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March 31, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-31

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there~( before any other state declared -
o f in favor of the idea. The speaker ( flJ l~ T IU R W ?IT
did credit to her native college, Del- C.1U I II l ILj "IL~JI~i
-a tfiteed Daily (Snays excepted) daring ivre
tsrlCslie e Star. byw h tte wl dofr ou a d ov to b-
THNE U. OF NM. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION 1r.. Manniy gave an interesting1 h tte il oI o ad h w t b
--talk on the Wyandotte rave which r i h m
,Subscription price 52.51 per year, invariably is locatrid in the Hoosier State.______
in ant-nave Singlreapira a rents. Sabserip- AbnoehuddstetswrTR D RE IP S
tones may be cift at the nfiece afthae Da,c, , Aotn ude tdnswr R D E EP S
at staffet's, with any afthce editorsor present aint all expressed themselves
autborized solicitors.arcopnisudb llecatfoth puoeofhwngh-
5'ammutiicatona shotild reeabte office by as delighted with the evening's en- aecuosise ymrhnsfrteproeo hwn h
7no'cloek P. 5. it they are tn appear the nestetainosent. utuIat of cashtsrtade they get fromt subscribers for the Colnasa2bian
(lay. Address nil matter intended far publics- ! Cyclopedia.
rinn in the Managing Editor. All business - -" _ TR D RE IP S
communications should be teat in the nusi- t~pportunity of a Lifetime. TR D RE lTS
n.ess bianager. rail he secured to the fell ansott of your purchases fromr all ster--
THE U. of H. DAILY. Thae nerchiants wchose nanaes ap- Ic hunts Oil our list by oresentitn a Identification C~r 'isud u1s
AnnArorMih. ptar i anothser column hv aea showing that yo rasbcie o h ubanCccl opedia.
EDITORS. arrangenlent with the publishers of yuae sbcie ~ h onnit
C, A. DENISON, Lawso us, Managitng Edtce. that great American reference wvork, TRADE RECEIPTS.
a]. A. Sc onin, Lit. '94, Asistant. do not aiieaai anyy lincrease ian the price of foods llrclllsed, or that
I. . Ltoc Lb S , Atnta.e Columbian Cyclopedia, which siiltbyaavaoe iiitleaocbaia.
P. 'Cn-rno.Lun ii. s--aut. enables themt to give it as a trade -- -
J. A. Lonoco, Lit. 'st., Athletic Editor.
,.cit. ,M)ona, Li.St.isoBsinesas5Manasger. - preaniaun to all their customers. TRADE RECEIPTS.
LIERR j LA. The wcork: is in 32 volunmes making costalibsoilutely iaotliiaig excelpt the troauble of going to alae stoics.
-. B. (,tco -. '54. IItF.Bai-) a counplete library and as it is free whteuc they inaay ho obtaiaied ad iakiaig Folar puirciases iliere.
11. (. Ancii 5.usiiit -.
' 9%'. 'niio.-o r..rt-iit, ditt.'-sI. there is no excuse for any family toTR D RE IP S
P. Lyle, . -sR.ADE.li-CElitPti.
'cr tirley. Mt - - be without first-class books. All
uric .OittpyI tsiicaras fairatin et-clhanhts ire coticerae icd anincitausedltrarde fur tilla
Harry Co -tani Sp-ni. 1(.'.0.Jenkitns, 'S. youiihav-e to do is to ask for trade- -
astndtititcustomersi are to share the benefits iot at.
All coipy miot batiiltitte ti eoitic S30ta.mireceipts- The nierchants sill givc
Edit ~~ - - thteni to. you for the full amtoont ofTR D RE IP S
The Eiorsi n timld ith mItt-t re ; rospti-
ostbe Cor the topinionis or statemntof oicornes- ill yoiur purclhases of tern cents or wtill be accepteid by as alt oats-tetnthi theirfact'vauan f ull p V~ietllt
over. these trade receipts are ac- ti-r auseot of the ('olumtbintiCyc-lopediia alt reguilurr iee.
cepted nit one-tenth their face value , TRADE RECEIPTS.
TH.ARG" PBLIHIN-HO-.. in pyon for thne Colunmbian Cy- - ofamet11I therefore secure ftori you absoilutely frec of const arefetnoe lit
Cotrioc o oiin nclopecdia. When youa have secured briery (if 3l2 voltitmis, 2i, 00o pas nand 7,000~ illuistra tions.
TEDiystfstlnaeola c$25 wcortht from any or all of tihe TRADE RECEIPTS.
stores you cats present theini at thne
clays nmore for trial us thne atnnul goeysoe.fSab to the anitiistt of tuenht =--ive dollars secured ftinnty iof ill oithti.
election occunrs next Saturday. goeysre fStberh.Castores wrill eintitle y-on to ti voliitse tnt tile Co ttlmian Cyclopedia.
_____________ anit get a 8So- volume. The up- Ett iieIiiii-
TimE sessiotnsof tine Sctaoolniusters' portunity comics but once a life ____________
club are miosi interesting unit every tiune unitshouald be takets advaintage THE FOLLOWING MERCHANTS ISSUE TRADE RECEIPTS:
student, wcho is interested as the pro- of by every fanmily and every stia- I ?Ltt';Id CII IARDIWARElfiCo., A. WV. (0flllS ,Photo-raptlses-
fession of teaching, is urgedl to at- dent in tine University. j slEhII RI'lT' c& 3M I IA I-ti, ttopctltt illitei-,S.
ste-d. -- II:IIItM A(CHl l)I-(X2 AM) (tIIIC7IIC XI. CO)

