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April 02, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-02

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6t f 1 P lt: '01 EET AT 'GRANI) RAIIIS.'
Pi'slshed Daly (Snr- xepe)drn Political Science Association Con-
the Colege ear, at venles To morrowv
osnci: Tmes building N. Msain st., opposite 'ile iglouli regular netil;, of the
post offie. Sticgali Poliial SesncteoAs 'oiationl
EOISTORI osll be feld in (Grnld Rai~)d 101110-
W. W.H'Icso, 's, W. W. TIIAYPO,1, 'u L. row aiiulSootroay. The ptoroinm opre-
. L. Besucoi. '50fL . iH. HANS, '3. paredS is s follows:
J. .L. WASH~, '55 l1.
-- rIy lferlbool-"Detoit Uder
Es)IOR~te-C~I~lF s.'odila," C.'M. tiulon.
G. B. 1IiussN, 'ii L..
"Paly x l!oeaoiols in M1icigat,"
155 NAGINti EDITOR t'lsorls Moore.
J. F. THOosAS,'7.
_ ~"ow We Obttaned the Nortern
BUSIINEsS MANAGERI Peninsul," 'MNiss. Anna 3May Sonhe.
L. C. XWALKERs, '96,"The 'Ohio Sonolay ond cthe Norl-
ASOCIATE EDITORS en Poniisla," L. G. Stuart.
L. A. Pratt, 'T . M. Heat, '55 P. triy eenig-"[le Real Aoonooc
S. R. Smit,T6 '55. B. B. Mietheasy,'(t.
F. Simons"9'o lS. B. amusn, 's M. Do'trine." Prof. B. A. SI1llsoale.
F. A. Iucuel, '53 E. GCI. Soe, '8 5D. "The UniotedtStates nothlist S'ace of
Louise Bdge, '.
___________________________________the lh'rld," indge 1Eodwal'otCail.
The so t)scripuioa price of the Daily han "Our Senost Defenses," Get.S. At.
benred toeito 5125ino adace for the ret
uf the year. Lsave uhoripios at the Cuteleol.
Daily Oito!:eor withi P. , Meyer, . of M. Sotrolny slorig"Molliti't50Go0v
News Stan t1.lo'iltaErll,'Sto. lrl~o
Editor of today's loper: Hudson.
P. L. tlEISAIE, 'PS L. "Sate Supervisail of (itis," Jono
Sn te currest tarter's Weekly a. (at
ir rw'Sitiey gisSomaue of is chxelt FamrsCiicsoonh. ih
i toa'fTxinig Stl ott. 'O(5Iloori 'So
atrtreo'siteand. forciblle'vewsovoeilt'
staus f aatur athetcti c d Ilteo oitots of te' ssocootioo toe:
is the I a ,,. Se sdys iii rogoid to IrooetIlle.:ll ' 'titlil
til'OOl ltapto~is; vioetr 0t'otitlts. (lell
"Asstionolcor sonsi oc aove n Ap . H. Al ithii tooo, Jarkesoui; S. I,.'.
Sotil, Deiroflo; AM"'iamo L. WClt'or,
w~on, le shoildl be neither out a tieS
lawnorIn . ~oUtrdirety o t Si- ta1iltoos; S t'o'otly, frof. Ihenry' t.
rieltly, lnlroooi'ldlos lo rte 5-ioosa il c s n ro r
spooso. Ito' ouightto resentasatolitiCie ICoe, i r m(u
self to is sinitosotan100 olitsoolticom teD.B 1ad
01.00 IlBouloh'toir, Iit:atotao; (', A.
looking 1totutolol'loler illn" of te etl ''.l.oio-
irs of opel'. BiStisls"'o' tpe"c.irot Gower, ________________
of mioaikldli s lones on's' tor toer ot Wll Hold an Open Meeting.
the t oss, ao o.gooooly numortt o ttoo'e'T'eo.' bolr Sooo'.iry '-lll 11.3 lit, ir
acive ill opoure in ooof'us fromota-01 'o'ooud ulitolslrogiit foo thls y,
essslosaito'o'ratheir thoono Sy tut-0 .tooiumorrew onigt. 'Sie folloosliog is toey
Thabt'fisss'lty o'rcolege' 'tolo' eic aei0111r5o5'oogoltotot hstoeutrmiog' : Vo-
slitters atntS Onr Amtateur tli' lic it s olos, Mt-ls Ierfilloo Wetoot ors
Uion Shiouold.'veor a0 lt t ot ucli .0211, "'Sloe"tory Ore:-h'Itorgo.
stte Ito 0'010.0.10110d1e:' re ti'e"le'tor Is H.Sitto-rotft retoig ft-o "ilt
of thele lt'ie lao. 'toto,00 toof t-oardt Il," J .t'Olpatr Sao; soy, E. L
chaot we 111usf pote or ilryOS' "rd111Y' bi; oationo, "'Se ite aroA'vis t," J.1
'floe chot~ic thalt te pyttaleotr ooioaldsr .-loet's: ilooptus, 'T. A. Ierlitle.
didoess of oti t slrsiges iotrite 1isDs 13. Cheese, A. C. Mo't'ooglt oo;
wo'ittmst enter it0111'p50.0!.Asl W't'ttoot r Utr~ry So: eO'" 'V. Me 015r;
w'lvt oftoo vietory if it arry siot sit iti debate, "tosols'd, That IL" 1101050Ott'
gthe cesisrfiosi of a fair battle hoistly of risons shuldlobte o ponislh not o
fussg1itt Stoather lose like os grntleotoia reform" affirmaivseSR. J. Cos~rt,hg
--ay, die lke agestleooili ioniyy eld tovet'''. j Me 'osiri;taol, "Siog,
- -lium w'rind lire like a oneS Sy dis 'fax," T. Y. Abrill; hdroam, t. S.
thoins vitry." Stis Alti"S. harh.
Princeton Invites Michigan. Honor to Prof. Cushny.
Preiont Angell has received, an in- Te -faulty of loe 'i~e si.ty' sf
sitiiosiextendedS Sy Pt'rioaeeon Co= Mososs'hoaoe eosferuec..laii ltooifl-
lege to ISloidiaan to sed a reprmeita- on Poe. A. I. Cshay, of Shle: in-
thve to tle Sitth amihverosy Of te esofy by appointilg im tS oioos:'ry
foundaing of Proi4neon The invitation resident of the setioi of phtzia-~
is prnted in Latin and is very laib- eologyt at Shote ISsitr,ilonal Congres
crude, At the bgnnig of tlse net of Aleotiine to -be held at lSt ooso.
college your Prisseton will boo knowin Rtsttsoooiu dnsg the stnonir of 557.
isa Princetout Usiveaty.'
- Miss Cbarlotte . Sto-w, geneaJi
Thle .l il. NOSociety wal01holdits ~piasist andse uceonpaiitBouse part
r1n0fing FridA night of Sthsws I10 n5enekt s stisfaorisly filled. Ad.
piZeo '5curl y nigu dress 'O.4 S. Uolversity ae,

