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February 27, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-27

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.5-T-,EFACTS*.JN T _E-CASE. tent, law tudents were $23,340. The
! BICYCLEOS. sPalAGaries SATSTCS of law teachers were $23, 750.
Wdesire to five notisci hate e ON FOREIGN STUDENTS. Total amount
prospoaeeto make a bigi'bid for ______of fees ---------- ;. i
th1biyole to-iness tloseasons WeXn - o
sose1haescuedteda the o te heFeenTeyPyd-hfoeier-theIiy eThe 4,00FeesTei ATheya N. fPaid-Thetuens ---Univers- m -"
liscsleerthih tsea redela 14$tendance-Tahle Giving Interest- ,_
1 hg e puteaio s o ne150 oftheit 41 Ing Comparisons, Fees paid by non- o ro,
IT best wteei-.mae;ie, e$1IN. We _ ___residenttatadents----
reai i , 14or1fr1he During the recent sheeting of tbe
thteseelueoe seheel, swhiceh has t 1 <is ers (Esie 01atGroaid FRapidls, Coy. N ~e~e~ teens ~ r
tis -ea-soo hien o sgeateilyim- sh to:oeso]tsaeta l
prjosede tat see stall orake it oar , hr1o41caioMo stl ha h
sosadr.it is the best valiie at $C 5 I Fees paidi by Mlicti- e~a c
y{ n 10yeuc"in rs o. Nte aia niv-er,4ilyTwould be belier oif if sti- gasnsineenta------
I sell the CLIPPER. afie
shit 6i t so $8a.Se onake our tents froiiioilier sto~tie wotldlgeel N.oft ci
II paymens. Teitiot l their education in the schools of their -nsoiei -- o---s4
STHE ANNARO ORGAN GO= iinative stiles. Thle followinltter ond
S. MAIN S-IT. olible sesit hy Preasienitsinoell to-
uss txaN!N;1il Regent Borbior seeso to coiniraicit
Prsidtents Office, U. of E'.
Co Anie Arbor, I-rb. 21, 18il.
Hon.______IbsLevisL. ilarbone", Detroit. Mie i.: C,
atf rsr1ic bii istlndnre ond fees pidilin -
ils-pdcj,,riseselt yluear. We =hae
iiot gilt ihe figures for this yeo]rad Oht 2an

Mr. Chas. Simons Wins-Two Ladies
Contested-Final Preliminary Fri-
day Night.
Wise tlsis~t of the series of pri-linu-
isiasy constests wasc held isist night in.
the hew lecture rooms by the sopihosnores
literary class, lice lieisoinscontested.
Mi. It. It. Lond beisng abseint oii ac-
count of .illness. It was a, tqnestion in
flee minds of isiony as to who wotildl
lie named the Nviner anst it ,),as not
uiitil teereselltaa-ee readI by (2laIriean
Ilases thatsthissdoubti was cleared
away. Prof. W17ale- Dr. Pierre oust
Mr. Strauiss acted as jnudges ose tihonglit
anadicoimptosition; Priofs. Drnoisiu,
Mecemiand Johsoni as judges on ale-
livery. Tise narlings were exceetding-
13y close is the table belosw sash showt.
Mtr. Chsas. Sliemons willh his WishelRes-
sian Atutocracy'' rainlede first. The
otlier orators ands their suibjects were
is follow\s: Miss. Alice Nast, 'Pro-
gress of Womian"'; T. BI. IHeery, "lor-
eety ansd Progress'"; liss R1sCcr(ame-
stone, 'Oplisiistle View of tPrsogress";

Full line of Baseball Goods
for the Season of 1896.
See Window for

c iiiiiislY (It gset thems. Put IIlhinektlis
lisl swill llascer )yorsirpillose just
iso w(ili. Wise ellisenls isuimbei-ssie--
tin.sigoathe li2,900 siiutthe divisioimibe -
Issesrest E'ilEset ad llolli-rs'sildl-el tisl-


