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March 17, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-17

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jjg~.1everl ~yi' s New -spapers are chr~h;Ip
S f, J ti.+ P L1I+ w I tee'sie free readinig rooms; timeL
could not be better spient. So no rceat-
Published Daily (Sunday- excepted) during sonahile excuse exists. Let our CIO'-
the Cole ~t wear, atiii uceisa eat mrv
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. loatng tsoie.isa esiirv
Greets:Times blaildiisg N. Main st., opposite _________
post office. -

W. x. llaS, '9, IW. W. TAivEi, ' L.
E. L. tGesoun, 'L Ok . IlAS,'98,
J . WSu, '08Yi.
G. . IkusisSOoc, 'it L.
J. P. TnsOAS, '7.
L a. WsiKa, '1.
L, A. lrat'tO G.M.lleath,'96tP.
S. i. Smith, 'iiitL. 1B. . ethay, '9.
F. shnoos, 'i. I. taima, 'it A.
F. A. fssi , '9l85E. C 13. lte,'iO I.
Thesbsriptin price cc the Doly has
bees reduced o .23 s indaceefor the ret
o the ,year. Leae sscOriptins at the
Diaily chlico or with P. C. Meyer, U. oCi t
NewS itlss.
It is to bi hipeil that sonic isians
of imaprovinig the baths at the gymnila-
siumsl will le fouid before the scr11ol
year closes. I' waer and stain arc
all right ini their pl-tiesbut they were
never intuded to be usei in who, cc
The cliiss touriaimient for liii chni-
pionsipilofutthe tiiscrsity wiicli is to
begini 'hisdiy evencig deserve the
hieary suort sitll siidets. Chess
is t game that soldtibte eicotragei
by everybody who desires to see our
gooses sonaietistib sits s "itu-kilr"
anidcmenssfiiithe lslevict11111of 55ihll
bliniglproesisiiis. 11t his iiis it 141e
isppilctiity for iienitl diiiilir ow
wel as for rercati. Liet.a tour-
aliiileq1ua losi' of cisrl coleges.
Th'ie lack of interest lhtilhe imajr-
ity' of stiiii'ts Stios lv neilig events
of imiflcttsice that are happeiniig ill
the otiside wori is someithiniig to be
deplioreid. Mutch of tis ciiitiontiiof
thinigs coiiis froii igoriance. For ii-
sbsnc, ot of iiy tll tudetics to
Nx-hoi the Cuail qusesion is troaced,
notl 1m011'thiaitwoo r tretwill exei
know that Coigrss tias cnsiderei te
suhject. T.Ihey give 119 their excuse,
"I inv-ct seenIt paier in lure
mothis." Aiother filt tins) shwsvsthe
lack of interst in current history Is
the thl'sossesisi of the college debt-
ing societies of thi coutry negectiig
hinninsg toicis of the cly for sh
questiocs as "will ()sr tGovernent
Continue?" "Shall the Goveriiiient
Own the Iailrovads" e., etc. These
things ought not to be. Mien and
woimen who intend to live ii the world
after inisliig the college course ought
nt to deprt froul -it entirely for a
period of four years. The time spoint
in a university should not be a periol
of hibernation, but a season of pre-
paration. And in this preparatoy1
training Students should keep in touch
wills the Imporsant events that occur

. Communication.
Editoxr U. of M. Dasily:
A comimittee habs Been apiinted lby
the bossrd of dirictors of she Athletic
Associa tion to 'onsidler the isoesdtdlilt
of brinisgii to Aiiii Arhr lihi anus-ial
hield meetof flii' dichigaiioIhighi Schlc
Athletic As sc isstioi. whsichi is cmsposs-
el of the h:g-li schools olf Grandi l ap-
ids, Ann Arbor, Ltiisiiig, Jlacksoni, fBat-
tie Creek andi Detrisit. This project is
most cciuuiieniiile. ais it would, if
earnes t iistiiilate asil~iiiiin tiihei
high schlis, Nxvhis-ii s~sirsishlat wheu'e

Drawings for Chess Tournament________
Made Last Night.,.>5 ~ K
The drtixings fur the flust toursts-, O® l ba
sient of the Chess Club wero mdea
Misuday evening, and resuiltsed as fol-
losvs: BMnosweiovr, bye; Haimilton,
bye: Thomias, iiye;F. Cl':sidge-Wool-
l-icss, Ciitriiidn-'aintih ii, tHers,-irk- o s-
P'alier, Albirighit-Rlhsies', S. C"oolidg e-
Mtoses, Kroiik-'2hoiiipsoii,'Martin-Coul- ht
fir, Mahnniiarit.St. Glair, Sqluier, bye; u"
Itetir, bye; Colbuisn, bye. The tourna-
mend ANviii hegiinext Tisursilay cviini-
ig tail the biest twoiigiilss out of
three xviildeie theliiwxinneir. Anuiii-
ioc'oslegiaite tournamnent, iiicluniik'ywer,4(
re'presenltatix-es froim Cilsicago, Wis-
31iehilgillt'niversities, is cne sitfill'e


