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May 12, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-12

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1jc II. ofAl . ailjj.



We Must Move
IS The store we now occupy has t
-, been sold. We must seek ne w I
"u We Must Close Out ""
our stock of musci goods anti i~
mean anything to buyers
S It you srant anything in tise
5music lone gus our prices this 5
:Sour Grapes
or Grape Phosphate is is
very popula~r drink: with a.
It is iiadec fromD Puire Unfer-
, u neiiteul Grape JuIice. We
T can sell you the juice in btt-
tles if you wish. You caii
nake a very refreshiing anti
noturishinig beverage at your
We draw the genuiint
Hire's Root Beer,
ii Cents a Glass.
Mummery's O[I.J Store
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
G. H. WlIL,,
The Leading Tailor,
;and only direct Importer in the city,
has just received his enlire stock of1
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
aSpring and Summer '56, at
Full Dress Suits a Specialty. E
Special Sale.
Baseball Supplies, Lawnl
'Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis
Supplies, "Sporting Goods of
every description.
Up Tows, Dews Tows.,
Valtversity Seuttore, Oppsite CourtHouse
20SS. State St. 4 N. Male St.

I 1

'Thle beginninig of theseris btrwerin ii'hels wilewill baterfor teiWs't:
en Basiblil ('hampioinshipswes aaste'izoetdlythe ieost games'evtr ssi
at Marshiall Fieltd.
With ot'or tiwe exeptions lii'hesnest woo ureoitiof sestonal lfea-
tere. a fast teami gals' leing dislayes-iy bioiitamls, showing the to
lie ureity evenly isaleliedTi.hlierro' colmini souod Chlicgos , Aisigi ,
theilt'oter bine very rosly,whiiiis'thefiieldiiig shances-exedtoiitt' e l chii-'
tagOo men we're iivariably rsy.
Michiiganiiwooseiiiori'tins'iiblatii iiii's'inthre iisances wthmlii onii
bass's, twit's'wishlt'heibass filed, tie al wia~sishit lisrin a selies'ill tIhe
oppiosing- fislers; o'Irvin Mihiganmellselft o sileis'testifyt is lofacl.
Despite Ihis, -Mihiigan exerlld with thi s'oisk, ilintell ihits t i 'nisg's
C'iicago leid at botserningc.Slenliliasess bii'iiCicaosli, Mirigo
Watkins ansi ('aike pistihd leerisb'l'lsthis'formershsiowig ~ee rh'
stosisluess uniert'i'scisourgiing oniion uls, whiile C'arkeas owils in h i lt
early isart of tilt'gilmse.
To injustiyc'iticise'thit'lumpiireoril'attribulte' efeat tss that oiibil is mo1sf
unsiportsmlikeiits, 1bu11Mir'igsn sferdSees l c''''y fismsitiis sellce'sosn Sii'.
sily. Ini oie installer'his faiiii''tre sis-to al iiaioulelally wiic'i woldlmlsl's
rei iis'he si, cos followsi by IC'iica'o's fist two 'sins; 'Sis li'iatr
sditeidsiandisihis work xwas g'senraly usistisfaistsry.
Saturdaiy's gaims'was hasr-fught b .1 tliat sf W'sednssly viwiselsore'
bitteriy so. F..1. S X'f' N.
PLAY BY 'l'HECOMEDY CLUB. s'i'giiisss'si Eg i siliitisit. i'fToghi
__________ lilssian abssrinslys giut risnc
"A Scrap of Paper'' to Be Given comedyls' nd its5 110y char e is's'
by an ExIcellent Cast. 5so isticstly llii'k'i that it is it jsiay
partic'ully adapitisdto liii'wcrek of
