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November 15, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-11-15

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Published Daily (Sunday excepted) during
the College year, at
Carson: Times building N. Msan at., opposite
pot office.
J. A. Lettoy,'N6, Managing Editor.
G. B. HoAnisoN, '00 L, Assistant.
G. it. SosM, '50, Assistant.
C. D. CAnY, Ge. , Assistant.
S. E. KroAsrNn, '0, Athletic Editor.
L. C. WALKERn, '96. Business Manager.
R. C. Piteous, '5 M, Assistant.
Associate Editors.
L. A. Pratt,'e. A. K. lPetrie, '0.
C. A. llougistos, '00 D. 0. M. iiesth, 'oo P.
Katherine iteed, '07. H. B. Common, '05 M.
.I. F. Thomas, '037. W. W. Hughes, 098.
B. B. Metheany, '5. R. It. Reilly,'9.0
R. C. Buch, '09 M.
The price of the Daily will remain as here-
tofore, S8.5 a year, invariably in advance,
notwistanding the fact that publication
wilibe continued untlt Commencemet.
The trotuble int whichi tile fresh-
mlan football 0team Coal got iii fitlse-
quonce of their violation of tse rules
establishiedt by the Btoardl of tontrol
1o govern atletirs sholnd be a warni-
ing Is othter class tenus to be iiore
careful in the fuinre. Thbe Bord of
Control has boris giveni funl control of
atbietics aso regards thie memibershipo
of the tenais, schedules, leaves of ib-
snice, etc., and tey must ecforce
their rul's or there will be a reculr-
renre 10 (lie oldt anot less ottsirabile
metiiod of controi ty ihe entire far-
usly, rallier than by a ronimitee
whvicih can look: fairly and thorougly
Oslo tlie questions raiseo(.
In the 11st the rules of te Btoaril
have not alwalys boon generally
ksnowni, butthIis yeaor bey have boon
pnblisliod it fuil in thc Daily anol
attention has5 beeni calleod to 011e1m
neverlime1s10. Tile manager and
capitain of every 80e111 anld alt Intend-
ing players as0 well, sholis mnako' 10
tiieir business to look these rules up
and famoilirize themselves0 with (Cci.
Send in Your Orders Early for
Seats, Boxes, Etc.
All tpersonbs desiring carriage' roosml,
reserved seals and boxes for thie Mn-
nesota game, are reqouested to send
in their applications before Mlonday,
when ty will be pla cod onl sale at
Wright, Kay & Coo, and Rtussell
Hlouse Cigar Store, at Detroit.
The boxes will ioid ten persons and
are in a splendid location in frot of
the grand stand. Send all ahplica-
tCons to «. IV, lngics, Tr'eas., I'i
Kappoa Psi House.
Trains for Detroit will leave at 10
a. um. and 12 mu., returning 7 and 12
p. in. Glame will be called at 2.;0 p.
ini., at Detoit Ihi tbsll Park.
Wanted--A waell accredited young
man to teach conversational Geruman
one-Calf hour is dlay for his roor
rent. Heat antI light furnished, 45
WVashten~aws ave.
Robert G. Ingersoll's lectures aud
works may be had at 14 ldaynard st.,
J. A. Rosen, agent for C. P. IFarreil

To the Etiltor of the IU. of lt. Daily:,
Door Sir-As you are aware, luring
the last few years, thiore lhis been
soiue dissatisfaction with the muannoer
of choosing the contestants for the in-
tor-collegiate debate. There have boen.
twvo chief causes for comiptaint.
Pirt-Tile policy adlopted by the
societies, iii allowiug only members of
the respooctive societies to coultete in
the preliuinary contests, uecessarily
shiots many iieii out of the triai. The
best mien in the tuivensity Cave not
the tune reqtuisite for society coninec-
tiono and are therefore exclnded en-
So'eond-Thie various societies are
iiot rich enough and never will be un-
do-c the existing state of affairsno
offer any cash prizo's to the successful
contestants. Ittis t recogieotfart
thaot thie'stimultus that the casio prizes
hiave' afforded limo been the greatest
fiter-in bringing the oratorical con.
tests utio10the iresent 1high staindard.
Stuchl a stimulus is thio thing neeob'd to
bring out our boot' debaters auod limo
to carry us on to victory over Chicago.
A sotltitonfori-slbpr1obhlem has becn
offeorco in the tturning of the control
of the inter-colirgiolto debate ovcr to
thie Oiratorical Association. But Its
proplosal from the Oratorical Associa-
tiou was promiptly rjocted toy the va-
rious societios last yealr. If the nieed
canniot be miuti ls woay, I forout'
woutloliiko to sce sonmo othicr solttiani
offered. A READER
The Program Tuesday Night.
The following is the pro gram for the
ist concert in lie Chorail'nion Ser-
les, Tuesoday ovening, Nov. 1t9, in Ui-
vcrsity Itall:
lOvrtor-Dreami Musto', tIiusei 1110
(tretel . ..... l. nopt'rdhck
Sympht~ony, -No. 7 in A.Il.Relos ci
Symonosnic Varioations op. 78.. D~vorak
Synpotnic Poems. Parka -. ... Smeitanail
E. ft. Sutnderlautd, 'iii, lmastricuilatedl
tOct. 2tst iu the .Pniversity of Berlisi
autd has uinceteen hours work in Phi-
losophy 11101 Preek andRatomlan Art,
tinder Drs. Stumpf, t'Geidoror, Doring
and Curtius.