Sp c l ,firices Usr tliilst few yt e ars tile S li rotior- Prospects Are Good for a Strong meet'"
hilosesitlillsiissiidsiiis, re-lively, Contest. The sialinllg ai aade by the judgyes
in a few Odds and Ends iihals enieresiiss. Ysuiwsill sdiscrce 'i'li'lsdflsssainragsre lie'ecessi:andeesi-sas is follows:
in Sweaters. tli e lawus-ss'epatisieeltr e fees ipalsrticipiants iteeacsh as announicse L by TOTAsea iD COMPOaSITION.
e11111 frt111th nol-esilelt tldeit A.alal~r d~lie M. Dr. Prof.
a isoliii sisthe iiii-t'sltiit sllillit llisisgee Asesiis:Streass. Fleece. 1Waslie.
hee an# o lmst.sIls ayits lrsifessoris. Youtwill 40ll-voida sissi (eorge lsys-e, N. It. r .1.'n HeseryI ..
Sne ian o-s&s-'tattenClosdn IesAyres,C. 5. (iorsline A. tPil, J. j Rose Canton--- 4 3
STATE ST. warim tofa W av e .Bafed ouAeB I re, Ca.Smn---
hi'shiislT N patedly n lesh cacuslastionuisi.swell a I. (.Adatns,.. 11.Iliiisoii.It.. -PrFes. Prof. Feesf.
ac-cud.t -os sic si ros1obels'..1DILI . I lsg-, tilI, MissNes-t--- 5 3 4
lt es a odta siuse Ifat x1. C . 3lelmeig , hiSL, I1. A1. Diufh4.A I I iosass --h 4 M
Roar lrssston _ 2 2 1
chiided it lit isis-reiabti-lstiiildns. '98 D. CtsSimssos---a3 a1 a
X. IiLD, siat Isoise the inecessity- tf leusiig 35-yarid humde--N.1B. Au-ceo. A. BU11)Susi ot mn--uskaSisasoms. 12; Boa-inan.
The Leading Tailor, lsoaic-itls lishiere roisses,, a-ctifiek PsI ill, C. V. Tryosm. It. S. IDurmis, C. T.'
aitd osnly ireet I maporles ti the fity, I 's-ilhit]cr-lie'leiis .3.IhI3,-tstH- Wireaiontest awas a.seos-el onr iiiubat
liss juasl reeeivedl isis emiiro smto01of ia5 l-eshan$20,i00i0 a1ys'hr. 'lissre- 3leiieiii,ills L, I. L. Hagsgler, i 1
tt, adiases wr etrd.AaheI
tioreigunaindUomnestic Woslens for idooidoini wouil rosie r risisihyrsuslll s- High juil-R,. It. Ahhilrit, IH. :ee eeid sth g
Spring aned Summmer 'Ill at insasn in sstruicois, in to- laser class- Sisith, C. T. Wryoni, C. W.. dAtisis, J. tsIia. a t sm e ettrs tt~
NO. 2 E, WASHINGTON ST., NEAR MAIN , evliere theirgrem l euniie rs ilo re- Huedson, IH. L. tlsiglr,),) I, i . lige-tf. meesseirit ilerliheuly-entertainsisig for
Fell flees Suita Secialty. ttirle usmta liishltihyl1tesuc"heess of tle- thilaei at lolsi Amee, tO. Jiiy-Ci .'hsfrgsieaeifimus hs 'en
Full__ Dress___ Suit______________________BradIisiele, N.It.Ayre, ,II. L. Htaglir,stisn esamelisig first ini ielivery.
sei11)it(9m lis miiuulrt 1Ih 1. The mext andeitnial of tlissseries of
itt hlknamios le thoeash csE' iss he Sheet htm-Ceo. Joycte, C.T. '' W~rns.esasometss-l thscilras
W ~ ~ ~ ~~~~l .1I 1BOSI ~U3h 4atimies. Sua thast, imi effect, see S. A-. Mit I. IL. Hasglcr, '99 Ib3, I.
-ahialush I hi-si $60i00i iiiil omhesi and 5(1sare(.lliililg, ' .}8L c teist oilext riulay night astl still
wie can spieyyou-amit iat the hGtos ly t ems a t}, lii, iir ieost $iti,tlid hby it. Pole ecuimit-C( . Il'Tysi, C. Tbe hlin thiilwh tl ectumie roo. TWhis
alii l Adasms, I. L. tagler, 't99ll 3. as-illtprobattly bte s-mosust hotly roe-
line ettleer woiredos, ac r~cloia tlitIthe hle setasill tieg ine promse1thy at 4 testedl onr of theererosianai a largre
I] Bi~ s oOK tmniverity is hiutter oil by abiott1i,- oe'elohk lonorross- fterstoomi, ateelthee tiineailgette eea
WO1)1oem-$40,t00seye-sir by rcsulsosmof the tm-alhee l~ls iii the daishi senisd audshe iinAi-lt-si casmteslben lc m
tsar the Second Semester. Large altlemeiainise of this- non-roehnit sial- lime hlimlir asill lie munmioef before the
stock of Seconedhand Text- feoteis. 4:15 gyiinaitmiiclass. Solnicof tliii totemoil'Hll a snil in thtisthe iNe1-
Itool sotat Specilt Price. Simice theu staiteo s eat of tis admuit.oilier cotiteass -sill also lii-slartei sit tiers iaf the recei. series, togetherwsith
LAW AN MDICAL BUOOKSI thiuir tisem stuntsii to thmeir state tmmni- 4 o'cloack, so it s-ill libecc..ary forthtwseirls oenrby(e
'ADs+ersilies titherawitheoutlchrge or withi ev-ery competitor tiebelreodel na uleel 051 l - uor iswoentrb o
fetlsilsagle for homtors.
Wsriting Paper by the Pouled lac;, 41mmesm11 charge, if we shomuld roa(ise thtemisaii hfoor of the gyminasinstin at___________
Iltbc and 25c. Sole ageotfor Water- fees veylul eould inevitebly ' fite mintines before 4 o'cloek. as thereItrey I.Ckrem.'13Biro
man's Ideal Fountain Pent. Hareyery lihumele,'05 te si en
mtm'shlosthb our numliber latge~ly. I 111inks-ill be tao waitimig for ayonhee. sge alod soei taie
theese are tthehm data(heat. yen de- No admission -sill lie ci areedhto this'AH, a 9S sr.Yustuymetotohttofheolonrsnxt TeficisofheJfroiliS-
Up Tomn, Dome Town. JAMERS B. ANGELL. Setirily afternoon,. as they- arc pre-riot for '0twl at v ate piet ure take
Unlverslty Booksore, Opposihte(Comrtiosse
20S. State St. 4 N.Ilain St. P. S-The receip)ts from non-real- - hhoinaa-y to the 'varsity, indIoor moet. . atntda y for the lies fo -Ia<le

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