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October 10, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-10

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VOL.' VI. NO. 10.



1 Wrinkle Made Its First Appearance
Oilj liAGAIN.enuhfroeproto11 -_
~ Is noug forone arso to 'The daiy oiisehieh Wrinkle :ippewii's
ll pla on at one time. One y 4 as Out for Practice Yesterday-N1~~antbe n ntell
goit s oteio^h,1 Work of the Eleven a Little Loose
110 ever, to supply 3,000 stn-11 More Men at the Training Table. v(1 ol ye'ii. 1111 lirstn. iilos-ci' o
1 dents. That's why wea have 9 Volume Ill made its la'lerllce Ib1is
111 constantly in stoclt severl 'IThere Nw"asnii ilpartint dditioli to Irlloeullif. Illollcil hgitself. 15s011e'
dozens of guitars of varinous 111 the fotstal 11 11 yeti'iiliy. It ('110' «1e;lnion Noilr'
fakSand prices, .inl the is'rsoi of Jl lii e 10.-ti- 1 i a na ea were-rthi sn
BETTER LOOK AT -OUR r14 ill coolfront ( 'hiergand 1( leolileda poe, rnke c'iseca11o
tU. O .G IaR Il141 Senior elltllleci' yestertday flo n111. s5111111 til.111, 1 (I1110 1' heel 11111111'1' i
11 It's good as its name. lt l 'l i 1) t' lt 11yella)111rlS w i1111 l i lll51 1 ~1. Ex-
IlTHE ANN ARDOR ORGAN C' 111Oat1Il taetil-lKneeliilaa f '1100 emlyi 11"'1101 11011011
lind l aof1tos 5: Ipal -Inee, tile c-oer de cili 1)(in1 by
1 .411SI. 11thel' o~'5 111 lii favoirite lartist, 1R. 1.. I agite.
~ lii'1'111'ii 1 1'. DiekI1'ewordis "lbniveroity oi 'diehiga1i"
Villa . t. ). -lohlnooi'
S T UlD EIN' v~ 1. Jhnson . g. i1enbe 0ti~11i11 ail lt110 on01e1oer
atF YOt) WANT . -Henninger 1r. g. Biker Tile l-lllle-pliecel 511a 111010 1111 A
B argairs '1rhhol-o l b1. e. clilne icig"Vi Irshl1 Lf.t

Six More Good Home Games on
the List - Detroit Athletic Club
Here Saturday Instead of Albion
-The Schedule.
111 11:111<1 ' ill :111101(will51nots1 t h 11
Aliion. ill 4li«2'5Sitirslly l zlis E i 20111d1
lvl il~le" aofth sot 111101 W l~lsi('1 t
Aillal eolis. es2oho ilot

b~~t. AT TI~~t' 1111 011 10 11111 b. 11 ot ilg l~lil il 010 Asllll ('Illflilt 1 l l ' 1e ls1ell 11
STU DENTS' BOO KSTORE Iva.141pt ill foIcetro n thiil~g enc?;: (,I ~'Thicr 011' xit heplro(
Law ,inl AModicts] Book-, Greek ,iltllie''lI'11 011 ii 1(l155 i 11 illil ul111 11 lih'lP
legoe Text Books at redued rates file ogiiiiainstll 111 i ll 4,111 11 tbrll 1xpress1- tilel' t it l (liiil.
tol stuldents. Dr'awing lIastromnents 1e101'heitei1r''1feenc(if 11itIler 1(1111 '111'elIrl'stllall I'ait"' is a ii ll(
andi E11(gineI's' Stipplies. 001was1 0 111 ot lilllnd f 11ili 1111 w11<s e1011sotill've11015 'WIhli ll1'hisllent
WE SELL THEI'BEST AND 111100. thll'Scrubloin(lli at 1110 15 0111 «- 'llolcs 1111-," Iby C_. I.. 11111 isle A.
CHEAPEST FOUJNTAIN PEN 11 11s'thesiy. Billomiltoill i l''i 11AT. 8011111, JI. . 31 ilrllan11d1\j0. 31.
S1'~iEI7{ 1{ . C I kila.t'olsiiOIlltie itllt WOMEN CHOSEN.
STATE STREET. inn n1i-il withlgood(1i1ii li'.E' s ____
1 11 It;, 4 lnillli ev00-'l~l good Miss Mary 0. Williams, '00. Wins
- V~l~L.~'i ~ f - p01111. IDi: 1111 11111.t. lO. 1-11111ii ooe'e Classical Fellowship.
THE LEADING TAILOR 11 t fflenstheblinsti t te tspa tlglit 'shiplato Rhioner,'
ANID IMPORTER. li(n,11, a follows: UI'nlilig'er, illtt I.311tr O . AWililllls, 1so ii raittialtd-is
The titet an mos FoojollbleI lililes, Richard-is, I'll tl, ('11', 10iA. I.-111th'113, ia1111111thll'felioso-
Flaleign elttFabtnrics for ot. ellss Whiner Itailss, Toi, Bliilllillgi-lilll, (Ireli'1ilf, 011liii'fltl' he 100 110 yoiles, 1at1111e ri-
TieLretStockintnCiy .l1.111101111, S.ohlnson, 5 ei 1101, lTynilt o11 f .1.iiiolltiltio'ixallllll iil.
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST,, NEAR MAIN, illll'ili'f, lyurs. (riiies. I>,llli'eCIiill f'.lio'lli 011111' it 5110 sfioundediti'i 11
VVIiLA..IE . fLail-i, B5'. fau ~alt 1E-t!'aiiuyall it' h fiii 11o1 U1 0 Il e0111rle lid it.- It
'NE FIA\I[ WFA.T MY W 1T Field DayAppoaching. gil-i'lltoi"eto-urage plillt ltn(:I,