Sardou, the geat iD'ir'ich iidriamatist, suiltles.
ac o tnesasketd ty'anliiiitrviexso"'i' eiece wiili ei''s'enllt liii
IGrnsi Opessa tRos net Slltiday
howe' us' eliii'to write t' cometdy igit by teCedylir , 'i-tb fos'rt'
kanowen Iin sglishi 110"A Sc-rapisof li'iitli f tiii'ewoilisis's g'ilasim
Polle." 'T'ie explnaitionl cvasoas 5111thliiint'r'est whihis insig 11111-
socel 0s is tt'e omedy iself. r'te'1ifes'te'sin heii' evet by bothsst dntesi
aulthlor'saiti thatstie dayin thei'lits'115'01els i''i si.l ls'isrsr
fal ut'x cc-sishy stroslling aoiase ire e. lOf tiellt' il l d 111g'ntlemei'i
street in t'aris trying t ecslvt' n1c1litgo toii 1111Cl iiit'eiost it 1111y
idea ~ tfor sa nte'ilay. Siiddetnly' isis libe Oli 11111a 111t.'ey are ilnsot iimat'ur,
tiiousghtscw'ere dsitrtedsbi .bus sriig i tilt'stritest sense' of liii'wordss,
foi'alliiof tiieiiihlie's' 111olies'or
papi~l e'rir'whiche slicefalling fiomitie'less esxeiseisnein lii'heork teyi' hla's
scond story cwindlowc-of a51eat'tiiftl nertake. Severselliof fe tompasin
residencre on cue of the more 1prom1- tosipislt in te ' illi's perfo'maun'e
iertt Paris bolvardis. Wiih his of 1sf tili'ar sisdtiieir cori it th
tiloui~ts on the bit of burnineglooer thus' cos very igly sok'n of.
asO lie wcledlir'along lie ibegoiito con- 'Thisisewoiiweill1pr'esnt "A Srpof
der whlat had beens the reason for the inext Sllrsisy night r s i es-Iis
uisiinig of the ipaper oatd ewhy it 5sas. l' ansi IDit Dnter. tIois'Bres',
thirown' fromt the ewindiowo. Stup by ietrudeiev'iine, Via Duy lall
st-islie sev'elopsedi astheory, wch KaitasriiiePissetr,. 01111less];",. Jamslil
after'elaboration andth irilling exl- Haniidy, Thoimiias 'sWtedk, Athr
'Smith.. Ewrdaus itl'ssit ' oiet C.
geration,ceas miadie iito ia 1p1a. AnsI iourlan andcKil elHairiim.
hat ploy Ios stood the rava'ges'5of 'iets miiy nos e tieurchsseiof
timec and 10s1nocc'a00popsular cithi tilan e mb0' iosieof te l brits diiitlii
audiences of the Conetile Ftncrle sWomiie''s teauteansi miay'his'rs'rv-
as t ws n is irs prdutio yarsedoil 01ansI aftr Wdesdawyu at Sler"
an t e'a 00 is irs Irottitio corslin's bookstore. The riliess of oi-
ilgo. It is ocasionally revivel in tie mission havs' been tplced at 5e, ills
French cpital anti for soiie years'5aid 7c. 'Ills performanclle cill bii
has beenin s the relpertoire of the Keln- givenlewholly for tie benefit of the
slal, .thlepromiinen~t English couple wma'sgyliliasillii 011(1 ieiewe'of
ceho ewere seen 115 this coun~try two that for-t it is no mor nor less than
0ears ago in "Clslcarty-" andie "Se- the 1111t0 of the studen'1t and citizens
dd)Mis. Tnuluiera" 1to extndi it tleir 'patroalge. 'T'hi
"A Shlrap of P'aper" in one of the ply cill be aedsnds-r the inilles-
niodels of tle comcedc' criter's art lte stage direction of Mlr. Edewarl
and as a weorke of technique it i lper Weizl, of Detroit.
feet. Freytag, tile, grat German critic.
refers to it in lila eolunme on the Therewceill be a meeting of 11e Daily
drama as does Mr. P'rice whose cvrek Board Thursday evening at tie Dail'
on Thse Technique of the Drana i a office.

