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January 31, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-31

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, . ail n.

VOL. VI. No. 8 8.


Foul. P GEE-3 CENTS.

IM-11M9SS 1 E M aI 1:= + LOW PINCETONI DOES IT. clss as chairman andte president
1 ONE GUTA RULES GOVERNING HONOR SYS- numss iga'hist the accused, shall be
Is enough for one person toMN TMATHTCLE . tae first an hen testimoeny taken
I'l play on at one time. One ' asPoeaSucs in Prvet- tll. TLhe Accused shall then b~e
j1 guitar is not eniough, howr- NI called separately anld allao-cd to miake
sliteve, in Cribbing-History of Movement tettti
e1er, to supply "3,0Otlnedby ricetn Mn. his statemlent, peenigwitnessies
1 dents.' That's why we have ____OutlfeinisdefyerPllincittonc aMdtl.
S constantly in stock several 1 Time articles in force at Pirincetoti ns'tmyh 'icdly it
I dozens of gutiars of variouls IAN (ntrollin the hioiier systeim of ea-mcieso iecnniicadad
inakes and pries.mnaion ir as ollws.ciommn the eimderc teaccodgtdti-
in~in r sflo :vso hnrnee codnt 1e BETTER LOOK AT OURIt. Art. i. Sec. 1. There shill he a coimi- lwai dne
2 . FM.GUTR.mittee conlsittin ' sx nIlenibers who Se. .Five of time six voles shall
Ni It's good as its name. NN shall represent the student-body antdl to necessary to conviciota.
STHE ANN ARBOR ORGAN CO., deal wvith1 all cases ievnlvitg iota- Sec.4 All evitdence possible shall ltS RNS. lf in fteHnrSse.b rcrdi vr ae n nn
NNrtW Sec. 2. The tocottors of this cent- ca-t'nt shall ainian he tied, t secotnd
- -itttee shall be the presidetits tt ltotf o the etteof'ie excepatit
S [fourt classes Itt two others, on"eit the light of newat-dttlimtportnt cvi-
tiemtiet' of liie'sentior class and one Btence.
0. jn[DA IIt I a tiber of Mlte junior class. Art. V.S'c. 1. Violmtliotts of time
Se'c. i>. Tlhe pitesidet of the sttitor Honttor Systemitshamll coinsist ittatly
OF' OURl -lass ttltie chamit'ttmmtt oftthe tctmi- attemtpi t t eceive assistattce ftott
tInittedthetprsid'sent of thu iotr writttntidstlotr tromtanty fpersont tt
G R E A Tl' ilass he clerk. hsppr ri n tep ogv
Art. If gttves the tthfotiby wvhichi assistatnce, whiethetr the oi(ttiso dtiitg
tt'etabove mtetioncd comittlee is htms tcotltedt'this oneaperit 'otr nitt.
S O E elected.~ 'its r-tlt' holtds vhethter or list the
Art.It. Sit'. I 'l,1me cottiitteet-txanitiittioti is ini prttgtess-tlt is,
shrtill ttavet' he wer to mtttttitontie nti'mlixallpIsitlirs. have betn hatidmil in.
S L !acupetrssronls avitnesss a .Se 2. Atty tttmtti tot sigilitig the
cotattuct a formatmin tvstigation, att intt tlcee lmicplcfdttponti Iti'exattuituatioti
Of Ladies' Gents', Misses, case ~of .a tonvictiot ~ai'll l'iitittde cttii -iltm i ltterfige itti' rlis
Boys' and Youths' Fine ttitsimtt1ttit' ti'filo-ttr ' wltiille Itimtxatiafiiitbyi. ttuit miii-so
Shioes. 1-tiotit- st-Itncase of violaitititon i bethi. th sin sit, lhe' uillfit'rettotleid
JACOBS & theIotnot Systm by a metmbe't-of to lthe' i'iiittiii'i'fit- iticstgtiii.
J 3~ ALLMAN D1 the menostjutiior or sotitomtore' ilass. Art. VI. 'Te several t'olntttttilcs
Ilthetenltyshall btiecomentttitdatiotn strill ketptarectiridif alltart's attti
P. S-See our elegant line slto itclty of his separtittntromut ttriiinii their sirsion2s, awithotit iti n-
of Patent Leathers for dress. collig, e it thei'adititiniteixtremtilotting mintes itt the accuetdt, also a