Chose Their Clans Orator, '97 DAILY BOAtRD.
The aanoalsseeftlo of tbe U. of M..
.-'. D. Reoynoldls, 'o-lose subject was (Ssndependent Associaiomi,thoe publish-
"E'vo'ltta n is ilicalioit." Vrt ilte ers of Slhe U. of 'M. Daily', will be
Seitor Law '' oralonital costrl O Tuesoloy heldS'Frilny, April ',.aft 2 p. in, in
tighlt LndoutS til'nosor of artilng as oral- N'ewberry SHall for the purpose of
fo ath dr~sdaye~i~cife a on-eleeting tt itrn oe.frtile'-
br totelit 'llass dny oxeoiisesbatrcooor- siex't colege yeotr. Altload-up sub.
oo'oteo'oooo'ot. Somoe ofttlos~e 'who took scribers, to thte fDoily are soelobeirs of
p500111 ill theio' eost weur'ecuewto class the assoceiation auitSarc entitledt to-
obiotory, iouitail the oratiolisswere woell vote at Slots meeting. Tile followiiog
hr ooIr- d'a"oiidwell delfs'tro'd. Thte aui minonet to thte constitution will be
Irrde~soilt~hru;Irt nd ompsii:i lihnge Section 1 of Article Y5. to-
svtt re 'o'of. Sleciteno, SProft. lohouson sread: "Tlds counstitiutiono uay be
tooth Si'. l,yitmsi; ous. deliver'y, SIr. aunenoleol at aniy gesoeral nmeeting of'
Ituohy',Sir. $ltt't'loiilns Otto',ev. G. . the asgsociattin by a three.-fourths vote
C'olor. of ul thocesembers present; provided
'fle ltorings 'er asfolsvs: hint ainy amnd~menot oropiosed shall
The n~i~ri~n wre a folootothavebeen 5tubloislied in sot least osoc
Tiot,h lt iseo h hal
Brob owp. otoon. Belivery. Sum. G. .IIARRSON,
Aoul. ;...-------- 00 16 3- Lloitor-4in-Cioief.