the stuidents inter c'llegi' thiy cilii
lrceady trate hail athilitic training,
anid he so msuch sios-i' xaiiatlle 051l11i11
Irairsity testiocs.
The M. II. .. A. tucluls il itsii
sports baseball an1l1 tracas itlbtics.
'Ili(1501151 Ixwishi to soaks' to thai,
viiil1e thoeetwox braniches are tolug
losokest afties', ter'silosiu i e ac--
mliftie apspoistedltto iiivcstigsiii' huh
sciggist 511150 iieslnauiiic' icassof "is-
i'isi'sgilig footbail iniitir high s(-hiocs.
It s'ciics to Iiilleithatthe'becsi and issoec!
piractical xvay xx'uisI hbeItocffer a
prize', as a silve'r' iup, to he giv esi to
lie s."lotfirstxwtnning liii'c'iiaii-
pioslih lrs'e time's. Silit tile consti-
ioslcsold hi' foriiuatli, sanItic.~
siplpcrsisioli ifi'vc'rylli.1shiouiiild ti' iii
Itic' leusls of liie' Uivirsity Atleltic
As ccilticil. This tonlil hi'pt i toli
ieet heginning witi next fail.
Thie' tonlit citsu ll anrsrangcementil
x wsuld not tielappalrient fur somt eluers,
hut nit 11 1':11xxiileiny Itiat ilIi'e
eiii, it xxiliprovxes to bii'tihe'osie'thintiis
xvh-li scill lki'sp _3icichg~sn wxc '1('.i
=histiist hi'eii lllcsics. 1.
March Inlanider.
Tile bisiret Inlandser is out scust sn
satle today'. This numbsser collies ut to
lie usual highl standard that his.'osn
iiltil, this yeair. Tue csox-er di'-
sglis .s most excellent pliece of xvork.
'helictuion 5i113' Wale1Vuirren Tltuycar,
Arthur M. Snisth, Kthlerine It. Broixn
andsCi(linde I.11.VuifL'yne. Harold 311.
Boxwmasn itdPhilip DaggettP siur-
hsiiui coiitribiute the xversie,xx-hichi is es-
pecially good. tGcerude Btuck xrites
on "Thle Eticual Significansce of Corto-
luinus" ansd J. F. Thioias on "College
Jourusulisn." A spec'ial feature of the
iumber is an excellent cost of the
Dily board,
There will be .a meeting of the U. oaf
Mt. Democratic Clulb Wednesday at
7:30 p.in., in Newberry tHall, for thu.
purposo of electing officers and trals-
,acting other important husinces, Demi-
ocrats of all. departusents of the Phi-
versity and of the Ann Arbor hgh
Schlool are requested to be present
tFirst 'ice President

,I I.


hossibilities tgross-thg out of lthue crg ci-
iztionl of the ('hies ('hub. A cirres-
psondenlcei' ut b'en siutel'd cwitihthe
Chuess Chubs of thiuse svariouisutivier-
sitius andlit flue lmrching uil 3londsuy
iigilt the executis'e consiliiexxsuc
.atlhorize'd to do OseOryttuilg it) its
powesr'tuc arranhge for tun interrcollergisut'
tousrnsameint. tix-orabicureulies hasise
two'niri'ceivesd frosh Chicaigo antutulir-
'l'e laudhincxent x iii cxii'thii
x-.ciisli'sful executni51o5f A. A. lu'rlsiiis,
cc in x'sxxxtw irclledi(atlt ht:enid of
'stcilt nuimues',an111thcli er'it'ahiy could
doin iuarvtsu'io tiugs initti ' wasy' is
bsanjo pisixisig.-Asluu is Itt-iDeocrast,
Atiril i, 1i8tu4.
hliss 'hiariotte 0. Stowve, gdntersil
tuinist 51nd tiacihmpanuit. House piarty
c'igs ients sathsfactorily tilled. Ad-
dre'ss No. 48 5. University ave.
Theuu'xw-st andctlargest assoirtmn'it
of CasrptsR u bgs. Mutting tansd.hDrtut-
iries at tbsihcr's lFsriiiuire Store.

Gibson &Clark,
a The modern stand--IdFmlMei


cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.

Li li
(jhu-uituc o ¢tlls

The Daily will be delivered by carrier ii# Anti
Arbor or by mail to any address in this country
until Commencement for $1. 25. If, after thue last
nutmber for this year is isFuccd, you feel that we
have not earned $i1.25 this amount will be refunded
to you.
Your ~attention is called to the fact that the
Daily is the only paper publisbivig complete re-
ports of University events. It is the only medium
by which you can obtain a r ,cord of each Univer-
sity- organization.
Subscription may be left with any editor
of the Daily, at the Daily office or at
M~eyer's News Stand. Subscriptions sent
by mail should be addressed to the busi--

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