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January 31, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-31

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sit 4 +Pdl
Published Daily (Snday excepted) during
the College year. at
O0rr~E: Times building N. Pain St., opposite
post office.
C. D. (,Any', Gr. L. . 1?. Tot, '7.
S. E. KArcE, '5. G. lt. Osss. '9.
W. W. IlcoonS, ',P, . L. Goassino, '8 L
G. iB. ikesssoo, '5L.
L. C. WAfs, '5.
L. A. Prtt, 'tO . P. leath, 'P.
C. A. loughto, 'PSI. .P. Psherma, '0).
R. C. Buci, 'PP P. i.13. Common, '50PM.
Fs. A. Mier '16If. IR. .teily, 'P.
Pt, C. Faulds, '1)1 P. J. L. Walsh, 'P8 M.
Susannah Picadsos. '8
Tiesobsciptin pice o the Doly hs
been reduced to 1,1.5( is adace o the rest
or the year. Leave sbscriptios at the
Daily office or with P. C. Peyer IU. o P1
News Stood.
Unniiecesai'y reisrin I the curret
Notice toIthe Pubic:k '[Plc ouig
men'iwvho rs' cesedt of scisorig
Jil, ES from thiii'i'icktani Juidge'
iuiiibeis oiifDe ini lueinity hal ae
innio waPy coneted ithviiiWrinke.
If any arguiiento cni Pe adsaice.
agalst thie'aopioni of Phs'hoiorsi'p-
tellsof examinaions oP Micigan wexxi
shsoulidlike' to se itheiii roducsd. Ceri-
tainly, thir n ibleinohinlg udicred-
itablie to a imaniini his statemientl."P
-ave neithei' acied udioelositly nor
assisted oiyoie elsinishieloest pac-
tlees ihuringg Plis eamniatio," aid
that f05 all that tile hioio'spstemsire-
quire'=.Any imehodlof hosesp' aPiloin
msay learin, wh'lie le is in the Utivie-
sity xwi l roe imsus'snsily 1m1re
beieicial Po himosafter lhe'leaes co-
lege thasit siplomsagraied. broncli
thie trickiy dieiity whiciheso5manyp
Americans misitke' ot' aosesetial
to Sncces. We hve eeyting to
gain anit nohisnsg Islosei ute dop-
11i1n of the holisiiyesiec lire.
For the Womer's Gyrnasim.
Recent sbsriptions to the fend for
the Woimesn's Building are as follow':
Delta Gansiia, $30.
Mosaic Cib, of Jackson $10.
Mrs. Eliza IR. Snidterand, $10.
Alpha Epsilon Iota, $1.
Talimage lecure iroceeds $120.
The foloswing have subsribed $1
Traverse Ciy Woman's Cnu.
Mr.. Dir. S. M. Harley.
PMs. F. WV. Kesey.
Seiior Medical Girls.
Mis Masy vWillianms.
Mrs. N. S. Hoff.
Mss Doras Hedden.
Miss Agnes Morley.
Plea Mlary Loomis
Sis Margaret Thasin.
Mi's. Glardiner S. Lanmson.
Prof. G. A. Henchi.
Prof. J. C. PRolfe.
The Daily will keep you up-to-date
on everything regarding the Univer-
sity -$1.30 UNTIL COMMENCE-

(Continued fromi First P'gec.)
ini Januaryo' t''rieq'steliii' fienly Pa at-
Posy theiiito be put enotireip lyin lthir
hoinor i in'ecoing nmidyear exa.iiiin-
auio. 'flue reopon,_t of thle eiors,
Ploug, hePlop irobabollyintended: it 10
aply olyp to theiir claiss, wae granted
Pop liii'facultyp'o 50 sto ineloude the
wvhosle college. 'i'lie studensts all

Piut of eourse ithep must holve wit. of lie fair ene, lthaPlihir nasmses misip
nrsoes joist the saiie a c vhe a it - oe- s'printedin iigildledltypie iniohe P'al-
ili'it brings ciloirge. ladiumii. All hounsies'luo'thie'ishuldi
-Ness as10toow the exainaiutions lar'('beithis by lom't'onii oiicnoeist. lit
conduictedl.T'['li rst peartetlit'iitroi-.not 11110decimial of Ptic six plunks, of
ore mierelp' gave out liie' issers., saeulte ideevotee at the foit of fashbiosi
five' or liinlillii's Ito ani-.svir cu-shSloltil he allowed to slip ito tie
lieu's andithele'ilft liii roomi. It se linings of thiiir pockets. 'Their work
foundlthatthis wusldlnot work as, lbs leisfoi' gloip' not imeta-l. Let theimi111tvo

studoe'nts slu~oked, NwIsil'r, slig, 0'l('..
sniP 1ieu' ltho'instructors stap iiilbsnt

