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March 21, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-21

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the . a '

VOL. V I. No. 124.



S We desiet ieenotice that weo00 CONTEST BEST YET HELD.
ptropose to make ati9<-id feor______
1U biecyele tositness th is season. OWe
hate ssecd the agency for the W. M. Mertz, '96, Given Second
IDAY TOQN Place - Each Oration Showed
1 lliecie' lowhch has earned a Careful Preparation - Close Ge-
high retitinass one of the 1116
6J1 bst whleels ma de; prce $100. We 1°6 cision by Judges - Markings in
CI etinthe aiecy forthe Full.
1t B1N0IU1+1F. L. Iiigriaiam, l196 L, wio flet
fy that excellent 'ttl,l which has 6
M this ceaso t eens otgreatly ism- 110 and AVt. 1. Meets, '96, seolad.'This
eettroetdthat weshall make itcour 61
1 leanee. $1 is the bet ealue atte 5 6 sthylieresult as anioutinced itheiicool-
S antd $100 you coo find. Weao hi ff
tell tic' CLI -'PER, a icene 1lilttre of the Oelttrcial (onlestl losi
whtse'i at his to t85. Ot'We ttaeu 11
prices talt. Termso, cashi or easy 1111iglit afte a o'oson of orellcey lasltiiig
N paymtents.
N6THE ANN ARORORGAN COO I I 1111tio its.alWOs-l ol'lWt
No S. MAIM ST. 16 ato cthitatie nudillee. :III ait, teiel-

positicontic lalwyert'bes to tht'e ren
wvoek as tttstiligtitictt eiiiiimall odine',
lndthel ei'roni'ous fidetsttscutlly pre'-
railinig ais to tfil etya11111itligely
"'l'he laswyer u ae111 st a thioroiughi
knoiwsleidge of hilstoiryiot muiipa101
latws alldtaliotve all tie a gooti juilge it
"Iris seok ill the toretr'eis otito
1111151 beltoni'st.
M1r. Dc'ill dieeddtetave%1-ltt eedcilials, 'ndassyco

Medical Faculty Considering the
Question-Latin Must'Be Studied
for Two Years -Modern Lan-
guages Instead of Greek.
Thle miediecil fiicuilly b ss'titiii'i'er ol-
slilitl l lit e etlsing li t tiglec
lfltllu l 'et5 noiwy ii' Oil' 011101' asIie

Why ritot shave yourself?
See what we' Gallfurnish
you in
A SHAY1'NG 001111
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
G. H. WID,
The Leading Tailor,
anod only direct Importer $11 fhe city.
has juof receiveod liftiofeestock of
Foreign and D~omestic Woolens foe
Spring and lSonitee'f9t. at
Foil Dress Suits a Specialty.
We can show you all the latest
tints, in all the popular slzeet
with envelopes to match, for
Ladies' and Genflemen's Polite
correspondeoce. We give special
attenititon to engraving tif swed-
dingr invitations, reception and
visiting i'ards, and making Mono-
ogra 10s and address dies. Plate
printing. We take pleasure in
showing you.S
' p Town, Down Town,
University Boohstore, Opposite Court~louse
20tS. State St. 4 N. MSin St.