Badgers Fic4 to Score Util the
Last Inning.
Maiusiono, Wis.. 1y11i.-ihigail
ket ' I'stosiu nscrin-s-ig uiitIhei
last ininisg in toay's gi(,.Wis s-
toin~i'O s play lackdi liii'tamsss-ork
soics by' liii'visitorts, ut heli'gme
oil til oe -ah' w150 lo-slayed0u.
Neitheir situ' sorsdinthe ir ist sn-
nisg. t-haiuiinigsolliOhil toIsc-sntr-in
thie seondt' andssluhcoredsilisiani error.
Anoherii'sro'sr tnablediiLowneys t o
inaek'firt 1an111li' hiad litles'tiousbse ii
gettinig around thel tis'lii'es-t osithlii
tisses. Shielsfollowedsui wih is sine
and11stoles'bis wce-i-tothis. A hit by0
thimsisssrossught him ini.
Micshgn's 1r1un i this'fifth ws,01madeihi
by Hlmessss. I'looings-soimsade'a
lee-i-asggr iiithis'sixthsanduscoresdsilon
this'ni-t hit. ILoededii''as ans ssolse'r
scrst in Iis iing.s-
In lt' ighths Ioweiewacsigie'n-as
baseos'on ballslnd ailesisovacediri'byi
Gre'sgg's inror. Ies-issiSildis hill to
shot. Wist-ssiinin or blodhini5
thieninith. DissshsIl s-ss gic-sn ist
andi Spooneri's'slts Ksrl fllowesd'sIisis
by single's. I'PerkisoksoskiIa sfe
I o-hissess, wccss-sco-s'ssithis'thii'e's
isis-iocnithi s'eos.
Htolmsi as's su115 ceede'd(1i'y 1Cond'inii i
liiie se-s'sli. 'hiss''Vsissty welrii'leahl
IC'isasgo at 10 ocs-Iis-tlomorrowiii5 iight
an5010eI preparediIto put tilla0hiutrt
AB I I' 00 N F
Iisshiiter. ..------- 5 2 2 0 0
r'oans 3b ------ 55 1 1 4 0
Mceisissey. rf----._4 05 05 2 0 0
Blioumiigtob-.--4 550
Losney:s ....... .4 35 2 1 1
silds. e f1.........4h 3 5
MKenzel.b __--- 0 0 0
Poslmes' ------- 0 0 h
M iler, p.._.-----4 0 1 5, 2 0
Coto iin. ........ 0 0 2 0 5 0
Totahe .1______ 7 7 y 1 1 12 1
AnIt ill l'0 A E
Gregg s------ __4 0 1 4 4 2
'orrisoos------- 4 05101hO t i
*Georoe,2b--------4 0 0 1 1 0
Itans-el, p -______4 5 0 0 4 0
liahlkO - --.......30 0 1585 1 h
pi i.siher1 31............3 1 0 0 0 1
Karer f--5--- 4111 5 0 50
Perkisif.. -... 4-- 0 1 0 0 0
Totals ------ - 4 0 1 27 Iti
Gtrge bunsised out.-
1 2 3 4 5 1; 7 8 5 IIf51 F
Michigoan -0 3 0 0 5 2 0 1 0-7 I I
Wieontis,..-o 0 00000 03-1a50
Blatteries-Miler and Holome and Csndon;
Eunkel' anti Torrion. Earned russ-Mihi-
gas. 4; s~isousisiss. Two-base sit-S stioser,
t'echins, ooigost. Bases os als Ot
Bushel. 1, off Miller, 3. lit by pieled bal-
By Militer 1. Struct out-ny tasel. 7; by
Mille, . 'aso bal.-hu0mss, 1 S~les
base--Wiseons -is; Mieignfi. Dobe plays
-lias, Bloming sions; slKeoici -Bloo-
Isge 0o1 and Sclenz ie Geore anmd Esaik.
Unspis s-Mills.-
May Festival Tickets
Coupons for tle May Festieal con-
certs oay be echanuged for reseved
seat checks at the School of Mus.
Mr. Spence's office hours a re flou 9
to 12 and from 1:0 to 4.

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