Guilty Man Conresses and Returns
the Property-Influential Priends
Make Losses Good,
A sensationa as crealed iat Yale
tliiaersitv this weekm when it wasildis-
covered thimt thtefts tamoutiitg to the
:attit of $10i,000Ianiti probambly mitch
itore, have beeni itadte trout the hPea-
body Museum, tutd that Ite tiet Is a
grmtdttate of the University anidtoatiian
wvho has beeni prominentut in, Now
ltvin citr-li's fur soitle timie.
Theltefittsa veot'extitededover a
contsiderable' ueriotd otftiane, intl the
exact imounit ot themo will Iptobably
neer et'fi'kniown, is, lie yiotutg Inian
wvho tool:ei' exhibits atnt relics front
~;the tmttsittmithas forgolfiii It' exact
titlumer of plecs tat i' toolk. The
thefts cover aitieriodt of at least two
yeatrs, and, althtotighothe tact Ittvali-
isfile limttleries, speieni'tsoftinierals
atid airon- !leadts wave i issitg ig ts
kntwn-tioiithose at tim e dmittf ottie
tmumseminio comtlittwtas tiamitm-
Ill aouott a.imonthiago. Thein Ot-
ttii'l C,. Marsht, pofsru'sor itt mmalm'mtiol-
qsoy andlcurtior of trlie gi-tihgical colle-
tionm, mandt Profe'ssor Adifisoni -. Verimlnl,
cutori r of thme zooloigicaul tolletiton,
tte taao ]lemaus.ttfl'timmscmt, laidthtie
mtitic be'fore thei'police', smyitag ilimit
they himdi bee'tmtunabile to solve the
tiinitg that thme thefs.ltad been coin-
tuftted tiy sommmee ii'aaho lhtat-acess
to the caises ini thte mmseutm andt they
soont hit nponi the itdetity ot thethtief.
Thle susfpe'cteud man's lioie as
setuutulteit mutt ilmarge otumntity, of val-
uamble poittery-wa-s tfomudtherm'. UIpoti
beiig coniftroni i te -it hits evidetice
the gitytitati coittesmed, anti gmave
lill all thamt lie hiatt in his possessioti
behongiumtig oithe utsi'tmih-lie also
furnishiemd descriptiions of a groat
mnty of thle relics mnd the aidri'ssos
of tnauy of the deleiers to vhsoin lie
hiatt disposed of time stolen plromperty.
This infortilonm miade a long list ini-
cluintg curia healens all o.ver thlis
couantr'y atnt abromad. Sitice the 101kic
anth the authorities of t hue imseont,
have been fbosy recovering the lost ar-

In-orlor to reduceo my stoelt of
Fall Woolens, I wili offer all Fancy
Suitings at cost for c-ish and nmake
roonm for Springr Importations.
An early call' tvill iprofit yout. At
The Leading Tailor,
2 E. Washlingtont St., Near Mlaie.
Selected by Prof. Levi T.
Griffin, of the Law Depart-
Up Town,. Down Tows,
Uiver-sty Bookstore. Opposite Ceurt House
20 S. Sate St. N. Saln St.

ast's ofittliilii'mtiiittto aa nmss stem.-
iig of thmi' iollegi'. 2md.-Inthtei-msc
oit a violationtmftthme IHimnor System inii
the fre'shmn clmassIthe penmalty shmut
he recomtiuendiationi of suispeniomfor
a tine ideterinted by the cuimoutittic.
Sec. 2. 'T'he coumfiftec shaullImimmke
a single re'port to ltmetfaculty oit mll
cases acted uon during oe seri's of
exatminuationms, consisiiig of ai brief
resume ot evtdence tmaken, their de-
cision iii lhe case, .and rem'ouamcimia-
fion of the penalty to be imposed.
Sec. 3. Thur coummnittee tamust onto-
trmoum a mass meetinug of lime college for
ther ratific'ationuomittime juniior imeimber'
ini January of each year, at wahich
meeting Articles fItI. anif V. of tlids
eonstitution shall be read. And, at
anty time they may, stummoti a mass
meeting for instruction or to supsport
their action in any disputed qof stion.
or to report the namea and case of any
extreme offender.
A-ft. IV. Sec. 1. The place and
these of meeting shall he loft to time
chimnan of te comnmittee.
Sec. 2. The trial shall be formal
and conducted in the following man-
ner -with the president of the senior

rrd oftmitstice i-etiactionts of ims
mee-tings taith res-etitoIts l'hemh oc
Systesm. ''hucseret-orids to;'u'thuir ai thu
thur consitutiont shallh e h e t'rvediiby
flue senuiorm embe'uuiir of time commmitee'
oit each yimar. for the instrumctionm ot
thamt cotmumitee.
Art. VIt. 'l'hItis coinstitmutionm tumy hr
mmeideth bymi thre'e-foiurths a-eof
those presetnt at autmass metitng of
lime colugi'.
One of the seior emdiors of tln-
fDaily t'riuetomium describes time op-
ermatioin of flue uonor system at P'rinsce-
ton atnd tells athutit time stumients tik
if it, iiitime folloaving letir avrittens to
flue Yule Newas:
I sbtall be very glad to give you a
:soumewhlat brief tuiceount of the honoro
system of conmducting examinationss

here. I think that probaibly it avill ticles. Nearly x+10,t00wortht.hiss al-
help) you to understand the avorking of ready been recovered and it is said
the system if I give you an accouttofththemsu wilntloente
the establishment of It and the diffi- end, as time friends of the young mast
cultes n mkingit sucesssuc aswill make good isis peeulafions to the
culi imaingit scces sch ast olr
.It is at presenlststllr
It ws when the present sentiors The senior lawavL-ss of Wisceonsin
wvere freshnmen that the senior class of University is making an effort to so-
that year-tbe class. of '93-son in cure ox-President 4larrison for com-
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