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December 09, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-09

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VOL. VI. No. 57.



I1 Is enough for one person to AL _IRPRSETAIOS
j ply o atonetime. One 4 Cushman K. Davis and Calvin S.
I guitar is not enough, how- I~
~t4 I?'Brice in the Senate-Many Other
IN ever, to supply 3,000 Stu- i Prominent Men In the House.
S dents. That's why we have I__
1 constantly in stockt several Fromt the long existence of ilarvairt
dozens of guitars of various NI andYal son holnaturttiiy say that
makes and prices. N
1 t~iaduties froin those institutions woold.
BETR LOOK AT OUR be in te majority in our contgtress leg-
U.TTE M. GUITAR. islature and indeed almost all the irs-
U tO s good as its name. I fessions of life.
'I TH N ROROGNC1 But such isinot ihe case, and the
THE AN ARDORORGAN u.,~inexpected is just whast happeno. To-
S. MAIN ST.- daty the University of 'Michtgttn letids
toe Attericoaneducatiotnalistitutiois
tn itc mntibersitip of tite Fiftyv-fourth
HOLDAYCongrecs and souse tave loitg beets
OLDYOPEK*N (11 mient inembers of ta ~snby

Is the Subject or the Principal Ar-
ticle in the Review of Reviews.
The subject in thtis itonths's char-
acter sketch in the Rteview of Ret-
views is Mr. Hierhert Spenceer. The
sketch was writiten by as iintimte
friend wise ideittity is inot disclosed..
ft is thse itost coitplete record. of thte
great pitilostltle-'s life anti achieve-
iseitto litiattas yet nttpetared. Thse
writer tells its thatt "Social Statics"
could not finitiSpuiblishted in 1850, so
tt Mr. Spteicer wae obliged to prit
it at itis own cost aind sell it on coms-
itissin.It.i took: foturteeni years to tdis-
isose of thte editiots of 730 coplies.
L"Prittciples of Psycihology" hadt a like
Lexperience, while Mr. Speincer wais
kept otit of pocket for thte capiial sutnk
its thtese twvo. ventures. It was the


iiesota: graduated from tli.e literary de I same wit-il ills otil"er pliilosopincal

You ars invited to our hook
party to see our new Holiday
Gift Books in choice bindings.
Oxford Teachers' Bibles. All the
itew books of the soasoti can be
seen at our store and will be said
to student at whtolesale prices.
Beautiful Gift Bonks 25c each or
five for $1.
Wholesale and Retail Book-
The latest and most Fashionable
Foreign Fabrics for Men's Wear.
The Largest Stock in the City.

ptartmetnt of thte Untiversity inthte class
of 1857. tIe wtts a cltassmsate of ex-
tot.gresstsan Levi T. Giriffitn,tuttge
Getotrge Ltaidont, of Montroe, Erwin
Palmter, of Detroit. Jerotti' W.'Tirner,
of Owossot, ttid manty oterpromtinent
Stentotr Catlvin. S. Bice, of Oioi, woo4
a student.intshft"lass- ieiattts ;jt u st
tfterthfle wtar. C('iresusait Jothn C.
Tt'J'rsiney, of Missoutri, htts hbtetntiatmett-
bttr of thte itouse tsrithtclat six ytears,
tatt wtas a cltissmti of Jutdge' Edwin
ltstrliitgtittt, of Glrantd Etpitis. L. T.'
Diurtand of Sttgintaw, tand Juttge A. V.
Me.Aivtsy, of 'Mtnistee.
Ctttn- stsait JonTiti .Shsafotit. of
Dtenver'. entttreth ie Uttiverotty it te
agte of 18,ttnttt sstcitsted wi th itmit
deritug iis College (days scer" ,itttgte
feiirgi S. tflsttet-, of Deettit, P'trifesi-
son Debts Fail, of Albittt, tatd Profes-
sor ,-acirC'. Vautatt, now tdea:of th
tttetialdeitartmtettnt. f ts"etnive'rsity.

storks it first, anid in thte course of 135
years Mr. Spencer lost itore thtait
£1,100. Ct wttsitot till 24 years aftetr
iie begati to publish thtat hte was fuliiy
ttbreast of htis losses, or, its outher
wortds, just whter' e he tad sttarted
fitttancitally. It is sotite coosilationtiot
knsow thtat itt recentt yetars Mir.
Sietucer's intt'omet htts bien fttIrlysat-
Pror. Htnsdale at the Alpha Nu.
1'r( f. insdasle uddressedthe(tt Alphat
ut socity Satrdtty itgltt it"'itie
Functtitin of ltselLitertary Society itt a
College flducitiiC.'He '~spke o(f thte
delinue of te litertary socites tnd t-
- ributted it tosite iilcrsostttg interest
in olter'linets, sitihtIs joturntaismtt.
Ite gacve itt is iopiiotist at te
liteirtry socetiiestart'asemiuch. nesed
toidty atierctatiidttttheluy formtttil
imtatiitttt sidie if coliege life,
On With the Festtval.