lar nmeeting last night in reoum R. Mr. We have left a fair stock of
WV. C. Gore presented a uniolue class!- all sorts of
Gicatioii of collcge slangb ased on the
otuody of 1,000 specinmens funished the
English Departmoent by students nd which can he closed out as
studtt ptublicationso. Tbis classified follows:
list is to be printed in two instalnenuts MAMMOTH 200 PAGE TABLET, SG
in the Noveniber aid Decemblter tn- GOOD RULEONTABLETS, 100 PP. 3 FOR 109
landers, aind afterwards issued noas, GOOD00 WRITING TABLET, - 8
mnonograpbh for the use of students1 CRANE LINEN TABLET, - - 159
miid spocialists. Thio' mttenidance was BEST CRANE LINEN TABLET, - 359
good, and the discussion also, 'which WRITING PAPER BY THE QUIRE OR LB.
wasi led by Prot.tIlumpl.'t'hrough This stock will not be replaced.
misotake of the telephlone, tis society Come quick for first choice.
was1 hpervertedl into ta, "Theological" Argus Printing House.
society ki yesterday's Daily. P itn
I have a splenidid line of Parlor Grand Opera House.
Fuiriniture, lows priceod, mediumln sd of
thle liner gradeswhich 7 offer at
seillowsfigurt's, as tIvish to insake BALANCE OF THE WEEK.
romfor my large stock of Christnias God.Ityued_._ieSoa
Rloods.,hIf ryouued Fan c yoosEngagemnent Eslraordinary and out of the
IokrAricllr, Cnh,tnoc ' Ordinary of
chair, or a comle~hte suite da ot ests105 N*T . .
tuis opporttunity. ltespoectfully, S N I NL L L
______________Endorsed by floe Pree1s, thie Physicians.
TO DANCE WELL. and the Ctergy.
Now is the fint' to .1011 the classes in THE M ASTER OF HYPNOTIST
dancing at Giranger's Academiy. Office, 7n his Grand Seance Hypnotique.
residence and academy 6C!Maynard st. Prices, 10c, 15e, 25c, and 35c-
htACVE COMIE, a consignenit of tiie
lateot 11. of M. yelhlow anid bhint'ais'noutostALR' EER Lowney's Chocolates.
S'ftIIR.Hot Lunches.
WANTRD-Froin twelve to ffteen
students to work on coumission. Call TUrTLE'S, 48 S. State St
at 6I E. Huron st.
Single coom nsid board to be Cad at RENTSCHLER,
No. 17 S. State st. Only three doors tZQ g
from camnpus. Heat and light fur- P O O ~ P E
nishled. 1 ANTI ARBOR. MICHS.

'sEALS :o. :

Editcd by ALBERT SHAW.
g: 4int-1YJ:RvEws T 'lE REVIIW OF
0 s'too - - REVIEW, a it FIVE
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tradable form the bestFO
thatutappears inthe other $. *000 '
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tII world, generalhy on the same bae that they
cce published. With the recent extraordinary s
icreate of worthy periodicals, thete caref ul '~9
' T. reviews, summaries, and
nuotaConst, giving the ANN UaL
it of periodical litera- SUBSCRIPTION
sine, are alone worth ".
~o'the subscription price, $2.50.
tside fIi-m tloose departmsenta, she editorial
"s and contributed features of the REVIEW of REVIESw are themselvees
Sequal iii exent to a magazinie. The Editors "Progress of the World" is
ooan invalsahle chsronicle of the happeningn of the thirty days just past,' ,~
odo's, with pcicre on every page of the men and
women svho have madte the history of tse month. THREE ,
The Literaoy Woorld toys : " We are deeply RECENT .>
u impressed from nmonths In month with the valse SAMiPLES sab:
of the 'REWr CeEVnIEWS,' which is a sort 25 Cents. P
laA of Effel Too-er for the survey of the whsle
felts: of periodical literature. And yet it has a mind and voice of its 50P
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is-o, the hosr. Ib is a singslar combination of the monthly magazine and VP)f
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. REWEIYF'M IEWS'lagazine. VV
13 Astor Place, New York.

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