sesemed Yerpy much.ipleasedl withu the rooml, 110)t in 111y'Wap to -wss:l lei
idea a111101it seemsed 0s thoughlile thung im'i o sibt to keeps ordle'i. li(' pledge
wouldi Pe t snceosSo fromonthe etart. re'quoiredl t tobe wroittenion0111111 utio-
1lowv'or. aftor threo' or four Pop's of serile ,anol signo'd is as foliowvs: "P
examilnations it 5was15commiionlp' 'eport'l-pledgeolilt' honor ' 115aorgentloussnm lthat
edl thattbeet'waestuso'ecibboting 1111 odurinig tils 'xamionationPIliave' neithier'
c'heoating beo'ing donei, espoocially ini the giv-en 1101' rc'ieveot aiiy3lassistaniec.'
lsvwo lowve'u closses. About the mioddlie The stuidensts econv'erse wsith. 0010' an-
of theo'twso wveeks +of examoinsalions other'u froeep' aiid o auptl isg theop
01101.1'5was5 lelod iiIOldlC'lapoela as wIesolilels bdo's snoP: interfe'i'' witho to'
booetlegthieliko' of wcih foi' else 111101 oik of liii'other' ien.iiin the roomo.
unilty of'eentimientlws n10iever' eels 'liii'honior' spstemo los oorkod cvoioocrs

loo'reeore. A-,comittee Wvhich .ias
:omiposedolof seeoral mciifroiiico f i0
thoc fooir classo's vas apopouintedl st thalt
meeto'ing, to invxestigatthelii'umossa1110
charsges of cribboing and to decidon01
theo pusnishmnent of those who110 oohould
Poe fotiiidgtuiltpy. 'This. committee in-~
vestigoatoetchargo's against ltwoior
thr'oe freshiimein, 11101those founduo"iilly
we'ire' maeto lake a sicond exa10mina-0
110011; also iglillist se'x'eral sophioors',
oneii of wh'omoisias.5foussdolguiitp'alnotlieo
w110 i'eciommeinded Ptoo lie'facutiy for
expulosiosn.'Plis111011emipoyoped a;hiss'-
p-cc 101101endhesvoreodto isaue the eons'
miltie init edos for shandher, ansd later
sigiiiesiissrcfiseai 10 abidei'Pop'liii
sentence imipsose'd, Po' liii'fsculip' 151
ths comitteile's soiggostiloss. 1Ploox-
cxvi', founod it10tobe thie best plain 1o
lts's' college t111111 esssn'sight, fearing
105 lie 0101 eolse summilarp' actioss osf ih'
esuleisths-'nex ayot. PIn iii'heinali
exaisnastionis of thaotiyear andP iniboths
thss examsinasstiosoof tPus'set pears'"'
t'oninillllte coilssistiss1g oftthe fosur ('Pol"
psresidlens.ansd sesieroil othsers 'ons-
dluctedh trialso of ime'iichiargedh xxiths
chseatinsg sistolseti'rss isens cere re-
ipoiresh to tile their exainiations, over,
slid sue--a se'nior-wxas expelledh.hList
p'cac it xsas fclt inecessarp' to athopot a
costsittions asd. to establish a reguslar
imethsoid of procedlure in coases of cheaot-
lug. and.h the costittitions I scind you1
xxas adbopotedh151that hime.c
The commisittee, ws'hen aisy case is,
brought to thieis'noticec, exansines firet
thso ma15 n makinsg the chalrge andishPse
witnessescs'houu hoe isaises. Thsen the
shinlschalrgedl is stummsonedaundlie aunh
hi~s ~'vlesses sire, examuinied.Th'[ein by
a tisorougis examsinationsand is-exan-
inatlois of thse parties ois both sidse p
tiuths or falsihy of the chiarge is de-
cidedcipson auth ifthes' suaisis foiunh to
hsave cheated or cribbed the commnittec
recouuineisd& to the facility thse pusish-
ment in Iis case. The faculty Wsas al-
cxays ratified the actionh of use coin-
isittee. UOnless a mnan is exhpelledI the
college unually knoxes nothsing about
[lhe ease or tse punisihmnent. Profes-
son's cau bring charges against a mass,

