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October 31, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-31

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lI i/ o

Al. Wail.


ONE GUITAR Defeats Prof.Joey at Tennis Lectures This Evening onErkn
Yesteday fteroon. Before Oratorical Association.
Is enough for one person to Prof. Jocelyni, the wiaiier of tih' 'This eveing at 8 o'clock in the law
play on at one time. One l ili eii otilinslsleo-lcueioiiPo.hg.oi fIo
to soply 3000 ea- ~ lefenled insltothe Ichsai -ii-leading lawyersof Chicago, at pc
S dents. Thats why we have rickissesinns es the ragant faIl.to1r- islctirer iiiThomnivErsiilngie
constantly in stock several ik h inro h eei altn-ll eti- nTtll Esii, iidi
dozens of guitars of various {I nient. the ausplices of the Oratorical asoocia-
makes aiid prices. Mr. Jocelyn was not in hs usual 1Lion.
011 gtoed foci, ,anid froli the ficst woo Piof. Hligh gais-i this lecture four
BETTER LOOK AT OUR clearly outclaised, by his less 'vxler- years ace before tiell'aw5 stiidsents.
V. OF M. GUITAR. lenseid opplonient. The weactller seas to100 Eeil thtistaning roosg inon itile hill
tss col itig; out til etsot play of was taken aid ll wesre einthutsiastic it
It's good as its namel. NN eiitheiriiaii anld they were both tperiodl- their praise of his scholarly aind witty
ARBR -ially errlitic. Mr. Jocelyn's t-lliing tsdiress. Thes lecture is moilst profitahle
THE AN ARBR ORGN CO ,101bek-hands stroks', wvhichine-s-ccfails inst inspinrinig, esecially to laws stu-
S. MAN ST.' u1~ihin, sec-sed lhisn ingood sica-td Ie tents, andsinie'Ptrof Shights sedtitesd
xxsx bsowed also remarkable sinickiness ansi the speeches of Eskine, and loas si-
AT ost judgmient at, iihe lit. voted iischh in-e to the stusdy of Iis
Ilescick's plly was not sqlits' as gods lifs' ansI characeri' no mais is bsstter
'is isullphut lt tunes d surly ltle iniis fsrinali t er sseak onl this greatest (If
S e h nsYou find the largest and motst sesIs iii th courts thisrei.ts Mines ftl'trioi'aascs-
of strves fisiss tls' tase line ws'rer i-sssr io-- iofn-sill ss'aiilsiospeellt~
complote stock o s iiularly s'ffective, oust he lic''e'pted sues-ftictss''to thses --sill tse charges thtis
iiir~~rrnr sosfuily a1111sft('very opportunitty tso noiiinal fes' of ten cents.
SW A E S AND n a 'flIoisle1swoslotiiiriablly bsy .tocelysi's Shloit ARTISTIC DEPORTMENT.
asss lssig hesise uesortsyIiMrs. M.M. Jones Will Address the
GYM ASUM D owninIuability t lob. The winner o
G M A IM S ITS t Woman's League Today.
in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~a thbiyeen~ete t ns s w ill certainly flsitnd in eriscI Miss JI. M oswswill spe'ak son Ar-
order, in aiiy color, desigin or tsss tint slt hes'ie fisfis Deposrtmnit befors' the W'olslli's
style desir'ed. - esterdst~ gamse ws're as fosliss: Ieasguelisaert'nooii at 4:30 ini Itossi
6-:___________1tI, (9-7, 6'-4. "4.'T's:, ladstis prlinciplstlosf one ssf
A ^etS or he eleratdlte leasingsoilols of elocutions ansi
Agnsfrteclbae UNION COLLEGE MARRED. Delsarte in Phiiladelhia~. 1Herirss
'GEO, S, PARKER FOUNTAIN PEN, Kilpatrick's Record Disallowed by o'nce in Antn Artssr is scasioned bsy
Athletic Association. Mirs. Prof. 'Truleblood, tsefssrs'whose'
Engraved visiting, cartds we sup- highs Schiol shass's Miss Jone5 sewill
ply in five days. Tile 'xecutivs' comimlitte'e of ttss' In- gisv' re'adillgs frotIbsell's "Dosll's
-_________________ er'oilllglits' AssocisitiotiAnmats'ur Athi-hosses," F~ridtay-'leli1g ill tHign
SI-'BI'-AI & 000 hles ssf America ri-slt llNew York School Hall at 7:45 s'clstck.
30S'TTES E. Satuirstay a1111 considtered tile sareof 'Throultgh thss'coutrte'sv of the lashes
SS. SATE STEET. hIi ioti C'slls'ge, whtose'm1n1w11e-pvos o- alittensting 'rof. 'Trueloodss's class,,it
testssd by Halrvard:t on the ground that invitatissiihas bses'i extisnssdtso this
- VVI L am..., - they hatd not he'iiregiste're'd a year ii i rsttlan's Leagus'estoitte'nd5 Miss Jone11s'
'H LE DN TALO R 10 college tsefoi'e coiispotiitg. Niil- ''hlsrstay ltfte'r'noonl talk. analt sve'rv
atikthe holdeor of the worlds'mteitbhei'sf this'leagus' s-sill be aimphly
reost's at the half li-il'1run, enlteredttrepaisd fssrlatte'inlg.
.AND IMPORTER. titioi itIliJatuairy, 1894, sitst 1511-
The latest and most Fashionable pttd Iin the Intercollegiate gamels at Oratorical Association.
Now York the following May. As thto
Foreign Fabrics for Men's Wear'.rulesspisovisde that all compiet'itolrs The Oratiscal aisocitionl --sill hislds
The Largest Stock in the City. muttst have been entoersd the tprecesding it iseeting ha the law lectureron
NO. 2 E. ASHINGTON ST.} NEAR MAIN.,(Oetohor, thi ommt~iittee disqutalifiedo promnptly at 7:30 this 'veinghs'fote
hint for the event is 181)4 antd also for tile asddress of Prssf. ihigii Ont Eskines.
\~~J' JJ.~ his raesisni the gamess this year. Pro~f. Trues'bloosd will ine'et; this' iiin-
This ation excludtes TInisufrstiitithehessof this'asssciationl and.hwill g-i'e
A R S oassociation for ait itidefinilte timtet, 1111 a short talk son this "( 'otistructieni of an
A ~ v v ~ H ~ it is probsable that Kilptitrick andOatiion" Ts'es-sill alsos give fuill n-
_________________________ others willtse sdebarredt fromItoe meeot formnatitnsitt regard toh sthe contesstss-f
sif .189h, evs'ts if Union shoultld ber-t e e a'- . 111(1atsseli 55 ii i il

