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April 10, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-10

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34 O4 *vtitu,
aublshed Daily (Sndy excepted) during
the tCollee ear, at
OrFIE: Ties boibing N. Main st., opposite
osot office.
W. W.IV.ilsesES, '5, W. W. TsAves, '3.
. L Osisois. '98 L .01.iSas, '9.
J. L XWASa, '8 .
G. B. iiAsesNsss, '6 L.
lit \Nbt NG EISTOt
i. F. TisosAS, '7.
BISiNE-iS l¢isNAilEli
L. C. WAsLsee, '6.
I. A. tPratt, 'Wt G. Mt. eath, 't Y.
S. It. Smithl. '0 L. B. B. ldetheay, '50.
F. Simons, 's5 i1.1. Gammos, '7Itt
F. A. tuici, '93 E. C BiRocl98D.
L)uise Dodg, '1,.
The sbscription pie of the Dily has
been reduced to $1O00i adance for the reut
of the yoar. Leaesubhscriptios at the
Daily ntih e or with P. G., Myer, U. of M.
News Stand.
Editor of toay's papr:
W. W. TH'LAYEt, '96 L.
Theo nixt isue0 of the Diy swil ap-
pear Tiscesay, Aprii21, ts"eist ssy
afterth ie vsacation.
The' ~'sinir sanisso i e io detss'is-
ctlssifthisoCniverity, 'ties tssttii,
will 1be' irinstedt stC'hicago this year.
AllisArtor ibulsies men'Bwoil do
wlltoi tskeel s in iiisin.-A'siotse
tisw Eveinissg Timnes.
Tile Disiy dssires to cliiite stis'n-
tions oitfie Tt'ims to list'followiig
sc the irt isnusiber of Iassosyear by
lt' Timso Publising Co.; tse . of
AL. Dal~y is ositsitts'sly ass exelent
advertiig iseiusi, sandsities'e'are'
others wo us siislit esises osel'vs.
One of the too bsct andsi sosit itli-
gentiadve'srises i AlisArour voloi-
tsrilyiiycmea sed WIsp01e10wits A INi
year,'issi we' issve giveis him aist or-
vice 'which we believe hassoflly -
tosielhimii. 'Thirsly ssnd fousrhliy, the
Timses hasinsot atdvertisetd iii te D ily
incecthicbgiining of te colge
yrar 104-95, athiosighsoliitedl tsdo
syet Wriske carried a display ld-
vertisemsesnt of te Tinese during the
iist iart of lasst yeas. In s'eply to
the Timies' instlid query of "'Why
cant thisortsleis reitroduced at
Mi3ciigais?" the Dsaily wishes to go
on record as submitting tat it can.
No Change in S. C. A.
A meeting of the Students' Chris-
tin Association was held lst night
to discuss the proposed division of the
association into a Y 1A1. C. A. and
Y. W. C. A. Te amendmesnt to the
constitutioin to smake thishasge was
lost by a vote of TO to 50 after a dis-
cussion lsting two hours. instructor
Goddard resigned as a member of the
Board of Directors and .Prof. D'Ooge
was elected hanIis place.

Olympic Games.
The Ansrican athletes did not cosu-
life in the Olymspic gaises WVeduic-
dsay Yesterdsay they conpeted in te
gynisistic exhibitions on the rtnms,
parallel lars, horse leiping anlit bsti
wok.Th1te Grees iwon their fist ic-
t ory on the riiss and the ntive audi-
eilees went wileS with cisthusiasmss.
Tue keenest iterest is imasintaind'
iii thle footrsiec to be rasi today fromsI
Ittaratisisi to Athens. There are twen-
ty comspetiors estered for the race,
wichis t for a cup offered by M.N
Michsel Bresal, of the Institute of
France. The favorites are: Flack, the
Australisas; Arthur Blaske, of the Bto-
ton Athletic Asocistion; si Frenchmain Ii
niamued Lerisusiox, snd a Greek named
Papers on Engineering Subets.
Sesniorsmecn'iciial esgieers in tei'
csourse in sachiniery sasidiwil 55001
intensd to msakes'coies oiets ol-
graphs of the articles orittinib15e'cool
studensit so that eschill ovieaiss o m 5)5-
plete We of asl the srtices resed. Psi'
ters are 01n enginering sbjeess ans
osill be very vsalusabie. rpres's'tisg in
tlibrsary te comisisedsi osiuuiof
thirty studenists.
Sat, Apr, 11-Spring reces begins,
endintsg Aunit.
Sat., Apri 25-"Mrs. arley's Wsx-
Wors" inii vrstority Ittit; essifit of
fuisd for the V'siisn SBidineisg.
Student mecmbers of the Political
Science Association can gel ue pub-
Hecatios as they comse ot by cating
at roossi11, Tappan IHall, at 11 a,us.
on any day except Saturday Five
numubers are noov out ad a sixth, si-
voted to city governest, is prinisig.
Mlenbersiip, which incides the pub
lications, ix open to all tudons af $1
at year.
Alt andidates for '7 b-ssbal team
report on the assssys at 4 o'clock
evey afternsooss for pracice.
WV. 7ETLtSTlli'fS, Captais.
A-it candidates for lise freshmaun
basveball team repot on the cansiss at
4 o'clock every afternsoon for pratic.
tioundaiss pen, on Matnroe btoeen
Stat e and E. Univeroft. Finder
please return to Steward's office.
HSh'PTLERt WATED-To seli the
offtcial sap of the State of Iiclsgan
in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti edrisg
sprissg vacation. Csali at 47 S. Ui-
versty ave., froso-7 to S p:in.us
Now is the tisse to hav your Bicy-
cles put in shape for spring riding,
Tucker & Co do repairing at living
prices; also rent oohleels and carry a
full line of up to date susdries. 1-i6
Lost-A ladies' gold watch, finder
please; return to Steward's' office, or
to Mliss RthlsG Beckwith 53 S,
Twelfth st.
Students-Leave your aes, etc.,
'with the Argus Bindery before you
leave and get themn bound during va-

