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April 10, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-10

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VOb I. No. 141. ANN ARBOR~, MICHIGAN, FItIDAY, APRIL 10, 1390. Foure PAGES- 3 CENTS.

BICYCLES, 9'Varsiy Plays Eight Games Dur-
bicyie bsines tis sason Weing Vacation.
DAItOeee wtt hserndai On aceounit of the ranineati ress,
hi4.h ylei chat s rnedt athe ey 'Varsity had no lprai-tie -yester-
beet wheel- made; price $l00. We 4I4i day eieir outside or in theo(-a e. To-
H retain the any for the
;i$BN{-1 U F RNtday all tihe ia-nwill ie given sanee
that excellent wheel, which has ~ light work lprepa~rator-y to tihe f_,llO
444 tis season been so a kereadt ioi"N I wt eri 1 ',ttiL a u Ltr
'aced that we shallmteitor wt Dtoi 'atri tege Mtt-
eider. It is the beet vaine at $85544
aneeveSe l Oi yo an tall lad.tealo 44diy Tetellhtv ttr-tllrOa
seli. the CLIF'PJR. in 4
pitatt lk T 'ermto s, ec a te oreary 44Iiorln i ie Meigiilnrl o
ieee la eth. . ics oe~ Ditroit returinie after tile gamie toil
~" TH ANNABOR RBANCO10 staty here- over Sitay-. Mond~ay tihey
TtttT11 tl atriig rip llai1, llt
4 S. MAINI ST. stronteprntrp lyI.he
4444g olo in ails

Contributors to '96 Technic. To SALT LAKE AND) RETURN.
The followillg is a iltartital list of - -
contribuors to 'itil Teelmlie: Protf. Annual Spring Trip of the
Iltas. E'. (Crelll, "Itistory of the En1- Musical Clu".
tilleering S(ciolotf the 17nivt-rsity of'
taieiiig-ttin" Trof. J. Ti. titvis; Protf. The llltsill -Os left tit 10 it-hit-k
if Buildhiillgs; ithnt I. Alt-I, iA. E.; I)--Ili(-,ttallp~llltir-ieoler lte nn Al-Pat
VOitoll Wietut, Proftessor otf Civil 1I+;-_taldSWttteehitt iltills fort Il iietgt.
ginit ng-tiitovteiix itstitutei, "The Ni- 'this nteiriionli t-ei-iiohs witlie it-n
Professor of Exii-ellelitlti dllil .e- the t-iiwttTr ill Ilxe l ielllltetrattl
illg lat Cortnell; C. C. iroiwt, C. E., Mtisit- Moll ill liiie ivt-iilg'. rlt
Cotisultilgt nigteer, indtianap-dl~is, Ilii-iethei-ltbs si-ill -o ti Sri-n tg-
In( , "aiils cof Enlgilleerillg Itt sti11('ielidh, c-where theietillco-iil ot tonitir-
ot-iste-lmtoof;litleitir dss s-I llat/elee --lit",w thelectittiHIrittatie- lit 'let-lI-
-ritil exprt Et-ionsulftheg niot -,i.I( tel XX tttil try Gov. I -lil-s St. i
Chitiero;itilet it ttee-orks; C wii curLelrt-Iil t-e glee- 'lbiei-tl A Ioii -
Mec-Peirtioftl h-?sinn-tli ii t, i( tlillI.lcllng t dittsis Ctity Cshe its t evll-
I). Cot..ii-h tFooirtlofgteillibNte iec-P .edtt- lwsbyte(ht il
ttetetis I'tri.,ieCt.Nihetti-sHfte( I ot oeing-,ittthe 1it7ti tgoing;ltc 15b
ht-xis ttiR tive i- teli-s ittetetitto rtl hi t8th.elAt L Ii 2:e ty iti

-AND -
Special priceas by tho box

Apuril 14l-Iili Sttie University at
Colutmtusna. I
Autril -bWtittsbrg ttt Sittlild~,
Ohi o.
La;-uet IllItdietiltpelis Weec
April 17-Initeaitae State 1;iie-r-tits-
Apitil 2tt-NartItcexetein tt Evac-tie
tail, 1ll.
Tilt Clliwi- fottrteet enhccill Pu-

tdoit aned hiniiitltid; 1st batse, t-M hil- tilt stetres wccllalso teeconetlriibitede.
itt tdhaI~s. Itetitiatr: 3d oi.eee i-tet-

itmmoniY1. f., Dieils; e. f., J. R. si=lte ttr;
M trns tfrlottaneatertitripibtitle


17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
Gs H. WI1LD,
The Leading Tailor,
and oinly direct Importer in the city,
has juet received his entire stock of
Foreign and Domentic Woolens for
,Sprhtg and Saunmer '96, at
Ful Dross suits a specialty.
Prf -J Uf aihait's
University Physics Part II
fla,- Ilctridijy - Magnalism
Now on sale.
Up Town, Down Town
.cjvj sot Bookstore, Opposite Courthouse
t0 ate Sn. 4 N. Main St.

