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October 17, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-17

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ORGAIZE 180. NCORORAED 886 Savon-arola the Reformer.
L.E5VH. ('LEMENT'. Last nighst a fair audience met at
0ISo.Msts zSr. M~rectorand tl~aias~er. b
Christ cisurchs to listen to a lecture
EX CE LSIOR LAUNDRY on Svnrl b Pof1-.L
20 EEksT s1LttiN StRnEET. o Svnrt,'IyPo.t.L
GosdStart, Guarastnte. Gtods called far Wittett.
viiitieiarat. A. . LVER, Pop. Before thee tectare, the aurtience
iA IAtE.Wattasstreet. was favoredt sitth a vorat solo by
Miss Baitey, of the University
22 Xears iii the 7 yliiess. "j""
!Schoot of Music. Prof. Stante y
CITY LAUN DRY, ptayed ttse accompaimient.
Mt. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. rfso Vletoee sslc
KPEPf YOUR At' OtTNT 1VfTH THE tare by giving a viv i description of
+$TATC $AVII2G$ BAI2R+ Use fall of Constantinople and thse
('or. taandtWahington Rtreetq.
A. L. NsOBLi rees HssirF TPLPS~, tesh'rctstate of lEurope in1i455. tie then
The13.E M Prg Sore creseisted this htero to the aurtieince.
The 3. M.Prki S~re Ttse entire lectusre was strosgly
5, the Pilac so tiny -syt hise a inte ra tlin-.
i. titca ai; ,sneci, Bitt atesa I toet color ed andsitntsentire accord siths
C-0 rPIlse history of thse periodt. Ile
t. 1E. JOLD..LY & Co.-Is stoke of F'lorence as having beetn
ais starsoas ta' aat t co t etaeai: '0,tIC rthe seat of Satvottarola's labor. At
t iaetae It the 5I iptaoc it at~itinitthe tinseIhe first appearedlthters,
LADIES'anad GETS' LUNCHROOMS. ,lorasice ssaa the renter of life, art I
R. E. Jolly & Co., 26 S. State St. andc literattire. te cortr, liowever,
DANCDING and DELSARTE an pop scwre steepedintitie.
MW S. ANNIE WARD FOSTER Ineatata intte cIturclt were gttilty cif
46 S. State Street. crimst.tooi titotroata to ite mn
MON)N'S-Da Ovastieiia-s, p im. iti toned. Savonstartola attackaedtthese
l> M. eandGtlemen.iai ciis wills all ite gtttitsaunitenergy
tittld t-ttt a sa, p. ,n, iof his nature, andisttmnortlizedi
Ptrivte sitn. byt a poini t mnt .it in ihistory.
Ann Arbor Savings Bank At the concttusiont ot the lecture,
,tttttArisat. itts. tttijitt 'titch, Stitittt1(. iss Ltiley san-ganother sitlosshichs
orstLnied udt th GenralRanin;aws wsaheartily ecoreut.
ttI titisStrtie. Rereivte',tdepositi,b t n
its eactlieanco the pti-ie t iesat th
,aiteti Stairs. itraftsa cathedti~o rl
tihetiattttt. Strdttpositit t+t0 it iti. SthtaCama at Last.
OFsIERttatt i st rea .t ut , rs ytt . 1)tt
Rarrat-uVc. -rita, A as.Etahier. , '
________-__1. __.__Fritz,_As __t._Cashier. __ It seas doubtful tor a losg timte
last evening, whtetther or not, MNrs.
a - tiOrmiaton Chant swouldatdaturess the
Unite Club. At 8:2o, M\r. Sundter-
, / latntlannioaucedlthat -Mrs. Chant
tisd beets since eight o'clock in thse
/utorttitig gettingtgoi Jackson frotm
Cliicaagttanduthsat they hail receivedt
ss -ti h lat tier traits soutldtsurety
e-.. get to Anti Arbor in aliotit an thoaur.
In te meantimue, swiile wsaiting for
te charianig Eniglishi somnt, 'Iiss
.M.IHIGxN GENTEAL tatle sang4 several selections, asid
Tiac 1tdeRiii Selt-ti hit at ittr. ilbyhsrendieread seeratlIpieces

