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April 22, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-22

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P ublished Daily (Sunday excepted) dring
the tollgo yvear, at
OrCEt: Tines building N,. Main stopposito
post ofice.
J. F. THZOMS, '7. wV. XV, ti S,.'8.
F. L tiior, '55 L F. 0. Loosis, ' .
0.T. H ilso.'S. . S. Soso '8
I. 0G. onDEnoon. '.
G. 13.tlAnulSOo, '8L.
L.. tX4OEato, '1.
W.X. Thayer, '6 L. S. P. Sith, 'tL..
6. X. Smith, '0. XW. It. lorill, '5.
S. L.. Xal h, '3 N. IH. B. Skillan. '8 L.'
C,. B. Roe, 'sc. Louise Hdge, '9.
B. . Metheay, '9.I. orin, ' .
The sabacelylica pie at the liy has
ero reduced to S1,t0 it dnoefoe te reet
of the yer. Leae suscriptiotts at the
Daily ofic or with P. C. Meyer, I. o 5.
Newa Stand.
Editor of today's pater:
. D. LOOMIS, '9.
A feature of the 'tti P'llatitm
wh'ich'i deserX'ts faorotable notice is tilt
exetllec of the illstrations. 'ft"
matter of tctlf-tones i t o nc 'ien-
iog XX'ietiformer anutal oarts loe
tteen ratter careless, tlthstttcli'teil-
lutrting is usutallly nade one of lii"
muot Iroilinelt fetutres of tt etolloge
annuatlil. This yar,lowet'ver a tde
citt tt'Xtidt'Imrovem loths eels imad i
ilusrating all the Uiersity annualtls,
aisd iont'of thi t'cis tuoetihas tlens
ca~rrie'dtttver fittinlhst ya'r. 'The
halftne XX ottoii the Ialatiumllis
entirely' iewt anti dstintly of a high
grade. 'dhe same qalaity' ~f Xot'k will
bet'fttnditntotie ('stalilts aitd iRes
(ttstae, whichi havie 1no1yet blt s't-l
Thei'nt'el'ity f ('hicoaWeely'
special lrticles fromo Xwell-kotwl iltl
taildXwom1en, 0114te first of these i,-i
from Mayor Pigree oet"a"lrl'.toad
vs. thet'nivesity nt the State." Ill
his ownli worts, Mayor Piigme is
"only tto gld to oeie the Opprttnity
to Xrite ot a fev raidoml thogts
siggtsted ty a recent visit to Ann
Arhor, tielt'I iiersity of Melilygtnl
toss, XX'hee at ittenitly tie ieple,
the studntlal d thelt"factultyn re tx-
pecting sting sort of catastrope to
he ig school." In adtitoi to the
portion ptnblished in totiay's Daily
Mayor Pingree gives considtrale
spare to the railroads in thin state.
He clains that te retuction of the
rate of railroad fare to tvo'ocent a
mile would save enough to thie people
of Michigan to pay all te state taxes
and the expleses of te Uniersity.
He thinks that briery of pubilie offi-
etals is preventing this ecange. If
Mayor Pingre's guernatorial hopes
become relities, the Unierity of
Michigan will put in a claim for prom

inet aind favorabtle atentioni frolil the
net goernor of -tieligai.
Railroads and University.
Mlayor tiugre c ontriTttes ai arti
and14thte ihate" to teIitast itu ter of
the tiniversity of Chicago Weekly.
Ie says, ini 1at:
"'T'welX'e ills iitiotced to mootify
rilrloatd chargesswere smothertd ii
thattsessitnlof the legilttreXwit ntt
it Xw'ordotf prtteitstfrotie gtvetno.
Nttw'I tdesirt' to ay hetrt' incietll y
thattthe 1dniliesity of Mihigni or
ally othetr, if sttpttrttt at stie ex-
tels', shouidibeitter abolishecd o
fully andtgeertitsly'minineillild. Anti
Idesire to say frther, as tocinig
your University of Chiengo that oie
cnt taike'niott the 5st't'trailaty
eliareges of yor ig vilige 'oldilsf-
"I bttlieve'inllthoet'olt-f'shiont't
Xwords of WIebster: 'We oust etiteate,
we't mutst etucalt, or short twilitt'onllt
race froti the ratlt' to the ,gave.'
To thts entd of etuctionithteirtfessor
Iraloilileti y ir~itttie adt neitt-
cit bysptecial interests. ie mustobte
nlot only ia learnisti 10b1utit anlillf0
origiality f thotght anti exrc'sion.
For olti truths otficisneeti il es tses.
Hemt t e 10oe l t'heneXw'illthe tolt ati
triet. Anti ihe lmus tbe ahsoltely
fearless, ftr the cwtrX'l'iss'trts re
ieltd in contempltt. That ttind1 of a.
Irofessor 10slprieless anttithe kind of
a1 houise for himl to teach in a1nd lie
ill mulst e lofty anth broadt. tHe will
wears. Attor tlw itlllll i XXwlt kiist
Of a cofnhle is to be bhiiet in.l, te
Xwill e unicoinsciotus of 11itisy stlf
anti X'hen lie dies his resting plce X'il
he in tile hearts of his puils 0114hit
monument wsil e the adanced man-
hood of a nation."
Wrinkle on Slo Tomorrow.
Wrinkle Xwill e lced on sale to-
mlorrows. This nmbetltr deoes eonsid-
erahie attention to "ulis Cesa'"
whiichlis1tie suttject of the ceniter
lage draXXn y Edwari Ferry, 1in
which the local Irduction s exceet-
ingly well sairioed. the cover pag
drawing is y .J. V. -MFall and Ioh
WIagiier has -a clever halfpage draw-
log on the first pge. T. SG. White is
at new contriutor wX'ho funishes at
good halfpage drawig. Some very
level'- verse is contriuted; "Wagner,
to the Uneducated Eat" y G. Kt.
Barker, aiid "As Things o," y I.
111. Bowman. "Mlore Building Materi
al," a series of letters on "Athletic ed-
ucation for Xwomen," y contempoary
and other writers, is furnisled y G.
It. Barker. The short jokes are nuch
poorer than usual.
The Daily will e delivered for the
remainder of the year for $1.

