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November 14, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-11-14

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the I tt. a


VOL. VT. . NO. 40.



AFT~tAT! F TLEGA E.hub wvriters, than by Mlacager Baird,
__________ of telist' Mihian teain, in his torrTes-
WHAT THE PRESS THINKS OFioideive to western jiaper'-;.
Is enough for one person toi MCIA'SSADNl
p lay on at one time. One IN Harvard- Michigan Game Placed New York Stiii of Nov. 1tt:
S guitar is not enough, how- Us on a Levei With Eastern Coi- The lliigai teain played good,
e19 ver, to supply 3,000 stti- Ilegos-The Team's Work. honiest footbsall throughout. Their line
dnuts. That's shy we have was the heaviest that Iharvard has
999 constantly in stotk several 9 The following etippisigs fromh sonmc
99919199c-int this year, hot exi-eptinig 'riiire-
dozens of guitars of various op1 of the leaudiai papers of the eoutiiry-,
makesand pices.toii.looiiiiigstoii kicked well, and
make andprces bthieast anti west, shiows-the geacerat
N19 9Battird at quasrter hacik swas supuerior
191 BETTER LOOK AT OUR NN9 sentiiiscnt ocl the 'result (if te li irti
!!9'9! to either of the itai yard Inec. Niortoin
1 .O UTR ~ ~ n h tchu Shiaw hut tip a strong gamce at guaird
9191 9191 of the lielsigai teaii:
99 It's good as its nanme. N999atdisthlosvedit I~lssl easily a. lu-ter
NNTHE ANN ARBOR OR GAN CO. " hueph- iliis Es-cr evea ly baiacee(] iuan ltlutuiu .tuure. ale sea itthlh
S99 . MAIN ST. and uiu Bob Nt'recct has ssritten to Cam- Iclelt od ot~fr el a
99 Ist is first trial 1to a btug guietlits year
~, bridtge that the lMichigan squarter-hack it quarter baick. ttl istnot gisc liii'
AT... is thc best iiithe business.I liiy hasi signals svith its mc neasouhisborsten,
i alut; strsig of sietories to thesir ccii- anusl nii ot make thie play tis fatst.
S h eehian 's it this till andutIlairt still1 hasvc to but Iliesvas careftul, tuseil good jtulg-
You cai idiithe largost anti most plyentlullItnsere playedia, superb udefensive
Ctomiplete stork of PoistsuiPost iof Nuts. 0: (ime, I . Slshut (nd itbot swere bosths
tWhT R N h i its-veeer tao, uobefrcedutoitsstopi playinugii. til-eis secn
rod osit hsit- shhltu.for,- wslile' lh-y half suit accoun~t os.itnjuieis.
S~[ WididSnANDwillutheysplaedr,cnsoit-us P DgEBA oTheGSOCIETIES.
enttRfoobalIanddemnstrtedto lt-e
ProraslfroheJeffersonian and
IIIsI~)UVI~ I~ tifcftuuusof everyboduy tht thlit'Webster Clubs.
in the city. Woe i skeotheniona gamue uf Itngluy has reauchedt a sl~selotu-
ordler', in any color;',designi 01' lustiniithu Wiest swhic-hs sill nousloss'- cj'The lurogramuusfor tie lefftsusiu so-
style desiresi. peurmtitof sny caslc-uluations of tlhu-isis- cisty fiur tousit is asofllowss: Ilutus-
tiontemlu iuleavl'uses liii'Western lu ig, A. S, Kepners'iiptroumpttu disucos-
Airciuls for' im cleae d ,._..__ _......-- -..- -rll-- - -a--, ntirl.-. 'v -us0s, t lo

Score Was 6 to 0 and Was Hotly
Plaged-'98 Probable Winner of
the Championship.
'Ninsety-six hiet its lirst defeu, iin a
Iruusg tisse yeste'rdasy afteroonu, anti '98
ts ntowv prud sof its eli-s-inuand is
coluntinug nsuit siluiil tsc intr--cluas
s-lausqsioisliis. The gainie yesterday
wss lahyedtliiififte-iinlute' halves.
Niuuety--it st-sriig the firstatnsus only
lstuchrdssos, tfter eIe-es-it sintutus of
hilly iniuse litrst half.
Tue g-bise Wsusipilayediloiltile faiir
gi-ounds. 'Niinety-s-iglit kicks-ilotil, and
'96i bsrowugit the bail hack isy shosrt ansI
steadly ginsi to liii'cseils-i of tilefiteldl,
losinugit oil tfour doss-s. 'Ninesty-eishn-okd i g 'onto'0st litr
1line. Weie iusaci a. try at tse lute
hut svas thros-usIasik ssith aloss. tIs
fallinlieIsdsropped-ullit'heall, aindl Han-
smu csarrieds it oserthe hiss' for' a touchi-
dusts-i, ti-sutus-it-Isits'kickedilau igstl.
Duriug tue ri-st of tsceihalt '.185 ot
lit'ebll backc trou thlit-kick off to
shoutlit's-cisc sitlitelit-lit.
inthls'e tttis tiltd h l Bryant ki-kedi

Enraved vslolng c-trtl e csup-
ply its five days.

ole-s-ss'ussit sirtosideulruatsin. Tlii-
ihisganslayl)er-ssari- tstu esuigurals'-
latedt, too, ftu he lil-eaisouttnt smuanly
ssyits sAsliclsthsey tplaye-d lit-e gssuus.
'They st-sere sreported to lit- mitners,
lc-ksisilltssund sussksssustusie, tss



Th~e latest and most Fashionable
Foreign Fabrics for Men's Wear.
The Largest Stock in the City.