An Enjoyable Social.

TihelPennylvania Varsity nine J -. F. i) Ei'A Il-b )lsl ats. --
iwan idefenited by ni tPhilelphia 'STEAU" li It C& (C..


Lust evnng ishile 'Auin Arbor's'teauentelam At onifiy, bty the snore
Osciety 0was outjoying tine festivities of r, to 9.
of tint"J" hop, the studtents f in no- _ --o
t h e s t t e s o f h io a n dIt l 1 tn ia in ;. - e r r
higlly entertainent by a r--nepr tnit-
ivnuthtemi at Nencberry hall. I f ifi
-Nltr. Manny, thte general secretary -j II
ot tine S. C. Ak., is a native of Inodis-"raesrs aj.
anadntrly feelinag a speciala The name standts for lust what it is.
interest iii representautives of titt Horsford's Acid Phosphate1 The best Bicycle buil ot-$125.00,
state peardan aporaepro- Baseball aal dLawn T'einIs.
prpre pponrue is the isost effective and apt-ce- Solin ~ebltt nd Lawnit i'It ats I Litici
gram. areircuse-it rsntsini-t iroitnithe U. S. anidi
CanaaSi tosliu t'rliado marl, isn i~iinraiit-i
Mr. L.. U. Long.,sclo is a resident able remuedy iu existeuce for Cliii the -oso rotrihi el.n omlee- t 5 -
of Ohio, appeared first with a rare- 1 ttnttiinil c
fully prepared treatnoent of "McNf- preveutiug iudigestion, aud I-.- A. G. Spalding & Bros.
y 1 pChiecao. New York. Philadelpian.
1-inley Had a L~ittle Lanmb." Itle lieviugth dose diseases aising
unade reference to this noted son of g!FIRST INAIIOINAL BAINK
Ohio in a unaniner to lead people to frosts u disordtered stomachs. I iO ANN ARBOR.
believe that McKinley scas thue D.W .Gadmr pigcd Capitaol, &7,00o5. Surplsdn rofitst, X30.000
"coming noun." The speaker also eattexhangeabuhahsad.aeesce
Moss., nays: 'I vcueu it us an esceutent credit pracr-ed fortre unlersoabroad.
referred to Garfield and H-ayes as prevenative of ondigestion, anit a pleasant P. SACtt, Pies' .5. wCLARKSON, Canhiter.
illustrious nmen of thte'"Buckeye acidnlated drinhkswhen protnerly tilutedt wihliSchool o aDneing. Grsunntlooraa.
State." water, unit sweetened." MAYNARD STREET.
A clarinet solo scas next rendered ___
by Mr. Dtudley.Drcpicpntphttrentaaicoit ,kAD1'[
M ecitv apltfreo plcto oiss Pemberton, a native of Ohio, Rumford ChemicaWortks, Pravdence.I.G A ER C DVM
spoke o oeuato ntatsae ewanreof Substitutes and Imiattions. CanIbt titedittPritvate a tten t nep
onc-duaininta sae nIatl treltin Not< sipultc till.
Wtsomen wcere allowced this privilege For Sale by all Druggfists, ad ntffne r at An osttdiantoue.lsine

sroessis's asisd (szos-kent
AndIi-I 13:1Ii, mi. 55. na. dIWtASN, itnn.
aint SHORTHAND. Stuciniticit bilding;niuse
tea-cesuclare attetidance; agood discipline; aniper-
tiittvok; well siuplidreadinglroom;tnailyiitlecturcet
OSitrday eeingtireceputin;ciiieste entire yce
r tsncenticnuiifacilties inftor lactinitdnti s ti-
tions-short-aniii adciiutguran teedut hw.l ni\. itni
enintss $2tco ipr et i prvten atiie.
bar Newte Caiuitaddresse~
it Jxitnters' amljJ {dln c ' Fanh
Capitlt, $50,00i0. Sutytiotud Profits $17,510.
Daosa g-neral bumnking busines. Says later-
est. n Saings Deposits. HssSafety-
Diepnsit Bstit-oCr ccitt.
t. KEMPFC. 'res. F. H. tISER, Cishier.
BitS uen act urdai-ny cvnning.

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