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March 10, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-10

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and hoes, the boys ftusted out, attired Illustrative Cases for '96 L.
f H oP +I f FROM OTHER COLLEGES in overAls and alt the fantastic cos'- Cassin Evidence are heing edited
TheCorelltisar keps5-1fo"gitunics a college can bring forth. fic'y
The ornel lbrar kcp:, cianinup y Instructar Ihughes stnt wilt be fur-
Pubtished Dally (Sunay ecepted) during teiledl wit the cosmndation of a
the College yoar, at sare tori interesting books. Otne of it- nislu'd to the senior laic ottdents in
THE UIVERSTY O MICHGAN. recenst aequisitiosis is the original for- hsatd of fats' co-doatsiehr. tYahrtieTsbokwtbeo-
tirime Times building N. Mtole st., opposite ture-chiamsberities itt one of tse saw the work cottpsleted. forms w~isthe eases issued. in Wilts=
motsse.nost famoos of te in(,esition itto Ta seio h ty -it it last semester and wilt selt at tihe same
ESDITORIS at Treves. The book is :,u1Itposedi toci viL edaeseuglthilllilt- price, site dollar. The exadume ie
w.se tsctto,"i 7.iv isvet OL have -beets parst of l ithtW11,el0 s. arytsiiigwtresisir i I'will alt be late cases ansdllsts-cbeets
E. Lhessoet,'555L 0. 1ilSe, '93" ttcatct-ee iS csaTc'e ofaculty slug their ptitise, atntdttisess
pol~ai carie oi' fal rovs t earefultly selested. A sinsilar bosh of
EDt[TiJt-Ix-C11LEF Pacts, asse is tiliev-ed to havie isetsajure o-h yniasirwhr:cases to accomtpasny Ilcof. Chlin's
G. B. ItttSiti, 'ti L. teUofsru . tonthelgyesdsfurtdnines
--- ilt oust of 5 wasgont sitsthe way5. It - ff. ad. fc lectures o oo tottns will be lice-
M[tLNAO[tLI EDITOR. owts bousghst foc hlist rarctsy tromt a tilt l Ltte houir.pared by Isnstructor Smiith.
J. V. TFissias, '07 ho Asoctrin''ts(Clogne.-Blissielor of ltses-stct's icasebatl schsedusleis a (Ts ' N ,T'CE
11CSINiSIS SMANAGOER Arts. foliow-s:tieoptblicais of the 'Univ-er'sity of
A550Ct~k EleTORS The Phy, -al ('uture tDepartsmesst of Apilili'tat Boston siths a ttiekediiSchiolarnif icetttharn uaig
sins', arsiry Wright beotlit;' 1(i-, sho r tsiis isrteana
L A. Prtts, '91 G. Mt. Iteats, '9 P. ite tiversity of (Chicagothroiesighsthe ti eectiosn of officers of the i'ssiversily
S. R., Smith, 'OiL. tB. B. tMetlest y 599. e t'tlt:of Is. Stasgg, wilt sontsitlsve ot's;IS 's-stact itBrocktont; _0 lteshicssn Clusb wilt behi' lds'isriissy
F'. Sissoss, 'Os- tt. tB. tGamsmon,'07 t. uiu lcin fwrso -NewitoniA. A.,at News-ost; 21., tiansgac,sIt 7 is.it. itsNewbherry tissil; tlite i-
Ii. A. hieib, ~ttC. 5.'. itd~t~t,.. sit 'asisbritict':231 Pasw-ucskelt 'tAilt-Iesatstolt'e Amseris-assCollege ltt'ittb-
o. sR. Psis, 'sos . 1- . Waists 8 It. t ilies'. Ats-.Stsag, while sesrchlisng furI
C' 0. tie, '5551). Ssasnniah iitsdos, '08. lu i' -e; iD-rittoulh, sit llastiss-i; licanisstxaguit'wilt be clisasess.stecocrdisig
_______________________ ___________ -compettti -t-li-ill 01ri --ecu-, herst+ f
"5w t)-sntsotiiis, st (~'hsssiitlg') ato the ensrollmes'nt of thesB'eubiesss
Tiesti pii sc' fes os thue sllectiosinittel tt by Sir. isicty ID'- Cl'ub:; thitntesisele'tgate will be chsens
been reeduced tofistS is adevssee foe the refit tDs itituils it Caisiisge; AlivY
of thse yearc. Leaveso ooriptiois atit use AWrig, Pre ls'cidets's ii os the iiil'ieli ' w i tite Natitia ti isisilictss leagnie;
Daily out -ic sorit's 5'. C'. Meyee, (J.iofBMtlesgues' swiss, santat tse tat t''s sialh Ai slit tub 'it AWiltiassiisowni; ),tBrsowss, titsntotti'issy sotemists isave isot sie-
NesoStasiSpndngaiain orti rr. -iiCaisie's'7, iholy CcoSS,, st 'Wor- isieredtwills the('listsndtShlattse
Editos' of todayt's hiller: Tue effocts wise sits-i iofiti, asduthecenter-;09, Prins'etons,sit t'i'itceit: 1Si, tcnvtionst -will conssider's'steh othse's
G. I.SItiIt.IA N, 'too- Aileist, it Camsbritdgs'; 1i, Witlistss, iismateirs OSasty tp'rry comise hefosse
-Uivsityoio-woitt sl)ots bicoessiseae Iis-iilst"'''''--' st it. C. lINCOLN AtGItettittP
teeifsset ii Asssit- t. Ciit-agtlirry ofis ,it( (" fDL NxLAPsesidenit.