i-atere-b esieis himtsel-f cvilit-beth-ti.
At ctaitbe set-ityPt lihet-erontieltef
the ti-m tther are ft-sc- if alit- cetitk
tilestatu althoitgh Pit twieeegelilts
hitie Peitnplatted, therisnits otett
Ptbut that thtey ccill giv-e good i it-m
of themselves agaitist thee ti-othilt-
tarie to mteet inewtsce-tk.
Phi Kappa Psi Council-
Tiihee-itiial sessioit of tilt-PilKept-
hil Psi Aanih-Countel ccas hell 01
Clteelantd, 0., yesterdaantii Wielites-
that ccitht100 tdelegtttes itnttattedtte.
, uthtigait Alpia iChtapet tterw t epere-
trilleditt. TI Preintiss, G. V. Wil-
lititis, Ii. C. Dickinsoti anth hiB.F
Thefollocciingoafiirers scere oheete l:
Pi-esident, Williani C. Wilsettton of
Clevelanid; vice president, .1. 11.
Clothier, of Sccathinore; secretary, t.ll
L. Alden. of Wasitgon; gairiI, 11.
P. Congden, of Noithtwesterin; sir-
geant-at-arnms, Lee It Stutart, of (hii
State University. The retiring terre-
lary, W. S. Holdon, of Chiraget. ie-
ported tite founding of ltaiti-ro at
the University of Nebraska, Aniherst
College, aiid Dartmouth College. Trhe
tre-asurei, William C. Sproul, of Ches-
ter, Pa., reported a balance onKhad
of $1,00.-

96 L Memorial.
Thhet-seitttiwlec lass iitttIsite- hit-
ali th hueilstisot of ctitis it Ilolrieth,
wchi inletbeeen lid tnt tihetattle, wcst
ibroughlt u nrcnita ttlstiertd. A teete-
meittet- of thret-tnistig of Me-ssair;.
Alexandiseir, Coombths ald ll S iettttte cels-
lu ottetdto t-tiitste laitss feet- ite
itl2hitist of set-ttt-illiithelses leo-hit
etutitose of seit-ut-t usileeripittels, if
i~ossitiht. fttta Iitlllotil. Tii-e cute-
titlit- ellstislsoinllteito a tscer-
taitlotbout teov 1us-h monutet ratltie
raisedh. If ri-sietetied t ibehitratl-, lt
miemiallccill ito tdoubittibe seeetrttl.
Delta Upsilon Anniversary.
fTei- iehtig-ttttchttiter of thet Delta
tht1siloli fratetrnitty cc-llclri-ihteits
tcwentit-et annic-e-rsarytonbiight it- tll
hue presenlt fortivcirsimtet-tienrail-
sititnig of imembihers of the '1Miii<l11tt
alnd Coriellhl apters anth aloettiti froti
Dtetroit, Toledo antdlelsecwhiere.due-
nattioiial frate-rnity cvas fotuted at
WVilliamns iut1.834ait umbtntiers thirty-
otte active chtapters.
Prof. it C. Adamts evill dliver thte
comtmentcement address at tooth Col-
lege, Grinnell, Iowa, next Jore Dr.
Adanis was graduated from Iwa Col--
loge with the class of '74.
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Suetiigs, Api-l 2.3; 0iliietApitil 21;
Cedattr Rap~ids, ha., Aperil 25.
This Year's Castahean.
The '9th lestttait cciiihe uetnt Pee-
Il~rs tiitt I Il i-I itiel hi,,ot-rliii-l
dlettuht. Itruf. Sct Imiteex centta
it ioigrtaphiy euf Pe Itsit t .r itgehi ande
ltis litit-hecciiilhue li!s i-tel tby a
ftull ltite portrait of Di. Atei),il, 111ao
fromtithis hitist uhtotuetv-tipit. (Othter
poritratitsof Di. Angelletetndtilts if
hits boyt-hodhtao-uahdeoftie "iicsi-
the-tlemni niotltthe teeth ixccwitltae-
ruutthltny this ateilei.
Prof:.AndirewyTell hBiookixwcli Cur-
ntisht itttiticlhe Ott Sttt'rhy Ehveutes
of thte Universitt oftlehigtu."IProf.
D'Ooge fuirishes a esc-riptionltletftthe
Lewvis Art (Colluctietintahmid re.11. S.
Ctarhart serites of the cc-trl of bth-
Womatist-ieLeeigtte.ntatileotn h-ta,-
teittity Life tit thte Utti-ersi ~yetC Mich-
igtai" is cottibutted hey F. AV..hB. Coe-
titan, 9th, Psi CUsiloe.Theiiatt tutri-
buttors at-e issItifi XWagnier, Miss
Laurat BecinsMiss FIC M. 8etaver,
ties M. h. Jacobs, Hotwv- Wlilils,
C. B.Ptarsoens, J.Lamoneit, .t;.C. or-
yell anS C. IC.IRansomt. Tit- canual:
records c-ill be comaplete to dte.
"Paul and Neros-will be the subject of
Dr. Cobern's "utistoriral Study" at the
IFirst M. IF. church Snndiiy evening.

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