lis Il by thelii till'f11111 lil15 l li0 1 1 01
t'ill' aTisyear'O-ber-lnisl-tlainelii
byllt 1111ilE 111.11 11 1' i'lla , h 'lir i 0111
1111s11113 11113i'll'' liiave telll 11t 111h'
theaistance of). A .1',Mt. ichards,1111 e
Y'l srinter). lake tlistii ll l .X bsalar
'Iel.(211.t('isoA.SC.iot, t.-A 11t as'
"pnto.2. laeoetimeion ti ovel. hi
-'000'.ill. Ilioleehill, t111. best1 ililI -
oo-e. Olivetlina-oata.fit I)'l'uuil.
Coo-.e 2e-e.Ktillilny11101Helyailthe11

way of text-books, supplies, etc., n00 01111 It 111'he tllk~i' i Oid "ugett ingit '(101' 11111an1d111111' , FrtMeig fAe
matter what your class or depart- Frs'eeig f.dlpi
ment, st either of ouf stores, and we ova'11110forlte ill 111fie'lud 11e1' next i0'i'97
have the right Bind at tile ribght Piiy.:erl l hee otn Bible Institute Over. T11e1 sbil111i 1iucietyuf the1 literary-3
price. Bring arond a list of your11113N'uiIoallu'llillitcs_____
wants; a trial purchlase is thea best aIenew studt,,,,li , 11111oave1of the illd liTlhelIileIni iistituteilos(A- tsiu s--I ~~iill'Crtlel'il 111o11111h'-; fiest naeiilg
trade ali thelearll.
We buy, sell and exehanga second-uentieus c11101't11 T'u'iili"-ull ith 111As- tte's Ivu'e'faily wue 11'IlI 111ll«'boh 1111y icoV'Iillg 111t 8iaSlo(°k0. 1111' pro-
hand hooks in large quantities, cad 5sui zt Cillitiill 8C11111atlth1111'iUip- 113'studentsllo111111 tow n11015oiut ' ' gelllll 10 isi t olloowo: Olpeniilgf;ei'l-lik,
can offer youl special hargains in I'lls. (Oborn;111111111 i'S vot 11',F-
this line. W~e are sole ag-ants for silosulllose 01' Manlage'r BRcllld iat laot Ii'ICnu' ill till'sirius 551s5givoli n -.iii,;iilolu,3151.C'u
thle celebrated Watermall fountainA.Ster;bzjdu, I i Nw
pens-ever'yone gularanteed. You'll 111e Alpha Della tPlii 11011se. Ally 1Distnight by iProif. Willett1, andi f1'''-ton11nd 11111 '111 iscs-s115115l1i- f 'lzi~riIt,
also ind the hesttUniver'sity Station- u-s-litl-loutt asulalbl-o~ttl uiIbll' of it 00'11Sovsr till't«oui lehill'Irs opiinedhi'lI ;i; 111ro111111111 bbali',%''lllsovvt,
crNoery osDafigNuopistuetiu' BooksO 'lil Draftoui)0ng uiS'1111 110111111i00e'i 1111-'us liiil lltihlial ufiIleTil
Sweaters, ,atsecalrte t _t etcoenue.opeito at b 11 special ad nwee nn) ratesihr i,, at m- f ernn
I-iuht'110ff ' tepo aginl. 'lio uhueries aloung their ' u'o le sh~oulllildibe siiuuu'd iiy till'statu',''311.
W H t S1110W ill embruy3ology' oill 111100be I I----'I11111l15inIte 1,1 ,1u'.i-(,: volll solo1111
tip Tiwn, Dolla Tasn. conducte'Ld by Dr)1.IHube inp111ce0of Di'. lulberl' 1111ret11unhd frlomn3:1r. C('i'gill; git'llll 610'5i1111 lo, lii
taU ie yilot lare, Oppouie fmtai.Tus
2U5.1tae11.4 at. IDr. - 'tomrricli. Europile. by 'Mr. fLoisoli'Y.

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