fill Prsinscetons. Pt haiisdseitheo'relos-
lions Pb'etwes instirictiors aindlstuden'ts
smon' fielosy 10111 a. 1man's wxordi6 .
Pbe'ii'eedhere inow ss'sit iseversc-as;ho'-
Money In Annual null,
tor rink 5usle.]
Tliii cusborrasesinoppiositilops isnwchich
thei Csort les'rinslihsel'f wxhen'
his biacls's the Anual Bal1011is odiscern'u-
hle too anyionel'soil iuiiiiis s t5 osas'
so woiti t'ds'y. Pf ies' o isose as
xs':ss'orcs ahaoir's irsotith iss faoro'of
lie "fours conitenintg fratersniti's" liii
oilier puise scill out limisdiead; aslosh nu
theossthor ihands, shusilisi'so muheias
liinut It liii-the cpsry Pucissig's sto lt
poopslies-isomadse 'it, the fotus'csill
proceed to loy the matuter hotfore this
fsaculit'andshalvoe the Cster's sisinisg
c'oiutenasnce' inil t'e bsket. Thei' ssal
xiii pirobsablyp'procieed, nowc'thost the
bawlxx is over. Wile hiss no idesire
to Piecomse''"mixedl" ini eitheir thet'hasndi
shakinigs of thus'osne sie, or thue goiod
nastured huosmipies Ihilit 15550115t1 hs
grief of Ptst otherss. But tihere is ose
tliuiulg thue Jester sdotsidesire to eoay
aidthos the psoinut. It is a csellelstab-
hishuethfsact 111111 the commsuittees on thu.
Anual upiBallI haxve' Pot ibeen doinuos-
iiness for' their huealths, althoaughi souls
of themi in yellss paset imay have'tusedb
proceedhs to paly doctuor Plls.hus othuer
wcordls there is muoney inl givinsg tiut'
Anusal Bull. tIshein the anuual playp
at hesrts is layedl alt there isa
"div" left to the psolentates of lust
Terpsichiorean event, Sporter huas ai
news spuring split ansd Jolly gels oust
hundtredl cents on a dollar. Joe's
evaniescent dreamusof hav5'ing issbill
paid conies; hue sand[hue florist loses
nsothuing becstuse thue society bush bios-
sonsel at Sporter's. expense. In oilier
wvords the adinuistrative agecies; of
flue hail have a little mnargins after
itso lights; go out aust the catgut ceases
to trenmble and the cymubal to sound.
Thsere is maoreasonsshpythsisssoisey
should stand to their individual cutoit.
Tusey are supposed to be the Waird
MoAhllsters of the college event that
they may linger longer in the asiles

liii haho of tilt one but sot thistikhlc
of theother, Ltct thetmigirethileir
mboneyp'to thei'Womesns's Gin 11at
As-osbuihia usy sort soueinews orte
soills Pits'feeht uanotsnthic hisupr sogramsu,
or to lthe thlet-ic fudtu bat us thec
spinisg xeill lucd thitgntle inlunce
of Ucle tSon's poislues to posi.
AVuiiuise ks ll(hitgentceen of this
bsall, ini whioe sometposiions oher
meon lhoave loud. a muiitr bol
msiines'to ilaci'e ticprocesthis p-cost
ho list cretdit of opus'tesec tvo fhusisio.
If thr sirtno11 malrinsleft ons riscright
slobs'of the hiedgr wens t i's-tu
is overu- tutu ht them' mausse ionosx'
liii fact oandPthussacuelithieir lindeb-
'suies to tcommibonlfairnesPandtiPaOhtre
Colege chiarpy.
Webster Society.
At thu essetting of listWebster So-
ciety tPis eing thblue falowig, pro-
gram w seill be prsesed: Inustuental.
muissic, Miss NlihetBtown-s; delamais-
ios, t. .I'Hlouci; oratiot, J.1.1
Briooki; imupru'omuptus.I. A. Meowsn,
S. A. Grhainls, i'W. B. Bilie; desbat,
"Res'osslvd '[Thos.thel i utod tate1'sc
shuoutiltadopt free coinasge of sis'r at
lilt rotioof P10 to1 indespendsent ot
actiouby tsp hher noations," ssffirmaivse,
1. It. HIlhiie, J.1D. oses ne'a-
ive, .. P. Wsou, G. I. Wike; gel-
eral do-tse; repot of critic,
Reception at McMilan Hal.
Thi' Chrdia n dsitsiitesuor Scity f
the P'esbpyterianohucih(w5xilte givens
a rs'ception tonight at Mc-MilansbioHal
by lthememibers of the iss l'isrsity
facutth iat re ini thecPresbpyterian
chutrchi. This will ho' a goodt opposr-
tuitpy o meet personalpy solube of the
Msost prominenucut professors in the tUi-
vestyp. Altl suents are iviteod.
All persons desiring to enter the pre-
liminary contests of lisa Oraoical As-
sociation must hand. in their nases,
subject of oration, department and.
class before Feb. 1, to Bert hE. Nuss-
baum, 361 N. Sate st. Three type-
wyritten copies must be handed in be-
fore Feb. 10,
BERT P. NUSBAUM, Secretary.
Subscribe for the aly.
Cincinnati, 0
I cast my vote for the Unversty of
Michigun, Ann Arbor, Mich., in the con-
test for the $160 lathe, whlichl you oer
to lresent on Butch, t, POP, to the techni-
cuP school reteiving the greatest number
nf votes.
Voters Full Name-------------n
Street No---............. ---
City------------State ..:-
Voters must be an least fifteen years
old. Laies cannot vote but may aid in
ecuring votes.

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