
as-lr i tcott ary the ttitiiht - rco i ssiiun\f arilltion b 'arttti tui
on ~ ~ ~ v handvandynist respect soiiritoasa'd 1o0 itheetwo1tattlgavitti a ~ita iltsi
fule oicty u p to - g rttiigto ,'s 11,lat- aill hitand lDeans5 utthoui his' It u ui'antial tinl ot i of
senailf tuoti's, fas-it nthtu to ih ltt ottit( l-i l s wee isttt' un itn uh tcouti. 1~.4
age. as-fillld. nirhyaicai u "'actg s. lh to at isph utsto a n htioru stttUl ttSrOtAc5y
toe cxc t~~~~Duitgotheenotig seiveroal cnotht'i- be reti rre'toot ritratiit o or'isoht fttti oioo si-tiiy s.a.aio-tti o
B. Huron Street. othit Mic hia lt umhetrninvsitedi a-sasthteo i'liitnrh a1g
toiotsaa roigi' Pe bii uoo t 1e e isr-ii n c itilus uti lst ii h' tiotsoytanutouiIt a
I iY~t'UL 'i~ii~'i OTICE.msh and uonsil te ts ato t ' elnsat t uuao'tiou woih litaall iiise the ooohso' ascbrt i ui~i
G F il ~ q liipassedtyhiltimof rClotasa in tg ious i tout ht'lotind Stasigdee 'dnc lofu'noi lyaptohotlootttuitog. s-iti
astol ec hransand diogchos ig tatiofi cot'ststtt it n htsuuo is lo nui tt'frtot T'troiu toin-
h e Lading stailrsp attl ot at iosoo fftoooc ow e(111r:11ir otingi5with other na itit on s i;a lutnis Frooo Kfttwtsoot
atouoly sdict ymour t r n - cty ft hign sig afl er wlolbng of ite tO ca nn-ottotit-tohia o 1iot c'ueto .ta Iii oc-ssol tir Sh'oo'ot'i h o-
Foreign ad Domestc So~oo .ns 1for dorutidlysoff ir i ast o iiti ag o s ue t'is'st'ot'n~-s ofeog-. uoti'ea tsnol( RA LTooi-os auts rtoiihMKY. o
SpringandBumrch fieat d olueylltog, 1to ic hogat'tilo ea sititheasubjelt' tlingoftonca otto soo hsua- ho i 'siowositeeo e o fr utihel-s rist
W . .WA I T ST NE R M N. o exc ollen -ontin f e t l o nfi etat o sth is toianti i trilit i ndepndegtsncetog ft-to ootin ia oalty- l wiromenont th
Foil uro S treSect. andtilleith itoeterinatlliotoottinu
cgpN T C . tomerror'sontiio g loe.aTr hitktig Tes rsiet--n - a get II- H toa ent earl'yo'otomaddaii tito r
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ditiue aarsn:an snte- iseoma fott bigEga d atotroi-lo atndtot- I out'hereotshetiisapig
Basebal Suplies, awn, D.c ene yth tfCao.akThe r:ndgt fallurthe s f t iSttels tonatefonofloyicyart ran otinocHambor i-buho
Tenns R cket. Lw n en i AbeIneeideofne tiliie a-d sone styiu,sohtm of aitrtoh e w s- soigtotol'maoerlirtoappleeaontcintOrtao
The Le ding ailor, with ny far Iatu unt o fortule ac 1)afr o ut aitoi o"wayuti sarsotp"idtt otsi io atFr n1 "f y w s m s
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OURng ndSTOCK'6,aD slDrpitngWposildeigpooelertoflutg okao sitac'sos nolarheSlolo ui
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o reor iali tosie shta to coconw0 tectcti oinktnobc t ists.Iitr000"onilgy dothaylte in.
W A R R ' rof S l . ul b ictoersill et)or is Theotat ticmeoss thrie .ilaysbiti thDisctn taoo lost ropped0th
j one Can surely say. )-~as-lliocone ts i sh Ot to Cll' ito etioc tosrft- Il i-o r m Sie b etiid d
U Tos DesTw. lw suei 00 i. . E Xi TlO testo o tl i rltso, l na llt e t ess tag nof et o t e ism' ess i ol Frantoit
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