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December 12, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-12

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_______ NT LCHIRisTMI A~S TRADlING l ~
Time Table (Revised) May 19, 1894.
N. Y.Special-__ 500 N. Y. 'peca-- 0 Siverare sCisnwae, FancyBato s ,tBeatiflase.s, bsealPotte,esJapusee's-
EasternsEx---10 12 N. SLmited.--9 25l s s s fl lSys dl l-fpstb dssa Sld toehtrais tcl oledlso sla
A. M. Pcific x ______ 11 7 ware("locks Lazrislla soresful of Toyes an thousawls osprettsand uefulsl
AM. lassoSferce hEs olidslsaysesonsssal t )s atsistoryolprsis. and Ch5arlsdslydlrWls-ll visCla n te
Atlantis Ex--741.M 41ysotan nydrctrtt..
D. N.Exspress.-__ 040 XWesern---20 A X&02e Friue 1T F
1. R. bxpeess.__.11 05 Chi. 7N1. ENa---10 :8, '0 _____ 5 6 8an 0S M i t T ld ,O
O. W. RUESIe, 11. W. HLIYISS 6 5Fndind as t.T ledo , .
t. P. & T. Agt., Olicago. AgIt.,Ann Aror Fidly,0
j .." F .. Glen, The StateLSt. Tailor. ColuobusO.
I\I 4t2J ~D O YOU KNOW? MiddhepnrtO 0
9 q Mimsledlsepsortsls s0.
20 S. STATE ST., ANN ARBOR. Richmond. Va.

TiTblse, De. 8, 180.
7:27 a. * S Ts N 'vBefore.
*12:25 p. ss. 11:305a. m.
4.15 . m, 9:00 P.. Sucssale s ewilstr Stray , el4hiws evrs knl wn 1efores-itthse s
All esais dasly except Suaity businssat 15 1: ieo h er
only. R .GENOD -n
W.H NE . . AToledo OAet Nothing Will Be Charged During this male.
We mu1.hvecBENNETTvert C. P. A.ssreyouwear nTsslin' hisslss fr.plasre
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. JACV O BS A LIV AN .


Petersburg, Va.
Old Point Conmfor-t, Va.
Williamsburg, Va.
Newpoct News, Va.
Norfork, Va.
Andsi alI sl ul~esll 'll lvoints. FI('7ss55
orss l'l-lse'isi-sllissnsscsllson youlsocssal
MIOUJTON FiItIJN, Gts'l Ils.-. Aget..
Iss d, to.
W. A. PETElRS, 2MliloagslIss, Al-nt,
DerI ssil, Mischs

Lessee Ypsilanti fromesConess st~., 7:10,18:45
assd 11:s00S a.; 12:45, 2:15,5:00, 6(5, 9:13 assd
10:45 p. es. "LillieStssre .slsll o ss- sse orner
Le'ave Ace ArbossJssectlssn, 7:401, 9:15 sssd
11:290 ss.as.; 1sl5, 2:45,i5:30, 7:15, 9:45 sssd 11:15
Leave Ypsilanti fessmsCot gressst.,l:30, 3:30,1 Will Give Their Second Concert To-
sill, 1:390adti9:00 p.sss.
Lease AssssAebor Junctiss, 2:00, 4:00,5:39, morrow NigOt at Detroit,
7:00and 9:30 1). m.
Car' ssss r i-n ity time ase-s'uisgle trip 1to
cents; sound tei l i . c,( 2 ses t.. Tsssss:issls illss IIss. 1Bal: lsoln 15555-
'ste. 1. PARssEn, Sssss.
MAMM OTH PIP E SA 'LE 11 rll. )l.is CAs-s::l.l forIs. 1:171
-All Ills sassso s ciIt Ypsilisss
..J01- IY 0 'I1. (' (lO '1 :1 :l( 1 ssss- ias 1olli(:11
20 S. Stae St9., ,11 lilMock.. ;.t lss,.'.. 'll lit ot.:9 le " -'H5isIS Ills
THE KINGERGARDEN BILLIARD HALL Nisis: .O\lss-9 0Th:-1. cii-:>" 'Ist
';::11:sslisssns swssStse]),''N. is '1 il-afor tles1
TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES. Liiss. 1:15s as 9 .illilslss .V 11(1Cx-
Railroad + Ticket + Brokers. tssul.
y. ( w c'et ', l J)taslss :-s:N .110:1:17O1
' A.INIt)AiII.itLwill bei Si1s'ur.,:'17:'hl 175(17 .

W~assli::gisss1117, NItssI11""CotlSs t.
{ A U. OF M. MAN.
Wine Second Prize from Chsicaoo
Civic Fedecration.
1191 11 W issi ss'ofl' Is'- is >i iI
''.91, Isle :, 10. e 911:t: :1O.1N 9:7 ct I I::t
sls.9 rize:-is:ls ii5'557 lli eltl 1l ''li
AIelfl of sl a1:1 .91'sl.:.. liijs i.:
9 5',lsillls'l i n s:('9:':':' 9, b 9 sl (ial A-
'I'm 5 15:ii'' lis-?t 9 ia:'1# of 7 1 :111,-


The modern stand-
1ard Family Medi-
icine : Cures thC
1common every-day
ills of humanity.

