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April 25, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-25

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VOL. V I. No. 146.


Fouio.PAGES -0 (ENToS.

SPOKE TO LARGE AUDIIENCE. 11 tioo ihp was m, (aethe baIsis of FRATERNITY MEN TO MIEET.
It X'iVe usteDMove !ellmoion00ill 11h' 1o1i1e0 110])ill'tit.
The soewenwoccupy bas t}lion.-Theodore Roosevdt in the "Tb 01)1)whwin]h to hItteis Oh Sixty'-F;ourth Annu1 alConvention
Iis S. L .Cure thely0tliotteooligtoil li'1(1 of Alpha Delta IlIll.
55 they i-an to not make ci lollios bbs
20 We'tlse I A btrge audlice listened to l tOb' o o(( 0101lgth ,- " The sixty-fourth annul co1(01
oar sto k of mn-ic goodstand 10 . T eooreRo set}I1(1' (15 I''c olveastiey (call. Theiii' ait- ta'i'e t?)
II ist t~c e neoffe pic hi chl el i 51(1) 100(10 i0(5l (1 I - 110)1 (f the Alpha Dellta Iliid la (emily
-II 5Os i ss ion iiii o.aw' ibeivrst l :t:to .fiilled nililist 1)e0 weigil'ed With i' i 01111i ii'ii s fA r
II m a.asytin rto hbuyers 91)1 1(11 s ii li11
O last ni<ghlt. As this hl-inure sas thei"' Illi thatil 0 I eresusi.i
THIS MEANS-BUOSINESS55 I 'hi-ago Aluni l ssoeilioii iillllIs' l 'il t(lpiu 1lic ut e baikof you. 'lh-~yArl2)0)1 it t1-l
II5 1f you Iwantilanything n inhe Sobley 'C. 1'Eahinlalli, 7i i 111 1o- Iithe (decelt l l(('lof 'ill i iollt o uIt iil' ii1f100 ~ ol
55I nmusilinee naeorpiestisin 5
THEANN 3 D9OR ANCO tioilneiltil 1(lthes eer ofthe e i-'flg. t110 -1lIt 11101relritics, oshrink i rlt nary of the fiounling of wichllit i-eli'-
A s i touctory- toh iic al lill lhe 1aild )1sW eto l 101(11 s3lth)-) bratis; ndwill b hfie h i ilO'vol-
115 0; of thoughit;it'eleturr1111 il l50 li'Lllg(lll lii' heiiacollli4i~lLVirtuei'til)of iiefraterity to lbt'hold undr
sm~ s li!! ceonlillisl Iil-. Lomess 1the -l ei llt-~l'1lii I 111)170) If iaing i he1sn 1)1'i on he il1872, and
INEEYBO DYSMO UTH are01) till statute books anOi)1l)s: ~r aOd ineolhcien-y. If toil fil 1t1 Th'e1011) ill~s~iii tll
IN 1 SS ovnin ilasmbea h

Ice Creani
Soda Water.
Fresh Strawberry Crush
. . . at . . .
Mt[uImhey'SDIr gStore
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
The Leading Tailor,
and1 only direct Importer in the city,
has just roceived his elntire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
spring and Summer '96, at
Full Dress Suits a Specialty.
Special Sale.
Baseball Supplies, Lawn
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis
Supplies. Sporting Goods of
every description..
WAH R7'.
tUe Town, Down Town,
University Resistoe, Oppesite CanrtsHouse
201S. State St. 4 N. Male St.

thait sliios itself ill yl-lillfo. LIE)-:
munlity (If privileged lasses,10. ii.. isk
dou'. We don't nleid1110r' 111, lbut

Ille aclltin of t11e'formanoil)(f a gil
s9~Olls11(10-1' tf 11' ed bh1e siIV.

open11 in1l_'iivelsily 11a111at -4. All 1110
stu~dents ofIlle' Iniver'1sity arei'invitied
('111 tPolicy of iOl- Illilil Mabes," i-on-
iducitied ly Dr. 11('11ry Nvade' Rogers,

1L ue1 1 "Jeub lrlbslass'is goodh iiortI' it; if it is 000'o-l 1't~I i '-li
had11 inforce it andllifid(lolt 0011h1tit Ireland, AMay 1.
is. Tholii t act 11)11 logislas 0Is o Yesterday's Rall Came.