Chicago Liable to Lose the Famous
Coach and Athlete.
It is rumioresd in. college; athletic cir-
cles that Amos Aloiizo Stagg, the faun-.
otis cosscshund athlets', Is aboiut to re'-
signIiriis position as director, of physi-
cal trainiiig at the Unsiversity of Clii-
Stagg hass beei falling fi'oii graces
in thte eyes of the Cicagoanus for the
last year, wivchsi has bessi greatly in-
lecrass's by tile shtowiiig msadeo1by the
ifootbsall elevs' iithe recenst gains
Lsast summsiersdurin'g the disastros
baseball seasots for that usniversity,
Stagg wss Iarsisly criticiz'st even by
nimemibes's of ths factulty. It siudesd by
Isis resignsatisitbe'ing tsensees, but
Presisent Harper'refiusesd to le't the olid
Yale isans go. Now, hsows'ver, ini vies
of rocenst deve'lopmeno~ts, the feelisig
against hsiti lis growm so strong that
it is almiostiaais susredIfaict that lie
Stagg souse west. frsom Yule in 18911
to take closigs' of atlhleis at Chicago
T'nlvocsity. Shsoitly aftor Pennsyl-
vantia, Harvoeaitsande'ven Yale tiesd to
sesure' Iis sirvices by flatterinig offers.
bsut. President Htarpier, who is oine of
isis stasunsihest suppshorters helsthut to
htis contreact.