el." Everybody in the targe and-' tialtth te literary set if Patris. Ilet
fenceesaus good natured during tthe itSu enslastettll F i ittti
tatd isalevoat edttoithis c atriii io fit
tong swait andi all apt-eared swelli ly. is dtles ini the ttettwrttetttit o
tanid for the tinme. Mrs. Chant hld a vat littpositislpritoI
continatedt ter journey to loston hitsitevottig s certaintaisititfttlet-
ott the late train last night. Cite cittltt i the itegetr cits Sinc-
--- +---- bt" tie has rceeivetd taecomissiotntratn
U. OF AM. CALtENDARl. Cognietins for a leutsetty baisedt spanaan
origintat subtjeet. Monits. Mstreta,te
Thtres., Oet. itt Itait. FreiaecetDon tss~a, in dtireetor of tthe Odteons Tiheatre P'aris,
.L. A. ecoitse; tie State Prtohlem." after itearitig the QuLecit Of Stheba read,
sat.. itts . ,University vieldi Dty. ASihiticivwisttedtto tegotiaste for a Ptarisiani pro-
ield.tductiotisoatthe tlay hut MAIlethbean
Sat., Oct. 21-reshtmtattel-ctit~oe u ofic-r-.entgagemntis in Ateicaes precehdi
10:00 antm., Rooam A. tier eintertttiinig aniy titter tboisevcc
Taes. Oct 24. Ittlanditeatie, leectue on tempting bifureite-t t ettsoi,ssten atha
A:nuatte asesacnetO. S.Bate._ may possibily tie itidnteed to make tic-
Set., Ocet. it tittey attdtShtetley in . L.. A rangemnits it~h ihiots. March. Metat-
white tier Amterieattor withitCi ~
couseiteens af ,Shebat'troisies toibe te
ANNOUNCEMENT. most suceesattit stte tits ever titad. Stha
________ stwill ice sere itt aicirdlil teeittion at
there still Ite a meeting otfite sAits cbttt. sihersite tits tanya rmaci
tOratorical Association in Room 24, admresittittig stuidents titul vititeti
Weutnesdayevcniitg, Oct. tsat 6:45 ie
Is mi., irsfhit vacanices on teexci- t 0ul laN~r.t
ertive hoartid~. The o ttiolattt='i ltpel

Borartdassillibe opien for.C tecc-
arvleg of seats foritse cictire S. L
A. course Werdnesday nmorning at
7:00, at Moore &- Wetore's dotwns
tctsvtt c cc ant at Roons ,Soutth
Wi. Iiiveraity H-all.
Football Announcement.
In order to meet the expeisses
contiectedittilhte class football
teamc, an asses sn-ent of z' cents
upon earls meister of ttte class of
)9 tinas been mtade, and the fotlosw-
ing persons hsave beets appointedt to
collect the samte. Messrs. Condons
Aldrichs, Welsli, Neal, Bodtecker,
Leontarit anti Austin.
I%. It. It tiny,
L.A. StNireV,
(.C.NIat 4tti isRatu

Iltiisa tin 'itit stisy Esentiingnext, a
ich& an ti (stet i sPtlttu ls I
th livtier-tie ' iv ,tt 'T 'ili tt yl'ts
laistasassn intt i uiles "sGtltea,"
sattltgasiethe t!"A t)tt satisactin.cii.
fat it wssstslstsf the bestif nort tIc,
very beat enttetainmttettlist ste ssveta
favoreds illititdrinig the cerssui. Ti?
plasy itself is inesw tituldlissbieens ss t-
tetn esuteciil lyIto snit the ceitsiretiset
to ttte coat nyu. Inez Meetsker, the
pr-ima dottimioit the compatny, is a fasv-
orite tere, is iindeed she is everywshere,
and ithie ptart strittitn for tier shse is
giveitn a topportuityv'to displayliec
magntificetviieitoigreautest adan-
tage. Alir -cixontsi, the stage mant-
asger otttheIii- ):itt s tt Vottoideea thCie
bestmtittiitt;Iti 0itt hie rirotessiots,
m d.uit ttu t d-thle,- mo~st sticeessflid
operiiastii tttat tsrbttnhbrotughstout in
Ste ptat teisyi-ticmitutityttteir soeces
tic his saoi tk.'those salts eisoy a first-
clss op lerttic-peirformtancessihudnit
ttiss seeing 5the tisstoilasstietils ineat
'Ititaty evettitig, Octobter ltitii.