Some Probabilities of a Union of
the Societies and Oratorical As-
sociation-Men All at Work,
Thefuntil inter-society debtet cotest
will be hsild Ttiesdtti' eventing, Diec. 17,
ini the law lectnre roomti The speakers
will be salowed twelve mittutes each
save the first affirmtative, who wviii be
given tetcinuntes. to open. and five
itmintes to close, Tile subiject will be
"Shtonldsthet stale railse its reventue by
a gradunate Iroperty ttax?" 'fitspseak-
era will tippear a-s follows: Aifirtia.
tisne, Vect, (li'iter, Eu-tng, Cttrmtody;
negative, Eatliers, fHarrisoit, Block,
TIMnt tinisu tccessftit esatestauits
will contstittthetti trio to tateet tite
mttei frotm Chicago Uiniv-ersity in the
idebtate to be hteludits Ansn Arbor its
Strong efforts are being made to get
use debtatiitg intie-ests itiited with te
or-atoricalth interests tunder (lie Ortstori-
cal Associaltiois'fits asocitationc offers
to let thte societies contiutthelt'lre-
litttisar-y cottests suitfturther'' tgrces
itat itly iuessbers; of thes societies
shtallite eligible to enster (tetprelitmin-
ttries. Thtey further agree to icfer a
li-in of $50 os' nore to liie three site-
The societies wvill etachs be allowved
ti s-it- eeitatise is ths'etissisitteehitS-
It,- chtarge' of debtsitng interests. As
this is all tse soch-tie's isaste uskedit i
is v-ery probasbhlethat i tshe twoisterests
wtill be united. It is urged. iy iorttty
thsaf if btacked biy (hue Ortourictsl Acs-
eiationsths'eittbate swill bicomsets greait-
er ftactor thatnu it casus hope' to tie utudter
tht socis-fit'salosss.
A Ktnd Invitatton.
Dustingthss tiuci'of use footbiall
teamusitsCi'cago ai tt thse ''isTankgit-ing;
Dtty gameti, ('spittiut lenisuhgec use-
ceived aIsintvitattistisfrostsHftrrisons '.
Wiolfe, istisager- f1'"Te Cosicsan

('sugrecstttn Edgar Wlson., of Idathio.-
ihf~utted ft-ousmislawt-deparlttet. _n '('isoFestit-ai of fHolidiay-s sill cots-
1884, aisd Cougcterutt n Kirkpalrick,tusetitynsitourstttiars
of Kttnsas, wsa seutbo , of (ie h'latw5titg eltsrote (
det't tituutdnsaswl stonpol. lp gressmsan Joestht .Itt. idatil. . fier is set-sed et-et-yeveninug at 6
fet-uckiey, is a io-stttte.' of tisoFif't, -o'clock a st"''ttihsixisghsoinud
toscus Cotgns'e. it~ ~ i lisht refreshmtuents ate set-seldtill theti

Special saletisswseels, ucstht Ff mr.- tet sorrosv evusgits'heiutsicalpart of fooftallfeato i attil ill 1boay, Thte
Ittei.ejotu, of Nt'1ts:tsts sa ins-its-
Illustrated ie ~ s ts-caso St Ittsst hts'p'ogrsus still lie furnutishesdbythelte atty stichlwst-uegistes its thtsters
~ sstsisus sst tctrfI. itUstnivsesity tOrehitet. hus ieslutAnnsAnrion, Satuurdiay uiguit,
G I T B O KSl ~ihhlswsIoetL le, -hcg eatr hsn Fist'. '10. t'tftnatettly mstsof (ise
- tfuskiout.Chigo ebatrs hose. tealns stats ousttf townstus thue tisse,
Standlaud and Miscellaneous Boioks, wiocdpytatseatinsthes, int'Con-Tu Muetutneti isgessasttheutlCupa.itutugnsitutr-
Callens and Ditsries for 1896. ss sitra: utp an setuwits s il e rest st ti5~f'o ttto otnsus(t'e''hs'i'tttsisuut os-rtl
Juvenile andtioUsy Books, t'" td vCs'itss-l teIbn hsf lii-tgo-1fuclstgtut stvbtts. Tih' pnhtlt-
Teacher's Bibles. Largest IPr,htte, of I'tttsissttlia audTheout-inti'itvsbsittht(io'lag Prepare for the Glee Club.
stock in tho city, 1,000 ptopi- bldt, Otjeut, of W .s~ubolts Micit- utvniy ts lets 1ugct, Extb'nite-epaciustotint'are )iti
1st- books at 25 cents each. tk tit utesn. 1"ipe-tt' slush ltt-si'iisil t'ua-et'tfttit isDtti st'su'trs lutt
si-s-vrdlidtar tiecidedsito 'play isl'lasgao inithts comtinsg sbatd-. '(hen' lstscof (tt' Uts ivc'neiuy Olee, Lilujo
WC A H it S ftr no fototballgamss t ifllti- is soetut'ttlksof tte Ciratlgo tit-tttiutg tut ~udtuiolit cistite!it s utjseuuts'
Us Townt. fliton Toe's, leitclutis on othserotn-coitatlit' etttq'tustiontits tll (01s' Ftt5stA'tti'tty sext indtuy. A topi still be
ttivs'ety noostore, Opposite i'ouutttoase tas.Ui-niybfn sc'it iti~t isu utrst osit
-105. State 5St. 0N.M ns r ita mst.s II::ic1ct beoem eiglili l gi naf r"he ocr.

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