Harvard's Weak and Strong Points
in the Play.
'hss'Hasrvarst('rimssoin,in ssesklug
of tuh' gauss'silts ('orusoll last Satue-
lay, sasys thaut ('orins'lhwsshasodlt as
strosig as Btrowns the woolk before, not
giinug sit any tus'eimore thanu a foss
yarsdoslindnmaking thsonece'ssar'y iss
yad inonoly ture55o' fotur lutes sturilig
liie gaiase. (If Harvardh itslf it sate:
"'I'ise wesakest ploint of Hasrvarsd's
playintg wsshoslswn in hesi' stts'ilts t o s
gs't arosuiidsthis'en'is. 'Thus' interfer-
tes'ce wssextre'melyt'slow oust slunmsy
andilnos's' accomlsisheds'sasiythsing sex-
sclut ts get iut this'runineit''5way. 'Ths
irst loan gieserally fs'll downi ansd 'cr-
rush with him mutost If the other it-
itu'sfs'us'ss, -s-slte the halt he as- sueas-
ily t'acsklesdfroissbhindlis. Mucishsuou-e
groundsitwusslost us this-swiy tlin s-was
gainuedt. Ii thi s ondsush alt fe'w st-
temphts -scs's'maste to suntthi'erunneusr
fairthes'r'out thaniustackle."
Some of the Men Played Excep-
tionally Well.
Ye'sts'rdasy's fooetbsll practice' was 'a
slight iiihp'roisiu'lst ovei that of 'Tus's-
stay iii the hune of offensive wvork, tint
the defe'nsive' play'w-s-sloextremel'yt
weak. IHstotif this'tiaseueediso uns-
aleti'oige't ittuthus'lly,inst a lacik
of shurts -it ass s'sus-s'throsesl0g101ut. 'ale
altr es''I''shdgutslstxellsaye'dta
titlst offeniveats e1i'fs'nsivs' gaine.
I Isuuiusgs'r uadl +'rtssrt gist tnts theo
tlty-stwill. as sidsh hhsllister in this
sotst ttilei'his'tlsitis. IHall wss
osut for sigunaiiU-sra-tice'. tushBairdt
svaussilusthe fisesd fis thel'first: time'sinsse
his injiurt.
Subscribc fecrIthe Daily.


HA.V'E'YOU' READ IT ? ista itsbithlit tilue.
Delta U. Convention.
College un i s" L. D.XWslker aunsl C. C'. t'srsssus
have'reusrusnest fromss iteoitca. te, Ist.,
ss tiers' thesy attendedi'thelo nationaslhesn-
By Abbe Carter Goodloe. Il- veutien of tse Delta Upsilonuter-
lustrated by Charles Dana lilly last sweek, represensting this eul
Gibson. Fise opinionis ask chatpter. Tw-enst-nin'echate'rs iii var-
yornegbos TNs o al iosspiarts of the issunutry vere' cities-
yod neghbrs.Nowon ale sutest,till this'chsapters its the east
at hiaviug dielegatos. The bianuuet wnts
~ -~-.,.. .~, hislhuh 't tcssisunssseis Fidatty oeve'ning,
AjAJtA H171 7'~ Judg~. leiuhermun, of C iesutgo, presiinlg.
Nesschapstseswee es'tatblisliestitsCallI-
Up Tests. Ds-steTetns losrisnit, dLland tStasufocsl tsniversi-
CenivesitT nooksoere, opposieCeohtlouse
2ueS. StateoSt. 4 N.ohMai t ts

reaista numbuerts'ositgill subiji'cts fosr
oisisosns wichs-l s ieas bs'in itmuushs
paisatouscollect mush classilfy.
Cornell's New Play.
Cor-ns'll hiattaunos-elpi-inusits gsiute
wa-litHanrsnrd Isist. Ssitumcshit. Whesn
tho ball -ssas to his'punuted, thme quamrts'r
shckosoodabsouit twsentt fl-stffrssumsthe
liuse. The cen'ter s-ushi nsstetis of
bounucinig lie bssll, thsre'w it buss-i toi
this suarsiter-bsas'k's.lhandss, suit this'tll
tee either psuuted hiselsf or pssed' this
bauil u t o efull bsack. 'Teply wsm
sutetsumccessful, for, ashouughsthilsle-
-sat-itforwas-tessbiroke e bosugliqusis-kly.
onlhy onie or tsso kicsks win' blosc-ki's."

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