athi-.is wasscliptpedilfromitshis'Amhiecst
Stsudenit Israithec beindsithe tities,
bitt t~rebssbiy well-mseantl:
'Te t-'sisectilty of tticliigatiihass
praiye'rs, ashalssiiliii,-iurai itshe' tlts
sOf issibiong pri.-i-:1ttit iiiiern itt
sitai's Iotsakei ii in unthrie duty' si

1'eisyts-ssithts Alliteile loard 1hls
adtttedlrthe folltow-inig segisltis ii-
tistisg lt'esswsictliisg of lie 'vrsky
'°"iatitist 'siils'sl Its itssie'Vr
j"I" shlsil hi' siessis'lm tty st'escits-

itBroii, ill Pr-ovidensce'; 23, Pl'is; el-
vnia, sit Phiiladlpiab; 27, Aiiili''is, '4
Amhlests; 28, i'nssylvasnsia, at (sis
tictgi';i30. lrissceton, at Caiiitrits-s'
tisist'1, NowloisA. A., sit \e«ttes:3
ieti-i, sit Proidesince';, iisssyl-
svssiss, sit Camsbcidge'; 11t, P'inice'tonttit
Pinsehtsn; 1t, Ctorsieli, at C('siclsgides
14, Bcownvits at ',ssridgs'; 20, C'teltl,,
n-sirlt-; rouns; :235,t'ennssyls-asnisa, t,
tambrlidge; 27, Prsincetons, nseuitra
'981- EAii1ssi:tul is.x
'hol 1l iil't l- (M 'ut -'t1-it,

If you travel one thsousandtl miles
during the 'ear yosu silt savesooty
by purchasing a thiousandsleteit-let,
'The best in the massrke,asre thsose is-
sued by agents of Ohio Centrsal Listss.
They are goosd over till thse imsporhtant
systesms includisigste entire 13. & O.
system swest of P'ittsburg, the Big
Fisur, etc. See agents of Ohio Cessiral
tines before purchasing. Price .$20;
good one yeasr.
IThe nstesst intl largest sissoslt'iiit
if Cssipets, lilis, lsitliugs adassB pl-
e-ies sit hlstihr's Puirittuire Stoire.