Chcg 'iss-sgu tlssiiig lest of Nuts. i1
''ltt' Mlilgutit t ootbsauliteamsngt;, ou
its creslit for its gaase stlls1,1u1r.11r0
ai ltcett is t-ssuteslass wsthllYaoe,
Harvasurdl, triscstosus anudtPennsylsvania.
The cuisoni, it is geniurually admusitteds,
stouiout at"disks," acctidenst, orsshsat-
s-seu' shsplpabullcimisfssrttunesfor this
luteAunnsArbosr hbops plauy lit'calls-s.
But esenin i the thufist, Mic-higans has
gasiedt sthat the West tihuheet, forlt-e
AWols-erinces-s-is-,-a distinctliselute
ini fooitball. Site is suprem-use ini theu
W~est. Every disaslvanitagce ssas

ts-u', B.(Cuhl; dhebaute, "Ressolved iot' to '"iS fifte-s-uu a-scsi lsts hi-ntoi
Thhat utrmia rusty tutu lusy sshutI e ters's-c8Iwoirked ls hth a11sloswly umitoi
increaused! if uesc-sssuuuy tinfestituss' lii sthinuua ysrut sit'005 gufoal. Hesreu
MIIoii Dctr(iine'" uiruuttutis's,M. 96 tm hmIlsteittslushgist thus-balumilt
Norris mmmiiAMr.IHatrtper; uui-gtstis-s, hMr.shots.ts heisy hatd ctrriedstit to thus
lsisug mmmd iir. 'huylorc; critic'' erilt.thttis ty ad Iiume, suiscus, lisss' su
'hssWebs'ter socsity scttgruuus t allec.
tridaty iiightt is us followsss: ii-s -Thit n ue uphu tuts 1a suihssus 5;
qutt;s- readhig,. J. iauss-itr; e i iS '}8 ott.
G. in. Kelley tutu I. L. Suslter' r' a- Siti tlts .. ...1.- - -'Th-ris
Suitmutisns.. .. . .... I - Vhitususun
litmus, it. Iuc'sskrtsilsimptromtutti it itt nisosh 1. tg - htut..Th tmsonu, r'.
itrusimh'itis optiion;l21 lttttsii', stet de-- iii''S tg- - - --. .. .Ns-stul
Hiatt', "Resolvet-ihattIhes- trusilhugsadMhiiVs - --. ,... . Htotuse'
fir-ussatis-s Dt. I'. Salisury i antds1 i-sut I I - hsm.s
turihusum. usgtuitis-s, J.it. iBrooku mt s-s -lsnhi-ft.., l. 1. Wolrtuff
it. i-l. Noss-hsussth; 1iultttitut, at liiisIthmsts-u...Is St. ('lair
isis-it's opitisoll;scitie's repourt. Sumhsttusls-Ccsfortu-1)1st-sm, Itisuui-'
MINNESOTA GAME. limi iiihiy

Send in Your Orders Early for
Seats. Boxes, Etc.


HAVE YOU READ IT? <nan sinia.i 1110om
lust hiltwssshsortenuedsi ssisuuthe AnAus lil persons dtesirinug carriage' uuoous,
Arbor umenmwst-cs- trolu ntait retady to rserds eah ttts smithboxes for thueMiss-
C ole e Girls ( o~~~suutinut thusir rit-sls. 'I hue u-ollinsg of neOtl ae rrqetdt el
the hi-ll bhsinud the goal line, aftter ini thus-r tapphlicationls before Mondays
a blocedi chc-arare occurrensce iiihnthywllb - l n aea
By Abbe Carter Goodloe. Il- -Igwine-tendeid to takec thus'heartsurmcitt'Wrighut, Kumy & to.'s, tuusl ihRussell
lustrateri by Charles Dana oftu igtet'riisy-ate Ides iutse t'igar Storuesit Detrouit.
hboewilhi tlpesnanGibson. For opinicuns ask ''the thiehsigaua hlayers hiadttheir intro- 'are ioxa s s-nidlocauiti-inhsf'ron5tutu
your neighbors. Nosy on sl uto oa etg efrti althe grusad stands. Sm-htmlloh itslictu-
at anrd fumbhles caenuaturally)'b)y reasons tiouus to W . W. tiughues, 'l'reas.,Phui
of thus. It is thue admusissionm Kapphttst'h tomuse'.
w A Hfli R. S of'tTiotnciic a s r iaiin for Detroit uv11i isave aml10
of te Bsto crtic tht I ai. its. andsi12 it., retusrninug 7situ12
uppTown, Down Tio t-ardh son by a fluke-aund thus pinut p . n Caine svill be calledh at 2:30'tin
20tS . tteSt. 4 N. Maim Sst. his brought oustscore sts-oumuhvyis the sumn., at Detroit BhaseballhiParki.

How Chicago Took It.
'lhes'fushhssiuug -elipp~inug h'soutmcaIs-ts's'
hum thueDaillayo-ilur y 'iT. Busts's, us
Chuicago alumnuuuso, shoutwst'e feelintg
swhuichs the Chuicug;o gradisuates isis-i
os-cr time recenst A)hisiauu-ttturs-nrd.
g amue:
"Wi' rau-'~llivet' prhud here of thus
splenduuids huoss-ilug omur lu-sIts ususie sat
Hat ardus. 'he uuisuI-u'e, thremcoIs--h
smiththus'musen iii uesesrv-ethe gretst
s-u sshit tot' thus'mhue shunitt hey havue
shunts-s nlmitthus'hisrctfaithftulstork
they have dlone for thue Yellowv andu thue
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