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April 25, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-25

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P.0+ l e1U
P' Wbished Daily (Snday excepted) dring
the College year, at
OresC: Times buiding N. Main st., pposite
pst office.
J. F. TIOMAS, 'PS XW. W. ti1CosES, 'P.
E. L Gespeses,9'P L F. )1. Looais, 'P.
0. H. iANSt. 'PS. F. S. PsIssa, 'P.
G.0. II~Assssso, 'iiiL.
L. C. iWAsans, 'P.
W. W. Thayer'03 L. S. R. Smith, 'P6tL.
S. W. smith,"'P. W. i. Mrrill. 'P.
J. L. Wlsh. 'PS P. i. . Shilimna.'PS L..
C. B. tle,'PP i. Louise Dode, 'PP.
B. 13. Ietheeny, 'P. H. Crsin, 'P.
Tihe subscription price of tie Daily has
enoreod t o Sin sadace for tie ret
of the yar. Leave sebsriptins at the
Diy slice or with P. tC. Meyer, U. of M.
News Stood.
The series of practice gaiies witi
Saginsaw is proving n itetreting oes
andI the reminssder of te genes
siotld be wel ttended. Tii('admis
sion fie is certainslylow eosg ansi
this gaimes at's worh atending t 25
cents eachi wihoit tkig isto cnsit-
eratioin the mantter f Uiversiy spirit.
Six gamse remain to be plaed in
the series.
The young womnei of te Uniiver-
sity hove sied every oplorunity to
secure te sumneeded 1o compulsete te
fuind for te erectin of te (tiynn-
sin nus dsithesir zel shploid be re-
wvrtis'iliy'stces. Ii Srs. Jariy's
Wax Works, undier te direc'ion of
liss Msbb, they' ofer iiieiterai-
msent wicih is Calculstedi to funwish
enotughl amuseuent for the etire Uni
versity,and wichi shou be wel
Thiseyeae's seof ie Stdets'
Lecture Aoooiaton has been n e-
cellentOooneiad lthe'preset oicuer of
the associations are to be congrtla~tel
oniitheir sucessP. T'hey hve madse
nlo promises whichstiey iae not fnl-
'lied usd.thie oiirse ws wsel ar
ransged. Te sianagenent of tilis
conrse involves coniderabe rstonsi-
bility, perhsps as msuhi as that of
tilly oher sisdeit ogniziatio, bt
the S. L. A. officers for 1895-96tihve
left a record wvhichi is not to teir di-
The '98 end 'lt basebl tem phyed
a pratice game of tree innings this
afternoon on the camptus diamiond.
Tlie score was P to 6i in favor of "2.
May'or Walker has posted notices
waning bicyclists ht the ordinance
prohibliting the riding of bicycles os
the sidewalks will be strictly enforced.
A reception was tedred to the
miembers of the menbers of the Pro-
hiition Association by, the Misses
Otis, at their hones last evening frons
6:30 to 7:30.

Work of Track Mn.
There seems to hve been a inis-
tundserstansdinsg ons the par of somle,
as to admission of the track cani-
dtes to the Athletic F'ed. Cptisn
Letloy wishes all the candidates to
understand that so long op they' re
regsular iii.their practic they will be
isditted to the field at oiy timse oi
passes wiich will le issed to oll cn-
sidates who preent themselves for
tractice today.IHowever, lip oo Os
lily coanuidte neglects his practice
tisese passes will be wihdsrwn.
So far abset forty mien have been
out for practice ht there is ausnd-
assee of roiin for s many mioe, s
thcre are cianices in every event. tOf
last yeiar's eamoi only LeRoy, Star,
iHutchinson, Irtiuo asndiPorer lre
out, so that new nen se in deniand.
Somse of itie new miene already out,
ispsecialilst'ehsrilers, re sowing
oui in ecellent formo, lisit ihere is still
a lock of msen for distanmce runs,
waks, high juimps an.icyiscling.
Mrs. Jartoy's Wax Works.
Too nmnch praise cnnot be gives
Pis 'Mary Seldesn ScCobb, wvho iii-
personated SMrs. Jarley. Sis Mctobb
is a resident of P'ortla~nd, SMe. Se
first tools till""Sr. Jarleyps0a5p0i~eli
and later, being sccesful beyond
measure, toolk uillhi t' iiiomiin' as a
profession. She has octedl te art
iii all thes'isiore important cities o1
the estern stoes. Bpy her droll lii-
mor mindclever hits she ginesi stili
anolltheri'triumiphsil1ast sight.-Boson
The affair was extremely fiinny,
MisesAlcCobb who peronaed Sr.
Jarlepy beinig ome of the brightest and
wittiest wsomnine hwoiae ever heari
ini that epacity. Sis scCobb seis-
edi to knowitssv lt Xwhalt to sap ad iwait
iiot to say -wenc it caeo1 the getle
art of nmking locl hits iand essaying
puniis.-Boistsoni 'ranscript
Y M. C. A. Election.
The University Yong Men's Chris-
ian Association will holt its asmumil
election this evening in the paror
of MeMiihsn Haoh at r o'clock. Sill-
day afternoons 01 3 o'clock. SMr. J.
A. C. ttildiier will addres the asso-
ciation. All college inen are ivites.
Tue '9S D baseball team goes to
Ypsilanti this afternoon to ply time
State Normial iin.
Stnart 13. 'erry, '94 ad1 ,ansi) .sd
hips Maude Eaine Cadwell, secil
were married October 14 last.
President Angell was its Washing-
ton, D. C., Wednesday and Tirsday
of this week attecndisg the sessiots of
lie National Conncil of Arbitration.
The highest tition fee asked in the
United Slates is $50 a year which is
the snin carged t 1PhisiaidtsSmith
Colege at Little Rtok, Arkansas. The
loswest figre, where any' snm at all
is asked is at Ohio Weseyan Univer-
sity, where the tuition i $5 a year.