ctsssptsissusittee' aunhcapttains iiieach shunt, 1but
- t'etotal nuitucbe fitreach.lsyear shatut
Thcrecsotiis tsolit a revisal of inter- ntece:(}Frfobleg~en
est iluhess"sst colloties 1iia-stpait-i-s of
l~st cuusisiy, it' ~ ~ ' ..(, ) Ftor basesbslltwIelsv-; 18)Fuss'crews
tecnty ThtusiitE'dttiisuosr ssaste-un~)tch-i-
collheges art'stiss'ansuit ercl-lgiastie
- testisnss sssof lust, secoor i thirdu
gamssisaire'beinig tpayedti.Thsesca-
sh-arlpaes at lit tnesstutl Inst'r-C'ollegiatte
issitisui of ai sst' iilisslr-cothig s t'
t-hsssslsssishipslusr-t; soilliuscsoitt iret
chooes sottistittus sit fasllis nuot iis-
'osoleshuis'oi seiondtl plte t iay camptitiiass
Zi stud.e anLst'ru-silsaireadiy' showl!s withsHarvad,iih 1th' tsr 5 trstii, is
here seetSo sinic lto hast ill-higan ssinnrs' of ally Naioluorl i- ls'cs<s-
Nv-111tot tke list platce itsusli-ita
tisusal ehsausspisusssiip s isesttsitj.i
leaguse. reisesciulting the 'Univ-ersty 115) Fuor
'Walter ('ittitlhihits the rulies cricket, tsscli e; ((i) For tenis, ssiuner
gsau'sissg athlectics rseclesly adopted or sissners of first or secondlasce hut
at Chicatgo by re'pretsentativc; of Wsest- tse Isnter-collegiate chianpiossiis iss
crnndinslitusliouis its full i his l arch ssiges on thoisbies; t70 For gyiissss
taulietor of Arts, lie cosmmsenits uponsiuusteams, thiree; oilier "P's" sisy be
fip, ,-,,e,,.s5 ,ofd ho,5'5s','ses t~ o, l- t;assardedi by the Board'

wsithaspxsloAs'Whiluity ss fuoss's: "Wri
thist iss wa5 s uwseou thttepurr of
blue delegsates, tos lr. Wiuey's aidvice
wsould havse beesn extremsely usefult.
He hiss the hi-st interests of western
unihersities at hieart, as wse sll ?saye,,
anad tue is Iutskitigev'ery effort to tleans
out iursities sa-iicts isurt stir csliege
altulsule lift'."
Unity Clubs Concert.
A Isrge ausdicence satended the vio-
tin recitsal in thseUtiuiy Club course at
the Unitarsiasn elhurch lsas es'sing.'
Thilsnuusmber a-hogisvensby Mr. Fresuh
C. RSmit-h, siotinuist, sassistedt hyStis
Clara.Jacobs, csnts'ittto,'send itiss lMi-
ic Dais, ptauist.
Thue next numuber en Ith' course will
be by lir. Jaunes K., Applebee, wtuo
w$11l also give two or thiree extna nun-
bers some time in the near futuro.

Tfhetcsudents of thse University of
Csalifso-nisu hase. finished, a se hce of
work. ssitisin te sast fewetdsys thsat
utey sisy look bade upons witlhtuice
s-ntl eelighst. 'The'Uivser-sity hscisu
euable to get ass uappropriasisStir te
reenut impstrovceents just msadee by the
students, one muemuber of th s- facuthy
parotposeed that the college tatke a sissy
oft andt that thue stuuueust boudy should
tu'ssilaborers andl itsthe wvurk lis ltc-
sets-es, andltlisswass agnesel toswith
The work to be done w-as utt ake
a footpath fifteen feet.avide front ('e-
ter st. to the second brnidgesvith! suit-
able entu'ance, to remove the earth
about North h-alt, and. to grade dlown
flue sides of the umain pathwssay.
With shovels sort pickaxes, 'spades

teasms sirs'requsesicl etl t ssneetnr is ulss Anty yosung; lady sstudeust svto sishs
ht 3 Uiversity ]-uhl , ,tt 4 us.it., lui.. ligusttasork to lpay'for rosomsanOt board
C. tR. NORTi'ON, lhss'r I aptily to SArs.11. C. tEames, 7 N. thate.
Tb'riywlb eivrdb are t n
AroLrb'alt ay drs nti onr
Dal itely lpapdeereblihigcomleteinre-
proro nrsmiltyoevensaddretisthilycedumtr
bynwiCh ou ecannotai artord2 ffecheniver-
sityer orgiztin. risise, o elhtw
ubscripetionim ayleotftai ta hedio
of the Daily, at the Daily office or at
Meyer's News Stand. Subscriptions sentI
by mail 'should be addressed to the busi-
ness manager.

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