thit'greatest statlno ot Etir'ipi' 'ndl sAlitliithe l'x'epllti, tit ili'i'li'loty, 11111
tilon lit the halt that oratory is niotlyet boicerl ssliio liavt' been Ilstgls ii it still olffestunliiimit e o'eoiteos from
dIl 1101' lackinig finttoerist ini lte'ih ctal ln na los=
to lhii' stoti'k of 1Ia.It-slo In thlbols otf 5li i IIiiil ll'l 111 tiis'
l'iilt,,,,.,o' aegiottlon atnt our Stoirem '011 Thei' Wtlln stiggestoid, toy t'riof.
It Avs a1 stptle'ndid arel-y ot younig
lllil' gavse'a, lelef "st l i olfI.the CI A I N al ishe til a slt
itm ie s-who eaiie 1110010thii' plot toatm
plllllil~y at s o'clock, rceese'ntati'e
anit of thii'prn'ofessiotiof tl ',111 tol A 11B. t'e're'e, n haIt tlh c 11la1' tco iiio
11110h0tm Ai.li . Or, ae ok highie. sshlatkithe olttti't lifI stnitiig ihisilf
pre'siing ollicee of thlieeiitin '' .Iekli'ot 'ntni'g t ot ttlli'salliaolti tu 1Ot
lu-tet spieeihtilinotitced ttii'lpur'poose i1'~in w ylso ~tuz
1britef skletchi ofthIli' tounldatlionttt sitlliisi ttoles ttlufii i
it th t'cootest until the precse'nltti ttet~,ttisto-iiit't tion "lil ~byt alsos to tic rotqtilleid. I1 st-oesthat
it tistitioujalo by ex-Sinaiti' l'llinl'' dtuplicty a5nild dislitini .'' Ilet'di's- titth'- lire 1110110' ottall 'otlogisIit otgh
thii ititerestlnes'er laggedl itniteac-h o'l' leA trnau i ut 1111'counltry t11at1give tie ll'igri'o
stp'aler wasO giv entile cosesl t tt uit ~l~~~tt ttiion iootiof A. 13. stien t'e ne' 1 cctl
io'nlioii. t~hain-lg aismchebrigh't tfre ol ott superiorttheii'Ann Arliori I 15-11 Schtool
(it tll illofto' 01 ' ss, ef iotlhout s-tiv atin"udto h asan pep , tat he tdnwll1.teso m c
It'e ssorlot, 11n11 it -glotoing ,termts ile- fii ht ltitl til tlsi o tte
iutenecs n azzlinig llitt llrs -utse tot'it in tils totts here',blot that
I)it h prs~1 b Iu" ' t1 htoitattract ot' the itistant aond 111 1111 ll ist isile itt t -iii o o tiis fith tailinitt0 115111~us liith
itotihinlg ssas not iced iii tll ott
1111' tti1itili a_ bittteiiiohiiticnito cope tttietit tstore-
tfoutida d''thi ct thittighi 1I lntnit'i tn'o ii edt anl T l'hi iotiliritlanguagii'es-itt ilb' stilt-
if ft'esttbject i'alctulate'itfcintusre fbi'
.lof dilomacyl0 tiotitbr-oten a tooiti Ill- tih've twsl oiersofittbooth. I-r~c iantl
losting iteret o f ctall hiiare'rs. As tot i'ell-io lai ltt
ti b lttgt, itiiolii' l'tltia t eretho tot'111'rotct o 1 the lis of1110111 awn ttelgo'tsh utf 11111' Nil att'th e101
fiat gndividualiltspeakeotrsituoh,, iigihttI' illdt'si ntitt ficlpl-ut:lg ofotller ttoi l -R-ti
itu 'Detiocicy it icercot"ifsc'lllol tiietlg. hIhtle ih(1tt iii''aitttitstt11 rt- iih-tiiio l 11i-isttilr
thu ,reli.fotisoceitcce fuly toiroogiss (hoto i' itltllt gel e-hiloo'11 t ii's, mtti f t hetgti attf 111111 ill i iit'
itt lio cothltr'toboth i ljprear Isatio t<ir pelttsiiif ii o ttt iiat'rei ti 1110' oitigitlgt' t sti i' a t i'r gaibti'-s
c'ttlilti'irs, b~Ingtg 5,1 tiit i 1.Ale n "afl it t (' 1111 are in s l i ntielano'i'g1.A tti aot
ing'0 deliverytllit'lithetil lattIe1111 ibeaigloils t''e' siat'Jt'afrilt
"Itr110,"tagdeeuteatistItleeclo'carfiiiiiiof iretet e', htl tool tu ii t.ie Itiito'0'tour
Sf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ta g1051'fitiipalt.sftsti't't'oidt' anil li=_ riust it, lit i'ops'o otiga.li-via is orl
'',Sel-oicttig i the bteis f ill Ii i'it i i'ins tih itx _"tofiltt tt5oi lot 'tltesis utu toti, t til i
tihtOrethudonstoftidtmocof cyu to rorss It l s t '4 iad teroti.tetit .-uoean to athculII it' iu wrld'i anditto bth e
,iiiit s I ,ivi n i he ce(tof Olt aut agI incotiattI'iit.t~lr
in thiloutry0 islttcardto ohe r'Ii'
bion tigiSpiin fomii i "'1'te tt eg,'' - lirtlit- 51'il tttiiuifree t'. i'iu i to,
snlts nhabon todbe'reoe bed to'nt1is8still( nolillU "-svilutotr110' leste or 1t1an
"R'eduio bioner lt' 111'm s1a5nss'' elou 5letliiia,ctfoi'mxiei-il ''thu i',o uititi tuli tot t Iethi'lit'i'ouaii'-
efttt 'icco. AstoIt pl l' uo sil andutitit n till t bieu to eeiru i 'lliona.l t'veoiisit Ini ot tiutch bgiet' i itd(.
ct tl to alp cass'o igbottsoitys.ciety oseiity taendnatiogn au tuit on81 e, yto 0-i't. II i te liit ulica~iotlt
lc~ti~y gosig sme lt ' i e no ale atl eslctq u e trte o ssInflue c1oltue lots-iell oo goitow l et
s'selfaisis 'lt eutasis Itte llso-Iisethtorhn oss 'ltca-r nllm oc ~t tuhc'c li
to blue ancreased fuirilof yt fe p obtainsng berl ifas fluzce s inutiuora tor, snottf o tsee~i tt aeutrito as-cof ti itd
the sear anmI asteirtually potting Tese fricerloeoireginents oaoret
nresos, TobutruhtnyIseous gvasotscribedof he-exsteneffhect o ofutht. u t.l teenigancetn
sul woud be obiated b a Niggendtoslaveiuand sfateo-in le t utut:4 equrmnsttis eatetwl
tedalnltoto ofenuheeral nbtioluorh- wrofte gelin, baied t a uchghe standin ttt sa
hooefrgfusfutreeSates idwrd, wr o hi orlndfni te fhcutyeenodncistod1ua-
oftF. Dotylideloghntal enthe (Cnfnet s ScndPae. as yt tha isilioren hn.~ tb

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