N.~~A M.iss
N. S. a.aisamited... R(--. .(amte...-.i.-9sit
ii il~ pcil-.1 ;' (is Eaitrett;... t5t
It. N. Ft res...utc 0
G.It. ESarsrr- itt 5-4
it. WX. Stctr h t it Ias us.
G. P. ! '.Actt.. tseia-tt A-t.,AtitiArtbtt.
-- lBS
Stedemit Work a Specialty.
Sect Wittscu id attut utPries intIhe City.
SUttBSIttt'IONS iOta
tiE COaINteNtATo.
$2.50 per year.

ott the vittlin. Msr. Suderhand
also reautoine of Sirs. Chsantas
plteasinsg andutouichitngIpoemts.
It swas tswenty-five minuites past
nine ssheishste finsalty canme, but sthe
ssas tpresenst cody ainc soutt, and for
ant hour interested tier autdience in
a isost charrmigstay, Icy telling oi
tier Aimericans trihp. Since in this
counttry sitetias beets froiss Boston
to hats Franisico, stohiling at Clii-
cago for the storldtsIcarliatueist of
relisgionss, her mtain tpurpcose in cons-
itug to Amterica. Shie spoke msostly
of Caifornia anid its resources,
tians' sestern cities stiere shte stopc-
ped and seemed to tee everywhsere
msissionaryand tphianthropcicstorka
to do. Auth as to travel she saiti,
"I can't help buit think thant part
of Christiasity stilt be through tray-

Chorl UionNothe. 6 ts t~u 1.'J. T.tteolu's Co. andilgt.
Citoat niot Ntic. ~ iomtirtnttttrxetLr. They hlistse
luaigest usu(]ttest ;t-southedul he its the
Ai hll ldmembers anduthtstaswio city.-
Isaaelbeens examineatare axpcuteut to o Itu uhi(v i iraIt -I u's 1 hettet'
be Icresent at the imeetitng ini the roomtts ts to atii itttt u ue isuat-, iiutr
Schaphel tonight, at 7:30 o choils. ' ihtutl nthiail titS
--"s"+-t-uAtill suitutitoms uthle tar ca--
Notice. 1 h ittsoitufsorucrctlit illthur Matsoici
bloci.tJ ply ticalthu AnsntArboar Sas -
See. I1. Ihairut, of thur Atltic istgs titul 11h-t6.
Ilsarat,still receise all biats for r- eiisiltilIhluctttia ua sre er-
freshsttent privileges at the Atltic titled tuosaetiuor atles tontphtstgcttpct
wor itt t I~lls
Fi-eld for the cissuing year. Atl isto i ivtias o ht zScuttlE ficr al
swho wish the prisvilege sisouldatppl~ty Laautoryts suipplies. tlissectittg ae';a.
to sins. iiprtits Iutitsleises.-I'(wt - i' c~Ia
-- -' ---Choite Tuhutuca, (igas satduip hes rt
U. ofSIl. Iteumblicanit Clui. I Stiehatiuts thuhizurth11u , Nto. 8 North
lutinstreeot. 1-
A mcuetitg of Chic U. ifitt. tie- t'te Iirgeat utusul Ibeast ttckof ittcgari
tpublicant Club wsill tie teld in tse andtan cy smoinulttg totlmtceos in t hue cit-
lecture mro ootthe lasw buildting isauCthBrowsnts I ictugtstire.
Tutesay, Oet. t17,at 7:3o Ip. irn iGOto hlirhesnuuthtI s illiztiradIal:,
Spceechses Still cceisaute. Let all S'tuuleslietI. Nte~°Iy renotsedi.tGes:-
test meti, atswecttas the olud ruetin- AniiArhtrchie WurkchatC3West
hers,hue tresenit. i itrutrsit-it Shivti uiteitiott gfi-Sit
C sit. NV. Fr t iu, tat elei iiu uttuth ciiiilg suits. tiava
hire tPresidient. your lightsits ditvi. 1 7
--- _+---uit-i. Aunsue 1ta utittser's ditutsesu
(G RAN ID OERA HOUSE. el'isses. lTertt:ttt lies anth genttle-
_______ itteit, $5.0it ftti12 lrstiutt; chiidtent',
cluas, $4-.0iiifor 12 lesuons; Delsatet,
irtt-:h. i3.00itti i2 lissonts. Lesusonsswill cot.-
Arhie ues ay listhe aiteeorof Mlte- Oct. 7. 1k, ct 5 ad atrdy
ThS,'s e ly"h qenofSe Ot .I a itich stilt be lpresetead at te NestttLauolr. Try its fosr the beat
Grandt OperaiHottse, Fidaity eve., Oct. wtoura yonieser sasw.NWorka udoie its
17th, is Sift> years of age. Litreii eigthtutrs nto extracbiutsge. Offiee, itt,
constemtpouraries, Georges OitneC and E.hlltrosttare-et. Works 47-3t1 W.
AlhionsseIDauilet,lite ibelongs eases- 1ltiront.Tlephionte 83.

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