Women Students in Hungary.
'fhe lHnngarian Mlinister of Poblic
Worshipl and Itistrnction Dr. X\iaseaee,
has iust issued the regtulationlsundeslr
whliichthe p'ounsg women 'iiof Hlungary
are to be allowed to followv in the
footstepls of thseir talented sisters in
otlier countriee. The moilve'ment for
the higher edncationi or womecn has
psesetrasted to Budac~-Perth an~d the tie-
nnands of is advocastes have, after
some delapy, beens tartlp' met by the
asithsorities. The suniversitiels vill in
fsutsure asdmiit as sttudessts anp pounig
.womanl swhsoss' tastes head lthseisin
islat directions, amd the aount andt
vasriety of knowsledge which may be
acquliredliy' tisesiis alpparenitly un-
limited. But reetrictions are placed
thone the extent to wshichi the femasle
studsensts iliay uspsths'kniowsledget'hus
gainedl. Tise Htugarians Governsmsenst,
wes'e sitolid, wtill isave nsothiing to do
wsith ladly lawy'pers or upreach'ers, lansd
thsere seemss to be noillikelihsoodi at
present that iuiver'sitpy chalirosisill be
tilled by p-oug ladies ss-io ihv'ccome
osit of thse exainasstiosaubov~e iihe
Hunugarissn eqoivalesit for the Se'nior
Zrsugier. IHossesver brillianst a schiol-
ar s ouonsg lady msayprove to bse her
schoice of is professions swil lie bets's-n
beinig ssteachier,tchsesmist, anti stdoe-
tom'. and even ini ihese the extent to

Sat., April 25-Assnuol election of
officers of Stndents' Lecture Associa-
tion at 1:30 p. im.
Sat., April 25 --Slrs. Jarley's Wax-
Works" its Univ'ersitpy Hail; benefit of
fond for the Womasn's Building.
Sat.,Stay 2-'Varsity vs. Obserlin at
Ann Arbor.
Wed., ,lMsy 6--Assssal cossiert of
Unilversity Glee, Basnjo andi Slasi'olio
Thiurs., Sflay 7-'Varsity vs. 0. S. U.
at Ann Arbor.
Sat., Stay 9 -'Varsity vs. Chicago at
Sat., Slay t9-rresentation of "Jliis
Caeoar" iii Valentine theater, Toledo.
The annual election of the S. L. A.
board for nuext year u-ill he held at
1:30 this afternsoons, as follsoss: Lit-
erary sdepar'tmsenstcoomns.C; lawsvse-
palrtnilent, lacylecttirs rooms, ds'ntalh de-
tpartmsent, iedetl amiphitheatre; usied,
ical deprtmetnt, lowver lecture room
tLine of Bicyches at prices froms $40 to
$30 amid $75, are op-to-date. We rent
aind ri-hair wcheels.
Fountain pen, on Mlonaroe betwveen
Staito and B. Univ eistty. Finder
please return to Ste-aant's office.
For Sale-hlighigrade bicye iist;e
clss condsitiess. ltist tie soldits a fesv

whiei ichieiiy usit is liitied. She st'and - -
whichoshnsia - t) E. Williast.
may5 slot a's a teachset'ri-ieiabove a ___________
positisomsntime staft of a secosdary L.ost-Abolut the slainm buiding, mt
schoosl for girls; lIPa,0ceisst seis to lasies' gold watchs, opsen face, Wasl-
be restricted ho aetimig 1s a dsesner, thasn. tlease return to stecvard's of-
undr a protierlpysualified. mausis'diemi- fie ssnd receise rec-ord.
ist,an s ~a tiiisis'ilesnhie ciiibe sie- Ifp-su are taslkiig;atbotut hbtuping a
basrred fm'omisptresecribsing- for mssle tpl Bicpycle doi not fell to call assd esuis-
tiesterss practice bing confiined to inetheleimne of Biepycles't'ucker & Co.
wsosien andseildren, whlichu after all ore shiowisig. Ifp-ott do not wasnt to
is time trutecvorks of a hlldy doctor.- buy thiepy sill rent pots a hiugh grade
tisristchuorcis, N. I., Press. wheel. 14t)


You should seo our stock of MD.A.NDIO IN S
Weare obliged to move from our present store soonu
and have secured no new location.
To Close Our Stock
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one at $4.45. Some bett ones at $6.50. These
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W We Sell Bicycles.I

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