Sandero ." -....----_it 210 3N-5
Rteynolds----------5 03 001
These iNay Also Vote.
'heoe loisIugis.otit atitioutal ls
of ilutos of soo'ioters5 of toe Atletic
Aro a.rlotiou 's;loe are e('itled ho soote
ot't too' ioeeliiog S otnroioy. 'Tey A'ote'
oilt'iitodii in to' list of ullciohotrs 1000-
SIsht{d inTo tui'sohy's lDaily: 15". It.
('utlrht ol, .i. D. Etundti, AV. it.
'oouoolsono, E17. 1'o'troff, ..AV'. Fitz-
geralo, WX. I11. O[Sricot, X'itoeot
S\it;ottoy, (0000. 51, Cloir, Scot. Tmoe-
T.Pio' bost list' otfic~tteS'urituu'c't
hto foeni iithe (tly' ot t taller's F12-'
iiuro' Stovo'. itoti Totio f(tsts . 'Tilting
(S 'Soors., ift'oiviiogCaose-s, etc., soil1gyt.
umit' t01roduvo-ro leoios. No',,, tte
rioao 'cfor students ist-,nottag to fit
lt offices.

All caxndidaltes for floe 'PS baseball
teame are reqouestedl to repuort si. lhe
o yn-nasim every ofternoono at 4 p..
in. (GEO. I .WOSODRiUFFt, CapS.
'l'he "t'ois'ers.ty Scool of Dancinlg"'
'osit g'r'l a,5 prorinilpaorty Soibsuoslay
evensing, bitS 0's-ry tlokoLy aidootSot-
sorohry ('sesiiluifoolleo'iimog 'islitafter
Sactiton. Studet'nts rcu'oioiiiilsgdurluig
volelite arse eordhotlyInin'teo:
iit'loatring 'touiphlostering is dtone
ot Ilsue'stFuronitiuro' Stoicat reodutced
lli'ces. Onlly expeienced s'orkuoen M
em'llouoy'edl, shird1111o'work tA'iaiv,, otet'd.
t&ootosf oototty.
One front suite, $2.50. One single
zoom 75 cents,. 1Fninace heat, light
aund bath. 201 S. Ingalls st. 136
Just .rereis-ed, thoe nicest lot of Pkor-
tie-es aund. ~iceSusrltins es-ers'h110own'
iso the o.4ily, at Stosier's Fusrnittnre Sioce..
Wanted-A hnstlinig stewoarod for
boardt anti roonms. 84I S. -oain st.

The Dayton Bicycle sells at jest One Hundred ___
a - Dollaro, no miore, no leos. All bicycles once -"
_ sold [at list price. Nowo "List" has married ''
~"""~"'j~ ."Discuto," acid Discousif "rules the roost" oss
flow- most ss'ieels.__4
Lists at One Hundred Dollars, and sells at ,-.
Ten Thousanod Cessts. If it were riot worth She "'^'
price, people would not buy it, but it sells in
competition with tile most famons makes on
the market. It attracted. extraordinary attesn- -
tion at She New York and Chicago cycle
shows. Ton can't afford So boy a bicycle until___
you see it.
ZZThe Ann Arbor Organ Co.
,,.. 51 S. MAIN ST., ANN ARBOR, MICH. "'

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