Original Researches.
There has heen coilsitiei'1tle research
wtork tdone this year iii the hahorator'y
of genlerll henlistry, tilt resu~lts of
whlichliwill he ptuhlisht'tini the Ameri-
tail Journlal of C'hemiistry and Lei-
btre's Alimliel hef ore the cloe of
this semlester, hy' the iiidiX'idtual XXork-
t'rs. 'dhe contrihuters and titles ot
thlese tillerIs areas1 followss:
'lT'e'ttnstitutionl of soime Derivativ'es
of tormlic Acit," hy P. C. tfreer ani
I'. L. Shlermlan, jr.; "'dhe liction of
treer and G. u. Iligley; "The E+steri-
lictitioii of ('hloracetic Acits'"hy D.
MD. ~ichtly; "The Actiois of Nitric Ai
on Mtals, Silver aend L~ead," hy G. 0.
liigley; "The Existeince of Peiitaetliyl
Nitrogen andt the Strututtre of tilt
AnciAmnides," hy Arthunr ELachmaln.

A mieetintg of inmtortaince to wmn
cyclistostwill behe ldti ''itschy, April
23, 6::30 p. it. at thte ihome of Mtts.
Otis C. Joliiioi. 52 S. 'Tbhayer st. Alh
interested ai'e urgently retiuested to
h e present.
'9it RACt('MEN.
All candidates for the freshmitan
track teamli are retquetsted to report at
the athletic hield every afternon it
4:t5 sharp. C. t'. AAS.
'97 IBASEBALLt'NtiTItii{
Alt etultidaltno for 'S7 hasebaillteanm
repsortOllt tan the llaptioat 4o'clock
every aftt'rnooni fir piachine.
IV. KEi''fLEJS'rINO\S, Captain.
University nHall .
Prosident Police Commission Os
Noew York City, will lecturo
I on
Adm'~ission, 50 Cents
Ltctnie begins at 8 o'clock.
Don' tfail to ineidithesnotice on pace (oar
in regardtolte annualdelection.

Stiident mlemhers of the Political
Science Association can gel.(lie huh-
hecathens as they comne out hy calling
at rooisi11, Tappaii Mall, at 11t a. ill.
ons any day except Saturday. Five
nunmhers are nao out and a sixthi, de-
voteti to city' government, is printing.
Rhcohershsitt.swhich includes thse stub-
hecathens, in open to all studento wt 1 $
a year.
All candidates for' floe freshmnsi
hasebtall teams report on the caisapus at
4 o'clock every afternoon for practice.
A. H. BOY D.
Otto. :Tairht'y's WIaxsw'trhksSaturdaty
night; henefit of Women's Bunildin""
25 cents.
TtGC'CtI& C'.
Iiue of iciycles at prices fromsh$10 to
$50 anld $75, are upt-to-date. We rtt
atid rephair wshieels.


Buy -
s.' The wheel that is swifter; stronger asid lighter
S than all others. Skilled workmen make it. They -^
OW^ know' lowv to conmiine the greatest strength with "'
Imo- the least weight. Toughened steel, expert wvork- --
4.'6" manship, scientific adjustment, carefully selected ""'
"" material, strength, hesuty, lightness and speed are -
i' +'- all found in the Ben-Hur. She would he fastid-
~..- ions indeed whso was not pleased with theauti- '"
~" ~ ful outline and fine finish of a Ben-.t
Styles 16 and 20 for Women.--------$80 and $100 ___
Styles 15 and 19 for Men -- -------------...$85 and $100
SThe Ann Arbor Organ Co
~. £ Send for handsome Illustrated Catatogue. ^R

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