'he liaustogratph letters and anc- The- National Lesgue of Cssthg'
grsaphs oohich were contributed to the Civil Service Refomn Clubs offes the
sasticles osn tine"Athltetic Eduicatonof follooing castspizsies for essys n
Womns," in, the Wosses's Islseisir, thesusbet of civil sevice rforms
oililie sold to the highest bidsder for oritten andsubsmittedt by msemibrs of
thue benefit of the Womses's tlvusi th le League: A Bot prie of 0110
Simu. T'thissecus seales ill;si for hunsdred dollars, a thisr prie of ssv-
thes illh be received by Mtrs Raft- eny-ive edollars The folowing coil'
srisie E. Psunchcon, siaesagisg eitior eilitoss asd directions arc to leo-
of the -Women's Inlsnuder, at 4 Church served:
st., Aim Arlios, Sicli., oss is' before 1. All ecsays iteredin is ohp'ti-
Juness'1, 1899l. Reference is m~ade, by3 tions for thue irizes inust hein i the
tsersstssiiss, to this Treasurer of thus'hansssi of Frtank Bussuit, Annu Arbsor,
Unsiversity of Michitgani. ' Orer ac- Michiganh, the secretary of the Leage,
cord'sing- to tse sissisibrs givess istie sot later than Junse 2(, 18[)(i.
followisng list: Vs. D. Howeols (1) 2. Every uch cssay niust be igedI
AssaiyvidlihlocieFoote (2a), EslntinilC.with anass uesiid sisame.
Sts'dsmanss(26), Jotus Rendrick Thns 3. Accompnsaying evcry s uhisessay
(22, tGeorge W. 'suble (1h), Htarriet mulst boacealed evselope contaiing
Prescoutt Stoffordl 20a), Ilsret P're-s-ucaiassued namise, the oritr's roall
cot Spofford (201)1) Sdsaurice Tiussssi- siesie, addlres, college andsicass, to
sush (25). Brussder Mss thews (3), Jassos gether with a certtficsate, itned bythtie
Issune Alless (24), M. (.IVsansRsalsaessr Iresident, sceretary or oter suaiiiie S
(6as), 5. tG. Vasn Resnsalsaer (O), M. G. officer of the local college clubi of
VsnRs laeiuer (i0t.Robrt Grsant r19)) whi-hs he is a mseber, thtsuchsel
.I. E. M. Davois (1), I. 1-. Sodul-Srdl oriter in a member of snochls iii
2). will t'-rletlon (3), Altce FIrenchi good asd rgular stansding.
(Octave 'fhsuset) (), 'Iloias Nelsosnt -. Tihe Leugue reserves the right to
rasge (1:5), JulisssuRlhs(1), Elss the first pusblisation ef the prie c-
'uViss'ser WVihesx (), ILoiuise Isusgisauy, aisnd to reject sll essays if susoss'
Gasinsey (23), Agnses lleppler .91), -bussae fousdoworthy of the aoard of ts"
Valise t'heneiy (18), C'ostantues-' Cliry tre.
Hasrrison s(4), Elizablethi Sturt this-ths The judges owilhe sleted fronss
Is-War (4), F. Htopkinson Suiiuhst7), promiinenit smen idesntified itlosilste ciiil
C'arses'us Dusshiuy Warner' (21a), ('is-res services reformsssmoemen'st, woiso uil
Diuley Wasrnir (2d1)). Thus'boards-eicpausutos tie essys witout kool-
susoes the right to refuse all bis. edge of the writer's uamei or colege.
-Studenests owho sdesire to Cosmpete for
IIOSIL E 1+tIiERS' SIXt'tRSitiS. thesepes muay ottains isfois-sustisuus
etc., fromus FRANIN BItt'5,-
Aprit 20 andsl27. ausdl ay 4 anduSo, i18t, 15 Fiet ae.
visa Oldo Cesstral Linsc,
Ti polints Seuie ansdWs t s fNOTICE.
d wet a rat of Alt candidates foe Ohio freshman
oat- fons' for roundt trip, tlus $2. Sot-
- baseball teas illoih band their natsucs
useor oIn egss looed oss poiustrll. and psitions to ie n ger at once.
1 'isr ischer iufoimorsils insiply 'to allyHAR Sd fT ,
sgint of Ohruo ('outiwi hises, or ad- HARY39B S. T-taer PTESt.
dre-.s SIOtITON HstR, (. 5. A.,
Tsoledo, Ohlio. Subscribe for the Dlaim.
0° The DaytonldYievele ells at just One Itundred
&^_nr Dollars, no sore, no less. All iycles nce-
4"^sold at list price. Nowsv"List" has mrried
"iDicounnt," arl Discount 'rules the roost" ol
0,.... most wheels.
: - . Lists at One 'Hundred Dollars, and sells at ,...~
Ten-Thou~and Cets Ii it were nogwoth tho -"7*
_____ price, people would not buy it, but it sells in
competition with the most famous makes on .
thse market. Itatlracted extraordinary atten
ion at the New York and Chicago cycle
shsows. You can't afford tn buy a bicycle until,
you see it.,
The Ann Arbor Organ Co.-

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