for larty reass(1 and1)11expec~t 111111iIt>Lld Sesnai .J 'okrNh
be un~enforcIed sso sl<,) fun 111ltzl t X'tildi ilw0-l)iiil- lndeak, aind p11pers w.i.llI-kcreadi
initolmliI-)y for self-governmnoon liii 10' Oitteil by Judige Coley, Ilirins,' A.
lirt of thiietnatii. Thlctu(1e1r1-th1e-uSewarsdand olthirs. AltIG 111-11)1k thie
I <I noing11a111slolsolilgoodl worik oil
lei'0iOO-'Ilhis 11001 co11neclt-iIo itlihetill- de-legatle 110i'efor Destroitlbho-speial'1
both 11sillss. I Ills i(lilt-h-res2game
Newi55York 1101c1' llI'lI~II Oli-t. tllis train, whesre' Iiter ill1111'eveniing, 111ere
miost corupit po~lledclpart00'm tiider at Sthoisshntrg's lhall. 01IlDtilt tile
'Tlls-oitionsl1 of ltheniio 0)1k )isiir- :
ilie most corup~t a)lllliislr~il~l in ili edlarrsotecnvtinwl
11) -i)-il IisCollh).Il ll-hil~ 11)-0111 ay lllwereO as followst:11 5~i~illIi s-l
iti all)-cily of the oolrd." ''1)0le leg- io- dahyan t'sil 110 llli' kll hBeginatS)::>r-Iill.
islattorl' 00lnted reftorm so50it prliIoceeedIhlablllln- ss-ti. loomoinlgatou oithi 1 lbusiness55 session, ~00141-h osill
to make mattlsloser 000. 'ili-e comis~l- Rtherforil--Ii-.V.I').....Wtkinis -0)11 1115' througlilte moring 11111
silonswastmasde fout' lieledl'11 11)11 a -11 (1)Iill - Ihi -I.A.. (' .... . olIli tlhil11'e lslll f1'>lhllO
Iemer asb. elphill-.. .f.. , ..... Holm sol- ls blglssu 00 li1115
Iilembler os-angives vesoowerl ove~ria
tlirtc'. 1 )111Cllli'sISpalnglr.... - -1..... . Conidonwcnteillgts ilejy nat
the oSt.rs.NorInan col1 be1dis-tic edIlitionl. Th-esannal tonis-
chal-gilltroll)the potlicefoteexcepllt ''llIhil'-.......ll---lt.....I lr1 ion li lIllili'V ill Il' gin lat 111' lula-
Ilosgh a court of lass. Hampeliredl ini C. Hemplhill....1. f -...llSosoaller s lllose-ill 1111 OtliiL 111t0whit-h
tis 11)nne)r1 111e pre'sentllt i~il soill The nt-ole Iby ilitigs: toasts osill bes onded111llto byiis li-
hlia d ho do its swork. 123i4 6T87 59 tnusi mmeso h rtriy
Therl~e al~lbtil ) te Ssililiisaiiichigan -.......1I0 0 00 0 1 - ~llil~lli'iieso roriy
The uleadoted y te cmmisionS2agitosos....-.1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0- 2 'Thomas S. Jeromels, Hen-ry A. 111'r-
st theIbeginnlinlg of its wsorkt 0as10thait hits-Michiigan IG, Saghisaw 4. 1-"-_11011 (11,1Edward A170. hPiendleton areh1
eascihl pollienmut 110 honest and !1 rors-Mi(-liigan 4, Saginaws-T. Strusck 11'the lllia'lumi llmiltee'ill cha~rge- of Ills
impllartial ansd thisa rule0has lies-nstruct- oult-By Watkins 7, t-ylRutherfolrdllI. onvenlitioni, 1)1111heiicomilttee'trios
TwIso 111101'liit-W'atkins. Tiime-- ?:101.tPsninsular-ll Ch lr s-. I tilio,
ly adhlered to. The closing of nraloi~ls I.( orac
0111)il15aillcletilsellootlinllire-Sl')111(1015%. orlis, tFreemao~n Fieldi ands
camein s anincdentin he ateilltA. Al. Smuth.
to eniforce this rule. The greatecbCI- 9e Will Meet Adrian. Thle Alphao Delta1'Pii frate'rnlity'w111
jection noeltowilh in cohinectiot ithytthei' 11e10'116 teamtl gois to Adrian 11od1ay foulnded at Hatmilton Collsegse in 18312
cruadeagins Snda saoos wsiy Samtuel IEills, wosesblrotherl, IDan
cruase aaiis Shndl' ~ooll~a0010to Iplay osithi the college teaat )5uthat .lElls, is to b1e'onie of thii'speakeres
that an obsolete ansi puritanical law00plate The teiani will bse tiade tip 1)s at till conv-ention banltuet. Theiire Irse
swns beinug enforcesd. Yet this law swis follows: Woodlruiff, catcher; Brya1nt 11000'twnty-twolchaptlers in. 1a5smaniy
passesd by a Tammanony legislatuire to'h or Woolfenden, lpitclier-; Cole, first colleges, be'ing 1111 in tile I oiled States
years anis three monthls1.a'Thle balse'; Whitmhan, second lbe; C laiir,(ecept ons', os-bk- is in the Univ--
lectttrer illustrated the hindlrances thle thlirll base; hDesitt, short sloth; Alex- nity- of 'ToIron~to. 'Thle younagest chatler
commiission had to meet anid the trials titider, left fielsd; Davois, eenter fieldi; of the fratlerniity is at Chicsago h'ni-
itha t ndrebylratialepi- Torit, right field. o'ersity, and thils was estab~lishiedlwi
wti the last month., Penitisular C'hap-
lences that keput the audienice both iti- A gift of $210500tins recently been'm1a h nsriyo ihgn
terestedi and amnused. Merit anid not made to the University of Vimrginia. noat estabhlishied in 1841.

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