Lowney's Chocolates.
Hot Lunches.

010 (C ii e lirĀ° > i e1 w l : l a:q': :. s-s
' a411l991-1:1 9 t ' f : TUTT L E ' 4b StaE;St

.991:59 s -.iljeets- i l 171515soli o tem
th"I: ill. s1ii.'. I 9''ll lloil if io ('s-i

We Donl Guaranice

is iss-il is il 91- 9119 sI''sI :171 ~ts' s-o igive:9yoll s Ils' I
15 'W ashif~gton Block.117:C 19'I:: ' to11' M1r1. 9111 ill. 'I'lliisis al Il da.s i 111 l ti e 511l,
__ile_____________n_;__-ire__Il____da___s_________ 1191 117 losI s-s
(1 9-.. SlA~2E - 1111115'b 1111 95l119l' iltin lis7 411' ('19III-il~ s! v:;.: {? s sItill h l 1 1 :91 -91 i':, 15195' 9199::: s:11 a -t o r toll' l
P - ,I,' .+ + vaatio : -I'. 20. l 1n1 s's-De . 12 1. .h1y I l-is. I o oJ e a 1t
Fine uncs, , I 'lnieriy n
Fin ch coate, Ind -.; Jas. :, (C slo -ldate; .119. 4, 1:.71 1s ]'. la, sgit iss:1 " sll rd 111 .':a' 15 ori" za17'Itons.
and Baked Goods. t:sTyOrLnhs liii ya
rAt the Grand Opera Houee. 1Nt9T2I~ IIN(7 571.1 . ''!I' (71112 ')jge111ohla ralU
SLIAG Pt N#5" AS USUIAL "Tto'Ir'579l'I 9.L 711L1(.11 TIC- T
ILMU IV II~ flU UUUML* h' ys ' 991':'.' 111e1'f: he' i f 51:11 lb l s'e- Coers 11151'e151il77I 11th1101511y'ticket
it is:mpaort111ed c s s: s of tlN:'is' Ysorb57 17 --11111 i11the ina~rket. Tise osly bsosi.good i reguolar tdelivery
lr Ii: ti:r, Isai 1111111 forll t h919'll I .c. 01- c971 &~ ~ ollege yells, fu
111(117 9a 1 lie G(l or o al11171 111'Iso- I I~i99brg'l. I11aiso le udesl'1 the'9 li b 117 promlpt, saccurate-
11 D 1.151 at Ii wilI le sp' e sened -'cr 1j 4 9syst1m. (let it 111d11 aisei an1511 rc reports of Ui-
e i's9111'l really t1-1ck1et'I 1111a l ipolrtantltlisse I facuslty ansi clas
W JeweAryOLSor. heJohnta0 0iton:i I'o., (us.015lb lr 2:i I 1oi( ~rl slyI letisi ot theda
Pree$2.0;iooyoe ea. pps
1 1155'sOI lb r ':laion 771110179f g me, rentertsais
A STREICATERER, tlist ra o "'1l 1:1 so::i 101':1th1sto hoCntral sssAgs'sos, eor1address nelws 0 oftourown
2E.WsigMeoulon lousL, (. 1. A., 'olrtdo,0.' departmoents in
Thestoyc f"TeWifs" Is1111 fi- 16t0MILES7,15. regoardisng everytl
NjIivi 1N ACHINE SHOP lws Lucl'e:0lil 05 ,115outilrn Always oi leader, thIie SoCs'stral or pertaininig to t
it N. HUsbeR, y gl l, o ved, H1: lobert (I'ray9. 1)110-111W Lin'tses siileasge ticket, witholatest adds-
BicyclelosfeRepairede e orv Rented.ins i thehest1(1(0rringtre llgecycleeRepired r Retedisifeiessngisi block thest.ih(',lFoulB.&og. tillI.BiD.,IOio Gn- no e bUnoICnlia
iderisof11r owil. I it otfg'atitu~de'trill and itonumel~rableothsersystemos, it
Dehal litruens Rpared le i~eg~l losnslfIl li~ll~7bur hstis tie sivorite Travelers' Companion. to the fact thai
afterwaords,rpuia~stedl Isis pr~oiseon:1)10 Daily is the tonIt
eq estlarninsgdhlt she wsia trifler slid I a Wsint~d--A stewrda L ol1) N. UTi-s 110cakeisyou tloi
coquette11. versity ave. 691 n11 competitolr. 11
Readers of the Daily will con-ani interest in1 the 1
fer a favor oa ths Editors by men- Coorse II (in Latin writing) will be For llenl-7'r119 suite, hellatd will receive 112
givn ueda ad Turda a Ibath. Board if desired. 37 Forest. money's worth fl
tioning this paper when dealing gvnTedyadTrsyatsriotion before t
with advertisers. o'clock instead of at 11. Advertise ill the Daily, football season.

1.T l7:sily eve(ry
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Ifyou feel anyl
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roum yoor sob-
the end of the-

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